Delaware House Bill Would Require FFLs For Everyone!

Delaware House Bill 277 is one of the unintentionally funniest bits of legislation I’ve seen in a while, thanks to Rep. Valerie Longhurst‘s (the House Majority Leader, no less) monumentally poor wording. If passed, every machinist, metal worker, plumber, and construction worker in the Blue Hen State would need a Federal Firearms License (FFL). And […]

Here’s Why Pennsylvania FFLs Should Comply With The New ‘80% Receiver’ Rules

As expected, the Pennsylvania State Police have informed Federal Firearm Licencees in that state that they must begin performing background checks for the sales of “Partially-Manufactured Frame(s) or Receivers” (PMFR) and record that transaction on a new form. As Pennsylvania attorney Joshua Prince notes, this is problematical because the letter doesn’t really specify just what […]

Daines’ SB 3139 Would Finally Fix the Firearms Owners Protection Act

Senator Steve Daines of Montana, along with co-sponsors Senators James Lankford, Mike Rounds, Mike Crapo, and Ted Cruz, have introduced Senate Bill 3139: Lawful Interstate Transportation of Firearms Act. The bill would “amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, to more comprehensively address the interstate transportation of firearms or ammunition.” This bill addresses […]

The Real Purpose Of Lost and Stolen Firearm Reporting Laws

Proposed laws requiring the reporting of lost or stolen firearms are becoming popular across the United States. The latest example is in Missouri, where State Representative-Elect Rasheen Aldridge, D-St. Louis, has pre-filed House Bill 1824, to require reporting of lost or stolen firearms within 72 hours of discovering the loss. These laws are generally pushed […]

Virginia ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban: This Is Why We Have to Watch Legislation Closely

While some gun owners prefer to complacently ignore legislation until it passes, that’s a luxury we really can’t afford. Last year, Virginia Senate Bill 16 was pre-filed in anticipation of the Democrats impending takeover of the state legislature. This bill expands the class of “assault weapons” and bans them outright. No grandfathering. Facing a remarkable […]

GPS-Enabled Firearms: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

New York Assemblyman Felix Ortiz has a plan, of sorts, to fix the problem of stolen firearms. Both sides holster up over new gun bill The new year means New York lawmakers will be wrangling with new gun control measures at a statehouse that has already embraced some of the nation’s strictest regulations on firearms. […]

Following the Texas Church Shooting, Elvia Díaz – Like Most of the Media – Still Underestimates Gun Owners

Gun controllers are scrambling to explain away how a good guy — several, in fact –with a gun stopped a bad guy, to rationalize more restrictions on good guys. The Arizona Republic’s Elvia Díaz is fairly representative of what I’m seeing. Texas church shooting is about a lot more than Jack Wilson’s heroism The reality […]