Why Range Ammunition Is A Bad Choice For Your Self-Defense Gun

Don’t use range ammo as self-defense ammo. There are a number of good reasons why it’s a bad idea. Range ammunition — meaning full metal jacket or fragmenting ammunition in center fire rifles and pistol, target or bird shot in shotguns — is a generally poor self-defense ammunition choice. Not that there aren’t good uses […]

Mark McCloskey Responds to Felony Charges: Prosecutor ‘Keeps Criminals Safe From Us’

Mark McCloskey and his wife defended their St. Louis home from a violent mob of criminal trespassers and hoodlums using their guns on June 28th.  Yesterday, the St. Louis Circuit  Attorney Kim Gardner charged them with felonies.  Last night on Tucker Carlson Tonight, McCloskey hit back. The lawyer spoke very articulately, saying the Gardner “apparently […]

SIG SAUER Announces the New P938 SAS (SIG Anti-Snag) 9mm Pistol

SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to introduce the P938 SAS (SIG Anti-Snag) pistol, bringing new innovation to this popular lightweight, micro-compact, concealed carry pistol. “When we introduced the SAS technology with the P365 it was immensely popular, and the demand for this new technology in the concealed carry market was immediate. The SIG P938 is […]

Seattle Ice Cream Shop Bans Cops Carrying Guns

Business must be booming these days for a chain of Washington State ice cream shops, because Molly Moon’s had no problem banning uniformed police officers from bringing guns inside their shops. The owner of the chain, Molly Moon Neitzel, claims that armed police officers in her stores make some of her employees feel unsafe. So […]