The Badass Moms Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is upon us yet again (it’s not too late!) and with it comes the avalanche of Mother’s Day Gift Guides, Mother’s Day Must-Haves, and Best Guns for Mothers. Here’s the thing. Here at TTAG we – well, I’m speaking for myself, here – don’t go with the stereotypical flow. This isn’t exactly a […]

Devil Dog Arms Launches New DDA 10mm 1911

As a serious fan of 10mm – hey, I handgun hunt a lot – I’m pleased to see Devil Dog Arms coming out with a new 1911 chambered in one of my favorite hog calibers. Here’s the official release info from DDA: The DDA 10mm 1911 is the perfect choice for the handgun hunter, the […]

3 Top Hog Hunting Handguns

Hog hunting may not be fresh and new – okay, nothing involving hogs is ever really fresh – but hunting them with handguns has taken a while to really gain traction (and even now not enough of you are doing it). We need all the hog hunters we can get (it’s a great way to […]

Ammogeddon II: How Much Ammunition is Enough Now?

We’ve all seen the headlines and “breaking news” reports expressing delighted horror over the “stockpile” found in a suspect’s home. Maybe it’s three rifles and 250 rounds of ammo. Maybe it’s 10 rifles and 1,000 rounds of ammo. HUGE arsenal of guns and ammunition found in the home of…. Amounts of ammo that strike terror in […]

LA Times: Mass Shootings Could Totally Be Stopped With More Gun Laws

From the Bloomberg School of Public Health study that concluded “assault weapon” bans don’t actually work to Dr. Garen Wintemute’s finding that California’s extensive gun control laws have done nothing to curb homicides or suicides by firearm, there is a slew of empirical information available demonstrating that gun control doesn’t work. Of course, that’s probably […]