Lancaster police shooting knife video
Courtesy Lancaster, Pennsylvania Police Department
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We’ve arrived at a point in this country where any use of a firearm by a police officer against a suspect — no matter how violent or dangerous the perp may have been — is instant justification for protests, riots, looting or all three. Yesterday, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania police officer responded to a domestic disturbance call, the kind of situation any cop will tell you is among the most dangerous and volatile situations they encounter.

At some point, 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz attacked the first officer to arrive at the scene and chased him with what appears to be a large bowie or kitchen knife. The officer shot and killed Munoz as he was being chased.

The Lancaster Police Department released this bodycam video from the officer who fired the shots:


Munoz was reportedly awaiting trial on previous charges for stabbing four people in another incident last year. But the details and circumstances of yesterday’s shooting didn’t matter at all to local Black Lives Matter supporters and others who gathered after news of the shooting spread.


Dozens of people packed Laurel Street to protest the shooting. Then many marched to the police station, blocking part of West Chestnut street for several hours.

Isaac Etter with safe house Lancaster says the protests are a result of months of pent up frustration.

“We had a lot of issues in June with the Lancaster City Police and I think to see the lack of change in both the police force and in the city has led to the unrest that is today,” Etter said.

Lancaster’s police headquarters was attacked and damaged. The violence eventually resulted in the use of tear gas and less lethal rounds to try to disperse the crowds.

Yesterday it was Lancaster, Pennsylvania, population 59,000. Earlier it was Kenosha, Wisconsin, population 100,000. In short, violence and unrest is no longer confined to the usual suspects like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and other larger cities.

The anti-police climate that has been building since the death of George Floyd and gleefully stoked by far left politicians and the media has resulted in a situation where police are being targeted and even clearly justified incidents of the use of force by law enforcement are followed by civil unrest.

This climate shows no sign of abating before the November election and, in the case of a Biden defeat, chances are good that the violence will then only escalate. Law abiding citizens should prepare and act accordingly.

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  1. They need to stop dispersing the rioters and arrest every one of them and charge them with insurrection (a 20 year sentence).

    We cannot allow this lawlessness to continue. If they resist arrest, rioters should be shot (with real bullets).


    • I think that would put a damper on the trouble in the streets by dispersing crowds with double ought and 62 grain hollow points, works great on hogs with correct placement.

      • While I freely admit that violent leftist revolutionaries and their dupes may force exactly the response you describe, keep in mind that violence and chaos is exactly what people like Soros want. Whether it works out for the leftists the way they think is uncertain, but it will almost certainly be bad for the nation.

        • Problem is, it’s already bad for the nation, and getting steadily worse. It needs to be stopped, and while these retards are being paid and mobilized by the like of Soros and Bloomberg, that will not happen peacefully. If somebody throws a rock at you, shoot him. That will stop it pretty quick, one way or another.

        • The people funding these riots should be charged with insurrection. Just because they are billionaires should not keep them invulnerable. They are fanning the flames to bring this country down.
          We long ago passed the point of enough is enough.

        • Who wouldn’t shoot a maniac charging you with a knife? What kind of sht for brains would get upset over that? Apparently democRat Party Useful Idiots that’s who. You want to change the view of useful idiots you’ve got to get the demoCrap out between their ears.

          Are these useful idiots so brainwashed they ignore what the democRat Party has done to Black Americans during the last 200 plus years? And exactly who is the guilty party and who owes who Reparations? Look no further than the democRat Party. The party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other raced based atrocities.

          Politically inept history illiterate useful idiots need to realize that a Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

        • In response to Mainer…Mark Levin on his show today commented that he now believes this was not really a “soft coup” against Trump by the Dems, but the full on press leading up to this election with hundreds of lawyers poised to challenge every aspect of the election, soft money being poured into the campaign of Dems, dark money coming in through a new wrinkle of non-declared donors who apparently because they list themselves as “unemployed” do not have to give their name or business, with the possibility that those donations are actually funneling foreign money into the Dem campaigns, billionaires willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars of their own money specifically to derail Trump or promote Biden, or both, now has become an actual insurrection and needs to be treated as such.

          This election is going to make 2000 seem like the election of the Prom King and Queen in comparison.

        • Just a matter of how the news spins it. Just saying any actions you want to have pushed against these guys could very easily be turned around on the ones pushing for it.

        • yeah I don’t recall any 2A protests or lockdown protests where anyone was harmed or property destroyed. That’s not “spin” that’s people breaking shit and hurting people

      • That is a seriously retarded statement. If that is the level of your ratiocination, please do us the favor of destroying your computer, to avoid infecting the ‘Net with the Idiocy Virus.

        If your sorry @$$ can’t figure out how to protest without assaulting civilians and police, looting, destroying property, committing arson? You don’t have a f***ing thing to say that I want to hear.

        Now, there IS a place for all of those things – it’s called open rebellion. If that’s where you’re at? Be honest and own your s***.

        Otherwise? STFU.


    • I agree. Screw letting them go the next day and screw less than lethal bullets. They don’t believe you when you let them off easy. They look at it as weakness.

    • “…in the case of a Biden defeat, chances are good that the violence will only escalate.”


      The violence will escalate regardless of the winner, AND will likely be far greater when the rioters know “Uncle” Joe and Camel-toe have their backs.

      • This is false. I used to work at McKinsey and I spent some time in Shanghai. People watch the news. People support the government. I talked to people who went from growing up without electricity to flying on airplanes for foreign vacations.

        I own guns. I vote republican. But this whole idea that the CCP is oppressing their own people is false. In many ways, people are freer there. In China, you can say that you think homosexuality is wrong. In America you will lose your job for that.

        • You can say homosexuality is wrong because the Chinese government thinks it’s wrong. What happens to Chinese who say the government is wrong?

        • Ing:

          I am a Christian. I can’t say homosexuality is wrong because say saying that is wrong. If I was open about being a Christian and open about thinking homosexuality is wrong, I would have been fired at McKinsey. I was passed over for partner because I was white.

          So tell me- who is freer, a Han Chinese in China or a white Christian in America? The is answer is: it’s complicated. They put the Uyghuir Muslims in camps because they were responsible for terrorism. I voted for Donald because he promised us a Muslim ban. So when the Chinese take care of the Muslim problem, they are bad? When Donald promises it to us, but fails to deliver… that’s good?

          People- wake up.

        • Americans put rainbow flags outside their embassies.

          To be a real American, you have to support LGBT now! You can’t be Christian anymore.

          If having to support gay is freedom, then I don’t want it.

        • BigTyme,
          Exactly. Political liberties are only means to attain the ends of individual / personal liberties (objective, unchanging moral principles).

          The “right” to vote on which liar fleeces you to subsidize his conshituents (whose rights to a say about your tax dollars is “equal” to yours – except more equal, because parasites + those who feel “compassion” for parasites will ALWAYS outnumber believers in personal responsibility) is the true “opiate of the people”.

        • wow, we’re getting the pro-china shills on TTAG now? Awesome, this site has hit the big time now! Anyway, I would say the Chinese are less free since bad-think will get you literally thrown in prison or at least a lowering of your “social responsibility score” or whatever. God help you think that China shouldn’t be a one party state, Hong Kong should keep its semi-autonomous status, or that Taiwan isn’t Chinese territory. Maoism simply cannot parade as democracy no matter how it may try to.

        • Ok drunk Eod guy.

          Nobody is addressing my point. If you think we’re free when you’re not allowing to except use your religion, then you’re retarded.

          I don’t care if Hong Kong is part of China or not. In school, we were taught Imperialism was the worst thing ever- because white men. So the British returned Hong Kong to China, and now CIA funded Antifa are lighting people on fire because… yeah whatever I just don’t care.

          I do care that I will be fired for being a Christian. I am not a China shill. F China. Why do you people not care about my religious freedom?

        • You are very naive. You are an outsider. Nobody in China is going to be honest with. While I have little experience in China I have lot of Cold War experience in Eastern Europe. Everybody I met there supported the government too.

        • No- they were honest with me. 我说普通话

          But this is a fact. If I said “homosexuality is immoral” at a meeting for my client, CNOOC- everyone would nod and agree. If my partner at McKinsey found out I said that- I would be fired.

          America does not have religious freedom for Christians. I don’t care about China. I do care about America.

          We are going to loose our guns because POTG are retarded and apparently love gay and hate Christ now.

        • No they weren’t. You are foreigner. They are going to tell you what the government wants you to hear and will keep them out of trouble. Don’t take it personally that they don’t trust you. You are extremely naive.

        • Me thinks bigtyme sounds like a chinese sponsored troll, chinese govt troll, etc. Read between the lines. Everything they say is to complicate the situation and try to illicit a response, piss you off.

          You have failed, go report back and take your bullet between the eyes.

    • I know! I know! …… but to call them out on it is against the law lol….
      It’s not just media…. it’s government…. it’s the law profession….
      There was a good reason for those trains…. be Lee dat!

  2. “BREAKING: looting has started in Lancaster at Villa athletic store approximately 1 hour 50 minutes ago according to the shop owner”

    Athletic stores are carrying bread now? That’s weird…


    • “A Black Lives Matter rioter in Lancaster got hit in the groin with a less-lethal police round. You hate to see it.”

      Actually, no… I don’t hate to see it. Quite the opposite. I love to see it very much.

  3. Clearly the family caller’s fault. We’ve been told that calling the police on a Black perp is White Privilege. The Family caller should be arrested and charged with cultural appropriation.

    • If I had you a bowl of M&M’s and tell you they are “MOSTLY” not poison, because only 1 out of 10 is poison go ahead dig in!

  4. are the American people this dog-poop stupid to think that the continued action by these rioters is not the results of outside influence???this should be stopped cold .if you riot or loot –you die. first shot rock salt second shot bird-shot ,third shot oo-buckshot. this has to end. now.

  5. Lol at anyone still pretending this wildfire of anarchistic retardation has fuck all to do with justice, equality or oppression.

    Insert snide jokes about knife red flag laws and PA going blue here.

    • Pretty clear by now, crazy loser assholes are being paid by someone to disrupt everything, everywhere. I am not even ready to blame the Dems or Biden, etc, at least not yet. Pretty sure Soros is in there somewhere, but he may not be alone. Somebody should be trying to find out, rather than constantly “investigating” Donald Trump.

  6. LEO encounters an armed person who charges with the weapon, presumably to harm or kill the LEO. LEO shoots the armed person in self defense. The entire altercation is recorded on video.

    Despite these alleged facts, members of the local community storm the LE castle out of their ignorant anger, and attempt to provoke another altercation, requiring yet another response by the LEOs to defend person and property. We’ll have the story on the 11 o’clock nightly news for you, dear voter.

    Rinse and repeat.

    This is my shocked face. See, I’m wearing my shocked face. |)

    • Hmm. Looks like my new keyboard acts a little differently than my old one, and doesn’t allow the “shocked face”. Now I’m truly shocked.

      • Step back and appreciate the always brilliant words of the incomparable ‘I Haz A Question’. As it was, is and ever shall be.

        All Hail.

    • As you imply, they don’t care whether the officer was justified or not. They don’t even really care about the perp who was shot. The dupes might, but not the people who fund them or pull their strings.

    • I don’t even think much of it is ignorant anger at this point.

      I think the people doing this in other places have gotten away with it so this kind of thing has become a fad like flash mobs or the knockout game.

      Once shit gets far enough out of control for long enough and the risk factor for participants is low enough it kinda takes on a life of its own and keeps going until it burns out or is stopped.

  7. Well, we now appear to be entering new territory, lawful use of force leads to riots which are supported by the democrats. It is time to put this down hard. We may be looking at a “rebellion” as Congresswoman Maxine Waters once called riots. Rebellion is insurrection and should be handled appropriately.

    • It’s interesting, isn’t it, that our little country was *founded* on Rebellion and Insurrection. I’m not advocating for the burning, looting, rioting. Simply pointing out that the King of England felt the same way over 270 years ago.
      And the King of England’s response was to Gen. Gage was “take their guns and ammo”….

        • History eludes you.

          The colonies were created as extensions of England (and France, and Spain…) in the late 1600s.

          Boston Tea Party was in 1773 (equivalent to today’s riots/rebellion)

          The Revolutionary War started in 1775.

          The Declaration of Independence occurred in 1776. So, we weren’t “founding the country” at the time of the Boston Tea Party OR the Revolutionary War.

          Also, consider current succession commentary and thoughts by California, Oregon and Washington.

          But of course, this is *completely* different and therefore a “Big Difference”…

        • Matt & 300Blackout,

          You both make good points; however imma gonna hafta lean toward Matt on this one. While Blackout’s timeline of the Revolutionary history is correct, this time in 2020 is fundamentally different. The Colonists wanted to simply be left alone, and rebelled against increased intrusion and taxation by the Crown. Today, the “mostly peaceful protesters” are looking to overthrow and supplant with a Marxist vision in mind. As Matt stated, they openly declare that they want “societal justice” and not only do NOT want to be left alone, but go so far as to demand your stuff from you…now, and in the future. They want the (false) promise of a Communist Utopia in which they get stuff without having to put in the hard work normally required to obtain it. They see the fruits of others’ labors all around them and desire them to the extent that they seek to use force to take it from you.

          Fundamentally different. This is not a repeat of the 1760s and 1770s leading up to the American Revolution. This is the logical result of three generations of spoiled brats not hearing the word “no” from their parents, and now it’s up to Patriots to deal with it.

          Oh, and Blackout…the correct term is spelled secession. It appears to be gaining ground here on the West Coast, unfortunately.

        • I guess I see it a little different.

          The Boston Tea Party fundamentally destroyed property not owned by them – exactly what is happening now (although it’s private businesses vs government owned businesses).

          The fundamental difference between 1773-1778 and now, is what the insurrection would like to turn the society into (IMO), which I do not consider to be a significant difference. Revolutions have occurred often enough in history to determine that the basis is a fundamental disagreement by some portion of the civilian population and the Government/Ruling Class. What the current society is and what the civilian population wants to change to is, fundamentally irrelevant, in my opinion. The reason is simple – history is written by the victors.

          It is too early to see whether these insurrections lead to a new nation. Consider if the newly formed United States actually *lost* the Revolutionary War (which, without France’s significant help, would likely have occurred). Or, imagine if the Civil War resulted in the South winning (which, if Lee hadn’t invaded the North and lost so many troops at Antietam and Gettysburg, could have been possible)? What if Trump wins in November, and the West Coast (attempts to) secede as some articles indicate? Is it still completely different?

          This is in no way, a validation of the current riots. Simply an essay suggesting that this is in no small way exactly how our country started in the first place. While I agree that the *reasons* are important to understand, rioting and suggesting an alternate societal form of government is a pretty clear cut definition of a revolution. It also doesn’t mean that it will be successful.

          Choosing to not learn from history means repeating it. Guess which one we are doing. Continue believing “this time is different”……

        • I’ll also add that regardless of the long term outcome of this insurrection, assuming we still have a United States bound in Liberty and Freedom, we will continue to have these “revolutionaries”. Hence the “Tree of Liberty must be refreshed”…

        • That was a fight against one man, a tyrant, and his completely unreasonable demands.

          THIS is senseless destruction against a nation. A movement headed by lunatics that and fought by idiots.

          We are not talking about lawlessness for the sake of freedom (BLM does not stand for black lives). This situation is lawlessness for the complete overwhelming of the American system of government to wipe out a country.

        • “The Boston Tea Party fundamentally destroyed property not owned by them – exactly what is happening now (although it’s private businesses vs government owned businesses).”

          Private business vs government is a pretty big distinction, no? It isn’t even in the same ballpark. The low IQ rioters of today aren’t looting athletic stores to send a message. Those greedy, amoral fools doing the looting are just trying to get whatever they can at someone else’s expense. Sure, it looks like they’re being nudged by someone with a plan, but that isn’t a revolution, it’s manipulation. They’re someone’s useful idiots. Were the Boston Tea Party participants trying to take all of that tea back to their houses?

        • “The fundamental difference between 1773-1778 and now, is what the insurrection would like to turn the society into (IMO), which I do not consider to be a significant difference.”

          Salient point. Not a significant difference between individualists who wanted freedom and self-governance, and Marxists who want to burn it all down and institute despotic, bankrupt collectivist tyranny? Ohhh-kay….

        • 300Blackout,

          I hear your points and understand what you’re saying. I’ll continue to say that I disagree, but not with any ounce of disdain for your own POV. I remain convinced that today’s leadup to an upcoming Marxism coup attempt (and the past decade of the 2010s that has led to today) is different than the Revolutionary War (and the years immediately preceding it), but you’re correct that we won’t know how this stream will flow through the rockbed until it goes a bit further. That’s the unnerving thing about it. We know the general direction, but not the details nor the pivotal events that will rock our nation. The next few months – and IMO, 2021 in its entirety – will be a doozy.

          The Fourth Turning, gents. We’re here. All those words we’ve enjoyed typing into our keyboards about the Tree of Liberty, Molon Labe, etc. are about to come to our doorsteps. But I’d much rather fight this evil now and endure the struggle, so that my grandchildren won’t have to.

      • “Protestors” are being released without bail upon being caught. Rebels get hanged or shot.

        If it’s a rebellion, let’s treat it like one. Something tells me the result will be bloody but very, very quick. Notice that the riots stopped in Kenosha after just a couple bodies got dropped.

  8. At some point(probably soon) gun owners are gonna have to take our country back, and then, make some changes to our rule of law to prevent communism from making a comeback like it is doing now. The left is trying to take power through underclass violence. Ive even heard rumours that some of these wildfires are being set on purpose. We need to get our people off their rear ends.

  9. note to self:
    have a plan to not get dragged out of your house in the middle of the night and beaten to death in the street by a mob of democrat voters

    • So you advocate the murder of US citizens who exercise their right to peaceable assembly merely because some asshøle near them commits riotous assembly? You sound like a 1A equivalent of Swalwell.

      • Yeah Mark, because that’s exactly how this has been going down. YOU sound like you’re blind and have been listening to a description of the situation from CNN.

      • If those assembled make no attempt to curtail or distance themselves from the illegal activity they are part of it and no longer peacefully assembled.

        • Do your 2A rights to keep and bear arms then similarly disappear just because some asshøle in your vicinity uses a weapon to commit a crime?

          Are you to be presumed complicit in his crime simply because you might not have engaged him to prevent him (your “curtailing”, assuming you were aware of his crime) or may not have fled the area (your “distancing”)?

          Sounds like everyone wants an excuse to target the innocent along with the guilty.

        • There are no bystanders in a riot. Get out or you’re in. And then you deserve what you get.

          The ‘innocent bystander’ nonsense is a fig leaf ruse and you have to be an idiot to believe it. I’m not talking about daytime protests of people marching to City Hall. I’m talking about riots where ‘peaceful protesters’ come with umbrellas and shields to block sight of the people throwing molotovs or ‘fireworks.’ I’m talking about crowds looting stores at night and burning them down and then everyone suddenly claiming to have been a ‘reporter’ when they get thrown down and arrested.

          In the beginning there were some protests where agitators got picked out by the actual protestors, manhandled and thrown to police. That’s not happening now because the agitators are not at legit protests. They are just calling riots protests.

        • I don’t think anyone here is arguing that acting in concert to commit a crime is in any way peaceable assembly.

          Conflating the two is something that leftist media might do, but a Constitutionalist would not.

      • There are no peaceful protesters there are only those who provide cover for violence. This is right out of the Hamas/PLO playbook.

        • Yep.

          What’s that saying about avoiding stupid people in stupid places doing stupid things.

          If there are any real “peaceful protesters”, they should hit the road at any sign of trouble.

          If they stick around, they are aiding the insurrectionists.

        • No doubt.

          Peaceful protesters are not intermingling with rioters & looters. That is human shield tactics, recognize it for what it is. Advise if you intend to protest as is your right, make your way out of the area immediately if and/or when the violence starts.

          Otherwise, it’s a rightfully due assumption you are a collaborator.

  10. Looks like a legitimate and righteous use of deadly force to stop a credible, imminent threat of death or great bodily harm. Police officer is in the right and should be cleared.

  11. I watched all the videos. The use of extreme over whelming violence is not pretty. But that is what it takes to stop a riot. Since so many people say a bayonet charge is just too scary??? And outdated???
    It seems far to many folks just can’t bring themselves to defend the civilized lifestyle. So a 17 year kid, probably trained by the local police, was the one who stepped forward. To defend the civilized world. Seeing the results of being shot in the arm by a 5.56 is not pretty. But it did stop the unprovoked violent attack on a child.

    Many folks hate cops. But I see those same people don’t want to deal with a world, without cops. They don’t want to get their own hands dirty, with some one else’s blood.

    • Yes, and yes, Chris.

      However, I disagree on one point. Kyle is a man, both legally [10 U.S. Code § 246, b(2)] and societally. Due to his actions, all other men who speak with him from this point forward will be respectfully addressing him as a peer.

    • I sure hope Kyle is freed and is paid handsomely for all his troubles….
      BUT….. What’s going to be SICK is if this kid is convicted….. then watching NOBODY DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT….. THAT’S GOING TO BE THE SICKEST PART OF THE WHOLE THING….

      Like I said…. hopefully he is freed ASAP….

  12. Looks like a damn good shoot to me. Hope he didn’t already reproduce and have little a-holes running around. Another one bites the dust – Hey Hey.

  13. Allegedly, they are “peacefully demonstrating” for Police Reform. OK. But, how about DEFECTIVE CITIZEN REFORM. A dash of that will just about solve all the Police issues. Maybe Patriots should arm up and “peacefully demonstrate” for DEFECTIVE CITIZEN REFORM. We could burn down our own neighborhoods. and local merchants. UH, that would be stupid……and there you have a summation of those “peaceful demonstrators.”

  14. Still the main condition for a town to erupt in riots is a Democrat/liberal Government.

    Lancaster is exactly that. Interestingly that doesn’t get much attention as it should when the riots or their triggers are presented on the news.

    Every place that has treated Blacks so poorly are Democrat and in general have been providers of free stuff while not allowing choice in the matter of education and jobs.

  15. Why was this person out on bail (I assume) since he has previous 4 stabbings. Who was the judge that allowed him out. Someone (Judge?) should be held accountable for this.

    • While that sounds good, remember that a trial takes years just to get STARTED, lord knows how long to finish. If you’re going to hold someone without bail, you should be prepared to begin the trial tomorrow.

  16. And what’s funny is that cop probably would arrest you if you had to defend yourself against someone with a knife! How ironic!

  17. Just don’t seem like people are afraid of being shot with a 9mm anymore. Back when cops carried .357’s people were afraid of being shot.

    • “You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:”

  18. Press, press. Clear. Problem solved.

    Lancaster and York, PA have turned into drug and gang infested shitholes. It is a shame, but this is what happens when demonrats run towns and cities, Lancaster, York, Chambersburg, Harrisburg, are welfare and section 8 dens. Behavior like this is to be expected especially after generations of low expectations, indoctrination in the marxist madrassas (schools), lying media, poor parenting, a culture of no consequences, a lack of morals, functional values and Jesus. Society and the media have greenlit this type of disrespect for authority, cause they state the system is bias, we will see an uptick in this same scenario.

    • I was thinking this when the article was making a point of the violence spreading to small town USA (didn’t use those words, so sorry if I misunderstood, but that’s the impression I got). The people who run Lancaster are no different from the people who run Philly. The looting and rioting there do not surprise me at all.

  19. Personally I was impressed by the officers shot placement running away from said deranged individual, pull your weapon from holster while running and shoot backwards while still running from an armed psycho chasing you with intent on doing you harm and said perp. drops like a sack of potato’s on sidewalk! It also proves that old adage don’t bring a knife to a gunfight! I don’t know what these animals want to protest about perhaps they should just eat each other and be done with it because that is what will happen without the police around! Mark my words I have seen it in 3rd world countries the ones with guns and power oppress the ones without!

  20. If one is a dirt bag no matter ones skin color don’t charge at a cop with a weapon or one tends to end up DRT with ones red blood on the ground no matter your shade of skin.

    • Not even close. Yes, the author is correct that Dems will have serious trouble accepting defeat — they never accepted the last one, after all.

      But that article is a thinly veiled threat. Don’t reelect the Orange Man because it’s not the way things should happen.

      He’s saying that if Biden loses, Dems will go insane and there will be more mass unrest and political violence than we’re seeing now. It’s just not worth the risk.

      Nice country you got there. Be a shame if sumpthin’ was to happen to it.

      • “Nice country you got there. Be a shame if sumpthin’ was to happen to it.”

        Which is what they’re already saying.

        This is the equivalent of a domestic abuser demanding a gun or else he’ll really put the whuppin’ on that uppity dame. What the author is essentially admitting here is that across an array of topics the Left has completely and utterly lost it and cannot handle anything short of getting exactly what it wants.

        Or are you suggesting that the current situation is an honest and serious call for rational reform and they’ll only *really* go nuts if Biden loses?

        • No, I think he’s saying, if you think it’s bad now, just wait until you see what happens if Trump wins. Especially after Biden’s led in the polls all these months.

          As if that means anything. Hillary led in the polls by as much in 2016.

        • I think he buried the lead until the second paragraph which is really rather generalized:

          “Accepting the things that never should have happened is far more difficult. A certain kind of cognitive dissonance—the gap between what is and what should be—can fuel revolutionary sentiment, and not just in a fluffy, radical-chic kind of way. In such situations, acting outside the political process, including through nonpeaceful means, becomes more attractive, not necessarily out of hope but out of despair.

          Notice that things is plural and the assumption in the second half of that sentence. This paragraph could apply quite well to David Hogg or Beto O’Rourke. This isn’t a comment limited to the upcoming election, it’s a general assessment of how the Left views virtually anything they don’t like; with zealous disapproval that borders on a neurotic hatred.

          And those things are anything or anyone they don’t identify as being part of or symbols for their little tribe. That’s why the local pols have been letting this kind of thing go. They share the mob’s hatred and envy and therefore, clearly, it must be righteous because what’s being attacked are “things that never should have happened”.

        • ““Nice country you got there. Be a shame if sumpthin’ was to happen to it.”

          Which is what they’re already saying.”

          Case in point – The ‘open letter’ to Chief Justice John Roberts by the senators about the way he had better rule on the ‘NY Pistol’ firearm transport case being heard at the time.

          A direct threat to the supreme court to rule a certain way on a case before them at the time ‘Or Else’.

          The last I heard, attempting to influence a federal judge to rule a certain way is an open-and-shut case for a felony conviction.

          And *nothing* happened to them. Now, they are emboldened to do the exact same thing again in the future, like when SCOTUS needs to rule on a vote counting case in the very near future…

        • @ Geoff

          That manure should’ve been nipped off to the quick immediately. SCOTUS should’ve sent in the US Marshall’s to apprehend all of those sitting inCongruous members immediately for threatening the Court. Yet, here we sit.

    • @Strych9,

      Odd, I do not get the same takaway from the article as you apparently did. I honestly tried to read the piece with a neutral attitude…by the second paragraph I realized it was just more dire threats backed by the usual feeble excuses for piss-poor behavior.

      While I was reading the Atlantic article I was thinking that it is just more feel-good PSYOP written by Liberals to undermine Conservative confidence…”you really shouldn’t vote for Trump because poo will happen and it will be your fault…!”

      We’re back to the issue of the Left not recognizing, nor accepting, any responsibility for their own actions. “we’re going to throw more temper tantrums, kick our feet and break other people’s things…you’ll see, waa, waa, waa”.

      Convince me that I read it wrong.

      • I’m not going to try to convince you that you read it wrong. I think you read it correctly but incompletely. That piece is, IMHO, what I call “sympathetic academia” and it fits in a slot within Leftist thinking while also basically explaining an overall context for the Left’s views on numerous issues. The author is not saying “I agree” outwardly but one could be forgiven for thinking Mr. Hamid agrees with the use of violence and he’s telling us why, generally and specifically.

        I look at the this against the backdrop of a number of other things which I’ve been talking about here for several years which I’m not going to rehash because that’s pages and pages of text. I should also note that I look at the Left, effectively, as junkies. They’ve been breaking Crack Commandment #4 for a long time and this is what happens when you do that. However, they are not stupid and mostly they’re not crazy. They’re zealots just like a basehead. They need that next high, it’s the only thing they care about. It’s just that in this case the “drug” is power. And just like any junkie the drug isn’t the problem, it’s that they don’t have enough of it.

        The first thing I would note is that you’re right to some degree in that the Left refuses to take responsibility for their actions. True in a round-about sort of way. They justify this kind of thing as “self-defense”. Remember, “words are violence” and justify a bike-locking but if you shoot someone swinging a bike-lock at you. Their general attitude towards all of this stuff is “You made us do this”. Again, in their mind it’s “justifiable self-defense”. You can see that sort of thinking with In Defense of Looting: A Riotous History of Uncivil Action. Again, junkies. Ever seen an intervention? Notice how nothing is EVER their fault?

        The second thing I would note about this article is that IMHO the guy is a pretty good writer, he obviously proofreads his articles (or someone does it for him) better than I proof my comments, by a lot. Of course he’s getting paid and I’m not. In that vein I will draw your attention to a couple of sections from this piece because I suspect that he has chosen his words carefully and with purpose.

        “Liberals have convinced themselves that Republicans are, in one way or another, cheating.”

        Note that this sentence starts a paragraph and contains no modifying words that limit the verb “cheating”. Yes, the rest of the paragraph goes on to talk about gerrymandering and such but it all comes back to “Republican manipulation is what the democratic process itself has produced…”. That’s a nice little way of trashing Republicans, democracy and placing blame on both. How-fucking-convenient. One might ask how that relates to the violence already ongoing, eh?

        Further, note: “Accepting the things that never should have happened is far more difficult…This distance between what a society should be and the tragedy of what it actually becomes….

        Things? Plural? I thought this was just about the election? Again, a convenient turn of phrase crops up here and if we go with your assertion that this is a “…dire threats backed by the usual feeble excuses for piss-poor behavior” we start to get the idea that this is bigger than the election.

        And that fits with how the Left acts generally. Against that backdrop, their rabid hatred, blame shifting, goal-post moving, rationalization, propaganda and “let no crisis go to waste” attitude I think we see that this piece isn’t about the election, well, not entirely about the election. It’s bigger. It’s a general justification of violence on behalf of Leftist causes. Racism, income inequality, gentrification, police brutality, generational conflict… whatever.

        What I find interesting about that piece is how it very cleverly, IMHO, covers inter and intra 2020 issues with a nice little blanket that amounts to “Whatever we do is justified. You had this coming” and that attitude IMO stems from the Left’s rabidly tribalistic attitudes towards nearly everything which has allowed them to craft a narrative that everything they do is “good” because the Left is good. Anything outside that circle is not Left and not good. What’s not good? Things that are bad. Who does bad things? Bad people. Can we ethically do bad things to bad people? Sure, punch a Nazi! It’s like landing in Normandy! Now, what happens if we tell angry people this, wind them up, point out the “Nazis” and turn them loose?

        To avoid writing a book here I’d say, having read the Atlantic article here, take a gander at the link below and ask yourself how these two things go together. Then think of Rahm Emmanuel talking about never letting a crisis go to waste. That educational system I talk about all the time has produced some serious devils we’re going to have to deal with here and IMHO this article from The Atlantic is just a part of that but also, generally, a justification for what these people want to do.

        • I appreciate your thoughtful response.

          Thank you for the link.

          After wading through the entire treatise…I think that I can synopsize it as: “Boomers are dying out and the Millennials will finally have their day”.

          Well, yeah…duh!

          It’s been my observation that each generation thinks that they are special…have unique problems…are the first to ever suffer…nobody listens to us…and so on…….With the inevitable result that whatever that generation does or accomplishes, it will be subject to ridicule and armchair quarterbacking by those who follow behind them.

          What I perceive as the paradigm difference emerging now is that overt violence is expected, even condoned, in order to achieve that desired end-state change…rather than a fusion of ideas, ideals and goals that should be the pathway to long-term success. I am reminded daily of the old saying “My Way or the Highway”…which is a confrontative and, generally, non-productive response.

          I kind of hope that I can become a haunting ghost so that I can watch today’s Millennials as they mature and become set in their ways and observe their angst as their children and grandchildren rebel against their “enlightened” policies and politics in favor of that next generation’s “self-evident”, “reasonable and proper” path to Utopia.

          Fully agree that the Atlantic article is a wish-fulfillment fantasy justifying any actions “they” have to take in order to achieve their “vision” for Humanity.


        • “After wading through the entire treatise…I think that I can synopsize it as: “Boomers are dying out and the Millennials will finally have their day”.”

          The only quibble I would have with this is that it’s not that simple. The fear, at least my fear, is a misguided backlash against the Boomers once Millennials have the ability to execute such a thing, which they shortly will have in more ways that one. If they’re convinced that the “other” is “bad” they can justify just about anything.

          It is worth noting that many government fiscal, economic and monetary policies in the last 20 or so years benefit the Boomers quite a bit and that the benefit is both disproportional and at the expense of younger people. There’s anger about that and it’s somewhat justified. Now, IMHO, it’s misplaced in most cases but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

          Angry people with a vendetta controlling things like equities would probably not go well if generational warfare was to break-out along that front. And it’s the Boomers who would pay the vast majority of the price for that. This is part of what I’ve meant in past weeks when I’ve said the Boomers could get fed into the wood chipper feet first and that there a plenty of young people who 1) would love to see that and 2) don’t recognize the actual damage it would do.

  21. This is Bull$h!t. Next time they should send a social worker. He can take s’mores, sign Kumbaya and hopefully a ballistic yoga mat to stop the knife. I say the cop should have somebody buy him a beer or two. I would if I could. Not for killing somebody but for protecting others from someone who might just have killed somebody.

  22. Oy vey! Not long ago before the “time of trouble” I told my wife our formerly nice burb could turn on a dime. 5-O shoots Barry’s boy,Paco gets insulted or a shoplifter objects to getting arrested. Little did I know how quickly our country would turn to chit! And My town is half the size of Lancaster😳😢😕 We’re locked & loaded…

  23. Remember, remember the 3rd of November, there will be gun powder, more treason and lots getting shot. I cant remember why this 3rd of November should ever be forgot. This is the lefts new ballad.

    Stay frosty, The 50 days of occupation on DC starts on the 17th.


    Besides reading this post and targeting me for termination.

    F’in crickets.

  24. The demands of blacks will never cease at this point. They will demand total freedom and license for anything done by anybody in the black community no matter how outrageous. I’m not optimistic for the future.

  25. Just as long as the justice system lets them get away with it they will continue to provoke and destroy towns and cities, the justice system needs to get off their asss and stop pussyfooting around, the people have a right to freedom of speech to voice their opinion, not to resort into criminal affairs, once crossing that line, they have become criminals and should be treated as, charges should be brought against each and everyone of them, and enforced immediately, by any means necessary, when someone comes into your home, business, your properties ect. Uninvited and by force, they have broken a half dozen laws that was passed an put in place to protect the people, the violets must be stopped, no matter the cost, in war lives are lost on both sides if it can’t be settled peacefully, the justice system must do their job, to end this none sense.

  26. You dlude show are toi ad intensive with little info iin each segment
    I will not follow these brcause ut is too much effiort to find out the end result.


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