The Remaining Democrat Primary Contenders Need A New Strategy on Guns

Let’s take a look at the Democrat primary field. Duke Nukem Swalwell: Planned to implement victim disarmament on a massive scale… at nukepoint. Bobby Francis O’Rourke: Planned to buy back all the things with an inflationary system guaranteed to destroy the nation’s economy. Kamala “Wrongful Conviction” Harris: Screw laws; she planned to disarm everyone through […]

No, The Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee Is Not Legalizing ‘Brandishing’ a Gun

brandish: to shake or wave (something, such as a weapon) menacingly Monday evening, the Georgia Senate Judiciary committee approved Senate Bill 224 which clarifies the offense of aggravated assault when committed with a firearm. In other words, when a gun can be displayed in a defensive situation. By Tuesday, ignorant, panicky reporters were claiming that […]