mexican holsterless carry indiana man shoots himself
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You see it all the time in movies and on TV. A guy grabs a handgun and slips it into his pants, held in place only by his belt. No holster involved. So-called Mexican carry is inherently dangerous. Any method of toting a handgun that doesn’t cover the trigger is asking for trouble.

Last week, and Indiana man found out why.


A 46-year-old man accidentally shot himself in genitals Thursday after a gun slipped from his waistband, police said.

Marion Police Department issued a news release via Facebook that said Mark Anthony Jones did not have a license for the Hi-Point 9mm gun he was carrying.

Here’s that news release with some excruciating details.

According to the report prosecutors will review the case for (a number of) possible criminal charges. But given the location of the entrance and exit wounds, some might argue that Mark Anthony Jones has already been sufficiently punished. Your thoughts?

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  1. I always love it when places close to where I was originally from make national news. Think of some guy blowing off his genitals as evolution in action.
    Gives a new meaning to a Hi-Point Pistol.

  2. Shoots himself in the genitals with a Hi-Point? Isn’t that double jeopardy or something?

    Thank you, I’ll see myself out now.

  3. Appendix carry? Only if you want to be shot in the dix.

    Seriously. Even with a decent holster you’re just one brain fart away from a real bad day. Of course, anybody that casual about his best friend deserves to be friendless.

    • There are certain conditions where Israeli carry would be advantageous. Appendix carry, holsterless pocket carry, Mexican carry… all better of without a round in the chamber.

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with appendix carry if you have a good holster and are not a fucking retard. In fact it’s the BEST way to carry concealed for many reasons.

      • I’d tend to agree with the one caveat that sometimes people don’t know they’re fucking retards until they shoot their dick off.

        • Being dead is like being stupid. You may not know you’re dead but everyone else does. Same with stupid.

        • Or look at it this way, you can be brilliant all your life, but have a brain fart for just a fraction of a second and you could be forever remembered as a fucking retard.

      • You’re the perfect example of a retard that would shoot himself in the dick, jd. Appendix carry requires, requires, that you never have a slip or off moment. It requires perfection. Which no human has achieved to date.

        But you’re arrogant enough to believe you aren’t capable of making a mistake. Like most kids that have never handled a gun you believe you know exactly what to do in all situations.

        Now that i think of it you go ahead, when your mother lets you have a gun, and carry appendix. It’ll make entertaining reading.

        • “Appendix carry requires, requires, that you never have a slip or off moment. It requires perfection.”

          In all fairness, it depends on what you’re carrying. A long, heavy trigger pull like that on an LCR I would carry appendix. Now, with a fuckwit like ‘JD’, I hope he carries there a Glock with ‘one in the pipe’…

        • Yeah, it doesn’t require that unless you’re carrying something with a hammer back and no safety on. Which, if you’re doing, you’re already stupid enough that it’s all in God’s hands anyway.

          I’ve occasionally heard the mantra that “there are only two kinds of gun-owners; those that have had an accidental (or negligent) discharge, and those that will.” It’s bullshit… probably spread by people dumb enough to pull the trigger on a loaded gun ‘by accident.’ If you get a reliable\safe gun and carry it in an appropriate condition and with a real holster, it’s simply not going to go off unless you have more than just a dumb moment.

        • jd, leave your mom’s basement. Go to Greyhound. I’ll be here when you get here,

          And then your real schooling begins.

        • “Jwm you should thank God you live as far away from me as you do…”

          You do realize TTAG logs the IP addy of each comment, don’t you, ‘JD’? 🙂

        • “If you get a reliable\safe gun and carry it in an appropriate condition and with a real holster, it’s simply not going to go off unless you have more than just a dumb moment.”

          Generally I would say this is “mostly true”. The problem is that it’s only mostly true. A holstered gun is perfectly safe in appendix carry IMHO.

          However, if you have to reholster the gun, in most cases, you’re probably careful and fine because you were administratively handling the gun. OTOH, if the reason you pulled the gun in the first place is because you actually needed it, that’s when you very well may make a mistake. NDs happens to retired mil guys on SWAT teams and it happens even in Tier 1 SOF units so even high levels of training and experience don’t eliminate the problem. Thanks to Mr. Murphy things like being tired/distracted/whatever and having a ton of adrenaline in your system tend to happen at the same time and that’s when mistakes happen.

          It would really suck to have a successful DGU and survive it only to need to reholster for some reason and then, potentially fatally, shoot yourself because you’re all hopped up on adrenaline and didn’t notice a piece of shirt got in your trigger guard or something.

        • Funny, i think the same thing about carrying with a round in the chamber, but I’m told that i’m just dumb.

          I guess each person has to judge for him/herself what level of self imposed danger they wish to accept in the name of self protection.

      • Appendix carry violate one of the four rules of firearms safety. Those rules are there for your protection. It is never acceptable to violate the rules.

      • Hmmm your ignorance and lack of intelligence is hilarious! I’m just glad everyone on the internet can see it. Well I’ve been carrying a Glock appendix carry for over 20 years and guess what, your old lady says my junk is still bigger than yours! Hahahaha how many retards like yourself have shit themselves in the leg using a hip holster. So neither location is immune from shooting yourself. Why do most, like the overwhelming majority of guys who are trainers that are ex special ops carry appendix? Because like I said, it’s the best for concealed carry. But yes, it’s not for everyone. Imbreds like yourself who don’t practice and strive to be the lowest common denominator, shouldn’t carry appendix because you will shoot yourself. Which in your case wouldn’t be a bad thing. Well you couldn’t contaminate thengene pool any further anyways since your old lady says you can’t get it up anymore. Hahaha oh it must suck to be you!

        • It must suck to be you jwm.. and Geoff at least I can use my fingers to draw and shoot my guns douchebag.

        • And once again, jd proves my point. You know how I know you’ve never carried a gun and still live in your mothers basement, jd?

        • “and Geoff at least I can use my fingers to draw and shoot my guns douchebag.”

          Only 4 of my 10 fingers are broke, ‘JD”, and as you’ve noted, I’ve spent time at the range working on shooting with my weak, yet non-broken hand.

          The real ‘douchbag’ is an internet fuckwit like yourself making threats to elderly folks like JWM. You do realize there are federal laws against that, don’t you? 🙂

        • Geoff. He gets charged and his long suffering mother will have to go to juvenile court with him.

        • I can’t decide if this comment is funny or sad.

          It’s pretty damn childish either way.

        • Can we get a “block specific person” button next?

          JD hurts my brain.

          Unless he’s a troll planted just to spice up comments by giving anyone with an IQ north of 75 a punching bag.

        • Geoff you’re not scaring me with your bullshit. I’ve made zero threats, however if your broke down ass and the faggot fossil jwm are frightened by my posts, well my advice would be to get some testicles. Jwm’s are probably shriveled up like a set of raisins. Which is why he is so threatened by my posts. Lmfao! JWM, you pay for my greyhound ride and I’ll swing by. Ok you guys bore me….I’m going to go to the gym so I can use my fingers and my back.

  4. This is one of the two reasons I don’t appendix carry. (The their being the expanding Russian frontier that is my ass.)

    • Buy a bike and start putting miles on it. One of the advantages is, as you get in shape, your sense of well-being improves dramatically…

      • “Buy a bike and start putting miles on it. One of the advantages is, as you get in shape, your sense of well-being improves dramatically…”

        Or you pull a Geoff, get hit by a car and your sense of well-being declines significantly. Then you have to watch videos of giant spiders eating one of possum’s friends in order to feel better….

      • A friend of mine tried that and it didn’t seem to help.

        I told him that maybe what the doc had in mind wasn’t a Harley…

  5. Better question is why was he near a girl scout cabin with a gun? I think his hi point knew and aimed for the low point.

    • If you are out walking your dog and you go past such a place, do you go home first and drop off your gun? If you are dropping your child off there, do you disarm first? Why?

      This guy screwed up in a lot of ways but there’s no reason to believe he had any sort of ill-intentions towards children based on the limited information here.

      • Hannibal do you go into the woods near little girls cabins with a gun as a 46yr old male? Really that doesn’t raise some alarm a middle age man alone on camp grounds meant for girls under 14? The gun did him a favor before a protective father found him.

        • It’s not ‘in the woods’, it’s a log cabin style building on a city street…

  6. Darwin award goes to negligent Hi-Point owner taking himself out of the breeding population. Don’t charge him with anything, just put it on the front page with his name and picture.

  7. “…prosecutors will review the case for (a number of) possible criminal charges…”

    Isn’t the fact that he carries a Hi Point punishment alone? Well, that and the fact that he has a couple holes in his junk….

      • Well played, well played 🙂

        Maybe our historically-inclined commenters can chime in on this. As I understand it, Mexican Carry got its name from 19th century Mexico when possession of a holster showed you possessed a firearm – and the Mexican aristocracy didn’t take kindly to that, so you would “Mexican carry” without a holster and ditch the gun if confronted.

        Sounds a little too much like today………..just cross out “Mexican Despot” and write in “Shannon Watts.”

        Speaking of Shannon – interesting how much publicity the lawsuits against Monsanto for cancer-causing Roundup are getting in the press. Too bad they aren’t covering how Shannon used to be their PR person……..

  8. Definitely not the Hi-point in this guys life!

    No one would have described this guy as the Hi-point on the evolutionary ladder.

    To quote Bill Murphy, “It’s true, this man has no dick!”

  9. With any luck at all he has already punished himself sufficiently. He’s been de-dickified, de-nutterized, and now he is liable to land on the list of Prohibited Possessors. That last one is still a good reason to charge and convict him of something. Nobody that stupid should carry a gun legally.

    About that “Girl Scout Cabin”. It’s not like a cabin in the woods on a campground. It’s a house-sized building on a public street built in the 1950’s as a meeting place for the Girl Scouts. Built in a log cabin sort of style.

  10. If the result wasn’t so serious these comments would really be funny. (Aw, hell, they’re really funny anyway) I’m guessing that the victim was a low-caliber person and a bore. (sorry)

  11. The Hi Point 9 has a safety. This incident demonstrates the value of engaging the safety on a gun that has it, as well as using a holster, to say nothing all other safe gun handling practices. Given where he shot himself, he is lucky, or unlucky, that he didn’t bleed out as well.

  12. Lorena Bobbitt could’t have done it any better herself…one can only imagine the catastrophic damage done especially if he had +P hollow point bullets in his Hi-Point 9mm…..carrying especially near a Girl Scout cabin w/o a valid Indiana CCW will net Mr.Jones some kind of felony charges and I don’t think the prosecution is going to give a rats ass about his grievous injuries.

  13. I know I shouldn’t expect competent reporting from the mainstream media but the statement that the man, “did not have a license for the Hi-Point 9mm gun he was carrying.”, should be re-phrased. It should read, did not have a license to carry the Hi-Point 9mm gun he had. Unless there is a license to own in Indiana I’m unaware of.

    I see statements similar to this in the media all the time and a lot of people come away with the impression that most jurisdictions require a license to own a gun. I’ve had many people ask me over the years if my guns are licensed or registered and when I say no, they seem to think I’m breaking some law. When I explain that in my state, and most others, there is no license to own or registration for firearms they are pretty surprised.

    • My thoughts exactly. Why would a deputy police chief say “Jones didn’t have an Indiana handgun license”? It isn’t a misquote because it’s there on the letter. Now, I wonder what else is wrong in the letter.

        • I’m sure that is the case but the poorly worded press release compounded by the even poorer wording by the reporter lead to a published statement that is misleading. Like I said, I know I shouldn’t expect better but some hope springs eternal.

    • It’s a feature, not a bug. They want the great unwashed to think you must have a license to have a gun. Conditioning to ask for permission and squelch the errant thoughts about freedom or liberty.

  14. Gunsite (Paulden, AZ) Safety Rule #2 – “Never allow the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.”

  15. If you’re siting the High Point as part of the problem you are no better than the gun control freaks. It’s not the gun stupid. It’s the stupid behind the gun.
    My first pistol was a High Point. It was ugly. It was clunky. But it was also accurate, reliable, and didn’t go off by itself. Gun snobs.

  16. “This is my rifle, this is my gun. One is for fighting, the other for fun” Sounds like this guys fun is OVER.

  17. I’ll bet he doesn’t do that again. He doubled down on dumb since Hi-Points aren’t exactly known as a lightweights. I don’t know if weight was first or last on his list of problems. Hi-Points aren’t double action, are they?

  18. Zimmerman’s rant needs a bit of editing.

    Quote: “Any method of toting a handgun that doesn’t cover the trigger is asking for trouble.”

    Here is how the corrected copy reads:

    Any method of toting a striker-fired semi-auto handgun is asking for trouble.

  19. I was going to call him stupid. He just may be stupid. But he may also be extremely uneducated about guns. And sadly most people today are just that. Our biggest problem is an uneducated population about guns. They see what hollywood does in a film and nothing wrong happens in that film. Same for the computer games.

    The Grand theft Auto shoot’em up game series is a great example. Does any of the gun play seem real at any time in the game?

    I know Call Of Duty spent a great deal of money to get the weapons play accurate.
    This guy needed to attend a Black Guns Matter class. The Hi Point is not the issue. I’ve seen gangsters with glocks do the same thing. According to the FBI one of the tell tail signs you might be a criminal is the fact that you, DON’T HAVE, a holster.
    Because if you have to get rid of your gun, after you shoot someone, there is no proof you had one if you also have no holster to carry it in.

    • Happens to lots of people who re-holster their IWB gun and even some LEO with OWB LE holders because the finger is in the guard or the trigger catches on a piece of clothing. Cop in next town almost bleed to death when he re-holstered his sidearm with his finger where it doesn’t belong. He was very, very lucky someone got to him in time to save his life. I pocket carry, I never re-holster my gun in pocket, I remove the holster and place gun in being careful to consider muzzle direction. I don’t carry guns with mechanical safeties so placing the gun on “safe” ain’t happening. Just my opinion, but a gun with a safety is unsafe to carry, false sense of security and something else to deal with when during adrenaline is high.

      • If you look at the instructions for some of these holsters designed for appendix carry, such as the Sticky Holster® it says NOT to re-holster without removing the holster from the carry position first. It says “We highly recommend that once the handgun has been drawn from the holster, the safest option to re-holster is to remove the empty holster from the waistband or pocket. Return the handgun to the holster in a safe manner, pointing the gun in a safe direction and keeping your finger off the trigger. Once safely holstered, return the entire system back to your waistband or pocket.

        The fact of the matter that if you have your finger on the trigger, ESPECIALLY after firing a DA/SA and the weapon is still in single action mode and you go to re-holster in appendix carry, you WILL Shoot yourself.
        This can be an extremely serious injury as the femoral artery is in the trajectory and a person could quickly bleed out.

        • I also pocket carry. And I remove the holster from my pocket as well to reholster.

      • My instructor and ever other instructor I have watched have all said reholstering your weapon is the most dangerous act you will do. I practice just draw and reholstering all the time. I have caught myself pointing the gun at my hip. Ouch!

  20. Yet the Hi-Point 9mm pistol is one of the few pistols out there with a manual safety switch. So he both flicked off the safety and somehow pulled the trigger? Or, worse yet, he was carrying it with the safety off. In any event, he earned his wound.

  21. Wow.

    A guy makes a mistake with a firearm and you call him a retard. It was an honest but terrible mistake.
    No need for the name calling.

    Maybe we will be fortunate enough to hear about your mistake and watch some people call you retards.

    • Aw, stifle. If someone sets their coffee on top of the car and drives off, that’s a mistake; if they shove a pistol down their pants with their finger on the trigger and blow off their dick and balls, that’s a very clear, legible sign that they have no business owning any of those three things.

  22. This ideas covered on local news and is already being used against the constitutional carry legislation in KY. That if happened in another state won’t stop those folks

  23. “Any method of toting a handgun that doesn’t cover the trigger is asking for trouble.”

    Not exactly. Ever heard of a Tom Threepersons holster? I use them almost exclusively for my everyday carry of a single action Vaquero in .45 ACP or a 1911. Even more-so, I don’t recommend anyone carry a single action only revolver OWB for self defense with the trigger covered. Proper draw and use, at least how I was taught as a wee rascal, requires that the trigger be uncovered.

    Unless you are only speaking of CONCEALED carry. If so, then here we go again with unnecessary division…

      • When we had a farm, it was more convenient with the varying activities I would end up engaged in throughout a given day. I carried one for many years. My first real handgun was a single action when I was a young child. It’s what my great-uncle knew best and what I cut my teeth on under his expert guidance. It’s second nature to use. I’m probably more proficient with it than I could ever become with an auto loader.

        I currently tend to carry a 1911 as my primary as I now live in the city. It’s faster to reload and it seems to be a better deterrent (at least some of my local friends say it is — many are street criminals, btw). Sometimes, it’s an AR pistol as my primary.

        Do you carry a handgun for self-defense? Why?

        • Yes, I do. My typical carry is a 5.7. I talked to TTAG about running my EDC (which is very minimal). They refused and said I had to submit to or whatever.

          My other primary guns are .40 S&W and .45 ACP. I own zero 9mms.

          My BUG is larger than most here carry for a primary.

          By the way, I live in Michigan and travel to Ohio often as my wife is from there (Columbus/Marysville). If you ever want to get together for a cup of coffee, let me know.

          [email protected]

        • I’ll probably drop you a line. Cheers.

          The point of my post was the “Why?” part. Most of our carry choices are trade-offs. A handgun is a poor substitute for a longer gun. A single action only revolver IS a poor substitute for a modern auto-loader. I am used to drawing a single action only revolver from a holster with the trigger uncovered for so very long that it can be slightly disorienting to draw the 1911 from a holster with the trigger covered. Likewise, I rarely carry truly concealed but all of my real concealed holsters have the trigger covered (IIRC) by my choice. If I carried a sidearm openly or concealed without a slide safety or a double action revolver, I would want the trigger covered. (As an aside, I find concealing firearms very uncomfortable. Open carry is so much easier for me on so many levels.)

          You make your choices and you take your chances. Most choices are a compromise. Hopefully, they fit your circumstances and probable risks. That was my point in asking why.

  24. I have a Sergeant who once said “If I’m ever killed in the line of duty by a Hi-Point, just tell everyone I got ****ed to death in a gay orgy. It’d be less embarrassing.”

  25. I have a question here. I have thus far never handled a hand gun, only long guns. This is because I live in New York state where acquiring a long gun just requires a background check, but to be able to possess a hand gun, one needs to go through a difficult permitting process involving getting at least four non-familiy references and I have yet to do this. So I have yet to deal with hand guns. So my question is, couldn’t negligent discharges with handguns be prevented by just ensuring that the safety is on and that there is no round in the chamber? You do both of those and even if the trigger is pulled, the gun shouldn’t fire, right?

    • @Kyle
      1. All guns are always loaded. ( that means you treat every firearm as there is a round in the chamber, even when there is not. When picking up a gun, always verify the chamber is empty, when you hand the gun to someone else, verify the chamber is empty before the hand-off )
      2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
      3. Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target.
      4. Identify your target, and what is behind it

      • MB that’s not true. In Israel they don’t carry a round in the chamber as with a few other nations. Also if you deep pocket carry a gun all instructors will even tell you never have one in the chamber unless you plan to shoot your nuts or femeral artery upon reaching for the gun. I’ve trained with 30yr vets of swat and they even have said in deep pocket or appendix never ever load a round in the chamber even in a revolver hammer down as it still can trigger if you hit the gun on anything hard.

        • @Mitch , sorry you are wrong for most cases. A pistol with an empty chamber is a brick, unless you carry a 5/6 round double action wheel gun. a few problems with that. #1 Most people don’t carry a wheel gun in their pocket, #2, most wheel guns are not hemmerless, so exposed hammer will catch on something, and if you try and free it in emergency, you could have a ND. #3 if your revolver is a 5 shot as many smaller ones are, now you are down to 4 rounds. #4 here is where your theory falls apart, many modern guns have blocks that prevent hammer / striker movement unless the trigger is pulled, not just revolvers. If you want to be absolutely sure you will never have a negligent discharge, don’t every buy ammo for your gun (AKA “paperweight”) Otherwise train to be aware you have a deadly weapon on you, and treat it as such. I pocket carry with one in the chamber, the gun is always holstered, and I never re-holster the gun in pocket, always removing the holster first. Buy a quality holster for every gun you carry, never ever buy a cheap, poorly made holster, and the 4 rules of gun safety always apply.

    • You are correct. If there is no round in the chamber, the firearm cannot discharge.

      The problem is that a firearm with no round in the chamber isn’t particularly useful. People who carry for personal defense expect to have very limited time in which to recognize the situation and react, they may not have time to chamber a round, and one hand may be busy blocking a knife, pushing an attacker away, or engaged in some other extremely necessary action.

      One possible solution to this problem is to carry a revolver with the hammer down on an empty chamber, but revolvers are generally considered antiquated in the modern era.

  26. The idiot got just what he deserved. Only one he has to blame is himself. The only one I feel sorry for is his wife if he has/had one . At least he can’t bring anymore morons into this world


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