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Darren Bailey says enough is enough. Not only is he like 99.4% of Illinois gun owners not complying with Governor JB Pritzker’s new gun registration mandate, but he’s publicly posting his refusal. Bailey, the former Illinois State Senator and current Congressional candidate boldly touts “I will not comply” in a series of social media posts.

Bailey then doubled down on New Year’s Day.

What’s more, following the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day announcements, complete with photos and video, Mr. Bailey’s had a full schedule of media interviews on Tuesday, Jan. 2nd. Like this one with Greg Bishop of Bishop On Air:

Bailey’s public refusal to toe the line puts Governor JB Pritzker in a bind.

Pritzker’s desires to run for the Democratic nomination for president is the worst kept secret in our state for a couple of years now. With each day of declining mental and physical acuity of President Let’s Go Brandon, another JB gets more and more excited for his prospects. On top of that, the Democrat National Committee’s convention will take place in Pritzker’s hometown of Chicago later this year. What better way, at least to Gov. Pritzker, to show off his fine leadership skills.

Governor Jelly Bean has checked off all of the radical left boxes when it comes to politics, including signing into law the nation’s first “No Cash Bail” law and a gun and magazine ban.  Pritzker’s so-called “Protect Illinois Communities Act” law bans a whole lot of the most effective, best selling self-defense firearms and the magazines that feed them. This includes most magazine-fed, semi-automatic rifles, many semi-automatic shotguns and semi-auto handguns with threaded muzzles or that accept magazines anywhere except in the grip. It even bans “accessories” and .50 BMG ammunition.

Existing owners could keep their guns if they registered them by the end of last year.  Unfortunately for JB Pritzker, the People of the Gun in the Land of Lincoln have declined to comply with the registration component of the law. While fifteen thousand had registered with just a week left in the process, millions have not.

And that’s humiliating for our control freak governor.  It also speaks to his leadership skills, or more appropriately, the lack thereof.

JB Pritzker with Purge Law AP
Flanked by lawmakers and supporters, Gov. J.B. Pritzker picks up the nearly 800-page criminal justice reform bill after signing it into law during a ceremony at Chicago State University on the South Side, Monday, Feb. 22, 2021. (Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

And now here comes long-time Pritzker nemesis Darren Bailey to pour more salt onto Pritzker’s sore spot. The Southern Illinois farmer turned state senator needled the governor on China flu mask mandates. Bailey then ran for the Republican nomination for governor, trouncing the establishment Repub’s anointed candidate in the primaries then savaging the billionaire trust fund baby along the campaign trail. Bailey did lose the governor’s race however. Considering he was running against Pritzker’s massive campaign spending, the Chicago Machine and mail-in voting (in the most secure election ever) his loss didn’t come as a surprise. Yet Mr. Bailey still remains a huge thorn under the big governor’s saddle.

Time will tell what Pritzker does to assert his author-it-tay over his political nemesis. Will he send some bachelors from the Illinois State Police down to Bailey’s farm to take Bailey up on his threat to die on his porch before cops seize his guns? Or will the gov ignore Bailey in an effort to keep a bad situation from becoming even worse.

After all, the whole world will be watching if things go sideways at the Bailey farm.

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        • If banning guns is not privileged to be acted upon by government, then any such action is absolutely unconstitutional.
          The organic laws of this nation are a “to do” list with a “no trespass” in the Bill of Rights, while the Declaration of Independence is an affirmation of rights held by the People over government at any and all stages and places.
          The RKBA of the 1775 Patriots, is still in “full force” today.

      • Unfortunately Mr. Bailey like so many Gun Owners miss the opportunity to speak up and Define Gun Control by its History for History illiterates who would never ever question the, “Integrity of Gun Control.”

        Make no mistake about it…The IL gov. and his Gun Control ilk know they have Gun Control History illiterates in their back pockets. That’s why you will never hear any Gun Control zealot mention the History of their beloved Gun Control. To make a long story short if you are a Gun Owner not Defining Gun Control by its History then the conclusion is, Gun Control appreciates your support.

  1. This needs to be publicized far and wide. If the mainstream media don’t manage to paint Bailey as completely unsympathetic, this is a neat no-win for the Big Guv. Albeit at some personal risk to Bailey.

      • The deadline to comply has come and gone and massive non compliance is the clear answer. Of course when it comes to the History of Gun Control what happened in IL is by no means the first time ever for non-compliance…

  2. This will be interesting to watch.

    And as to the “Number of Individuals Completing a Disclosure: 29,357” per ISP #’s as of today. GFY. You caved.

    • Sounds similar to estimated compliance rates in California, New Jersey, Connecticut, and so on.

  3. Went to Dan’s new site and it is just a place holder. I guess he just got too good an offer for TTAG. We will see what we get going forward, I guess.

  4. Tried to subscribe to the channel three times. Their bot told me I would get a confirmation email. Still waiting. Does not inspire confidence.

  5. MCGA.
    To Build Back Better you’ve gotta tear it down first.
    President Biden is the Greatest President America has or ever will have.
    The United States need more illegal immigrants to replace an American work force who think they deserve 12.50 an hour.
    Pritzker is overweight.
    First the gunms then the Firetrucks, Farenheight 471.
    I’m all for revolution just as long as I don’t lose my food stamps.
    If I had any intelligence it would be artificial.
    God Save the Queen,,,man.
    I want to ride my bicycle
    I want to ride my bike.
    Fat bottomed Pritzker you make this rocking world go round.
    Sing it.

    • who think they deserve 12.50 an hour? Don’t cut em short possum CA just went to $20.00 and fast-food joints started dropping employees like they had the plague…

      Farenheight 471? The one I read was Fahrenheit 451…

      Don’t glorify that fat prick with one of the greatest songs ever…

      • And don’t forget…only those fast food chains that have 50 or more locations within CA are subject to the $20 minimum wage mandate ($22 for certain conditions). So if there’s a successful chain with 49 here, they’re not subject to it.

        Oh…and Newsom must have taken a bribe from Subway or Jersey Mike’s, because companies that bake their own bread on-site are exempt. Because logic, amirite?

        The clowns are in charge of this state. Bunch of grifters.

        • “So if there’s a successful chain with 49 here, they’re not subject to it.”

          Interesting. I wonder how many will reorganize or prune to hit the magic number? I would suspect that the difference in cost of going from 49 to 50, simply because the wage increase would be company-wide, would mean having to add several additional profitable locations just to cover the cost of the increased labor rate. Which means what, they’d have to jump up to 55 or 60 just to maintain profitability? I don’t see that happening, because of the required investment. Economy of scale works both ways.

          As you noted below, businesses will adjust, because they exist to make money. There are several services we don’t offer in our shop, because the cost of providing them would exceed the benefit to our business. Leftists are crazy.

        • @hawkeye,

          Yes, I imagine they’ll strategize to stay within limits, much the same as how businesses monitor their total employee numbers. Here in CA, requirements kick in at 5 employees, with more requirements and regulations at 15 employees. Then even more at the federal level at 50 employees.

          I personally know the owner of a business here who stopped hiring at 14 employees and contracted with a temp agency for long-term skilled (white collar office) employees above that, specifically to avoid the additional CA regs.

        • @Hawkeye, I’ve heard that chains that had delivery service have sacked their delivery drivers to outsource to Uber Eats or similar.

          The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

        • As someone who owned a business back when the health insurance law was first imposed, you learn quickly to avoid certain thresholds. We has about 60 employees at the time and could have had more but with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act we had to cut it to 49. So 10-15 people I could have employed were not in order for us to remain exempt from being required to buy insurance for all our employees. That would have bankrupted us in a matter of 2-4 years, if that long. Now think about how many small businesses that could have used another 10-20 people that didn’t hire them because of the gov’t imposed rules. Millions of possible jobs eliminated. And people are all but offended when you tell them health insurance is NOT a right, it’s a privilege.

        • @Southern,

          It’s true. Pizza Hut (at least here in CA, I don’t know if elsewhere as well) no longer delivers. It contracts with DoorDash and charges an exhorbitant set of fees. I recently ordered pizzas (for the first time in a few years, as a “thank you” to some coworkers who had done a favor for me) totaling $36, and Pizza Hut slapped $15 extra to deliver it the whole half mile to our company door. And the deliveryman wasn’t even PH, but DoorDash. I called the PH manager and asked what was going on, since I had ordered through the Pizza Hut website, and she said they don’t have delivery drivers anymore.

          Never again. Pizza Hut has forever lost my business.

    • The minimum wage in Washington state is now over $16/hr. Dems are doing their best to keep the inflation game going.

      • My employer had 400+ employees 25 years ago, back when CA’s minimum wage was $5.75. At the time, we had enjoyed Republican Governors for two decades (Deukmejian & Wilson). Then the Democrats came starting with Davis, and the massive hikes began. Our minimum in Los Angeles County is now $16.90, and nearby fast food locations are being pushed to $20.

        Over the years, as the wage mandates have rolled out, our company has adjusted and learned to successfully run operations with fewer employees, sometimes being replaced outright by machinery and automations. So now, in 2024, we have just over 200 total employees. And we’re currently in the process of implementing more improvements this year in the expectation of reducing our force by another 10+.

        Economics at work. You force us to pay more, and we’ll adjust to minimize the pain. And those who feel the pain most at the end of it all are those who lose their jobs as we adjust. Maybe if the Wokes in Sacramento actually had any real-world business experience, they might understand this.

        • Haz,

          As the saying goes, the REAL “minimum wage” is zero. Make it cheaper to replace human labor with a machine, and . . . human labor will be replaced by machines. Of course, Leftist/fascists (like MajorLiar and dacian the demented) refuse to learn anything about economics, or accept reality, but what else is new??

          Because I used to practice law in CA, and had a lot of clients in the food service industries, I have some experience of this. Most CA restaurant owners are giving serious thought to GTFO of Dodge. Serves those idiots in Sacramento, LA, and SF right. And the CA voters will get their democracy, as H.L. Mencken predicted, “good and hard”.

        • If Carl’s Jr. still has burgers as good as they were back in the late ’80s, I’d welcome them to Ohio.

        • Carl’s Jr has declined into obscurity, beginning when Mr. Karcher handed the reins over to his sons. Those mindbrights immediately ditched their father’s conservative platform focused on families and children, and started collaborating with Playboy, running TV commercials showing scantily clad hotties stuffing oversized burgers into their mouths while softly moaning. It backfired, and the slide into losses was started. A dozen years ago, in an effort to revitalize their name recognition, Carl’s purchased Green Burrito (a newer b-rated Mexican food chain even Mexicans won’t eat) and fused the two into all the CA locations. So now when you enter a Carl’s, you get reduced portions of lower quality food from an expanded menu, severely apathetic customer service, and the privilege of eating in a ghost town of an inner seating area, or a run down drive-thru. All three of the closest locations nearest my home have cracked asphalt in empty parking lots, neglected landscaping, and ugly exterior color schemes of red and charcoal paint.

          Carl’s is a dead chain walking. The current corporate ownership is clearly in the final phase of the chain’s life cycle, squeezing whatever profits they can until the inevitable collapse.

          Which is sad. The Haz Christmas tree still displays ornaments we got from Carl’s back in the early ’90s, when it was a great place to eat with kids.

        • The $40 hamburger

          Hell, I remember when Hardee’s Six Dollar Burger was only $2.95… Now a Baconator and a large fry is $11.00 at the local Wendy’s

  6. Not a lot of “risk” for Bailey where he lives. Those unaware(most of you loudmouths)but some 80-90% of ILLannoy sheriffs refuse to enforce the corpulent govner’s edict. And any State cop’s who do the dims bidding lives “may” be imperiled. Certainly they’d be ostracized in southern or central Illinois. Not so in Cook County which is ground zero for satan. And dims. Often the same🙄

    • I’m not from the state, so I’m sure sure know better than I do in that particular. But somehow I doubt there are very many sheriffs around the country who would actively interfere with state or federal law enforcement.

  7. To die at the hands of a criminal government? Or to later, die at the hands of criminals. Who the government isn’t interested in arresting?
    You choose.

  8. the whole world will be watching if things go sideways at the Bailey farm.

    You mean like Waco and Ruby Ridge? A hundred years from now what difference will it make?

    • Maddmaxx,

      Government had the advantage at Ruby Ridge and Waco because 95% of U.S. citizens trusted mainstream news narratives and largely even trusted governments. That is no longer the case.

      It would be very interesting to see how the populous would respond to an aggressive government event at the Bailey farm in downstate Illinois. It would also be interesting to see whether the local Sheriff would defend the Bailey farm in that event.

      • Local 5-O will NOT enforce dim BS. I’ve been in his area. It’s pretty much “the south” or a good approximation. When I moved to Chicago some 40 years ago I was asked “are you southern” because I didn’t speak Southside Chicago-eze. I only lived 45 miles south🙄

  9. Tell the FAT guy to go home to eat his JELLY doughnuts with the OTHER fat guy, Chris Christie. Neither one is qualified POLITICALLY,

  10. I wonder if Pritzker will sic the ISP on him, have him prosecuted for various felonies, and if convicted, have him banned from political office. There may be a political benefit of “setting an example”, but that will have to be weighed against the risk of the backlash…

  11. This guy should file a lawsuit and seek an injunction against this law. He’s just making himself a target for prosecution.

    • that’s the point. He’s running for Congress. He gets charged, he appeals it all the way to SCOTUS, gets millions in free media along the way, and probably gets elected AND wins the case, getting the law overturned in the process. it’s quite brilliant.

  12. I’m moving my company out of Illinois to Wisconsin. Informed my 47 employees last week. Some of them are left wing (my bad for hiring them). Got sick of their anti gun views as I allowed law abiding employees to carry in my business. Illinois wake up already.

  13. p.s. employees know why I pulled out. Some are coming with my and already have a Wisconsin out of state carry license. None of this Foid crap

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