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If you remember your history, the depth and breadth of the scandals that have consumed the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, and many NRA officers and directors spilled into public view when a rift opened between the association and its longtime advertising and marketing firm Ackerman McQueen. Ackerman had been running the wildly expensive and severely underperforming NRA TV for the association. They also employed the NRA’s president at the time, Oliver North.

Things got, shall we say, messy. As the fighting with AckMac spiraled, it was revealed that LaPierre had (allegedly) been using the agency to launder a variety of high dollar expenses (suits, jets, vacations) through the agency which were then (again allegedly) billed back to the NRA through vague, non-descriptive billing.

As Bloomberg (of all outlets) reports . . .

The dispute began in 2019 when the NRA accused Ackerman McQueen of over-charging, falsifying invoices and misleading its senior executives about the performance of NRA TV. At the time, top NRA officials were embroiled in an internal squabble amid press reports of self-dealing and financial malfeasance at the gun-rights advocacy group. 

As the internal disputes intensified, the organization accused Ackerman McQueen of conspiring with the NRA’s former president, Oliver North, and former chief lobbyist, Chris Cox, in a failed coup against the NRA’s longtime leader Wayne LaPierre. Ackerman McQueen has denied wrongdoing in its dealings with the NRA and filed counter-claims. 

North quit. Cox was fired did too. Lawsuits flew in both directions between the NRA and AckMac.

Yesterday, however, a day before a scheduled court date, the two sides reportedly settled their differences. Terms of the settlement have not been disclosed.

While this clears one expensive distraction (and an ongoing revenue source for LaPierre’s favorite attorney, William Brewer III) there are still lots of legal bumps in the road ahead for the NRA.

Thursday’s settlement comes a day after a New York judge rejected a bid by the NRA to dismiss a suit filed in 2020 by Attorney General Letitia James, who alleges the nonprofit misused millions of dollars of assets. The NRA, which is chartered in the state, has denied wrongdoing. The judge in that case also rejected James’ effort to shut down the NRA as a result of her allegations of financial wrongdoing.

The only fact that really still matters: Wayne LaPierre remains in the top seat on Waples Mill Road.



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  1. All you CNC, MSNBC, Bloomberg lovers chime in and help the progs bashing with their pogrom of the NRA/2nd.

    • Let’s assume LaPierre is completely innocent (he isn’t). It no longer matters. His presence in the organization is hurting the organization more than anything the left is doing. If he truly cared about helping the cause, he would have already stepped down. The fact that he hasn’t left tells you everything you need to know about him.

      The NRA won’t regain the trust of their supporters without ditching their current leadership and publishing results of a third party audit of the past five years. Air it out, fix the problems, and move on. They’re resisting that for a reason.

      • Good news is a judge ruled against the witch hunter letitia james and now news of the aforementioned reached settlement end. I see a light at the end of the tunnel for The NRA which I am a Life Member. And the only chance for the light to get much brighter is on the day Wayne leaves. The NRA needs people who know how to stretch a dollar bill around the block and can assure member donations are accounted for and wisely spent.

        Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

        • The NRA is a terrorist organization completely infested with cisgender heteronormative white men. They are bigoted men. They are misogynists. And worst of all, they are white. While Wayne is getting a BJ on a yacht in the ocean with a wine glass in one hand, and a handful of scalp and hair in the other, you guys are sending in your NRA membership fees to help pay for his wine, fuel, and entertainment. And that’s because gun owners are morons, and all guns should be banned.

      • “Let’s assume LaPierre is completely innocent (he isn’t).”

        Great- whgat the American legal and civil system really needs: yet another, self-appointed judge, jury and executioner with likely zero access to internal NRA sources passing sentence with no trial. And, as neiowa above points out; citing Bloomberg News, along with (likely) the endless NRA bashing on the ‘net by others with as much or less actual proof, as major sources of his/they’re decision making-process.

        I’m betting less than a week ago, Dude was predicting James would win her suit against NRA as well…

        (It appears, since my comments here are subject to further moderation, that on TTAG it’s not proper to come to the defense of NRA.

        • Did you know that Bloomberg News is considered a conservative publication? And that its staff knows how to read financial documents?

        • “yet another, self-appointed judge, jury and executioner with likely zero access to internal NRA sources passing sentence with no trial”

        • There’s been more than enough information made public to see that, at a minimum, LaPierre doesn’t exhibit appropriate, trustworthy behavior. Why would you want someone like that in charge of millions of donations? You’re also completely disregarding my comment saying that it doesn’t matter, at this point, whether there was corruption or not. His presence alone is enough to drag down the organization. That’s been apparent for a long while now.

          “I’m betting less than a week ago, Dude was predicting James would win her suit against NRA as well…”

          Wrong again. You can be unethical and corrupt without breaking the law.

        • “ i noticed that you are not on the ballot this go ’round.”

          I can tell you’re disappointed, but BOD members are elected for 3 year terms.

          Members would know this…

        • That’s not what happened. The court held that the law which was the basis of the NY AG’s lawsuit was not applicable to the alleged facts at hand. No ruling was made on the actual facts one way or the other. I expect the NY AG will appeal the trial court’s order and so we’ll eventually know the final answer.

      • I’m not dissatisfied with the NRA over funds as spending is always questionable depending who you talk to. What bothers me is them negotiating our rights away like with the Hughes Act, AWB, and this bullshit Red Flag laws, bumpstocks, etc., We need the NRA and others to recover lost rights instead negotiating them away.

    • You can support the NRA mission and still believe WLP needs to go. There has been smoke way too long for there not to be any fire at all.

    • “one down. not sure which one.”

      It’s an ever-evolving cast of characters, it seems… 🙁

      WTF is up with the “Generate New Alias” button in the email field, anyways?

  2. Can’t believe that any court hasn’t placed a Special Master in-place to take control of the NRA administration/finances and order a full forensic audit of the organization. Both the board and Wayne (it good to be the king) LaPierre need to be pushed to the side, while we figure out and untangle all of this corruption and misuse of funds, plus violations of law, tax evasion and false statements. Apparently funds were used to pay for a wedding and to house and feed a female employee, who is reputed to be Wayne’s mistress.

    I’ve been a Life Member since 1981 and recognize corruption when I see it. How any of these folks still have jobs, are still paying themselves, family and friends and doing God knows what, is beyond me.

    • Life member here. I hate to think of where we would be without the NRA. I love to think of where we would be with a new management team in place at the NRA.

    • “Can’t believe that any court hasn’t placed a Special Master in-place to take control of the NRA administration/finances and order a full forensic audit of the organization“

      Obviously, the fix is in.

      A special master is entirely in order, and would immediately reveal the depth of the corrupt scheme and all those who benefited. Clearly, there are those who are benefiting from the NRA corruption who have horsepower within the legal system to prevent a thorough examination.

      So much for a ‘left-leaning’ legal system, It seems the NRA ‘leadership’ has a firm grasp on this court.

  3. Have to agree with Mauser6863, a forensic audit is long overdue given the spending that has gone on. Wayne has to go and the board needs to be revamped to weed out his acolytes. This board election gives us an opportunity to start reshaping the board. Look closely at the incumbents before casting your votes.

    • Can you point to a single person on that ballot for me to vote for who hasn’t been put there due to Wayne personally approving them? If you can that is the one person who will receive my vote.

    • Remember, it doesn’t matter who you vote for, it only matters who counts the votes. I believe slow Joe biden made that comment

  4. Neither of the parties wanted their misdeeds to be part of public record for the AG to have access to. I want Wayne and his board kicked to the curb and forced to pay restitution after that I don’t much care if the AG prosecutes them.

    I will happily tell you all I am sick of the Fudds who will support anything that thief and his cronies do, just because it is the NRA.

    • “forced to pay restitution”

      Absolutely. Conduct an audit, then personally sue anyone that deserves it. There has to be consequences for corruption. The NRA could be a force again, but not until they clean up their act.

    • … ” just because it is the NRA”… and cue Craig Ia. and Debbie in 3, 2, 1…

  5. I had let my NRA membership lapse after being in the organization for decades. Primarily because I had become less than impressed with their performance when it came to protecting my 2A rights. I rejoined when, NY, financial institutions, et. al. declared war on the NRA a few years ago. Now this. I haven’t cancelled my membership, but I have let the NRA know that I will not renew as long as WLP is at the helm. As an aside; this debacle was the impetus for me joining the GOA and the 2AF. All of you should join these organizations as well.

    • Life member of the NRA. Not another dime until Wayne is gone. Member of RMGO, they are pretty active in Colorado but the libtards are pushing back hard and winning unfortunately. Looking to join GOA. The GOA also seems to be very active.

      • “Not another dime until Wayne is gone”

        That’s what I was referring to above. You aren’t the only one. The NRA apologists can’t see the forest for the trees. Even if LaPierre did nothing wrong, it doesn’t matter. He’s no longer an effective leader. His presence alone is harming the organization. If he truly cared about the cause, he would have already stepped down.

        • That’s how I feel. If he had any integrity he would realize that he is causing harm to the company that will take years to repair. People see him as the face of the NRA and immediately associate him with corruption making our contributions worthless. It’s really unfortunate.

        • You must be confused about the NRA goals.

          It’s not about firearms training or gun rights advocacy, it’s about enriching a small group of elite millionaires.

          And it is proving very effective at reaching that goal.

  6. can members sue to recover fees that were supposed to go to protect g the 2A but went to WLPs lavish lifestyle?

  7. I have no insight into the squabble between NRA and Ackerman. But, doesn’t this look like a mafia “sitdown”?

    Wonder which one ended up Capo dei Capi?

    • “it was the plan all along“


      Like WLP said, “I love the poorly educated”

  8. Life member here.

    Definitely need to redo the BoD. 75 members of the board is just stupid. 7 to 12 Board Members, and that’s it. No corporation is run with 75 members of the board. Most of those on the board are there for the prestige, and not doing their fiduciary duties.

    Once in power, Wayne made sure Cincinnati would not happen with him at the helm.

    • Most states have a nonprofit corporation law that decrees the members of the Board of Directors are personally liable for the disbursement of the corporation.

      Any member should be able to sue the Board of Directors if they believe disbursements have been made contrary to the bylaws of the organization.

      I’m having difficulty understanding why no member has taken the step.

  9. As a life time member, you have not power.
    Better to sign every year & let you wallet vote for you.

    • Not quite. As a life member, they want you to upgrade every year, which I have in the past. Last time I sent it back with a personal letter telling them I would not again upgrade as long as LaPierre was still there. So, we do have some power.

  10. Dan-
    It’s once again the time of year when NRA members are to vote for the directors. Members like me have no clue who to vote for to support those that would oust LaPierre. So, we don’t vote at all. Does TTAG have any guidance for those like me so we could vote for worthwhile candidates?

    • That’s for sure. There are so many running and as usual they say all the right things. As AR Libertarian said there is no need for 75 members it’s absolutely ridiculous

      • “…there is no need for 75 members…”

        Depends on what that number is designed to accomplish…mainly, prevent a hostile takeover of NRA by discontented members.

        • I would rather they use our contributions for education programs and lawsuits. I wonder if their salaries are publicized anywhere. I’ll have to check. With what LaPierre gets paid it just seems like they really aren’t even trying to be fiscally responsible.

        • “I wonder if their salaries are publicized anywhere“

          I would start with their IRS form 990, which is public information and should be available upon request if not posted on the website.

          And you should get the Attorney General of the state of New York to provide some meaningful oversight of the corporation, I think her name is Leticia James.

    • From what I’ve heard, the NRA-ILA is separate from the regular organization. It works on the political aspects and fights anti-gun laws. You can contribute to it and the funds won’t go to the regular NRA coffers.

      • I didn’t know that. That is a much better way to go if true, thanks. But I’m guessing they aren’t on the advertising side. Oust Wayne!

  11. That’s a pretty good imitation of an angry cat there Wayne, you should have used two hands though. I suppose that was a compromise though.

  12. Is there anyone else who’s sick to death of seeing Le Pews face? I swear it’s as bad as seeing ugly shoes Shannon Watts’ face. It’s as bad as a terribly over-played song like Tie a Yellow Ribbon.

    God dude……..go AWAY!!

  13. I’m glad they settled… watching the NRA & McQueen legal bout was like watching two child-adults on a play ground slap fighting

  14. @muckraker
    “I would rather they use our contributions for education programs and lawsuits.”

    I presume your thoughts behind “lawsuits” are describing court challenges to gun control laws.

    One misapprehension NRA “members” have is that they believe they are actually “members”, a host to be taken not of by “management”. NRA “members” are no more than subscribers, names on a fund-raising list.

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