XS AR Upper & Lower Receiver Armorers Block

XS Sights Announces Their New Aluminum Armorer’s Block for Multiple AR Platforms

If you've ever built your own AR platform rifle -- or even if you like to work on yours -- you know the value...

Capitalism Always Wins: Don’t Look Now, But Here Comes the COLD FINGER ‘Bumpfire’ Device

Leave it to American ingenuity to fill market demand for a useful product. As you no doubt know, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms,...

ATF Just FedEx’d Warning Letters to Thousands of Silencer Part Consumers

About a year ago, Diversified Machine, manufacturer of Form 1 suppressor components, was raided and shut down by ATF and even their website was...

DeSantis Announces the New IWB Super Stealth EDC Holster

From DeSantis Gunhide . . . DeSantis Gunhide® introduces a new holster called the Super Stealth™ The Super Stealth™, #M97, is our latest ambidextrous IWB to...

Howard Leight Electronic Hearing Protection Now in Two Sizes

From Howard Leight Impact Sport . . . Since its introduction over a decade ago, the Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic earmuff has been a favored addition to...
RMT Triggers: Nomad AR-15 Trigger

New From RMT Triggers: Nomad AR-15 Trigger With Pivoting Shoe

Well this is interesting! The trigger shoe (AKA the part you put your finger on) on the RMT Triggers Nomad Trigger pivots freely. It...
SilencerCo Harvester EVO silencer suppressor

Hands-On With SilencerCo’s New Harvester EVO [VIDEO]

Last week I made a quick trek to Salt Lake City, UT to see and shoot SilencerCo's newest release, the Harvest EVO. "Evolution" is...
Shield Sights RMSx competition red dot sight

Shield Sights Announces the New Larger RMSx Competition Pistol Red Dot Sight

Shield Sights, pioneer of compact red dot optics, is pleased to announce the RMSx as the new dedicated competition sight. The RMSx will replace...

Grey Man Tactical’s New RMP Backpack Insert Universal Concealed Carry Package

From Grey Man Tactical . . . Grey Man Tactical is proud to announce the #401 Backpack RMP Insert - Universal Concealed Carry Package. Travel...
SilencerCo SCO15 AR upper receiver

SilencerCo Now Making New SCO15 Billet Stripped AR Upper Receivers

SilencerCo got into the AR lower business last year with their impressively machined SCO15 billet lowers. See our review here. Now the Utah company...
Riflespeed adjustable gas system AR rifle

Riflespeed’s New Adjustable Gas System for AR Pattern Rifles

  From RIFLESPEED . . . RIFLESPEED has announced immediate availability of their patented gas controls for AR-15 and AR10 Rifles, offering AR shooters a duty-grade...

Gun Meme of the Day: Klik Belts Meme Dump Edition

Given the advertising nature of these memes I wouldn't have posted any individual one of them here, but over the last week-plus Klik Belts...