Force Science Institute: Cops Debate Warning Shots

The Force Science Institute asked their law enforcement audience for their opinion on warning shots. This, after the International Association of  Chiefs of Police Chiefs recommended that police agencies OK warning shots under certain guidelines. According the FSI, 90 percent of their correspondents opposed the practice. Here’s an edited selection of the emails they received arguing for and against police warning […]

SIG SAUER to NJ State Police: Blame Your Cheap Ammo, Not Us

Last week we reported that the NJ State Police are suing SIG SAUER because, according to the NJSP, the P229 handguns that SIG SAUER sold them were jam-o-matics. SIG SAUER has since responded and, according to their diagnosis, the problem here is exactly what we expected: NJ is too cheap to buy their troopers decent range ammo. According to […]

San Bernardino Terrorist Attack: Cops Had 10 Percent Hit Rate

“The San Bernardino County District Attorney’s 55-page interoffice memo . . . lays out exactly how law enforcement officers from multiple agencies responded to the Inland Regional Center within minutes of the attack and killed the attackers in a massive gunfight nearby several hours later,” reveals, ahead of the memo’s release later today. Jobbing journo Suzanne […]

LA Gun “Buyback” – Won’t Somebody PLEASE Think of the Children?

Children grow up to be adults. Assuming they’ve kept their noses clean, once they reach adulthood they can exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Irresponsible families who trade perfectly serviceable firearms for $100 or $200 Target gift cards today are depriving their children of their ballistic birthright. Look at that pile […]