NRA Makes Mossy Oak Their Official Camo Partner

Mossy Oak has partnered with the NRA as the organization’s Official Camouflage Partner. As part of this new facet of their relationship the pair has announced a new camo pattern: Mossy Oak OVERWATCH. OVERWATCH is Mossy Oak’s first pattern designed entirely using 3D modeling to create a detailed, realistic image reminiscent of a topographic map. […]

The Four Best AR Pistol Braces

Best is a strong word — often subjective — and you may notice some decent pistol stabilizing braces missing from this article. So, instead, let’s just call this Jeremy’s shortlist of my favorite pistol braces, whether that’s for an AR pistol or for other large-format pistols. In no particular order . . . SB Tactical […]

CMMG Unveils New RipBrace for AR Pistols

Press release: Boonville, MO (11-6-18) – CMMG is proud to announce the RipBrace — an all-new retractable AR pistol brace — developed in collaboration with SB Tactical. The RipBrace features CMMG’s FASTBACK Technology that allows users to simply pull straight back to extend the brace without pressing a release lever or button like most adjustable AR arm […]

Warne’s New Skyline Precision Bipod Now Shipping

We’ve been eagerly watching the development of Warne’s new bipod for about a year now. See Jeremy’s post from last November and mine from NRA in May. The wait is finally over and the Warne Skyline Precision Bipod is a finished product and ready to ship. Here’s their press release: The Warne® Skyline™ Precision Bipod is the […]

Ultradyne Announces Apollo Max Muzzle Brake Now Available in 6.5mm Creedmoor

Press Release: Ultradyne, an American designer and manufacturer of advanced shooting accessories, has officially released its Apollo Max muzzle brake specifically tuned for 6.5mm Creedmoor and compatible with 6.5 PRC and 6mm Creedmoor.  Utilizing advanced imaging and precision instrumentation, Ultradyne’s team has engineered a device that represents the ultimate in recoil reduction.  Internal testing has […]

Elevated Silence Releases New Line of Integrated Rifle Suppressors and Cans

Press release: Elevated Silence, a premiere suppressor producing company based in North Florida, announced a new line of products aimed at suppressing rifles– the EVOLUTION, EOSS -22LR, EOSTD -22LR Takedown, EOSXL -22LR and 22 Swarm. “This is a suppressor line like no other,” said Jim Hood, co-owner of Elevated Silence. “After countless hours of research […]

Pachmayr Add the GuardianGrip for the Ruger LCR

Pachmayr’s Guardian Grip gives you a full three-finger hold on your pocket snubby. See our review here. I have one on my 642 and that third finger makes a big difference. Now Pachmayr’s added a model for Ruger’s LCR. Here’s their press release: Pachmayr’s GuardianGrip is now available for the Ruger LCR. What makes the […]