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FoxNews brought Governor J.B. Pritzker’s inept “leadership” to the national stage, reporting on the mass non-compliance with the measure by Land of Lincoln gun owners. While 29,257 gun license holders registered their self-defense guns for Da Gov, 2.4 million registered… nothing.

Now the governor, who has designs on the White House either in 2024 or maybe 2028 at the latest, looks weak and feckless. His gun control measure was supposed to be a big pillar of his presidential campaign. “Look, I passed a gun ban in Illinois.  Elect me president, and I’ll pass one through Congress too.”

Pritzker spent millions to lure the Democratic National Convention to Chicago this year. He wants to appear as a strong and effective state leader ready for the big time in Washington. Appearing feckless and impotent in the face of this gun ban no doubt causes him anger and frustration in private.

And FoxNews spreads the truth of Pritzker’s feckless leadership far and wide:

Illinois gun groups are reporting confusion from gun owners as the state pushes for them to register “assault” weapons under the state’s new ban.

Jan. 1 marked the deadline for Illinoisans to register their assault weapons with the state before the ban signed by Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker takes effect on Jan. 10.

Second Amendment advocacy groups told Fox News Digital that there is “confusion” among gun owners in the state due to the vagueness of the new law.

Dan Eldridge, president of the Federal Firearms Licensees of Illinois lobby group, told Fox News Digital that “one of the aspects” of the noncompliance is simply “ignorance of the law.”

Eldridge said “the confusion is that nobody can tell you what’s covered by this act.” For example, one county prosecutor posted a notice that by Jan. 1, everyone must register their assault weapon and high capacity magazines — but Eldridge noted that magazines “aren’t required to be registered.”

“Nor could they be,” Eldridge said. “They have no serial number.”

“Then more recently, you had this governor stating on camera that automatic and semi-automatic firearms and high capacity magazines must be registered,” he said. “Well, automatic is not mentioned once in the act, and as we talked about just a second ago, magazines aren’t covered, so, well, one out of three is pretty good for this governor on anything gun related…”

Dan had more in the original piece…  And then I had my turn.

John Boch, executive director of the Illinois Second Amendment advocacy group Guns Save Life, told Fox News Digital that while “thousands have registered their self-defense firearms…. MILLIONS have not.”

“The 98.8% non-compliance speaks volumes for what the average gun owner thinks about gun registration schemes,” Boch said.

“Why the low compliance?” he continued. “We all know that confiscation follows registration.”

Boch said that “there is confusion” with the ban and that plenty of gun owners “remain completely unaware that they own guns that are supposed to be registered.”

“The State Police didn’t mail out anything to FOID cardholders, nor did they even email everyone to let them know about their obligations to remain completely legal,” Boch said.

“Due to the vagueness in both the law and the ISP’s rules that don’t follow the language in the law, many people aren’t sure what they need to do,” he continued.

The coup de grace came from my friend who serves as president of the DeWitt County Sportsman’s Club:

Ted Riva, president of the Dewitt County Sportsman’s Club in Illinois, told Fox News Digital the group’s opinion is that the lack of compliance is “a glaring slap in the face to the governor and his traitorous cronies.”

“The compliance numbers are low because law-abiding gun owners are sick and tired of being blamed and punished for the actions of criminals,” Riva said. “We have reached a point where we are no longer willing to accept our constitutionally guaranteed rights being trampled on by politicians that swore an oath to uphold that same constitution.”

“‘Shall not be infringed’ [is] pretty plain and simple wording,” he added.

Riva said there “have been several people that have asked questions about the law itself” and that the “[state’s] rush to implement this illegal piece of trash has left too many questions to answer and continues to confuse law-abiding citizens all across the state.”

That’s a pretty candid assessment from the DeWitt Co. Sportsman’s Club president, a guy who works for a living.

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  1. When the government itself chooses which laws to enforce and ignore, it should really come as no surprise when citizens follow suit. We are no longer a nation of laws. Plan accordingly.

    • Exactly this. The societal fabric began to fray decades ago at the moral level, so it’s now inevitably fraying at the “trust” level. Nobody trusts anyone in leadership anymore. If politicians and dept/agency heads pick and choose which laws they want to obey/enforce, then there is *no* reliable rule of law, and the entire system begins to shake apart.

    • It’s a matter of distrust. The people have had enough of gov’t lies and deceptions that cost us all money. They lied blatantly about Covid and the so called “vaccine.” They lied when they said it was a choice then mandated and threatened peoples jobs. The lied when they said you wouldn’t get covid if you took the vaccine. They lied when they said you wouldn’t spread covid if you got the vaccine. Then, they had the gall to change the definition of the word “vaccine” when it didn’t fit their narrative. Is it any wonder we don’t trust them? This is just ONE example of the government’s ignorance, speaking of covid. Bottom line is, the left is trying to weaponize the DOJ (and all other gov’t agencies) because they people won’t let them legislate things we don’t want. Look at the last time the gov’t stuck its nose into private business with Obamacare. They destroyed the entire insurance industry and have caused rates to increase 4-8 times what they were before, then turn around and claim 4 of 5 people can get health insurance for $10 a month or less. Well, the $2,000 a month mine costs either means I”m the unluckiest 5th person or their claim is a flat out lie. Guess which way I’m leaning. The people no longer believe the gov’t is capable of doing it’s job and that is proven more and more each day. The people are raising their voices in objection to the gov’t, and that can’t ignore us all.

  2. Ignorance and confusion have absolutely NOTHING to do with the very intentional failure of 2.4 million people intentionally NOT telling the state government exactly what weapons they have at home.

    • I hope you are right. There seems to be a subset of gun owners that are always very eager to ‘comply’ with whatever is dictated to them. If Illinois is collectively raising the middle finger, that is an excellent sign.

    • Ignorance of the law isn’t an accepted excuse. And 2.4 million people aren’t ignorant to the law. They are simply content to ignore it. You never know what you’re gonna get from SCOTUS. One day they slam down a law that invades your 2nd rights. The next day they refuse to get involved in a near identical suit. And with the Biden admin in court nearly every day for some reason or another it’s not a surprise they can’t hear 99% of cases. They are to busy ruling Biden’s plans illegal to buy more votes. (Wipe out student debt? Vote buying scheme that backfired. Illegal immigration? Vote buying scheme. Change the voting age to 16? Vote buying scheme. I mean come’on man! He’s trying to buy his way into a second term. Fortunately even the ones who voted for him before are seeing what a miserable failure he’s been. Dude makes Jimmy Carter look like a rocket scientist.

  3. I live for now in Cook County which is ground zero for ILLANNOY Gestapo. Moved all my verboten crap across the border to my best friend’s house. And got more gats including a shottie that’s “legal”. My buddie vacated the land o Lincoln a few years ago. I can carry a gat completely legal with no license in Indiana. Imagine that Illannoy not zees!

    • Mebbe the new ownership is loosening its oversight? I haven’t seen any evidence of TTAG staff participation in the comments since Dan announced his abrupt exit after 12 years at the helm.

      Looks like we might be on our own here, and the monkeys will be playing.

      • You’re not on your own, we are doing our best to keep the spam off the site. I know every once in a while comments get sent to pending unintentionally, however we get upwards of 100 spam comments an hour. The comments section would be an absolute nightmare if we turned it off/did it all manually.

        • Who is this Justin, and if he’s truly on staff, why does he not have a Gravatar to distinguish and legimitize him? Is he new to TTAG, or has he been here in the background for some time while Dan was here? And why only the generic ‘Justin’….

          Inquiring minds want to know…

        • (checks back in a bit later in the day, sees Justin now displays a Gravatar)

          Thumbs up.

        • @ I Haz – I had one of those gravity things once. I felt weighed down all the time, so I tossed it away. Apologies for that earthquake in China a few years back.

  4. Canada tried this, and Canadians did not comply either, and they are a much more agreeable lot than their American cousins.

    Let me guess, penalty for non-compliance is a felony?

  5. This puts Illinois as fourth on the list of non-compliant blue states when it comes to firearms.
    NY and Ct tried this and had 95 and 90% non-compliance. NJ tried this with high capacity magazines and had 100% non compliance. State Police chiefs told Governors that they would not enforce law unless they found those weapons or magazines in the commission of another crime. When you pass a law that infringes on law abiding citizens and is unconstitutional the police know they are putting their life on the line for nothing and are not going to do anything because they would like to go home to their families at night and because they are obeying their oaths to the constitution. Those who don’t, well, there are consequences for breaking your constitutional oath.

  6. These are the comments getting moderated with the auto-filter. We’re cool with relevant links here, but the promo stuff is a bit much—more spammy, you know?

  7. Well let’s clear up the so called, “confusion.” What part of fu don’t you Gun Control nazi ratbassturds understand?

  8. Pritzger will simply blame this non-compliance on Republicans, and call for the banning & elimination of all Republicans. 😉

    • Ah I never vote in ILLANNOY primaries gene. It rarely matter’s. Neither R nor dim. But haven’t voted dim since I voted against tricky Dick in 1972.

  9. Take the gunms first then the right to free elections.
    We’re talking about a revolution
    Yeah you know
    We dont wanna change the world

    • … you say you’ll change the Constitution, yeah you know,
      we all wanna change your head…

  10. The vast majority of sheriffs in the state have said that they won’t enforce Jumbo’s law as it is unconstitutional. His response was that it is their job to enforce the law, or they should lose their job.
    This is the same fat Tard that won’t follow federal law when it comes to illegal aliens, spending hundreds of millions on taxpayer dollars to accommodate the illegals.

  11. When will the American Peole wake up and realize these people are Representatives, they work for us.

    • It doesn’t matter what the American peole think.
      It’s what the Represenatives know, that matters.
      I’m all for Revolution as long as I don’t lose my food stamps and welfare check.
      80 years ago we could have told .giv to take a hike, not so today, even States depend on Federal assistance.
      We lost the power when 40 acres and a mule would no longer support our wants and needs.
      BTW, that reminds me. I’ve got to get up to the Bank and see if they will give me a personal loan. I’m going grocery shopping, and the food stamps just ain’t enough.

      • well, then, who dintchya just marry a possumette and clai her as a co-dependent? Double the food stamps, and she won’t eat twice what you thinl you need.Problem solved… thus you are no longer insolvent….. See how much I wuve yoo?

    • Half of this country welcomes tyranny. Our culture is fractured and there is no reconciliation. Ultimately, one side will win and one side will lose. How that happens and how long it takes is up in the air.

  12. Gun registration is the creation of a registry of guns. Something that is illegal to do. All other variables become pointless to even consider.

    • It is only illegal to do so under a federal law that applies only to federal agencies. The states can do what they want. California has had a registry (though they try to avoid calling it that) for over 20 years. (P.S.: the registry is an utter mess, a total catastrophe, as it does not delete duplicate records or records of ownership after a notice of sale has been filed.)

  13. By spending millions to bring the DNC to Chicago this year, Pritzker hoped to establish himself as a strong and competent state leader ready for a major position in Washington. However, he could be privately frustrated and angry about the difficulties of enforcing a weapons prohibition. Political leaders frequently aspire to show power and success on a number of fronts including policy efforts. Pritzker’s leadership experience, both in public and private domains reflects the complicated interplay between real challenges of governance and political aspirations as he struggles to accomplish certain initiatives. In navigating such challenges the strategic use of Digital Marketing Services could further enhance Pritzker’s ability to communicate his policies effectively engage with the public and shape a positive narrative around his leadership both locally and on the national stage.

  14. As of today via ISP webpage

    Number of Individuals Completing a Disclosure: 29,357
    Total Disclosures: 112,350
    Firearms Disclosures: 68,992
    Accessory Disclosures: 42,830
    Ammunition Disclosures: 528

    That’s not a lot of individuals telling .gov what is not its business. But more than I thought there would be. Sheep. 🐑

    • I wonder how many reported and registered some old beat up hack of an AK warhorse, the “showpiece”, and did NOT report their nice pretty newish REAL semiauto modern sporting rifle? State will thin they are now in FULL compliance and thus pass them by when
      checing up”, ir if they do come calling, simoly show them the registered beater and satisfy them “I awr cum PLY ant” so go away already now.
      Of course the “nice ones” are well hidden out in the garage or deeply concealed in the basement ‘until it is time”.

      Sorta like the Jews in Warsaw who turned in a few of their guns but kept most of them. Then when the knot sea troops came back round to gather them up and heard them toward the cattle cars, tthey began shooting back with what they’d retained “on the sly”. Surprised the scheiss out of those Sturmgewehr troops….. who were sent scurrying away, tails ‘twixt legs, screaming “habet waffen!!!!

  15. IT seems that the hoplophobes efforts in Illinois is NOT working. There comes a point in time when the people say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’.

  16. Illinois dems think everyone will fall for their bullhocky! Prickster likes to push his eatdicks like he’s Illinois perversion of the atf! They need to revisit the no toilet townhouse he owned so he didn’t have to pay taxes! He ran on the noshitter platform!

  17. “a glaring slap in the face to the governor and his traitorous cronies.”

    Again with the “treason” charge. The “treason” charge, IAW the vaunted Constitution is very clear, “Article III, Section 3, Clause 1:Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

    Who, exactly, is levying war (as understood at the founding) against whom? Who officially declared whom as “their enemies”? Where is it written that when elected/appointed authorities fail/refuse to follow the Constitution, they committed an act of treason? Have we come to the point that opposition to our political values, whatever that may be, the opponents are therefore “treasonous”?

    Deprivation of rights, “under color of any law” is not considered “treason”, but is merely a federal statute (Title 18, Sec 242)

    We sound like a bunch of school yard children, thinking a claim of “treason” automatically makes our disgust somehow more valid and important.

    • Prickles swore an oath to uphold, defend, and enforce the US Constitution when he stepped into the governor’s shooes and house. By imposing and enforcing this new ‘law’ that is NO law, as it is directly contrary to the US Constitution, specifically the 2nd Article of Ammendment) Prickles is commiting felony perjury, and a viable claim can be made that he is making war on the very citizens he is sworn to serve by violating their right to arms.

      Ya wanna back up and give ‘er another go” Cause this attempt fell flatter than a pancake made with batter with dead yeast. And NO butter or maple syrup on top.

      • Everything you mentioned is covered by federal law as crimes, but not as treason. Lawfare itself is not treason, either.

        Also note that I mentioned the definition of “make war” is construed as the term would have been understood in 1791.

        Not seeing any federal charges against elected/appointed officials for not performing their duties. Could there be a reason?

  18. I take comfort in knowing that The Prickster obviously deals with his anger and frustration over this ” insurrection” by overindulging in his favorite pastime – overindulging in opulent fatty excess.
    Here’s to another year of peeing sitting down, fatso !!

  19. I remember when that fat pig bought his way into the governorship, and at that time I thought that he would be a pretty good governor, since Rauner was powerless against the Dems. But when he started messing around with the second amendment rights, I knew he was a bad choice. Now I know why all the people, including my family, moved out of Illinois due to the bad weather, the high taxes, the socio-economic situation, and finally the un-punished crime.

  20. “…causes him anger and frustration in private.”
    not as much as his diminutive dringus.

  21. It’s moderately amusing that given the past several years, there are still people who think that what the law plainly says matters.

    Oh, and Pritzker is still a fat fuck.

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