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According to the Omaha World-Herald, Seth Rennie was awfully proud of his new .410 shotgun. So proud, in fact, that the 20-year-old wanted to show it to his mother. Why that included pointing it in her direction really isn’t really clear.

While showing her how to use the shotgun, which Rennie thought was unloaded, a shot was fired, he told police.

The woman was struck in the lower chest and upper abdomen.

At least the report didn’t say “the gun went off.”

“Seth admitted his finger was on the trigger and that he was not as responsible of a gun owner as he previously believed,” the report states.

As understatements go, that’s a doozie. Rennie has been charged with felony reckless use of a firearm resulting in serious injury and could spend as much as ten years in the klink.

Seth Rennie Shot His Mother Shotgun Council Bluffs

The woman told police it was an accident, investigators said. The investigation has not shown proof of any intent, they added.

We certainly hope she recovers. Don’t be that guy. Know the four rules of firearms safety — they’re simple and easy to learn — and whatever you do, don’t be that guy.


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    • That’s mean. That’s outright *evil*.

      I like it…

      *snicker* 😉

  1. On the bright side, maybe the Iowa Department of Corrections health service can straighten out his acne problem.

    • Spelling appendix correctly would help your case, somewhat.

      More importantly, the rules are not hard and fast laws. Everyone “breaks” them all the time, because they are contextual. Your non-AIWB carry position points a loaded gun at other people all the time, at least through floors and walls, and at people behind you if you happen to favor shoulder holsters. You also point the gun at yourself if you carry strong side and don’t always stand at attention with our strong side leg completely straight. Oh, and you can’t draw from a shoulder holster without sweeping your weak arm. Then there’s all the times you break rule one. If all guns are really always loaded, or under the alternative phrasing you always treat them as if they are, you will never disassemble a gun, or put it in a soft case, or clear a barrel obstruction.

      Guns in proper holsters do not go off randomly. A safely holstered gun can, and inevitably does, point at things we don’t want to destroy, regardless of carry method. This isn’t a safety violation. It’s a contextual exception to the “rule.”

      • Oh boy.

        “can’t draw from a shoulder holster without sweeping your weak arm”

        Yeah, you easily can. It’s called practice.

        “you will never disassemble a gun, or put it in a soft case, or clear a barrel obstruction”

        This is an astoundingly thick interpretation of “always loaded”. Obviously you continue to observe the rule of pointing the gun in a safe direction while you disassemble, case, or clear it.

        “Guns in proper holsters do not go off randomly”

        That much is true at least.

      • Thanks for the condescending retort to my logical statement. Please, by all means…continue to APPENDIX (happy you grammar nazi fuck) carry and point that loaded pistol at your reproductive organs, the world certainly needs no more of your ilk. By the way, its spelled ERIC…

      • This is the sort of pedantic bickering and one-upmanship that that makes non-gun aficionados think ‘gun nut’. This constant striving to be more precisely correct (even if it is patently obvious what was actually meant to anyone willing to think about it for a second), and justify it with a sort of snotty self-righteousness game of gotcha that primarily leads more to primate level chest-thumping than any actual understanding or education makes the rest of the world roll their eyes in disbelief at what dilettantes some gun owners can be. Give it a f-rest.

        • I agree, but unfortunatly it is not yet possible to punch someone in the fuckin mouth over the internet. NO one has ever talked to me this way in real life without physical repercussions…and very few at that because most people know better that to talk to a stranger that way….in person.

    • Let’s change your statement a bit

      “All gun owners should read number 1 again… maybe it’ll sink in.”

      Maybe then gun owners who have a Glock will stop taking it apart to clean it. Since it’s loaded, that would mean a ND every time when pulling the trigger!

        • You destroyed nothing. No one is making the argument you seem to think they are.

          They are saying that the four rules are contextual, and you’re picking at Erich’s hyperbolic examples as though he were seriously suggesting that disassembling a pistol is impossible to do safely.

        • The rules are not contextual, they are explicit. A safely holstered weapon doesn’t constitute ‘pointing’. If you don’t understand this then get training.

        • Dude… “A safely holstered weapon doesn’t constitute ‘pointing’” is the very definition of contextual. “Safely holstered” is a context which changes the significance of having a gun pointed in your direction.

  2. Rule number one kind of sounds to me like i need to keep one in the chamber at all times at that range.

  3. At least the report didn’t say “the gun went off.”

    Conclusive proof that Seth isn’t a LEO.
    LEO’s never have NDs, their guns just go off by themselves.

  4. What kind a perv would show his cock’ d gun to his mother? Errr maybe she’s into that?


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