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Kenneth W. Lilly, an armed security guard, got into an altercation with a 78-year-old school bus driver on a snowy Minneapolis area interstate Tuesday. In a fit of apparent road rage, Lilly exited his car, approached the bus and fired five shots at the driver.

Kenneth Lilly courtesy Minneapolis Police Department and

The Minnesota Department of Transportation has released this video of the incident and the subsequent arrest.

One round reportedly grazed the driver’s head and another struck him in the arm. He remains hospitalized in satisfactory condition. Fortunately only one student was on the bus at the time and she wasn’t injured.

Lilly has been charged with attempted second degree murder. He has claimed — hold onto your hat here — that he acted in self-defense when he opened fire on the bus driver.

Lilly, 31, of St. Paul, said under police questioning that he fired at the stopped bus after a fender-bender during a snowstorm traffic jam out of fear for his safety, the charges said..

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  1. Being stuck in a traffic jam during a snowstorm is going to be his last memory of what freedom is like. Savor that memory pal. Enjoy that bleary day for the rest of what I hope is a long, long time in prison.

  2. Staged Farce!!!

    The “Hall mark” of an FBI staged farce: Blurred or no videos!

    How come during every one of these alleged “Shootings”, that alway’s result in a call for more Gun Control, do we NEVER see any: CLEAR, HD, Time Stamped videos, even though there were video cameras there and they suddenly CLEARED UP miraculously, immediately after the alleged “Shooting

    The reason ( In my opinion )? Because it’s difficult to stage a “shooting” because the American people will immediately call into question all of the many discrepancies that are being used to call for more gun control, if we saw an up close and clear version of this alleged “Shooting”!

    There was No Shooting here!

    • Clear videos happen. People act like it’s a conspiracy still. We could have full on self documented footage and confessions and you would still think it’s a false flag.

      • But WHY was it blurry until AFTER the alleged shooting, then magically zooms in and clears up AFTER. Some folks are way to ready to IGNORE what very well might be a “false flag op”. They also don’t believe that OUR GOVERNMENT used thousands of military personnel as testcase dummies during Nuclear Bomb tests. Many thousands of our soldiers DIED of every imaginable cancer because of it, the Fed still won’t ADMIT what it did but there are HOURS of film from the tests and they are available online. Wake-Up and smell the napalm!

        • Why was it blurry until after the—? Jesus. Ok. The first section is a digital zoom of the wide shot you see first. It is a zoom at the same resolution as the wide shot, got it? Then, when the person watching the traffic cams sees that something is happening, they adjust focus and zoom in the actual camera to see what was going on.

          The f’ing CIA didn’t do that, you window-licking numbskulls.

        • There aren’t a lot of details to clear up the timeline, but I’m fairly certain the shooting happens within the first 45 seconds of the video, when the guy tries to walk in front of or jump onto the front of the moving bus. At that time, the traffic camera was set to film at a wide angle. After the shooting, the shooter (and probably some other drivers) then called 911 and reported the incident, then the traffic camera operator panned and zoomed in on the vehicles involved once they had been located.

          Also, this incident is a fart in the wind of gun rights vs control. Nobody cares about it at all.

        • I can help you out here – initially, the traffic camera was on a general, wide-angle view of the area of the road. In order to high-light the altercation, the small part of the image had to be digitally zoomed. Thus the reason it is grainy. You will also notice that all of the control overlay is missing because the zoomed window was high in the overall frame.
          At 3:05 in the sequence is when the whole frame is used and you can see the camera operator then optically zooms and pans to the incident in real time. This is most likely because one or more 911 calls alerted dispatch services to an altercation here. That’s also why the overlay at the bottom of the screen is still visible.
          It’s not a conspiracy, just the reality of relying on public safety cameras for monitoring public spaces.

        • Because in the initial video of the shooting; the traffic center wasn’t monitoring that camera and the zoom you are watching is an after the fact “digital zoom”. Kind of like when you take a picture on your phone and then go back and enlarge the picture so see more detail. It is an after the fact digital zoom (enlargement) to see the detail. When the traffic center operators noticed what appeared to be a traffic incident, the actual camera itself was used to zoom in on the area in question to see what was going on, hence the clear video.

        • Hey, wingnut! Yes, there were people exposed to radiation during A-bomb testing. Not a secret. How do you suppose we discovered the results of exposure to A-bomb blasts? Did you think we Googled it?

        • But WHY was it blurry until AFTER the alleged shooting, then magically zooms in and clears up AFTER. Some folks are way to ready to IGNORE what very well might be a “false flag op”. They also don’t believe that OUR GOVERNMENT used thousands of military personnel as testcase dummies during Nuclear Bomb tests. Many thousands of our soldiers DIED of every imaginable cancer because of it, the Fed still won’t ADMIT what it did but there are HOURS of film from the tests and they are available online. Wake-Up and smell the napalm!

          Now I don’t know what you are talking about with nuclear bomb tests, but it has precisely nothing to do with this road rage incident.

          Since you are confused about why it is blurry, please allow me to explain to you how cameras work. Modern day cameras have a CMOS or CCD sensor in them. Light goes into objective lens through an aperture and is focused on one of these sensors. The sensors have a fixed resolution. That means their resolution can’t change. That also means that when you are viewed the zoomed out picture, fine details far away, will be blurry without optically zooming in. Just like a photograph on a computer. If you zoom into a picture, as you zoom in it gets blurry. This is called digitally zooming. That’s because the resolution is fixed, and you can’t get anything more out of it. Take that against optically zooming. When you zoom in optically, the lens is doing the zooming and focusing the blown up picture onto the CCD/CMOS lens. This is why the picture is detailed and clear. The problem is, after the incident has already occurred, you can no longer optically zoom in, because lenses are involved, but you can digitally zoom in, because you have a zoomed out recording of the events.

          So in the video it starts out blurry and zoomed in. This is because the video is edited. In the edited video, they digitally zoomed in to show the events occurring from the original footage that was optically zoomed out all the way, so the fine details are blurry. So they made a video from the optically zoomed out picture. Kind of like a digital photo. If you zoom into a digital photo, the picture gets blurry. Same deal, except with video. After the “shots were fired” the camera was zoomed it, optically. The camera has optical lenses that zoom the picture in and focus that picture on the CCD/CMOS sensor. So now the zoomed in picture is very clear. This probably happened, because of a report of shots fired, so the operator of the cameras immediately jumped on a console, positioned the camera over the bus, and optically zoomed the picture to see what is going on. Later the police got a copy of the video and edited it to show the events that occurred.

          Hopefully this adequately explained why it was blurry at the beginning and then cleared up later. If people were omniscient, they would know that a crime was going to happen before it happened, and the camera operator could have moved the camera over the bus and then optically zoomed in before the crime happened, then the whole video would be clear and detailed. Unfortunately, people are not omniscient, and CMOS/CCD sensors don’t have an infinite resolution. So we end up with blurry videos when an event surprises us such as this.

          It’s not like the video was clear from the beginning and then someone purposely “blurred it” in editing to conceal events. That’s conspiracy theory talk, completely speculative, a little bit nutty, and not backed by “evidence.”

    • More signs to come that this was Staged:

      1.He will be found to have a CCW permit,

      2.Is White

      3.Has social media postings showing violent tendencies ( More “Convenient” ammo, to submit social media history )

      4.Has White Nationalist leanings ( Further Demonization of Whites falsely, as “The Number One Domestic Terror Threat in The United States. Think FBI’s proposed Orwellian ‘HR4918 Domestic Terror Prevention ACT )

      5. Passed all of the back ground check ( So we must be more stringent narrative. Think Dianne Feinstein’s latest Bill )

      6. “Known to the FBI” but we couldn’t stop him because of that pesky Bill Of Rights. ( More “Convenient” ammo for banning Firearms for people on FBI’s “Suspected Terror Watch list” and “FBI’s “No Fly, No Buy Watch list” )

      • Your tinfoil hat is cutting off the blood supply to your brain.

        I seriously hope you don’t believe any of that crap you posted and are joking around. If you are serious, run, don’t walk, to a mental health center.

      • John Wilkes Booth posted a GoPro footage of the assassination to his YouTube page. Unfortunately, the first official act of the US Secret Service was to pull that footage. It is used as a training tool for agents to this day.

    • I’m not sure why I’m bothering to reply to such a tin foil fashion model, but here we go anyway.

      The reason the video is pixelated at the start is you’re only viewing a section of what the camera was viewing. The camera was recording the wide angle initially seen. Then they switched to an enlarged view of the incident area only. Think of it as taking a magnifying glass to a picture. Then around the 3:14 mark, the camera operator was made aware of the situation and took control of the camera and optically zoomed it to the area. Think of this as a telephoto lens on a camera.

      Let’s say the camera records in 1080p. That means there’s roughly 1000 pixels vertically and 2000 horizontally. So in the initial shot, all those lanes of traffic, both ways, are taking up those pixels. Then they magnify the upper corner. For ease of conversation, let’s say that’s 1/10 of the screen. So now you’re only looking at that 100×200 pixel area and each pixel is just enlarged. When they optically zoom, now that area is getting the full 1000×2000 resolution, but nothing outside of that area is being recorded.

      But then the cameras are made by deep state electronics, not solid state, right?

    • It is very strange, three years ago he was a good guy with a gun and now this. Must be mind control drugs.

      Or he’s always been a nut with a gun.

      “The man charged with firing a gun through the window of a school bus and wounding the 78-year-old driver on a busy Minneapolis interstate this week shot and killed an armed robber who accosted him and another person in a St. Paul park three years ago.”

      • On any given day a person can go bad. The difference is how we as a society deal with this fact. The left wants to punish folks before they go bad, knowing that most will never go bad. They dream of restricting or eliminating human and civil rights for everybody based on the actions of a very few.

      • Gee, maybe he really didn’t mean to hit the guy, and without Men’s rea there isn’t really a case. Is there troll?

        • Mens Rea isn’t a thing for many criminal charges, including various murder and manslaughter criminal charges.

          This has been true since the Model Penal Code was adopted for criminal courts in the US in the 1950’s.

          Under the MPC, crimes are defined in terms of a set of “elements of the offense,” each of which must be proven to the finder of fact beyond a reasonable doubt. There are three types of elements:
          1–conduct of a certain nature,
          2–attendant circumstances at the time of the conduct, or
          3–the result of that conduct.
          The elements are those facts that:
          1–are included in the definition of forbidden conduct as provided by the statute, or
          2–establish the required culpability, or
          3–negate an excuse or justification for such conduct, or
          4–negate a defense under the statute of limitation, or
          5–establish jurisdiction or venue.

          Notice all of the ORs

    • Bro, you forgot to wear your tinfoil hat again today. Put it on, take your Prozac, and go to bed. It’ll be alright.

  3. Anyone see the shots? Did it happen before or after the bus moved forward when he was standing in front of it? If the shots happened after, he’s gonna claim the driver tried to run him over. I suspect it happened after though and the driver tried getting away after being shot. Unfortunately, that part of the video was grainy.

    • Before, when he was at the side door, and after, through the windshield. The bus was trying to get him, from behind the Ram truck, dude is going to prison for a long while.

      • With a passenger in the bus, there is at least 1 witness, out of all those drivers some are bound to step up, sumbitch is toast and his “self defense” (which would have video of him *inside his car* only) will get him nowhere. Do we let just anyone be an armed security guard?

        • Generally, yeah. One of my friend’s estranged brother is an ATM reloader/guard and is also a giant alcoholic meth head, but he’s never been actually convicted of a crime. They drug tested him once, when he got hired, and haven’t since. Plus they pay him something like $14 an hour. You see him and he’s a giant billboard for hillbilly meth head, Amazon wouldn’t hire him to stuff toys in a box, but the people the bank contract to would, since he has a CDW permit.

  4. 31 – check
    toyota carolla – check
    security guard – check
    enraged by short buses – check

    yep hes an incel.

  5. How does a guy block traffic on the expressway, get out of his car, walk up to a clearly marked school bus, with children on it, and with no provocation, shoot the driver and still get out on bond?

  6. Not sure it really matters – If it was a false flag (Really big IF based on the video, but I was not there) then the Gun grabbing Pols are going to drop some crazy and useless feelz good legislation. If it was a criminal act by an unhinged shooter, no matter how he got is license/gun, then the Gun grabbing Pols are going to drop some crazy and useless feelz good legislation.

    • The cop who showed up late waving his gun around just wanted his “I’m a hero!” photo op for the cameras. He was basically a useless by-stander by that time though. Just hamming it up for the cameras.

      • Interesting interpretation. I was wondering why the first cop did not draw, since *I* could see the gun, never mind him, and the cop walked past a freaking SCHOOL BUS riddled with bullet holes to get to him. I would expect the cop’s gun to be drawn, perp spread-eagled in the snow, disarmed, and then begin the cuffing.

        • I’m with Larry.
          Cop#1 treated the guy like a crime victim, probably because he was wearing a security uniform and duty belt, and possibly because he called 911 to report himself as a victim.

          But after #1 went with him to the Corolla, opened the back door, and started putting his gear in the back seat, it was beyond stupid to walk up and pull a gun on Cop#1 and a peacefully cooperating subject. That’s when #1 obviously said to #2: I’ve got this under control. Put the gun away and check on the people in the shot-up bus.

    • I get the feeling there was a fair amount of confusion going on as to WTF happened until some statements were taken.

  7. I would like to see the political affiliation of the shooter. I doubt that the news will report it.

    • They will ONLY report the political affiliation if he can be linked to the Republican party, the Tea Party, or possibly the NRA. They always downplay or ignore it if it is a leftist DemoncRat and simply intimate the person is affiliated with some conservative group. That is because the leftist propaganda machine knows full well that most mindless, especially college age, boobs don’t care enough to even bother themselves to look deeper than the shiny surface that are normally presented with.

    • Political affiliation is somewhat irrelevant.
      There are angry, impatient, and inconsiderate people in traffic who hate delays and obstacles. School buses simply doing their route in tight traffic conditions can become a prime focus for idiots and road rage. If you don’t think so, ask a bus driver with some time behind the wheel – I’m one of them.
      We see some of the worst every day – red light runners, people who blow their lights at stops, or repetitive hornblowers irritated because they’re behind a bus on their way to work. Getting their ass out of bed earlier may never occur to them and they might think their behavior is unpunishable behind that metal and glass barrier that protects them from the elements. It is – if they’re not caught doing something stupid.
      I’ve gone to NJ traffic court against such people. Judges can be tough and many of them deserve it.

  8. Why isn’t that guy a hood ornament on the front of that bus? As soon he walked in front of the bus with a drawn weapon pointed at the driver he should’ve been squashed.

    • While I am utterly appalled at this completely unnecessary shooting, I am, at the same, wondering why the school hired a 78 year old bus driver. That’s a little old to be driving a vehicle full of kids around, given the chances of heart attack, stroke or other sudden medical emergency. This whole event is…………weird. Is there something in the water in Minnesota ?

  9. I think we need to pass some stringent laws nationwide restricting snowstorms – if it would save just one life ! NO MORE FULLY AUTOMATIC SNOWFLAKES !

    • Well, I would be happy with a legislated reduction of cowardly snowflakes pouring out of our colleges with their unlicensed fully automatic whiny mouths.

      • Do you not hear how much you sound like a whiny bitch right now? WAAAAHHH!!! People have opinions I disagree with! WAAAHHHH!!!

    • Damn you, don’t give them ideas. They’ll have huge crews out there placing each flake manually, with tweezers.

  10. Wow ! over a car accident. This hurts us when these nuts use guns for no reason. I am pro gun,, never leave home without it. I am against the govt having more control. But how do we stop this. It’s people like this that jeopardize our right to self defense. Crime seems to go down with a certain segment of society but increases in other segments. 50% of all homicides are by 3% of the population. I do not want more gun laws, but I dont want people like this to have guns.

  11. Shots came after the bus driver tried to pull back into traffic. Also, Lilly already has a defensive shooting where he shot and killed a masked and armed 16 year old who brandished his weapon

  12. Minnesota? Must be Gecko45 in action.

    Really, his actions are completely understandable. He was on his way to the MoA to use his ninja skills keeping folks safe when this bus driver caught him unawares. Normally Gecko would have seen the whole thing coming and diffused the situation thanks to his superhuman situational awareness skills but he was obviously caught at a time where he was deep in thought about the best way to shield innocent mall goers at the Build-a-Bear Workshop from multiple .338 Lapua rounds while unjamming his piece of shit unreliable MP5 and fighting his way back to the golf cart to get his M249 into the fight.

  13. He has in his history what sounds like a clean shoot of an armed, masked 16-year-old. But shooting at a near-octogenarian driver in his school bus seems pretty strange. Did he think the bus driver was trying to squish him into the back of the pickup, and the only way to stop him was to shoot?

    About the only thing I can rule out is that the whole thing was a government plot to change the discussion about gun control. I’m almost embarrassed to be commenting next to you crackpots.

  14. I question this whole incident. Smells a whole lot like a false flag set up. All designed to make it look like even someone that is legally allowed to carry a gun shouldn’t be allowed to do so. This is fake as hell. I wonder if CNN or MSNBC bankrolled it to advance their anti gun agenda. And why are we anly hearing about it here on this obscure website?

    • It’s all over the news in Minnesota where this happened. Soon to be national once the filthy leftists in the MSM realize minneapolis is in the US.

  15. Okay, watching that video if I had driven up to see a guy shooting into a school bus, I’d of run the bastard down or shot him myself. Possibly both.

    There was no possible justification for that shooting. That guy deserves every scrap of punishment the prosecution can wring out of trial.

  16. I bet this was “that guy” during his minimal security training classes.

    “Yeah, but, uh, what if like… the school bus dude puts it in gear? THEN can I shoot him?”
    “Yancy, shut the fuck up for the rest of the hour and I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”

    • For real. There were a couple guys in my LTC class that had plenty of questions (and unsolicited anecdotes) that were all about when and where they “had the right” to shoot somebody.

      • The only question I had was prompted by a bullet point on the presentation stating that a CC permit must be surrendered upon the licensed individual’s death.

        They laughed, but I’m still somewhat curious as to what happens to me if I neglect to turn it in after I die.

    • I was a single father and I worked security off and on as a side gig. Hand to God I think that work attracts ‘Them’.

      Here in CA you are finger printed before you get your license and the prints are sent to the fbi to be checked. The last time I did this a retired police lieutenant was running the process. He plainly told folks that any disqualifying blip on their records from day one would be picked up. It was amazing the number of people that thought that little oopsie would be ok cause it happened 15 years ago in another state. Some of the arguments and excuses were hilarious. 1 dude said he forgot his felony dui from 20 years ago.

      • This raises more questions about the existence of a “felony dui” and the morons that created such a law than it does about the guy’s memory.

        I mean, if there’s such a thing as a “felony dui” how the actual fuck was Ted Kennedy not stripped naked and beaten to death in public after Chappaquiddick?

        Oh, wait, nevermind.

  17. Persons prone to rage episodes should avoid firearms or learn to control themselves. Otherwise they are a Fubar waiting to happen.

      • Good point.
        It illuminates a prime reason why rational people feel the need to protect themselves from those who have unsatisfactory decision making skills and poor impulse control. Insurance is a great concept but does little good if you aren’t around to take advantage of it afterward.

  18. All those people watching someone shoot at a bus full of kids and nobody ran over the sonabitch.????

  19. If you believe that the government is trying to stage shootings like this so that they can take away our Second Amendment right, then you should be beaten with a rubber hose because you’re a fucking moron.

    • Agree that these conspiracy types are not helping the situation. They are so wrapped up in their fantasies of vast and evil plans the real world troubles are ignored. That makes those troubles harder to fix.

  20. I suspect this guy’s problem is that he thought security guard = cop. Cops can shoot virtually anyone and get off scot free most of the time.

    Fortunately, he’s not a cop.

  21. I’m not an attorney and have never played one on TV but I believe I’ve come up with a viable defense strategy for that idiot. As a child, he was adjudged to be much “below average” and consequently assigned to Special Education and had to ride the “short bus” to and from school. Of course, the other kids teased and bullied him unmercifully about his mental disability, leaving deep-seated emotional scars. Once he reached adulthood the only job he could hold was as a security guard/mall cop, further damaging his ego and psyche. When the bus struck his car, the accumulated resentment came to the fore and he snapped, suffering a psychological break.

    I don’t know about the rest of you folks but there are tears streaming down my cheeks right about now. My butt cheeks.

  22. Ok , all you arm chair forensic ex-sperts have this all figured out , case solved !
    I watched this alleged ” traffic cam ” video 8 times !
    Can’t make out a shooting !
    Can’t make out a defensive shooting posture at any point , by the alleged shooter !
    Can’t make out any possible muzzel flash from an alleged weapon discharge !
    Can’t make out a collision of the school bus & the toyota !
    I can see a dodge pickup truck , between the school bus , that’s behind the toyota , that allegedly gets struck by the school bus !
    Unlike the video , I need to be clear here !
    I do not have forensic video autopsy equipment to dissect this video ” frame by frame ” pixel by pixel ” !!
    So my opinion isn’t worth piss soaked pants !
    Conspiracy theorist ? Yeah , no doupt some would label me as such !
    No doupt many would not apply such label !
    But for all you who believe that your government isn’t capable and or willing , to commit fraud , in order to achieve a goal or promote an agenda , you are brainwashed , nieve , brain dead , or just stupid !!
    Or any combination there of !
    It’s a simple matter of documented history , that our government HAS committed fraud & killings , to meet their goals !
    Our governments lies to us DAILY !
    Our governments cheat us DAILY !
    Our PUBLIC SERVANTS have become so CORRUPT that nothing is beyond their capability !
    It’s a simple matter of a lil research to discover the many times our CORRUPT PUBLIC SERVANTS have lied to & killed American citizens !
    Wake up !
    Ask any law enforcement agency what the primary reasons are behind crime !
    MONEY is in the top 3 on the list of reasons !
    And when you consider that our CORRUPT PUBLIC SERVANTS have BILLIONS of dollars at stake every day , common sense tells us that WE are not safe from government !
    Now I’m not saying that this is yet another faux incident that our government has choreographed to justify socialist gun grabbers & their fear of OUR guns !
    But don’t be so nieve as to believe that our corrupt government wouldn’t shove a shotgun up your a$$ & blow your brains full of $hit !
    If you still think that hillery didn’t break any laws & is a fine piller of our community , or that MARRIED kennedy who ran his pregnant lover into a river to drown & left the scene of the incident & then reported it 9 hours later as a drunk accident & who was a known DRUNK for 25+ more years in washington & never faced one criminal charge , was another fine pillar of society !
    Or the use of the National Guard to kill many ” un-armed ” college students , is justified , then you are so brainwashed , brain dead , nieve , or just a fool !

  23. bought and paid by MN Muslims, Democrats and Bloomberg, they all hate America, and will use seditious tactics and red flag operation these asshole’s do not speak for me and retribution may be Fast approaching (Vote) any thing except Democrat in Minnesota

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