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As you may have seen, the National Rifle Association’s Board of Directors voted overwhelmingly yesterday to retain embattled CEO Wayne LaPierre in the association’s top spot. Reportedly only 49 of the directors attended the meeting and 44 of them voted to retain LaPierre despite all of the scandals and investigations surrounding the long-time NRA leader.

The NY Post has the report . . .

The National Rifle Association on Saturday said its board of directors reelected controversial CEO Wayne LaPierre.

The gun-rights group tweeted that Charles Cotton was elected president, Ret. Lt. Col. Willes K. Lee was elected first vice president, and David Coy second vice president.

The votes took place at a board meeting in Charlotte, N.C., that followed the annual members meeting.

“The proceedings in Charlotte were an amazing celebration of NRA fellowship and freedom,” Cotton said in a statement that accompanied the tweet. “Under the direction of Wayne LaPierre, the NRA is strong and secure – well positioned to chart its course for the future.”

Cotton is best known for blaming the 2015 massacre at a Charleston, S.C., church on the anti-gun pastor killed in the attack.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James issued a statement on LaPierre’s re-election. As one might imagine, she wasn’t cheered by the news (or maybe she was). From the NYAG’s office . . .

The NRA’s decision to re-elect Wayne LaPierre and other top leaders yesterday despite the detailed evidence of repeated fraud and self-dealing we have laid out in our lawsuit and during the bankruptcy trial underscores that board governance is broken and that the rot runs deep at the NRA. For years, Mr. LaPierre and his lieutenants used the NRA and its donors as a breeding ground for personal gain and to live a lavish lifestyle, which is why they must be removed. Our fight for transparency and accountability will continue because no one is above the law.”

wayne LAPIERRE nra
National Rifle Associaiton Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

Here’s how Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop generator, The Trace, reported the news

NRA directors reelect CEO Wayne LaPierre. At a sparsely attended annual meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Saturday, a small crew of NRA members and directors seeking reform drew little support. Frank Tait, an NRA life member and critic of current leadership, put forward a resolution calling for the resignation of LaPierre and other officers. The resolution was blocked and did not get a vote. Board gadfly Phil Journey, who led an effort to investigate the New York attorney general’s allegations against the NRA during the group’s failed Texas bankruptcy, nominated fellow director Rocky Marshall for LaPierre’s post. Marshall is attempting to intervene in the New York suit, arguing that NRA leadership is not acting in the group’s best interests. His nomination went nowhere. According to an account that Tait posted online, 49 out of 76 board members attended. Tait reported that 44 directors voted to reelect LaPierre, two voted against him, and three did not vote.

Over at NRA in Danger, their people wrote of the experience first hand . . .

I counted about 120 members attending, just barely a quorum (100). It was probably the smallest members’ meeting in the last century. There was easily space for 300-400, so we have to wonder why the sign-up webpage was turning people away with the claim all seats had been taken. Did the webpage operator just set it to turn everyone else away, or did chosen directors have their friends reserve seats, knowing they would not attend?

Frank Tait moved a resolution calling for resignations of LaPierre, Frazer, Meadows, Cotton, and Willes Lee., which was opposed by director Joel Friedman, who sold out to LaPierre two years ago. The members present (directors and friends, mostly) voted overwhelmingly to duck the issue and not vote on it. The meeting quickly adjourned.

The directors’ meeting was brief. Only 49 were present. Predictably, it re-elected LaPierre and Frazier. Director Phil Journey nominated Rocky Marshall for EVP, but LaPierre was elected 44-2. Board officers now are Charles Cotton, president, Willis Lee, 1st VP, David Coy, 2nd VP. It is remarkable that two of the three (Cotton and Coy) are members of the board’s Audit Committee, which spent the last two years covering up and not auditing anything.

The non-attendance isn’t surprising. Under the past bylaws, NRA had to advertise the members’ meeting in two consecutive issues of the official publications, and the meetings were heavily promoted. The fact that 2,000 to 5,000 members would attend was a boasting point.

Last year the bylaws were changed to require only notice in accord with the law of New York. New York law is written for tiny nonprofits, which most are, and just requires three publications in a newspaper where the nonprofit is headquartered. We could find no such publication, but then received a tip to look in the Fairfax Connection, a tiny (12 page) weekly newspaper. On page 10 of the Sept 16-22 issue, you find….

It’s clear that there isn’t any level of (alleged) mismanagement or corruption that will prevent LaPierre’s hand-picked cronies on the board from reelecting him.


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  1. If it weren’t for the fact that my gun club requires NRA membership to a member I wouldn’t know or care about the NRA. I tried talking to my clubs old f*rt fudds about accepting other memberships instead of the NRA but so far they won’t budge. I guess I just have to wait them out until they finally croak to kick out the NRA.

      • My local outdoor range has never had that requirement for the past 25 years I’ve been going there.

        The NRA can have LaPierre if they want. I’ll continue to keep my donation money.

    • La Pierre might croak first. That or his retirement will precede my next contribution by a few days.

    • You guys have to also look at the flipside. Who else on the board would want that job? Everywhere Wayne goes he is ridiculed by the anti-freedom communist left. A director? Nobody in public would recognize them. The president? Everyone would recognize them.

      • Whoever replaced La Pierre would be instantly famous.

        Besides which, La Pierre was a nobody until Ackerman-McQueen trained him to be a figurehead for stirring up the membership to give more money.

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      • Is this an ad for LaPierre’s job? I understand he makes more than $1200 a week for whatever it is that he does.

  2. Last call from NRA fundraising group I interrupted the guy and started to explain no money until Wayne is gone and he just goes back to the top of their script and starts over. I interrupted him again and said “do you not understand what I just said?” Dang if that old boy didn’t just go right back to the top of his script and start over again!

    • Rusty,

      I share your frustration and I am as critical as anyone of Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association. Keep in mind that the telemarketer who contacted you has ZERO influence in the organization and is just trying to do his/her job. There isn’t any point in berating the telemarketer in that particular case.

      Saying it another way, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” Send your ire directly to the NRA Board of Directors.

      • Yeah, I don’t blame him and I certainly didn’t shout at the guy or use abusive language, but if these telemarketers have to constantly hear the lot of us explaining over and over why NRA gets nothing with Wayne in charge, they will eventually refuse to renew the contract even if they are getting 80% plus of the money raised, since 80 percent of nearly nothing with a fair amount of overhead equals a negative P&L.

      • I’ve never cared for the Nuremberg Defense, but at least some of the SS were conscripted. A telemarketer’s conscious, unforced choice to make his living bothering people who have never bothered him and never would deserves all the berating you can muster, regardless of who pays him or why.

        • I was a telemarketer for a credit card when I was in high school. I didn’t think about it much other than I didn’t want another job in fast food. Oddly enough, some people actually wanted to talk to you.

        • Hey, it’s either the NRA or warning you your car warranty is about to expire. The warranty pitch is breaking the law and they don’t care. The NRA leaders are also breaking the law and the board doesn’t care either.

        • How do the warranty, or the “Remember you gave to us last year” people, think that beginning a conversation with a transparent lie will ever lead to a successful conclusion? If you’re going to be a professional asshole, at least make an effort to do so competently.

  3. The board of the NRA is like a bunch of mini buydens put together, they apparently won’t understand anything until all money flow stops!!

  4. If I wasn’t already a life member I wouldn’t have anything to do with this group. It’s really a shame that the organization is probably going to go down the drain because of this worthless person that everyone seems to be so scared of.

    If wayne cared even a little for the NRA he would step down and apologize for being such a money grabbing ass.

    • B Gentle,

      “If wayne cared even a little for the NRA he would step down …”

      Exactly! A high-quality person and a quality leader would step down because he/she wants what is best for the organization which he/she serves. The fact that LaPierre refuses to vacate reveals his mindset: he has no interest in serving the NRA, rather, he wants the NRA to serve him. That is the absolute last thing that you want in an organization, especially a non-profit organization.

    • I am a life member and I have nothing to do with them other than to advocate for their demise. Total rebuild from the ground up is required.

    • Not saying that I in any way disagree with you. Unfortunately, LaPierre knows that without NRA money behind him he will get run through the cleaners monetarily, and opens himself up (without the help of NRA funds) to other lawsuits beyond the battles he’s fighting right now.

      He’s not going anywhere, unfortunately. His cronies are going to do whatever they can to keep him in place and perhaps sink the ship in order to do so, despite all the angry and upset members.

      It’s sad to say, but I fear the best anyone can do is watch from the sidelines the sinking ship/train wreck or what ever other analogies you’d like to attach.

  5. Same here. I always take the NRA calls so I can voice my disgust. Is it me or does 70 sound like way too many bard members? Jesus, the table must be huge!

  6. Okay, this cements the claims that the National Rifle Association is rotten to the core.

    Even if Wayne La Pierre did absolutely nothing wrong, a massive number of ardent Second Amendment supporters who otherwise have affections for the NRA perceive Wayne LaPierre as being incredibly bad for the NRA and want him banished from the organization.

    That alone mandates that the National Rifle Association banish LaPierre. When you add the fact that Wayne has received something like $10 million (or more) in official compensation from the organization over his several years of “service”, it is a no-brainer that the NRA must fire LaPierre. The fact that the NRA chose not to fire La Pierre shows that the current make-up of the organization is grossly incompetent or corrupt and should be dismantled.

  7. I hope the folks still advocating support for these criminal cohorts enjoy the taste of bile in the back of their throats- this news is downright nauseating.

    Choke on it.

  8. Say It Ain’t So…As a patient NRA Life Member hoping for the best I have ran out of patience. Rest assured the NRA has not received one dime from me since this mess began. Now they are going to receive even less.

    Never mind a handful of board members Wayne…The overwhelming majority of NRA Members do not appreciate the drama one bit and hope you will RESIGN.

    • I wrote to them clear back in 2002 saying they get no more money from me till La Pierre was gone.
      The only route forward I see is if the court gives the NRA a choice: all current officers are thrown out permanently along with all those in the last twenty years who have not opposed the corruption, and a new board of only twelve is elected (with new election procedures, specifically a nominating committee selected by drawing from a hat with all members above Life in it), or the organization is gone.

  9. It is what it is. Not the outcome many wanted but you can always express your opinion with your wallet.

  10. I just don’t get it………

    Why in the hell do they continue down this path?

    I thought they would see the light with all the feedback they were getting on WLP.

    I’m out till he goes ….. and his replacement can’t be a mini-Wayne. Need new blood.

  11. Yep. Same old, same old.

    At least I no longer receive mailers from them, so I no longer have to take the time to shred them, which is nice. Wish I still had all those greenbacks that I blew on them before realizing that it would have been better spent polishing the sides of the commode as I flushed them down.

  12. Wayne LaPierre will never resign. He will hold on to that office as long as he can, even if he is the last person in the room. And he will damn everybody else for running the outfit into the ground.

  13. C’mon now, where are the NRA 4-EVER people? I know there are at least 3 of you around here. Come tell me how I am a life member, LIVE IN CHARLOTTE, and had to find out after the fact this meeting was even happening, and that’s all good. Then tell me how this is fantastic, and we still NEED the NRA, and this is above board? You people are shills only surpassed by our bevy of Leftist Robots, and at least they are programmed!

    • And I tell them that, on every prepaid postage request they send me. Every time they ask me it costs them half a buck postage plus the cost of printing and mailing me the beg-a-gram.

  14. I love it when I get to read how New York State Attorney General Letitia James and liberals get so upset with the NRA. Bravo NRA and thanks for all you have done for our Club over the many decades. You have done so much for so many to preserve out guns rights, teach safety, and help others in so many ways! Keep up the great work!

  15. “NRA Board of Directors Votes Overwhelmingly to Re-Elect Wayne LaPierre”

    This is good. A competent prosecutor should be able to successfully argue that the re-election is prima facie proof of conspiracy of the board to protect their dereliction in oversight of a business/organization. Just might be able to lift the NY AG’s investigation into a RICCO charge. (what is taking “them” so long?)

  16. Good. This is great. Now the NY AG can now go after the entire board as well. This is outstanding news!!!
    They all believe they are untouchable. That “cruise ship NRA” is headed for a huge iceberg.
    Hopefully there will no survivors.

  17. “That “cruise ship NRA” is headed for a huge iceberg.
    Hopefully there will no survivors.”

    Oh, my word. Such a meany.

  18. Sigh.
    My range requires NRA membership because they supposedly get cut-rate liability insurance.

    Next board meeting I have to challenge them to prove that they are getting a discounted rate and by exactly how much. I’d be willing to pay more to uncuff us from this rotting corpse.

    • I question their ineptitude .
      I can not directly give an evaluation of their assholes as I’ve not yet explored nor had the chance to delve deep into the validity of their fuck worthiness, however I presume it must be quite good as many want to fuck JB and WLP.

  19. That’s kind of interesting or telling that they voted to keep that toxic scumbag.
    Surely they know the kind of money that is NOT being brought in because they retain WLP.

    That said, it seems rather obvious to me that WLP stays at the helm not because he’s a swell guy, far from it, the guy is a snake and he holds the cards. He has a wild card he can play.

    What that play could be is most anyone’s guess but it’s painfully evident the powers that be don’t want it played. I suspect they’d rather see the NRA go under than cut WLP against his will.

  20. The NRA had a membership of 5.5 million. Now it’s at 4.2 million. 1/3 of those are lifetime members.

    If you take away the lifetime members who have already paid their dues, in the past year or so the NRA has lost literally 1/3 of it’s membership. And by extension 1/3 of its income.

    Stopping Chipman? we did that. Hundreds of thousands of comments against the 80% ban and pistol brace reclassification nonsense? For what it’s worth? We did that.

    And because the Democrats look at gun owners like them: A top down organization that gives their marching orders to us, they still think the NRA is a threat and that is the reason chipman isn’t running the ATF and gun control has stalled.

  21. When he owns the board of directors, what do you expect? That’s why the NRA needs to burn down.

    • “Burn down”?

      No, it just needs the head chopped off, along with the neck: La Pierre and the entire board who didn’t vote against him need to go, and none of those or any other board members over the last twenty years who didn’t oppose should be excluded from any future leadership positions. Then the board should be reduced to a dozen members, with a nominating committee formed by drawing the names from the list of life, patron, endowment, and benefactor members — and nominees for the board should be required to have some experience running some sort of organization that required incorporation at least on the state level.

  22. I’m a life member, about 10 years back. They have never called me, nor did they ever send me any magazines.

    I find myself curious. Are there any photos of LaPierre holding a gun or shooting one on a range? All I’ve ever seen are pics of him in expensive suits.

    • I’ve only seen two. One was a staged photo op job of him holding a rifle, the other also holding a rifle which I think had been donated to the NRA. In the first he’s wearing an expensive suit, in the other he’s in ordinary clothes.

  23. “For years, Mr. LaPierre and his lieutenants used the NRA and its donors as a breeding ground for personal gain and to live a lavish lifestyle, which is why they must be removed.”

    Never thought I’d be in agreement with a Libturd New York State Attorney General Letitia James. LePew and the Board have become toxic to the NRA mission.

    • Wayne LaPuke has only his lackeys and brown nosers on the board. He’s basically running all of NRA, and controls all the finances and everything.

      I hope James burns NRA to the ground in NY, and if we are fortunate arrests Wayne and company on fraud. Then the name and mission can be taken from him and the others, and rebuilt somewhere else. First bylaw should be “Wayne LaPierre and _____ (Fill in names of other cronies.) can never be officers, or on the board of NRA ever” and move on.

      Then get a real NRA, not a money raising machine for any person or persons again. One who actually goes along with cases like “Heller”, not files a brief when SCOTUS agrees to hear the case and claims credit.

  24. Being a long time Life Member, I’m still holding my ballot. I’ve no clue who to vote for any more, and hijinks like this, just seeds more doubt.

    Wayne’s a Lobbyist first, and a director second. Lobbyists spend money like there’s no bottom line, so is it any wonder that he continues to spend money as director? Seems obvious to me.

    The Municipal Range I’m a member of, also has the NRA Membership Requirement, but it’s tied into our Liability Insurance somehow, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. There’s probably not very many Insurance companies willing to underwrite anything gun related in today’s political climate.

    I no longer donate to the NRA, as I do believe the BOD needs and enema.

  25. I buy a fair amount of reloading gear from MidwayUSA. The owner, Larry Potter, is an ardent and public NRA supporter, but seems to be above the current fray. Maybe a grassroots campaign targeting some really high-level supporters and donors (like Potter) could turn the ship around. I’ve been an NRA life member for several decades. Still wear the hat, and haven’t scraped off the bumper sticker. The NRA has done some really good stuff in the past, and can be rejuvenated to do good stuff in the future.

    • “Maybe a grassroots campaign targeting some really high-level supporters and donors (like Potter) could turn the ship around.”

      NRA is structured so as to prevent “grass roots” from accomplishing anything. The reason makes sense, but the protection is being abused. If “grass roots” could effect anything, it would be possible for the anti-gun mob to join in droves, and capture the NRA in whole.

  26. Put pressure on NRA donators like Midway USA round up program. Don’t round up and don’t purchase from them. I don’t expect too in the future since this put my mail in his coffin.

  27. I used to be an ardent NRA member… for many, many years, both as a youth shooter in the 70’s, and then later-on as an adult gun enthusiast. But no more…

    Sure glad I never wasted the $$$ on a “life” membership.

    La Pierre has to go! The NRA will never get another penny nor a renewed membership from me until he’s gone, and they get their house in order.

    It’s unfortunate… it was once such a great organization. But money (and power) always corrupt, and WLP is a shining example of that.

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