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NRA Board Member Phil Journey shouldn’t expect a warm welcome from the loyal LaPierre faction that runs the National Rifle Association at this month’s NRA Convention in Houston. Certainly not after he dropped a video urging NRA members to reform the nation’s oldest civil rights organization from within as part of a “Restore the NRA” campaign. In the video, he doesn’t mince words, accusing Wayne LaPierre of “plundering” the association.

While we’ve certainly covered some of the financial scandals of the NRA involving LaPierre in the past few years, this Restore the NRA effort is new. What’s more, the slick video has attracted the attention of the New York Times.

Then again, should anyone really be surprised? After all, the Gray Lady will give anyone who’s attacking gun rights or the NRA plenty of column inches. The Times’ Danny Hakim tweeted the video . . .

Whether or not his tweet has been shadow banned or throttled in some way we can’t tell, but, as of this writing, it hadn’t drawn a single comment and only a dozen likes, indicating its circulation over the past 23 hours is limited at best.

So what is this Restore the NRA organization? From the website . . .

What is Restore the NRA?
Restore the NRA is an effort to ensure the National Rifle Association continues its mission with the highest integrity to effectively service and represent gun owners, sportsmen and hunting enthusiasts.  Restore the NRA is not a separate organization competing with the NRA.  Rather, it is a legal fund launched by Kansas District Court Judge and current NRA Board Member, Phil Journey, to accomplish two things:

      1. Restore the NRA has been fighting and will continue to fight efforts by New York Attorney General Letitia James and other anti-gun officials to dissolve, shut down, or severely limit the NRA from pursuing its mission and objectives and offering the services, programs and lobbying efforts millions of American gun owners and 2nd Amendment enthusiasts have come to rely upon.
      2. Restore the NRA is working to reform the NRA from the inside out.  The press has reported numerous stories regarding gross financial mismanagement, self-dealing by current officers, staff, and vendors, and a severe lack of transparency in the NRA’s fiscal operations.  Unfortunately, these reports appear to have legitimacy and have given opponents of the 2nd Amendment ammunition to attack and undermine the NRA and its mission.  Restore the NRA is asking a Manhattan (NY) court to appoint an independent conservator to, essentially, “clean house” and replace those responsible for this abuse with those who will place the interests of NRA’s millions of members over those who have, in recent years, turned it into a personal ATM.

A lot can happen between now and the Memorial Day weekend event in Houston.

Screen capture by Boch.

Of course, some of us from TTAG will be there. For now at least, it’ll be worth it to have some popcorn handy to see what happens between now and then. Especially if one reads the “news” section of the new Restore the NRA website.

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  1. Restore a half billion dollar company to sit on their butts as we watch our 2nd amendment get chipped away day by day? No thanks…many other smaller much more efficient legal teams actually on the offense, not just waiting for something to happen so they can be defensive.

    • It’s not that they are waiting for something to happen, they thrive on the fear of something happening. Their fundraising DEPENDS on fear of gun control. It’s a gigantic Ponzi scheme.

        • And it’s being run by someone from the DC swamp who literally has a degree in government and politics. Coincidence?

      • Yeah, because NOBODY is out there campaigning (and raising money) on gun control. Shannon Watts is TOTES not running around spreading lies, hyperbole, and doctored statistics with the express intent of “gun control” amounting to confiscation of whole classes of firearms.

        Are you a partisan hack, or just stupid?

    • John Bosh, what the hell does the reference to the journalist at the “Gray Lady” have to do with the price of tea in China. Why even mention it? Does your blog post not merit bing posted without a dig at a liberal rag? Personally I think the content of your post is worthy of being posted without the extra commentary which does not add to the content.

      Personally I would not be trashing a paper that has a far larger readership than TTAG. I use to read TTAG every day. Since Robert Farago sold TTAG it is only worth coming to about once a month. I have to assume that the TTAG readership is down…..significantly. Previously there were good writers like Nick Foghorn and others. Honestly John, your articles are less than articulate and fall very close to the “click bait” variety.

      TTAG supports the 2nd,lets see if you support the 1st and let this comment get posted.

  2. certainly think that if wayne stepped down that support for the NRA would be more robust. do the right thing Wayne

    • He had his chance. He obviously isn’t interested in doing the right thing. Even if he was completely “innocent” of the allegations, he is actively harming the NRA at this point. If he cared about the NRA or the cause, he would have already done the right thing. That tells us everything we need to know about him.

    • I agree 100%. I was an endowment member before all the news broke about WLP robbing the NRA blind with the connivance of the anointed board members. I will be surprised if Phil Journey is still on the board after his term is up. I would suspect he wears long johns and an arctic coat and mittens when he goes to NRA board meetings. I wonder if they even let him in the room. I am glad to see that at least one board member is taking on the organization. If Ollie North found the NRA’s fiscal policy too stinky to stick around, it says a whole lot. He didn’t mind when the CIA was engaged in drug sales to fund the Contras, so if he found the NRA too much to stomach what does that tell us? Until they clean house they won’t see another dime from me.

  3. LePew can plunder until his eyes fall out. The NRA hasn’t gotten a penny from me in years and never will until that snake is long gone.

    • I have been a NRA member many years off and on. I’m currently paid up until the year 2027 but I’ll never give them another penny of my money. LaPerriere should have been behind bars 40 years ago.

    • a lot of us share that view…usually send their envelopes back empty with a “dump Wayne!” message scrawled on the outside…

  4. They should restore Democratic elections to the NRA as was used in the famous Cincinnati revolt decades ago. Right now we have an oligarchy with Wayne La Pee Pee as dictator for life. It was Wayne that did completely away with democratic elections for officials of the NRA including appointing himself as absolute dictator for life. With no one held accountable they robbed the piggy bank for every penny they could steal for themselves.

    • You are NOT part of “we” you progtard POS. Go “protest” with the rest of the gals over at Planned Parenthood.

      • to neiowa

        I have belonged to the NRA since 1962, so my statement “WE” is correct.

        As I have said many time before the Far Right with their pea size brains cannot fathom that Liberals and Socialists own firearms too. How do you think we beat the Russian White Army in 1917. How do you think we beat Louis the XVI of France. Who do you think brought Socialism to Britain and the European Countries. Socialism marches on throughout history, victory after victory.

        And in the legislature of Capitalvania, how do you think we passed Social Security, how do you think we passed the bill to fund the Nations Freeway System, how do you think we passed Medicaid and Medicare and aid to education, school lunch programs, aid to newborns from low income families, just to name a few of the bills and programs civilized Socialists passed in their care for the American People.

        Next time think first before making a fool of yourself.

        • What’s really funny is that every program you list has become a disaster for this country and its people.
          Socialism always and forever fails when you run out of other peoples money.

        • I have to agree here. While socialism can help the workers and the disabled, and was needed. But the people in power took it too far. Where Americans wanted a job so they could feed their families, the government seemed to want the worker(the man)out of the family dynamic. So, the man had to earn enough to support the whole family, without help, or he could leave and the government would support the family.
          I would suspect that Dacian would agree here, but I won’t hold my breath. One thing that I am sure of is that the party of the rich, that supports corporate interests, does NOT support my interests. They may claim to support the 2nd, but not for all of the people, only those they can control.

  5. Only way they’ll ever see a dime from me again is (1.) LaPierre leaves, (2.) Hammer leaves, (3.) the board gets cut from 75 to no more than 15, (4.) independent financial audits are conducted, and (5.) voting power is returned to the membership. Otherwise they can burn down.

    • little faith,

      I would add one more condition. The NRA used to be the pre-eminent firearm and firearm safety training organization in the world. While they still conduct their classes, the focus has obviously shifted to lobbying (more opportunity for graft), at which . . . they suck out loud. There are other organizations dedicated to lobbying, litigation, and public policy, and they do a MUCH better job than the NRA ever did. But Wayne has less opportunity to dip into the till, if they do that. Go back to doing what the NRA actually knows how to do.

  6. I know Phil Journey well. He brought conceal carry to Kansas in 2006 nearly singlehandedly when he was in the Kansas legislature. First licensed were issued in January 2007.

    • I expect him to be stripped of all committee assignments and not included by the nomination committee to serve another term. I’d be happy to sign his nomination petition and bullet vote for him.

  7. You know some day we’re all going to have shocked faces when we learn that LaPierre has been secretly working for Bloomberg the entire time and turns over control of the NRA to a gun grabber org. Nothing surprises me anymore and the NRA has to be running on financial fumes right now.

    • Holy Schmidt, that scenario was brought up at our gun club’s recent steering committee meeting, where we also overwhelmingly voted out our ages- old requirement that members maintain an NRA card. We now allow three alternative groups, and pretty much told NRA to pound sand after denying all of our range improvement assistance grant requests. Doubt there’s much left in ANY accounts there.

      • They’re spending more on outside counsel to keep Wayne out of jail than on training and competition – it’s main functions. What makes you think they have money to give away to ranges? Maybe to Mrs. Lapierre’s charitable organization, but not gun ranges.

      • I would like to think my club will do the same shortly….I think we would like do better if we just all paid the extra 25 bucks a year towards a range improvement fee…. probably get more money from it anyway.

    • I’ll rejoin Negotiating Rights Away if the graft & corruption gets rooted out. As far as”attacking gun rights or the NRA” it AIN’T the same thing. And most of us know that. Just saw a slightly hysterical newz dude say we might have 100000000 new covid cases. Told ya the Dims were going for an endless scamdemic…

        • Love it, oh, and by the way, I ‘m officially notifying you of usurpation of ” midterm variant” … sorry dude ! (Always wanted to use that in a proper sentence). Okay, over utilization of commas, but at least THAT gets past the moderation SS.

  8. Seems like most of the work being done to protect our second amendment rights is being done by the second amendment foundation and various state oranizations.

  9. fyi

    Second Amended Complaint Filed In NY Suit

    “Yesterday, the NY Attorney General filed a second amended complaint. It no longer seeks to dissolve NRA as a corporation.”

    “individual defendants (LaPierre, Frazer, Powell and Phillips), suit for double damages for misappropriation of assets.”

    “LaPierre expensed over a hundred thousand dollars in membership fees for a golf club located in the Washington D.C. area.”

    “$6 million mansion NRA was going to purchase for LaPierre.”

    “Powell diverted $30,000/month to his wife.”

    “Millie Hallow, LaPierre’s “right hand,” spent thousands of NRA money on her private matters. One was $1300 for a chauffeured car to drive her son from New York to DC.”

    I look forward to as many of the NRA board and leadership going to jail as possible.

  10. I am 60 years old and have been shooting for almost all of that. I have never seen the NRA represent the people. Cops always and forever. Perhaps I should rephrase that, I have never seen the NRA represent me. If you have believed the NRA was representing you as a individual I suggest you study the history and reconsider. I personally will be greatly pleased by the demise of the NRA

  11. Oliver North brought LaPierre’s and his cronies spending on wardrobes, vacation junkets and other large personal expenditures. After that , I have refused to contribute anything to the NRA until they have paid that money. I have emailed them and talked to solicitors and told them so. I have yet to have had a response. My subscription wil expire in 2029. Unless something drastic happens before then, I will never again contribute to the NRA.

  12. The NRA sends me love letters a couple times a year asking me to contribute money for whatever they are selling out on. My membership expired in ’94 and I have not given them a dime since. Their idea of defending the rights of civilian firearms owners seems to be to be “reasonable” and compromise with those who would disarm us. Sorry, I do not compromise with those who would deny the rights of the people on any matter. And refuse to fund any organization that would do so.

  13. Call me cynical, but I always wonder when I see one of these folks who claim they are going to clean up the NRA if they are really just hoping to take Wayne LaPierre’s place at the trough?

    • I’ve been to the following three shrines… the Vatican, NRA headquarters, and the IBEW headquarters… wanna’ know what that all have in common? ” Thanks for your support (tee hee hee), thanks for your visit ( tee hee hee), thanks for all of this cool museum collection shit that you DON’T have a claim on…. Have a super day !! “

  14. Want to know why the NRA is what it is? You’re not going to like it.

    The NRA is what it is today because it is a reflection of the American man. American men today are ignorant, firstly of SCRIPTURE, and secondly about everything else remotely important, such as history, science (REAL science, Ben Franklin / Thomas Edison / Nikola Tesla science), literature, philosophy, et al.

    And you know what is a prime indicator, a litmus test if you will?

    Comment sections on websites like this. Fact in point, anything REMOTELY truthful will be immediately censored. So literally we have become a macrocosm of eggshell stepping little pansies eager to be the first to yell out “YES SIR!” while standing at rigid attention for any authority figure’s approval. Oh you have to be careful what you say about these people or those people. You’ll get censored. Your comment will get deleted. You’ll be BANNED.

    Well, I grew up in a time when boys carried pocket knives to school. And nobody said ANYTHING. So I tend to be a bit more coarse and unyielding when it comes to what I say. I say what I know to be the truth, and I stand behind it. If you want to delete it, censor it, ban me, then be that disgusting macrocosm of weak kneed Americana. If you have some semblance of intelligence, perhaps let it stand. I guess we’ll see.

    So here’s WHY American men are the way we are, and why things are the way they are. Nobody will say it, but I will. Everything from the feminist movement to the feminization of men is JEWISH IN ORIGIN. Do a search for the top 100 historical figures in the feminist movement. 90% of them are Jewish. They make up 2% of the population, folks, there is a DISCREPENCY HERE.

    The entire SCAMDEMIC we’ve been enduring for the last, what, 3 years now? IS 100% JEWISH. “Vaccines”, and I mean ALL OF THEM, are JEW-SCIENCE. Which is to say GARBAGE. And before anyone says “Fauci isn’t a Jew!” Well guess what. Fauci is a JESUIT. And here’s where American men fail, because they don’t READ THINGS. The Jesuit order was founded as an internal takeover mechanism for the Jews to dominate over the Catholic church. The Jesuit order was created by Ignatious of Loyola, who was a SEPHARDIC JEW. It’s called KNOWING THINGS. So Fauci is a Jesuit which is a JEWISH ORGANIZATION, and the head of the WHO, CDC, all the big pharma companies, the “scientists” creating the vaccines, once again we see a 90-95% JEW RATE. For 2% of the population. If you ever bother to take a statistics class, you will call this a “significant anomaly”.

    The Jews took over education in 1979 with the creation of the Department of Education. By 1980, “The Gulag Archipelago”, once a staple of American education, was REMOVED FROM AMERICAN SCHOOLS. Why? Because Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn made it perfectly clear that Communism and Bolshevism have a SINGLE POINT OF ORIGIN, and that point of origin is JEWRY.

    I suggest you take a look at how Jews have corrupted the thinking of the white race with “Christianity”. There is NOTHING “Jewish” about what you all call “Christianity”. The man you all mistakenly call “Jesus” was NOT A JEW. The JEW is a SEPERATE RACE, and if you read the covenant books you mistakenly call the “Bible”, you will see that the Jew comes from the corruption of Eve by Lucifer in the garden of Eden. Genesis 3:13-15 was NOT about a TALKING SNAKE and a MAGIC APPLE. Genesis chapter 3 told of Lucifer seducing Yahweh’s perfect creation Eve, from which we got the first liar and the first murderer CAIN.

    Abel was of Adam, folks, but Cain was of LUCIFER. And all the Jews you misguided fools think are your friends are the people who have been murdering us and lying to us for 6,000+ years. The guy you call “Jesus” even makes this quite clear in John chapter 8, where he says they (the Pharisees) are NOT OF GOD and they are OF THEIR FATHER THE DEVIL. Now perhaps some of you might actually understand what he was saying in John 8:44. Big reveal, folks. What you all call “Christianity” is supposed to be a white racial construct, not a religion. Sorry, pastors preaching “inclusivity”. This is not the command of Yahweh.

    Want to restore America? Want to restore the NRA? Purge the Jew from everything. BANKING ESPECIALLY, but education, government, medicine, the Jew must be EXPELLED as they have been expelled over 1,000 times from 109 countries, for things like thievery, usury, child rape and murder.

    No eggshells. Just pure truth, everything stated 100% factual, 100% provable. Spoken like a man, by a man. Don’t like it, move on.

        • Much of what you say is true. If you study long and hard you will find jews at the head of most disasters.
          All race hate is founded in them.
          They were at one point loud and proud about keeping people divided to insure their safety.
          Letmepicu if you get me banned I will befine.
          Have a Nice Day

  15. “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”
    — Maurice Samuel

      • Labeling coward. Don’t claim to speak for everyone here, FASCIST. I note all you can do is make claims of “mental defect” but also of note you haven’t taken issue with a single thing I’ve said, nor attempted to disprove anything.

        It’s almost like you’ve been…trained…or perhaps…told…to avoid any kind of factual debate.

        Jewry never WINS any ‘factual debates’, does it?

      • Wait wait wait I know, it’ll be a COP OUT, right? Let me guess, you “don’t have time to debate nonsense” (that’s in the list of approved talking points, right? No time for further debate but all the time in the world to make the first comment, somehow? lol), or some other copout…

        Point is, I gave facts. I can back EVERY ONE UP. Come on, I DARE you. debate ONE THING. Pick something you disagree with. PROVE ME WRONG.

      • What we have here, folks, is called a “Sayanim troll”. They’re Hasbara. Look this stuff up. You need to know how the enemy manipulates us.

  16. MY hope is that with Letitia James attack on the NRA prevented in court from destroying the NRA, she will go ahead full force to destroy Wayne La Pierre. The sooner that traitor can be brought to his knees the better.

    If it works, and that is far from certain, the irony that an anti-gunner saved the NRA from the disease of Wayne La PayMe will be one for the history books.

  17. That’s why I say we have no hope for change except by force. This country has been taken over by corrupt politicians for over 45 years. Everyone one that in government from the past 45 years has baggage. They all need to be put on trial and investigated.i do home work ….. 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬𝐜𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤.𝐜𝐨𝐦

  18. You people are silly.
    The NRA has been sold out for at least 50 years.
    Nothing good left.
    There are others, like Goa.

  19. As an NRA Life Endowment member I contributed thousands to the NRA only to find out that Wayne LaPierre is nothing more than a common thief. I now donate to GOA and get a lot more results. The NRA is now dead to me.


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