Why Americans Are Buying Guns: Illinois Has Released Nearly 4000 Prison Inmates Since March 1

The Illinois Department of Corrections has finally come clean with a list of inmates released since March 1.  The data should scare the hell out of Illinois residents. And plenty of other states have done the same. While many of these Prairie State offenders had already been scheduled for “mandatory supervised release,” plenty more were […]

What I’m Carrying Now: A GLOCK 43 Clone and a Spyderco Sage

Gary A. writes . . . Pistol: GLOCK G43 clone (Polymer80 PF9SS) Holster: Desantis Nemesis Knife: Spyderco Sage 5 Lightweight Multi-Tool: Leatherman Squirt Belt: Nexbelt Phone: iPhone 6s in Otterbox belt holster Pocket protector containing: pen, toothpick holder, and light Notebook: Field Notes Rest: The usual keys, wallet, comb/handkerchief, and watch, etc. I’ve put about […]

Maine Man Blinds Home Invader With a Flashlight, Then Holds Him at Gunpoint [VIDEO]

Buxton’s a rural area not far west of Portland, Maine. And while the state’s “stay healthy at home” order doesn’t expire until the end of the month, that didn’t stop a home invader from forcing his way into Eric and Missy Bartlett house this past weekend. Fortunately, the Bartletts are gun owners. From newscentermaine.com: “It […]