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Nathan Wade, the Fulton County Special Prosecutor targeting President Donald Trump has a whole bevy of problems lately, many of his own making. Then, when seen in public Thursday for the first time since news of his affair with the Soros-funded Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis, he was carrying his Glock quite openly. In fact, it was in his hand.

Was Nathan Wade sending a not-so-subtle message for folks not to mess with him? Thanks to America recognizing our God-given right to keep and bear arms, Mr. Wade has that option. This isn’t the 1860s or even the 1960s when gun control measures were used to keep black men disarmed. Although some on America’s left would take us back to the gun control plantation in a heartbeat if they could.

Who is Nathan Wade? It seems Fulton County’s elected prosecutor Fani Willis hired Wade, her boyfriend of sorts, to handle President Trump’s trial as the state tries to pin a charge of election interference on the former President. Even though Nathan Wade has no experience handling felony prosecutions.

Wade has reportedly collected something approaching a million dollars from Fulton County coffers to handle the case. And he’s reportedly got experience taking Fani Willis on some nice vacations of late as well.

And now, while leaving his office, he’s pictured carrying his holstered Glock in his hand.

The New York Post has more:

Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor leading the election interference case against Donald Trump in Georgia, did not deny having an affair with his boss, Fani Willis when he was spotted Thursday for the first time since the bombshell allegations came to light.

Wade, who appeared to be openly carrying a handgun, refused to respond — but also didn’t issue a denial — when asked by The Post if he had spent any of the $654,000 he had earned working on the Trump case to take Willis on lavish trips.

Willis is the Fulton County District Attorney who brought election interference charges against the former president and 18 co-defendants.

She hired Wade, her alleged secret lover and a private attorney with the Atlanta-based Wade & Campbell Firm, to oversee the case in late 2021.

The special prosecutor arrived at his law office outside Atlanta, Georiga, in a silver Audi A8 L 4.2 Quattro — valued new at more than $100,000 — around 1.45 p.m. on Thursday.

Wearing a trendy cobalt suit, he walked from the luxury car towards the office and declined to comment on the alleged affair.

ZeroHedge has more on the sordid affair between Willis and Wade:

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis – who has charged Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants with trying to change the outcome of the 2020 US election in Georgia – has become the main attraction in a major prong of the left’s 2024 election lawfare operation.

On Tuesday we noted that Willis had hired Nathan Wade (without proper approval), a private attorney in the midst of a divorce who “has little to no experience trying felony cases, much less complex RICO actions,” according to the 127-page filing.

Wade ended up pocketing nearly $700,000 from Fulton county taxpayers – with which he allegedly took Willis on lavish vacations.

Now, Wade’s wife has alleged in divorce documents that he failed to disclose over $700,000 in earnings from the county, and has continued to draw from her bank account, leaving it “routinely overdrawn” despite “the clear inequity in financial circumstances,” the Daily Caller reports.

Wade filed to divorce his stay-at-home wife of 20 years on November 2nd, 2021, the day after Fani hired him as a Special Prosecutor in the Trump caseHe had his divorce sealed on February 10th, 2022, according to the 127-page filing by Trump co-defendant Michael Roman.

Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sent a criminal referral Wednesday to Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Attorney General Chris Carr asking for an investigation into Willis and expressing “serious concerns” about the allegations. Greene suggested Willis could have violated a number of Georgia statutes, including violations of public oath, bribery, improper influence of a government official and more.

The Monday motion did not cite hard evidence that Willis and Wade were romantically involved but referenced “sources close to both the special prosecutor and the district attorney” who confirmed their ongoing relationship. -Daily Caller

Oh, and let’s not forget – Wade billed taxpayers $2,000 to talk to the Biden White House about prosecuting Biden’s political opponent.

The bottom line: Even the scandal plagued have a right to keep and bear arms in America for self-defense or other lawful purposes. As it should be.

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  1. Wow now how about that. That is an automatic deadly threat. Someone walking around with a gun in their hand.

  2. A couple of years ago at one of the local gun stores here. A guy walked in to the gun store, holding a gun in his hand. One of the employees with a raised voice said, “Sir, don’t come in here with a gun in your hand.”

    He apologized and went back outside to holster his weapon. Yes, there are a lot of new gun owners out there who don’t know the rules.
    And it’s because the liberals destroyed 2A education in the public school system. That has created a whole lot of people, who don’t know what they’re not supposed to do.

    It’s common sense to us who have been around guns. But not so much to these new folks. But I don’t give this DA free pass. He knows the rules. And I’m sure he’s prosecuted people who broke the gun laws.

    • He is not a DA, he is a “special prosecutor” hired specifically for this case. The article infers his criminal law experience beforehe went into private practice was quite limited.

      • His experience may be limited, but he’s done a pretty good job of achieving guilty pleas from several high profile defendants.

        “Jenna Ellis was the latest to agree to testify in any trials related to the case, which revolves around efforts to thwart Georgia’s 2020 election after Trump lost. Trump and 18 others were charged Aug. 15 by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, and accused of operating a “criminal enterprise” that conspired to overturn the election.
        Now, four members of that alleged racket have agreed to cooperate against the other 15.
        Two other lawyers involved with the effort, Sidney Powell and Kenneth Chesebro, and a bail bondsman named Scott Hall, also entered guilty pleas in recent weeks“

        Three experienced attorneys, including a previous United States attorney, don’t just plead guilty as a matter of convenience.

        I found this line in the article especially precious:

        “The Monday motion did not cite hard evidence…. “

        Smells like Rudy Giuliani, “We have lots of theories, we just don’t have any evidence“.

    • Not just that.

      Mandatory military service gave at least males, basic understanding of firearm safety.

      It also was a commonality across a wide range of socioeconomic classes. That military service was one thing bosses and workers had in common.

      Today’s volunteer military doesn’t need as many bodies, and that common bond isn’t there.

      • Be careful as a libertarian. You’re sounding like you’re making the case for bringing back the military draft. Because it had many positive points for the drafties.

        I personally support bringing back the draft. Because having the draft WOULD REDUCE the number of wars the United States is fighting. The military industrial complex has figured out, that they can use a voluntary military service. For all the wars they want to conduct.

        And having volunteered to serve for nearly twenty two years of my life. I never understood what the anti-war people were bitching about so much???
        They were never gonna serve. They were never going to be forced to serve.

        And they never really cared about my life or anybody else. Who volunteered to serve in the military.

        • “I personally support bringing back the draft. Because having the draft WOULD REDUCE the number of wars the United States is fighting“

          I completely agree! The Vietnam war was going to grind on, right up until they canceled the exemption for rich kids like Donald Trump. As soon as it looked like the Golden boys were going to be sent to Vietnam like the poor folks, the draft ended.

          As Steve said, “They draft the white trash first ‘round here anyways“…

          “I never understood what the anti-war people were bitching about so much???“

          Some folks believe it is wrong to kill those who have never lifted a finger against you.

          Such as killing 100,000 Iraqi citizens because Donald Trump’s sword dancing partner financed 9/11.

        • to miner49er
          Your President Barack Obama and your vice President Joe Biden. Were quite helpful in killing those 100,000 iraqi civilians. Since they continued the war for years.

          Also, it was President Obama and Vice President Biden, who undermined the election in ukraine back in 2014. And both former Obama and the current President Biden are making war in Ukraine now. So I fully expect another 100,000 civilians to be killed on the democrat party’s watch.

          And I don’t see any anti-war protests anywhere when the democrats are in the Whitehouse.
          I wonder why???

        • You seem to have forgotten, the Republicans took us into the Iraqi war of lies, George W. Bush sent Colin Powell to the UN to lie about weapons of mass destruction.

          It took the Obama/Biden administration to get us out of Iraq, and it was the Obama/Biden administration that actually had the Nads to hunt down and kill the actual perpetrator of 9/11, Osama bin Ladin.

          “And both former Obama and the current President Biden are making war in Ukraine now“

          You really need to find a better source of current event information, it was the Russian forces directed by Vladimir Putin who made war in Ukraine, and they continue their unwarranted attacks upon the Ukrainian people. It is Vladimir Putin‘s megalomania that drives the conflict.

          Now, as to why you are shilling for Vladimir Putin, that’s another story.

      • What? No. Just no. Stop.

        There is a reason that opinions starting with “As a veteran…” are discarded as being idiotic.

        Right up there with the “libertarian” espousing Authoritarian Statism to solve a parenting issue.

        Take off that dress, put some pants on, and teach your kid to shoot “dad”.

    • He’s not breaking any rules in Georgia. Nothing wrong with carrying a holstered weapon. Perhaps he checked it out from the gun check as he was leaving the courthouse and didn’t want to stick it into his waistband just to take it back out again when he got to his car.

      Anyone has an issue with this isn’t pro-2A in my opinion.

      I might have issues with other behavior of this “gentleman” in his professional and personal life but carrying a holstered weapon isn’t one of them.

    • No, but a great excuse to promote the supposed scandal. Wait for some supporting evidence and it might be too late.

    • It might have to do with the naked hypocrisy of the left and their obvious “guns for me, but not for thee” relativism and utter lack of self awareness/cognitive dissonance that plagues so many.

    • Brandishing? In a holster, yeah right.

      Get a grip snowflakes.

      “And now, while leaving his office, he’s pictured carrying his holstered Glock in his hand”

      He was leaving his office, he obviously hadn’t been wearing it, probably in a desk drawer. When he left he picked up the weapon and his briefcase and headed to the parking lot.

      It’s hilarious watching the stereotypical response on here, “OMG, a black man with a gun! Run!”

  3. It appears he has it in a holster while holding it in his hand, I don’t know what point he thinks he’s making guy comes across as a total tool. I would bet good money that if the roles were reversed, and that was one of Trump‘s defense team members, the left would lose their minds.

  4. Well, if hes going to her boy toy he’s probably wise to have a gun because shes bat s%it crazy and tends towards ‘abusiveness’.

    • Him making fun of “military grade” ammunition is a chuckle. We should invert the script and say that they’re selling civilian grade ammunition to the military. :rofl:

    • Already fired off letters to our State Rep and Senator.

      Dimslee is lock stock and barrel a POS anti 2nd Amendment lackey, so I’m sure he gave Side Show Bob a pat on the head and an additional piece of cheese for being a good rat…

  5. My guess is that he is carrying the gun so blatantly because the embarrassment of having it publicly known that he’s having sex with MegaMagaFanni Willis has caused such profound embarrassment that he is suicidal.

  6. In some of the more left leaning parts of the world this would be considered “brandishing” probably. Not saying that’s right, but I suspect his “privilege” is what’s causing it not to be drama for him.

    • Do you think it was “black privilege”? or lawyer privilege? or I’m better than you privilege?

      • It’s probably because he is part of the staff of the district attorney and is permitted by state law to carry firearms in a courthouse:

        2022 Georgia Code
        Title 16 – Crimes and Offenses
        Chapter 11 – Offenses Against Public Order and Safety
        Article 4 – Dangerous Instrumentalities and Practices
        Part 3 – Carrying and Possession of Firearms
        § 16-11-130. Exemptions From Code Sections 16-11-126 Through 16-11-127.2
        Universal Citation: GA Code § 16-11-130 (2022)
        Except to the extent provided for in subsection (c.1) of this Code section, Code Sections 16-11-126 through 16-11-127.2 shall not apply to or affect any of the following persons if such persons are employed in the offices listed below or when authorized by federal or state law, regulations, or order:

        5.District attorneys, investigators employed by and assigned to a district attorney’s office, assistant district attorneys, attorneys or investigators employed by the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of the State of Georgia, and any retired district attorney,“

  7. I mean, my guess is he couldn’t be bothered to holster up for the walk from the COURTHOUSE to his car (where he’s probably take it off again to drive), after he retrieved it from the lock box on his way out. Nothing sinister.

  8. None of which has any bearing on the charges against trump guilty or innocent. And while they are busy exposing the “sordid” affair for which there is hearsay they can note the fact that trump is a serial adulterer and had sex with a porn actress shortly after the birth of his son and has been accused of sexual assault by more than twenty women. I know, I know. All those women are a bunch of lying gold diggers looking for a pay day. Right.

    • Ah Missy, if your naivete were not intentional Id have some sympathy for you.
      You $4,000.00 (8 hours) of Mr. Wade’s $700,000 billing was for 2 8 hour meetings held with the White House special counsel and appear to have actually occurred at the White House.
      What pray tell does the White House have to do with a Georgia State prosecution by County prosectors, under Georgia law in Georgia State Court?????
      The likely answer, given the level of TDS in the Democrat party and the level of corruption sitting in the Oval Office is that the Biden administration is conspiring with the Fulton County DA to remove the sitting President’s strongest political opponent in the coming Presidential election.

      Fani Willis and Mr. Wade appear to be involved in a RICO violation of their own and the President appears to be involved in a level of corruption that makes Nixon look a kindergartner by comparison.

      • You just have to humor useful idiots who believe anything more coming from the filth who concocted Russian Collusion would contain an ounce of truth.

      • “What pray tell does the White House have to do with a Georgia State … “

        Yes, that’s exactly one of the questions they want to ask former President Donald Trump, why was he coercing local elections officials to alter the results of a state election?

        Now that three of his attorneys have flipped and turned state’s witnesses, the trial should be rather interesting.

        • We all heard the phone call, Trump wasn’t confronting anyone regarding voter fraud.
          He tried to coerce the GA Secretary of State to “find” 11,780 votes or he “could be in a lot of trouble”.
          “And there’s nothing wrong with saying, you know, um, that you’ve recalculated.”

          So where is all the evidence of voter fraud, you’ve had three years but you’ve got zilch, like Rudy said “We’ve got theories, just no evidence”.

          In other good news regarding Donald Trump…

          “Trump ordered to pay New York Times, three reporters nearly $400,000 in legal costs over dismissed lawsuit
          PUBLISHED FRI, JAN 12 20243:17 PM ESTUPDATED 36 MIN AGO“

          I bet Trump thinks the only thing worse than being forced to pay Hillary Clinton $1 million is being forced to pay the “failing” New York times $400k.

        • Well, a presidential election is a state by state canvas; anomalies in an individual states canvas that deviate from that states proscribed procedures warrant immediate and thorough investigation.

          Kinda like why Al Gore and the Dems demanded and got in Florida in 2000.

          Pretty simply, unless youre an intentionally naive toady as you are.

        • “Kinda like why Al Gore and the Dems demanded and got in Florida in 2000“

          Wrong, false equivalence. The Democrats asked for and were receiving a recount under FL state law, the Republicans went to the Supreme Court to stop the recount and award the presidency to George W. Bush.

          In Donald Trump’s case, the recounts it already occurred, and the vote had been certified by the state legislatures. Trump had already exhausted his legal challenges in 60 different courts throughout the United States.

          And Donald Trump‘s hand-picked fraud investigator concluded there was no election for out in the 2020 election:

          “Voter data expert hired by Trump campaign says 2020 election was not stolen
          BY SARAH FORTINSKY 01/02/24 02:11 PM ET
          Ken Block, whom the Trump campaign hired in 2020 to find voter fraud in the election, penned an op-ed Tuesday stating unequivocally that the 2020 presidential election was not stolen and that there was no evidence of voter fraud sufficient to change the outcome of the election”

      • 100%. Democrats have zero explanation for what business the prosecutor of Fulton County GA had in the White House, was he just talking to Biden about the weather or his favorite ice cream? They have no explanation but they don’t care because they would turn the full owner of the government and military against their political opponents if they could with zero remorse.

    • Yes missy you are correct only if you are dumb enough to fall for what was done to Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh on TV. Having worked at a singles bar I can tell you the DJT types generally do not fit the bill clintoon mold.

      • Debbie, you are not that far disassociated from reality are you?

        It is a matter of public record that Donald Trump cheated on his first wife with a woman who would become his second wife, cheated on his second wife with the woman that would become his third wife, cheated on his third wife by paying a porn actress for some bareback sex while his third wife was at home with their new baby.

        Not to mention his actual recorded confession of physically sexually abusing married women.

        Apparently, evangelical Christians love that serial adultery, regardless of the 10 Commandments.

  9. TDS has resulted in a seemingly endless disarray of clown shows. It’s like waiting for a train to pass, and just as one train is nearly gone, here comes another on the parallel set of tracks.

  10. RE: “Although some on America’s left would take us back to the gun control plantation in a heartbeat if they could.”

    The reality is the Gun Control Plantation is alive and well. And a prime example is in The Land of Lincoln where millions of slaves have been ordered by their democRat slave masters to register Constitutionally protected firearms, etc.

    A deadline came and went and less than 1% of the millions of slaves bowed to their democRat slave masters. Now the slave masters are trying to restrain their whips and chains and have extended their dead deadline in hopes the slaves will surrender peaceably. And thus far that nasty nice offer is not working for the slave masters. That said, what part of if you want them mutherfukers come and get them don’t those sick democRat slave masters understand?

  11. Just another braindead leftist who doesn’t know how to properly use a holster or display a properly openly carried weapon. A slung AR or OTW full frame pistol would’ve gotten the point across and done so sensibly, but these aren’t sensible people.

  12. If you go to his web site you will find his specialty is slip/fall and ambulance chasing due to car crashes.

  13. Why does anybody particularly an atheist, care about an adulterous affair?? This is only a scandal if you believe that adultery is wrong. And should be punished.
    You may not go to jail, or you may not pay a fine. But a judge will rule very heavily against. If you’re an adulterer in a divorce case.

    And if you’re a bigamist you’re actually still prosecuted in this country.

    Adultery has led to all kinds of criminal activity. And adultery has been included in a lot of criminal activity as well. I remember the Clinton Lewinsky affair and everybody (the three L’s) said not to worry about it.

    These people are scum.

    • “Adultery has led to all kinds of criminal activity. And adultery has been included in a lot of criminal activity as well.”

      “These people are scum.”

      It’s a matter of public record Donald Trump has committed adultery a minimum of three times in the past 25 years, do you believe he is scum?

      Or is that somehow different?

    • Because our favorite l3ftists are in reality closet puritans?

      Just like the former USSR and modern Russia.

  14. Bringing Donald Trump into this only shows you are comfortable with adultery. You really don’t believe in loyalty. And if you knew Donald Trump’s history, you would know that. He hired his ex-wife for a very nice job. Took care of her financially and his children.

    And Donald Trump is the only case I can think of where an adulterer, didn’t commit any crimes along with or related to their adultery.

    They tried to tie him to Jeffrey Epstein, and that blew up in their faces. Exposing a whole lot of democrats perverters and Democrat rapists.

    He didn’t embezzle any funds he didn’t steal company property. He didn’t commit fraud using company assets. The adultery case mentioned above lists a lot of professional fraud.

    And will I be prosecuted for the fraud that committed??? I seriously doubt it.
    I voted for Donald Trump to be president not to be a pastor.

    • “Bringing Donald Trump into this only shows you are comfortable with adultery“

      No, your support of Donald Trump shows that YOU are comfortable with adultery.

      “They tried to tie him to Jeffrey Epstein… “

      Many pictures of Donald Trump partying with Jeffrey Epstein, not one picture of Joe Biden partying with Jeffrey Epstein.

      I think America wants a president who hasn’t partied with Jeffrey Epstein, don’t you?

      “He didn’t commit fraud using company assets“

      Yes, he used company funds to pay off stormy Daniels through his personal attorney, and then reported it as business legal expenses, thereby stealing company funds for a personal obligation and perpetrating tax fraud by deducting the personal expense as a business expense.

      But of course, the facts of the situation will not change your opinion about Donald Trump, that’s why they call it a cult.

      • Of course, there are pictures with Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein together in his hotel restaurant facility in Florida. And when Trump was told about Epstein propositioning, one of Donald Trump’s under age employees. Donald Trump made sure he was prosecuted for it. And went to jail for it.

        But your President. Bill Clinton flew to the pedophile island and Donald Trump never did. And it seems your President Clinton “likes them really young.”
        And there are pictures to prove that.

        • “But your President. Bill Clinton flew to the pedophile island and Donald Trump never did“

          Trump never did? You might want to rethink that claim:

          “Donald Trump appears to have flown on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jets six more times than was previously known, according to flight logs released as evidence in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial“

          Bill Clinton has not held office for 24 years, and he’s not a candidate.

        • “donald trump appears to have flown”

          When the manifest show that Donald Trump was on board those airplanes you let me know. But I do know that President Clinton flew to the island at least twenty times.

          You’re just another typical atheist who makes excuses for pedophiles. People like you vote for pedophiles because the pedophiles support leg@lized butt sex and drugs.

          They vote for pedophiles who support abortion. So they can abort the children they created by raping other children.

  15. Wade could wade into a swimming pool full of kids and drown them all and nothing would happen.
    I Hate Trump
    You Hate Trump
    We all Hate Trump.
    If your going after Trump you have special privileges.
    -JRB in 2028- , 8 more years
    of wholesome Goodness.

  16. Holy Cow, I read about two dozen comments on the article, until I realized the creep was holding his GLOCK in his hand. Now I know why the article was posted on TTAG.

  17. So after reading the circumstances I believe Wade is guilty of brandishing at the least. He was asked questions by NY post reporter going into the law offices with no gun, he came out of the office moments later he comes back out brandishing a gun. The NY post reporter was not a mob of pro-hamas protestors or insurectionist, buy yet Mr. Wade chose to confront them with a firearm in hand. It was a clear reaction to a non threatening reporter to intimidate via threat of death and therefore a crime.

    Would be the same if you came home to a census agent on your door, went inside and came back out with a gun in your hand.

    Only an idiot would argue in defense of wade’s irresponsible use of a firearm.

  18. Why are we arguing with Miner49er and Dacian, people? Eventually insecure attention seekers just go away if you ignore them. Like Dacian spouting drivel about Lead fouling and whatever Biden loving Miner says? Sorry your mothers didn’t breast feed you two…

    “I might be a Democrat but I’m not a feminized, emotional male who gets all his news from MSCNNnternet because “guns” …”

  19. It works in Trump’s favor that Georgia didn’t hire the best lawyer they could find to persecute him (not mispelled). The more incompetent the prosecutor, the better foe the defendant. I’m assuming he’s less than the best since what are the odds that Willis just happened to be the side piece for the best prosecutor? I’m guessing it’s less than the chance that the best outside lawyer the NRA could find happened to be Bill Brewer III, the Democrat son-in-law of the execs at the company that laundered money for WLP (AMcQ). I’m sure Brewer is worth the $4M a month they’ve been paying him for the last 4 years.

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