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Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson, (AP Photo/Aileen Perilla)
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Yesterday Marion Hammer, former President and current lobbyist for the National Rifle Association, endorsed Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson (R) in the race for Commissioner of Agricultural & Consumer Services. Hammer is also the executive director of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida.

She issued this letter to Simpson . . .

Marion Hammer of the National Rifle Association’s & Unified Sportsmen of Florida endorse Wilton Simpson.

Hammer had this to say to Florida Politics about Simpson’s support of gun rights . . .

A lot of people talk about defending the Second Amendment, but Wilton Simpson has actually defended our right to bear arms,” said Marion Hammer, NRA past president and Unified Sportsmen of Florida executive director.

Simpson landed the endorsement of both organizations.

Hammer said Simpson’s record makes him the best candidate for gun rights supporters.

“The Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner has the duty to oversee and administer the statutory laws that govern the concealed weapon and firearm licensing process,” she said. “We believe it is vital to have a Commissioner who understands the importance of running this Cabinet office with integrity, honor, and who will not politicize our constitutional rights.”

Hammer seems to suffer from a very short political memory. This is the same Marion Hammer who issued a letter back in 2018 labeling Wilton Simpson a “betrayer” for supporting a new gun control bill following the Parkland shooting . . .

[Wilton Simpson, and those who voted for SB 7026] lacked the courage to uphold their oath of office and keep their word to constituents who voted for them. They were in total control. They no longer deserve your trust. …

When they ask for your support, when they ask you to volunteer in their campaigns, when they ask for your donations, when they ask for your votes, think long and hard about what they had done…..

– Marion Hammer, NRA / USF Memo – April 18, 2018

Strong words. But not only did Simpson vote for the 2018 gun control bill, he claims that he wrote it. That’s the bill, slapped together following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting, that established red flag confiscation, banned bump stocks and binary triggers, mandated a mandatory three-day waiting period, and prevents anyone under the age of 21 from legally buying a firearm.

That bill was signed into law by then-Governor Rick Scott. Senator Simpson is proud enough of the bill that he has boasted of writing it his campaign materials . . .

Wilton Simpson’s campaign flyer promoting his authorship of the Parkland Gun Control bill.

To be clear, Hammer has endorsed the man who says he wrote a bill, part of which the NRA is now now attempting to overturn in court (under-21 gun ownership).

Marion Hammer
AP Photo/Phil Coale

This is the same Senator Wilton Simpson who, as Rep. Michelle Salzman made clear, is one of the primary roadblocks to enacting constitutional carry in Florida.


Unless a rumored special session is called to take up the matter, permitless carry will have died in the Florida legislature this year for the third consecutive legislative session. That defeat can be credited in large part to Senator Simpson’s efforts to keep it bottled up in committee.

So let’s sum up, shall we? The NRA’s person on the ground in Florida has issued an official endorsement of the man who claims he wrote one of the most intrusive and unconstitutional gun control bills in the state’s history. A bill the NRA itself is fighting in court. She’s endorsing the man who has stood in the way of Florida joining the growing number of states in the constitutional carry club (now 24 states and counting).

With Simpson’s record and the things Hammer has said about him in the past, she was under no obligation to endorse anyone in the race. She could have stayed on the sidelines and let the election play out. Simpson, after all, has millions in the bank and is running “with no substantial opposition” on the Republican side. He will likely face Democrat Ryan Morales in November, who had total contributions of $1784 as of the beginning of the year.

Instead, Hammer has gone out of her way to put the NRA’s imprimatur on him. Someone she once said didn’t “stay true to [his] values, [his] oath of office, [his] word and didn’t fight to support, defend and protect the Second Amendment.”

That’s not a good look for Hammer. Or for the NRA.

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  1. “Hammer seems to suffer from a very short political memory.”

    Oh, fuckin’ grow a pair. She’s a liar, plain and simple. You’ve been sold out on nearly every front for decades.

    The sooner you recognize that major NRA players and 99% of the GOP care more about the op-ed page of the NYT and rubbing elbows in the “right” cocktail circuits than they do about you, the sooner you might do something about it.

      • This is a common theme across a lot of fronts. You can see it with EVs if you care to look.

        It’s also one of the reasons I harp on Cent. Bank Digi Currencies. (the acronym being something WordPress censors, btw). People really do NOT recognise how powerful of a tool that is nor, for all its faults, how much the current banking system protects you from it.

        Imagine a system with no banks or credits cards, just a blockchain currency controlled by the Fed. No privacy at all, real-time control of what you can do. Limits on where and what you can buy in terms of time and total amount. Combine that with geofencing using the GPS on your device. This is the kind of power Stalin couldn’t imagine.

        It’s all about power, all the time, at every turn. There are no morals, no ethics, no love, beauty or function. There is only power for these people and there is nothing they will not do to have it. They are not crazy or stupid. They operate on a single maxim and will do anything to make it happen. Insomuch as they have a framework, it’s infinitely malleable.

        And what they are willing to [falsely] offer is everything and nothing. It’s extremely seductive and it has taken over nearly every institution to the point that I honestly am not sure this cancer can be defeated.

        The one thing I know for sure is that if a critical mass of people don’t reach down need in their pants and find a pair there is no chance of winning.

        Can you vote your way out of this? Yes. Will you? No.

        • “It’s all about power, all the time, at every turn. There are no morals, no ethics, no love, beauty or function.”

          There’s no love, but there’s damn sure plenty pf hate.

          I keep trying to evangelize the evil coming with EVs. Right now, fuel taxes maintain roadways. It’s overall a fair system, if you don’t drive, you don’t pay. With EVs, it’s just electricity. I fear they will mandate GPS tracking of some flavor to keep track of the miles you drive, and tax you on that. What’s coming is a loss of privacy evil personified… 🙁

    • Marion Hammer’s only interest in the NRA is the gravy train from being one of WLP’s cronies.

    • May be a little bit of a stretch to say 99%, but it has to be closer than not, so the point stays fully intact. It’s about selling not protecting.
      The world is now ripe for a reset, and it ain’t the great reset everyone is clamoring about right now. In fact, it has nothing to do with WOKE and corporate responsibility , social justice and environmentalism , it’s time to take the ripe fruit before the whole basket goes to rot.

  2. Man…….just can’t trust anyone anymore! Especially if they’ve spent any time in D.C.!!

    • The “Best Part” is she endorsed this Douche Bag in a Primary Election, not in the general election where he may have faced an anti-hunting DemoRat. The correct course of action would been to either remain silent or support another candidate who is truly faithful to the rule of law.

      • That’s a terrible endorsement. They might as well have endorsed Nikki Fried.

        The only good thing would be getting him out of the Senate leadership, but I fully expect another republicrat rino replacement to keep Florida at status quo. Whoever it is that controls Florida GOP politics, they have serious power to keep everyone in line. These power brokers need to be exposed and dethroned.

  3. Marion Hammer is just a version of Wayne LaPierre with a bigger penis. She is part of the problem and continues to serve herself in a position of power. She and the other criminals at the NRA need to be officially expelled and made to pay back every cent they have stolen.

    Scum Bags

  4. The NRA and the Florida don’t want constitutional carry. They are happy with a privilege to carry concealed only in certain locations. 95% of Floridians are as well. No 2nd amendment here and most like it that way. I know people dozens with vault rooms and notebooks to keep all their tax stamps organized and don’t even belong to Fl Carry.

    • It isn’t like FL Carry is pro-gun either…. they defended the lawmakers that killed Constitutional Carry last year and sided with Marion Hammer.

  5. quote————So let’s up up, shall we? The NRA’s person on the ground in Florida has issued an official endorsement of the man who wrote one of the most intrusive and unconstitutional gun control bills in the state’s history. A bill the NRA is fighting in court.———quote

    If you really think the gun hating courts will overturn this law you are living in La La Land. And remember the draconian gun and magazine bans in New Jersey. Trumps back stabbing Supreme Court has yet to overturn those draconian gun laws either.

    • darcydodo…RE: “Trumps back stabbing Supreme Court”

      News for you darcy…I bet you are all in for Jim Crow Gun Control joe’s nominee for the USSC just like you have proven yourself to be all in for other like minded Rats. Looks like a marxist propaganda pos like you still has no podium.

      On the other hand…I already mailed my ballot for the board and marion hammer did not receive my vote. Hopefully other voting members excluded her too. What a disgusting forked tongue fraud she turned out to be.

  6. This was the second year I did not renew my NRA membership and it’s because of stuff like this. Up to that point I had been renewing yearly for the previous 20 years.

  7. when they ask you to renew your membership…check The $10 a year liberty associate box… I sure am glad I did not become a life member.. The only reason I gave them 10 a year is because my gun range requires it… The second amendment foundation is the only one winning all the court cases.. that’s who gets my money..

    • All courts ever do is provide standing for Gun Control…On one side of the court sits the Second Amendment. On the other side of the court sits Gun Control which history confirms is a very sick agenda that is rooted in racism and genocide. To give Gun Control standing in a court or anywhere else is to give slave shacks, nooses, whips, concentration camps, gas chambers, swastikas and the like standing.

      The sht show in courtrooms continues because politically inept history illiterate Gun Owners and those receiving their contributions have failed miserably to properly define Gun Control by its history for spoon fed America.

  8. The NRA is a complete and total failure. I am a Life Member but stopped donating to them more than a decade ago. The NRA should disappear like the North American Hunting Club ( NAHC) did. Our only hope is Gun Owners of America (GOA) and the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC).

    • Dropped my NRA membership nearly 3 years ago. Quit calling Floriduh the “sunshine” state. I wish Indiana was sunnier😎

    • If you think your “only hope” comes with dues and a membership card then there is no hope.

    • We need the NRA, but we don’t need this NRA. Once WLP and his cancerous cronies are routed, the NRA will have the opportunity to do good again. Hopefully, the patient will survive the procedure.

  9. The state of Florida is just as, if not more, crooked than any backwater small southern town you could find. This just proves it.

  10. Oceania is at war with East Asia. Oceania has always been at war with East Asia.

  11. You can inform people which candidate is better than their opponent for a political race without endorsing them…………………….. CAN”T YOU ?

  12. The endorsement wouldn’t bother me much if he were simply the lesser of two evils (as unfortunately he probably will be in November)

    My main thought is WHY THE HELL IS THIS SLIME RUNNING WITH NO SUBSTANTIAL OPPOSITION?!? Why haven’t the Florida NRA and the so-called Unified Sportsmen of Florida been out beating the bushes to find and support a better candidate.

    For some reason, the NRA and far too many gun owners seem to forget that the primary elections are even MORE important than the November elections in most cases.

  13. Fans of NRA….

    This article clearly identifies why “all the hate on NRA”. What you are seeing is “the oldest civil rights organization in the country” politically backing fake 2A defenders. Reported directly to you is the truth about “Negotiating Rights Away”.

    Now, there is often confusion about the words, “ignorant” and “stupid”. Simply, the words are not interchangeable. “Ignorant” is lacking information. “Stupid” is having information, but failing to properly act upon it.

    • You have to admit, ensuring that there’s always something to oppose has given them pretty good job security for a long time.

      If the shoe fits, wear it. If the grift works, grift the shit out of it.

      • “You have to admit, ensuring that there’s always something to oppose has given them pretty good job security for a long time.”

        True, dat.

        “If the grift works, grift the shit out of it.”

        What’s the point in having power, if you can’t abuse it?

        • “What’s the point in having power, if you can’t abuse it?”

          The calm feeling that comes from reflecting on the things you could do but don’t because, having power, you need not?


        • “Absolute power is kinda neat.”

          Putin and Xi agree… 🙁

  14. Remind me again why I will never re-join the NRA?

    Supporting fat and lunchy Rotarian Republicans is not going to help with recruiting and donations, Marion.

    • Its official in my home. The NRA is dead. I once wore my NRA hat and lifer pin proudly in public. No longer. We have been gas lighted far too long. Each month I read the American Rifleman and the letter from the President and EVP Lapierre and stopped laughing long ago. Its sickening these grifters can be so out of touch with reality and the membership revolt.


      • “…membership revolt.”

        That was addressed long ago, with by-laws changes to prevent another. The only “revolt” left to membership today is withholding money.

        Like alleged 2A supporters who always vote straight dem, NRA members will largely continue to fund an organization that doesn’t really serve…except as a fund-raising machine.

        For those who think NRA should go back to its original mission, that was marksmanship and firearm safety.

        • AARP maintains its control as an insurance marketing arm by not even having a binding membership vote. WLP and cronies maintain control of the NRA piggy bank by the nominating committee selecting members of their cabal and having so many board members that it won’t matter if a couple reformers sneek in accidentally. North decided not to be a figurehead President and called for accountability and following good governance, and he was kicked to the curb. The board members that called for an independent audit were voted down, stripped of their duties, and resigned rather than be criminally and civilly liable for a fiduciary duty they were prevented from performing.

  15. @jwm
    “Power corrupts. Absolute power is kinda neat.”

    Power corrupts. Powerpoint corrupts absolutely.

  16. “Death by PowerPoint.”

    Took me some time to understand that the more detailed and lengthy the PowerPoint presentation, the less likely to influence the outcome.

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