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I’m fairly sure this is CGI; that the gunshot and the results of it are fake. Not 100% sure, though. So, as if you needed the reminder, don’t be an idiot. (in case the video embed below isn’t working, you can view it on Instagram HERE):

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  1. Okay. I’ve delt with yahoos on the range. This guy would have been lucky if I didn’t shoot him. He looks like he’s passing through the sally port. No need to say this is not procedure. Anywhere. As patrol supervisor. Supended. Immeaditly. Explain that shit if you can. Rider/Shooter. Waiting for that PX. BTW your screen name. What is it you ride and shoot anyway? Just curious. Besides the obvious, my screen name has a strong connection to local history.

    • Four years ago FBI special agent man does a backflip at a party with a holstered Glock. What do ya know, Glock hits the floor and special agent man uses his bugger hook to, well here.

      • The bar this occured at gave the victim free drinks for life for himself and, IIRC, a guest.

        After that, every alcoholic was looking for dancing alphabet bois.

    • Wow. Not only haven’t you left, again, still, you’re now front n center and your big concern is telling us all how you would’ve handled the situation from your years of masterly experience followed by being concerned what Rider is up to. You call me out for ego in your last dissertation and for lack of cerebral (the word is cognitive, by the way) and literary comprehension? Honestly, that’s nothing short of being an Allinsky practicing leftist. It’s your ego etc, mr po-lice man, which is responsible for our little back and forth but you go on, Gadsen, and keep waving your personal little Flag. Distasteful as the colors may be in your case the display is both illuminating and redundant at the same time and yes, we are all quite familiar by now with your stories of patriotic heritage. You don’t enjoy handing out gifts, you enjoy telling everyone that you do that. As I’ve said before, I’ve seen your type before, plenty, and while no one could call you a liar, you most certainly are full of shit. Enjoy yourself Gadsen, I know you most certainly do.

  2. That looked real to me, just based on the interaction between his hand and the gun at the ‘magic moment’.

    If anyone could slow it way down and do a frame-by-frame analysis, that would be great…

  3. I don’t view things at places that wont let me see a picture or video without logging in first. Its just a ‘personal data’ collection scheme, so they can further sell that data into the information broker market for profit.

  4. My vote is that this is fake. The debris coming out of the wall looks digital and not real. There isn’t enough Holy F! in his reaction. A gun going off that close to your ear would induce a painful grimace. Not an “oopsie!”

    • Agree on all that, plus the debris would likely be moving out the other side of the wall rather than back toward the shooter. Although I suppose that might depend on what the wall is made of.

      • “the debris would likely be moving out the other side of the wall rather than back toward the shooter.”

        Typical drywall construction, it *could* blow back a little, the high pressure gasses from the gunshot could pressurize the cavity a little bit, and ‘exhale’ the crumbs…

    • I’m with you. It seems to me that on a loaded weapon the COG is to the rear of the trigger and the rotation force would keep the finger on the front of the trigger guard.

    • Having seen and patched a few .45 holes through drywall, this doesn’t look right to me either. The hole looks too large, too dark, and more like an exit hole. The entry side on the walls I fixed were clean bullet sized holes, but the backside (exit) became progressively larger in subsequent walls. And the exposed drywall is bright white, even in poor lighting.

    • Amen!
      But on the other hand, that is why I would never carry a striker fired semi-auto.
      If I am ever ready to dent that primer, I am willing to put all the required energy
      into the trigger to do it. I don’t want any pre-stored energy to do that when I
      am not expecting it.

  5. Wait, that looks like a double unintentional discharge. I thought I heard two rounds discharged and it looked like two bullet holes in the wall behind his head. He’s very stupid and lucky. Those rounds barely missed his head. Real, but Darwin will tap his shoulder. Soon.

    • You’re right, there’s two shots on the audio track. The ‘hole’ appears after the second one. (I went through it frame by frame. My earlier comment is down at the bottom.)

  6. Rider you’re quite tonight. In fact since I gave you my PX #. Now, if you’re scared, just say you’re scared. Then sit down and be quite. It’s ok. Lots of people turn into cowards when they actually have to come out from behind the screen/keyboard.

    • My reply to you up above was posted as a response to this comment more than any other. You’re a real piece of work there, Gasbag, I don’t know how you ever managed to stuff your inflated self into a uniform. Bye now.

  7. We actually had a guy fire, twirl the gun on his finger, and reholster during police training about 1977, He was a pretty good shot. The instructor caught him repeating this stunt and grabbed him by the collar and marched him off the range. He came back red faced and with a different attitude.
    It was probably a Model Ten, possibly a Combat Masterpiece.

    • A SAA with the hammer down is not likely to negligent discharge.

      Probably not recommended with modern pistols.

      • It’s impossible to set off a Colt SAA this way *unless* you drop it with a round under the hammer. If it’s loaded five-up, hammer all the way down, stunts like this are actually safe.

        If it’s a Ruger New Model action with a transfer bar ignition, this is safe even loaded full up.

        Single action revolvers basically go on safe after every shot.

        • Yep, why I added ‘(and clones/variants)’. Just make sure you know if your arm is drop safe and load accordingly. Then twirl away with ND immunity.

  8. Yeah I seen that.
    One night I got drunk and decided to twirl my revolver. I looked over at my friend and said “Hows them cowboys do that spin cock the hammer thing?”, so I tried it a couple times and *kablooie* shot a hole in my floor. He looked at me and I looked at him and said, “Huh, guess I aughta quit playing with gunms.” So then I got out my KaBar and started throwing it and stuck it in the beer keg. Beer was spewing out and I’m yelling get more cups(Solo Red) , drink faster. He said “Dude your way to fcked up, I’m going home.” So there I was all by my lonesome trying to drink a pony keg of Heineken all by my self.

    • From having kept a keg of beer cold in my bathtub for a few days with *lots* of ice, I believe you, Possum.

      By day 3 I was tired of looking at it. The keg came from a place I worked at that suddenly shut down, the owner said I could have the opened keg if I wanted it.

      Like a dumb-ass 21 year old, it seemed like a good idea at the time. When beer starts to rot, it *stinks*…

    • Well cracking a Heinekeg with a Ka-Bar is certainly multicultural if nothing else. I commend you on yer inclusivity.

  9. lol. Darwin Award contender there.

    Oh, by the way, you can do the spinning trick just fine. Not big deal at all. However, I’d recommend you do it with a single action revolver. That way you dont, you know, shoot yourself.

    Side note: You can also do it with a double action revolver, though it is not recommended. That all depends on the weight of the gun as compared to the trigger weight.

  10. Most semi-autos don’t have a safety except for the one on the trigger or grip of the gun that won’t allow the gun to fire if dropped. However, spinning it with a trigger safety will not prevent it from firing because you would depress it and if there was enough pressure on the trigger it would fire as happened here. At least that would be my explanation of the firing during a spin.

  11. PROTIP: if you own a gun over a year without negligent discharging at least once, you aren’t handling it enough. NDs are a natural part of handling weapons, just like tweaking your back is part of weightlifting and car accidents are part of driving. I ND several times a year because I actually HANDLE and know how to USE my weapons. It makes me a better firearms handler and marksman, and it’s a small part of the price you pay in the sheepdog lifestyle Simple fact is, the “safety mentality” will build mental blocks in your head that will get you killed. You need to be comfortable putting your finger on the trigger and pointing the gun wherever you want no matter the time, place, or status of the weapon. Taking time to check whether the gun is loaded whenever you pick one up will serve to make you hesitate in a personal defense scenario. You fucking safety idiots are going to get people killed all because of this fucking “ND” shaming. Guns are inherently dangerous, you need to accept it.

    • Totally agree. I’ve been working on my car defensive combat skills. I get out on the highway and practice hanging out the window aim my pistol while steering with my knee / foot.

      When the kids are with my I have one of them surprise me with a bag over my head and screaming as loud as they can to simulate driving and getting hit with a flashbang.

      I was describing this training regimen to one of the range RSOs at a range I used to go. And that jerk banned me from the pre media and called the cops. I mean they do not care about people trying to better their skills to protect their family! Bunch of FUDs!

    • I call fake because the letters on this clown only read POLICE. No way, Even on the police range, they always have the name of the department in view. club pride of some sort, and also possily as an indentifier in case the guy DOES turn room temperature DRT. Nope. Officers at any training or range fcility WILL have info on which Deprtment naming city and state. These rags look like they were snaffled from a cneap stage/video production supply house, If they had been duty issue they’d have identifiers for the Deoartment, team, etc.

    • “I ND several times a year because I actually HANDLE and know how to USE my weapons.”

      uh, no, you don’t.

      • rant7,

        Glad you said it, my friend. If you have multiple NDs (I would argue even ONE is bad enough)? The LAST thing you know is “how to handle your weapon”.

        And ND is just that . . . NEGLIGENT. I.e., you f***ed up. Doing it once is human (but clumsy), doing it multiple times means you are an incompetent f***wad, who has no clue WTF he is doing, or how to do it.

        Sounds like he practices with dacian the demented and MajorStupidity.

        I’ve packed up and left ranges because of idiots like him. I won’t shoot in a space where someone is going things I KNOW are not safe practices. This guy sounds like a plaintiff’s attorney’s wet dream.


  12. I’ve own, collected and handled firearms for more than 50 years. 22 of those years in the Army. I’ve put countless rounds through a variety of firearms. Have exactly 1 ND due to my carelessness. Had to patch a 9mm hole in my bedroom wall and explain to my then wife what happened. Luckily the bullet didn’t pass through the brick exterior wall and hit anything or anyone.
    If you just can’t resist twirling a gun and trying to show off, please use an unloaded weapon. Why take the chance of shooting someone else by accident. if you shoot yourself, it just serves you right for being an idiot. But no one else should suffer because you were a damn fool.

  13. This isn’t even half as dumb as most of the ND videos out there on Twitter and the ‘gram, and those videos are pretty common.

    My favorite is the girl talking shit and then having an ND as she basically scratches the side of her head with the pistol. Her hearing is probably fucked and she, likely, won’t do that again.

    • There’s a reason why every single hunter gatherer tribe across the planet for hundreds of thousands of years had a taboo against the Karen’s handling the weaponry, or even touching it. One bad apple hypothesis but in reverse.

  14. how many of you guys here have tested your holster retention during unusual circumstances? like diving behind cover, climbing over fences, etc?

    • Holster retention? I drag my gunms behind me with 130# test braided fishing line, I cant pull hard enough to bust it.

    • I’ve tested several of mine by letting people shoot on me for an unopposed takedown and going hard from there. Works fairly well with passive retention but it’s not perfect. It’s not fully “real” because they specifically avoided putting me into the ground “gun first” but it’s pretty close.

      With passive retention some slams will dislodge a pistol from a hybrid holster but it doesn’t go very far unless you apply lateral force to it afterwards. It’s gonna stay within a foot or so of where it lands.

      Most people have advised that they’d not know the gun was there even after it’s “out”. Though a few people “found” it in uncomfortable ways by being rolled onto it or getting their arm between it and me.

      Mostly it stays on you and is easy to access once you take a top position. You need to be careful with it though because it can form a wedge that can work with or against you really, really well in terms of allowing you to get to a hip and move while on the ground.

      I’m not really sure how such a holster would work for potentially falling off a fence. Generally, for “outdoorsy” activities I move to active retention and I’ve never had a gun come out of a holster with a quality active retention holster. I wouldn’t say it’s impossible but it’s highly unlikely.

      I’ve never really looked for “jumpable” holsters so I have no idea what might be in that market.

  15. Democrats: “Only police should be allowed to have guns, because police are well-trained professionals. Civilians don’t know how to handle guns safely and would probably just shoot a hole in their wall.”
    Cops: “Hold my beer!”

  16. Frame by frame – couldn’t really tell. From one frame to the next: finger inside trigger guard, weapon upside, down pointed at the wall. Next frame: the camera view is of the top of the weapon, trigger finger about an inch away from the frame, and the ‘hole’ is in the wall. Effect of recoil? I would have expected the weapon to come towards the camera. However it went towards the wall, still with the same spinning motion.

    The sound of the shot doesn’t seem to match the appearance of the ‘hole’.

    Disclaimer: I am not a forensic expert. Very personal ‘opinion’: BS.

  17. How about no NDs for 62 years of handling everything from BB guns to nukes. It can be accomplished (& be especially glad for the no nuke NDs -‘nuff said.).

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