Darrius Berry, the polite alleged would-be carjacker. Image courtesy Chicago PD.
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Chicago Police solve precious few carjackings. Once in a while they will catch bad guys behind the wheel of “jacked rides,” then charge them with Criminal Trespass To Motor Vehicle (CTTV). Why? Because Cook County’s prosecutor Kim Foxx views violent criminals as “victims.” However, earlier this week, CPD got their carjacker. In fact, the only thing that 18-year-old Darrius Berry didn’t have when police arrived was a bow on top of his sorry head.

See Darrius very politely carjacked a man out of his SUV at 6:30am Tuesday. He told the driver to go into his house and apologized for carjacking him.

So the driver did as he was asked – he returned to his residence. And he got his gun.

Then the car’s owner saw his car still there and walked back out. He found Darrius texting his physics professor that he would have his dissertation ready for submission on time after all. As Darrius worked those thumbs on his phone, he left his gun on the passenger seat.

At that point the car’s owner walked up and made Darrius an offer he couldn’t refuse. The owner told the media how it went down and they prolly sanitized it a little: “If you reach for it, I’ll blow your head off,” he supposedly told the tatted thug scholar in the driver’s seat.

Darrius, the polite “youth,” got out of the car very slowly and laid down on the pavement like a good boy. And he patiently waited for police to rescue him from the pissed off owner of the car.

CWB has the deets:

CHICAGO — A Chicago man turned the tables on an armed carjacker who forced him out of his car at gunpoint Tuesday morning: He walked into his nearby home, fetched his own firearm, and forced the carjacker out of his vehicle at gunpoint.

That’s according to a Chicago police report documenting the arrest of 18-year-old Darrius Berry.

Officers responding to a call of a “citizen holding an offender” in the 9400 block of South Laflin arrived to find the 39-year-old carjacking victim holding Berry at gunpoint in the street at 6:28 a.m., the report said.

They detained Berry and asked the man what happened.

He explained that he was sitting in his 2021 Mazda CX9 when Berry walked up to his driver’s window and pointed a gun at his head.

“Please give me the keys,” Berry told him, according to the report. “I need your car. I’m sorry, sir… Go in the house.”


Judge Susana Ortiz detained Berry at the request of prosecutors.

Likely for his own safety. The homeowner/car’s owner probably won’t be so patient next time.

He is charged with aggravated vehicular hijacking with a firearm, misdemeanor possession of a firearm, misdemeanor driving without a license, and traffic infractions. Police also cited him for driving in reverse under unsafe conditions and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

So carrying a loaded gun as a young man committing a forcible felony is now a misdemeanor?  The Land of Lincoln makes it a felony to carry a loaded gun in public for most people.

At the same time in Cook County, lawfully storing a lawfully possessed gun in your hotel room is strangely enough charged as a felony if you’re a law-abiding CCW holder from Iowa.

I think we all understand.

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  1. Well, an armed society is a polite society. Please and thank you goes a long way. Had the perp cursed at the old dude while pistol whipping him, the old man probably wouldn’t have been so courteous after he retrieved his own weapon.

      • Normally I would support killing this thief outright. However his politeness does show he has perhaps some redeeming qualities.

        And he can learn from his mistakes, and go on to live a productive life. After he gets out of prison.

      • The ‘Armed Scholar’ YouTube channel is reporting the ninth circuit ‘merits panel’ has ruled Californians can now concealed-carry as they used to :

  2. And Democrats want to pay these people reparations. Here is a young man apparently working on a Doctorate (I presume) and he is not smart enough to know that when you carry a firearm illegally and car jack someone the only degree you are going to get is an ABD (all but dissertation) and a jail sentence. PS for those of you think I am a racist for making references to reparations be advised I am a white male, and have 6 black cousins, 2 Chinese and a grandson who is from South Korea. I am not a racist just call things as I see them. Reparations are a joke.

    • And just being *black* does not mean you are the descendant of slaves.
      I.e. Barak O’Bama and Kamala Harris are both very likely descendants of slave *owners*.

    • Talk about a sneaky scheme that flies over heads everytime Reparations are mentioned…Unless you want to share liability for democRat Party race based atrocities…When democRats mention Reparations you need to make it clear Reparations are owed and to be paid solely by the democRat Party. Let the guilty pay.

  3. I am sure he had a FOID and all the appropriate papers for that heater he carjacked this fellow with.

  4. He needed to carjack the car to get to the library, and then go to church, then to visit his sick grandmother. Just like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, he’s a good boy, just trying to turn his life around.

  5. Let’s wait and see what he actually ends up getting charged with, and any (doubtful) prison time he serves.

  6. This story certainly sounded AI generated.
    The veehickle owner should have taken a knife, flattened the tires, broke out the window, poured gas into his veehickle, and set fire to it.
    And had a nice polite barbque for all the neighbors.
    Well it was nice and polite until they started fighting over who gets Darrius’s head.
    Then it turned ugly.

    • Remind me not to pizz you off little marsupial😀 Anywho homeboy at least was polite. That ain’t a fun neighborhood🙄

  7. Well they are too busy, preparing to attack working Americans in their houses in that state confiscating assault weapons, to deal with this clock making obummer like son who was jest about to get his life together n stuff and was just trying to collect what was owed to him from all that repression and it was obvious he wasn’t doin nuffins anyways

  8. This fine young man was just tryin’ to get money to feed his grammy. Don’t you understand ecomonics? There ain’t no money left cuz all the illies in Illy.

  9. Let me guess. The car owner was white!!! Just wait as the racist Ms. Foxx will find some way to charge the white oppressor with a felony abuse of the oppressed!!

  10. Yep, these are indeed STRANGE TIMES we are living in…..and they wonder why there are so many that refuse to follow the laws…..because the laws are ridiculous 😵‍💫 And until they begin to charge and prosecute the criminals properly, and the Supremes abolish all the INFRINGEMENTS restricting our RIGHT; things are going to continue to spiral downward.

  11. What is blatantly obvious is the screaming ned for MORE gun control laws in that state. Laws that prohibit 18 year olds from obtaining handguns, from buying them without going through a background check, from buying or carrying them without a Mother May I Card, and from using them as a threat of force for things like robbery and carjacking.

    What? Whassat you say? They already HAVE all those laws in place? Then HOW did this happen, anyway? Those laws ALWAYS work,.. don’t they?

    Well, at least the intended short time victim was lawfully able to carry his own defensive weapon concealed upon his person…. so he could end the attempt to steal his car….. what? Are you pestering me AGAIN??!!?? wh wh what do you mean, he can; get that Mother May I Card? Why? Really? The government won’t let people get them? Only their inside buddy good ol boy friends? No way………

    WHY does anyone live in such a place?

  12. And Darius didn’t claim he was being carjacked because he stole the car fair-and-square?

  13. I predict this will not end well for the car/gun owner. The hoodrat/it’t allies will destroy him.

  14. They want the thugs to prey on us. It’s all part of their plan for the people farm they are managing.

    • They are under the illusion that slave-labor is free.

      Not realizing slaves still need to housed, fed, maintained, guarded, and performance checked. All of which costs money.

      Although it depends on how disposable the slaves are regarded.

      • If the chickens are afraid of the foxes they beg the farmer for his protection. If there were no foxes then the chickens might start thinking they didn’t need the farmer. If there were no more foxes eventually the farmer would need to create some…

  15. No doubt this thug will will have to do some serious time, maybe as much as 30 whole days. Less time off for good behavior being he is so polite, he could be stuck behind bars for as much as a week.

  16. “Darrius texting his physics professor that he would have his dissertation ready for submission on time after all.”

    Given that this is Illinois, the land of ‘lets pity the criminal and get them back on the street as quickly as possible’, its pretty likely Darrius will be released (or possibly was released almost immediately) with no bail so he should be able to turn in his dissertation on time.

    • Darius could have a shot at Harvard. Their leadership has a dream that their students can go to a school where they will be judged by the color of their skin, and not by the content of their character.

  17. California Concealed Carry Ban Is Dead Again > https://shootingnewsweekly.com/story/277/californias-common-sense-ccw-ban-is-dead-again

    “Just before New Year’s Eve, the State of California won a small court victory for SB2, a Bruen response bill that had been struck down in a lower court. By getting the Ninth Circuit to grant them a stay, the law was allowed to go into effect, making concealed carry permits almost worthless in the state.

    Last night, however, that stay was lifted during the appeal, putting California’s carry laws back where they were in 2023.”

  18. I doubt that the perp will get his dissertation to the professor in time to pass the course. So he will remain an uneducated punk.

  19. I’m surprised about the happy results. The victim wasn’t in imminent threat, having been released, left the crime scene, and entered his home. Lethal force is allowed for defense of self or others, not defense or recovery of stolen property. By coming back and confronting the car jacker, the victim instigated the second confrontation (no longer self defense), and, tactically, risked his life over a car. A reasonable jurisdiction might ignore the victim’s crimes, but a Dem run anti-gun jurisdiction, like Chicago, is likely to charge him with menacing, assault with a deadly weapon, etc.

  20. I hope the vehicles owner didn’t have a threaded barrel on his pistol and did not know he was supposed to register it or he will be in more trouble than the perp.

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