The Best Handguns For Home Defense

Ultimately, the best handguns for home defense are the ones that you can run best. That’s the primary consideration. Can you shoot it worth a darn? That’s what matters most. So, what are the best handguns for home protection? That’s more than a little debatable. There are many different attributes that can make a pistol […]

Jewish Americans Tooling Up!

If any demographic in America should embrace firearm ownership with both arms, one would think Jewish Americans would fit the bill. Sadly, for most American Jews, “Never Again” seems more of a meaningless slogan than a way of life. In fact, many Jews hate guns. Yes, even after the Holocaust, when some Jewish folks in […]

Reno Police Rule CCW Shooting of Would-Be Rapist ‘Justified’

Reno police ruled that a late-night April shooting was justified after learning that the so-called “victim” (the dead guy) tried to sexually assault two women before being shot. Initially, cops had arrested the shooter, claiming that she had been drinking. Further investigation determined her actions justified. Josue Oconitrillo, 29, displayed poor victim selection instincts when […]