5 of the Best AR-15 Scope Options

It’s a question that comes up in gun groups on a regular basis: what’s the best AR-15 scopes under X dollars? And just as regularly comes the stream of replies, most forgetting a minor detail beyond their own bias one way or another: application. What’s the intended use of said affordably priced optic? How rigorously […]

Mas Ayoob: Gun Policy Changes Take Significant Time

Mas Ayoob says making positive change happen for gun rights takes time – serious time: If you aren’t already, get involved at the local level. Spread the truth about this polarized issue. Truth is the only antidote to the increasingly massive and toxic prohibitionist propaganda we are seeing in the media. For example, consider this […]

Supt. Eddie Johnson: Chicago’s Gun Violence Deserves Attention Given to the Jussie Smollett Drama

He makes a valid point. At a press conference announcing the charge against Smollett of felony disorderly conduct for filing a false police report, Chicago Superintendent Eddie Johnson stated that the families of those affected by gun crimes “deserve” the attention that Smollett’s story has received. “Before I get started on why we’re here, you […]