cop's dust cover engaging used against him in court

Cop’s AR-15 Dust Cover Inscription Used Against Him in Court

"The Mesa police officer charged with second-degree murder for an on-duty shooting in January pleaded not guilty during his first court appearance Tuesday," reports....
Philadelphia Sheriff Rochelle Bilal

Mystery: Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office Can’t Find 210 Service and Confiscated Firearms

Oh dear. It can be so difficult to keep track of things like guns, can't it? It seems that the Philadelphia Sheriff's Office --...
mccloskey gun confiscation warrant

Police Execute Search Warrant, Confiscate Rifle St. Louis Couple Used to Defend Their Home

360 the latest video at Mark and Patricia McCloskey achieved world-wide fame a few weeks ago by defending their home against what they believed...
School Shooting Florida parkland

Broward Sergeant Who Stayed in His Car During Parkland Shooting Gets His Job Back

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School exposed breathtaking levels of incompetence throughout the Broward County Sheriff's Department. It started at the top...
Wauwatosa mayfair mall shooting

BREAKING: ‘Deranged’ 15-Year-Old Suspect Arrested in Wisconsin Mall Shooting

Law enforcement in Wisconsin announced that they've arrested a 15-year-old suspect related to the Wauwatosa area Mayfair Mall shooting that took place on Friday.
rayshard brooks shooting

Does Firing a TASER at a Police Officer Justify the Use of Deadly Force?...

By Russ Bynum and Brynn Anderson, AP One minute, Rayshard Brooks was chatting cooperatively with Atlanta police, saying he'd had a couple of drinks to...

Phoenix Police Bodycam Video Shows Rescue of Toddler Held Hostage [VIDEO]

Earlier this month, a Phoenix police officer fired a shot that took down a man with a gun who was holding a baby hostage....
CNN Lisa Bender Police

Minneapolis City Council President: Calling the Police for a Burglary is Exercising Privilege

Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender appeared on CNN this morning to discuss the council's plan to dismantle the city's police department in the wake...
Illinois State Police

BREAKING: Illinois State Police Extends Expiring FOID Cards, CCW Permits Due to Coronavirus Emergency

The Illinois State Police have posted the following notice on their Facebook page: ILLINOIS STATE POLICE DIRECTOR FILES EMERGENCY RULES REGARDING FOID AND CCL RENEWALS Springfield,...

This is Why Joe Biden’s ‘Shoot Him In The Leg’ Advice Is So Insufferably...

Noted firearms and tactical expert, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., recently drew on his deep reserves of wisdom and experience to advise police officers that they...
Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker

Lawsuit Forces Wake County, NC Sheriff to Expedite Pistol Permit Processing

The declaration of a pandemic was just what the anti-gun doctor ordered earlier this year, giving jurisdictions around the country a ready-made excuse to...

Plainclothes Louisville Police Raid Wrong Home, Shoot Homeowner Eight Times, Killing Her

A lawsuit filed in Louisville alleges that three plainclothes cops in unmarked cars raided the wrong address looking for a suspect who was already...