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Magpul’s X-22 Backpacker and Hunter stocks for the Ruger 10/22 are some of the most popular aftermarket stocks for the venerable rimfire rifle. Now they’ve announced a new lightweight, more affordable version, the MOE X-22 stock.

From Magpul . . .

The MOE X-22 Stock is the ideal rimfire stock for those looking for a lightweight, budget-friendly upgrade for their Ruger 10/22-pattern rifle. We wanted to give shooters an extreme value stock that still provides several improvements over the factory stock that came with their gun.

That includes M-LOK slots for attaching accessories, Magpul TSP on the pistol grip, a custom, non-slip polymer butt-pad, and integral sling loops that are compatible with Uncle Mike’s locking sling swivels. It’s also really lightweight, weighing in at just over a pound at 19 ounces. In short, the MOE X-22 Stock is built for lean efficiency with features that matter.

MOE X-22 Features:

      • Two (2) M-LOK slots at the six o’clock position
      • Lightweight at just over a pound (~19 oz.). Most factory stocks are almost twice that weight – if not heavier – depending on build material and design
      • LOP of 13.5ʺ, a common measurement for factory stocks found on the average centerfire rifle
      • Ergonomic, non-slip polymer butt-pad with angled toe
      • Integral sling loops (compatible with Uncle Mike’s locking sling swivels) on toe and foreend
      • Magpul’s own TSP texture on the pistol grip
      • Ships with two interchangeable barrel trays of different diameters to support both factory pencil and bull-barrel profiles to provide shooters with options for various configurations
      • Available in Black initially (now shipping); FDE, ODG, and Stealth Grey will be shipping soon

MOE X-22 Price:
MSRP: $69.95

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  1. Looks like the same Magpul stock that came OEM on my Thompson Center TCR-22 some years ago. Mine was OD green. Nice, simple and light.

    • Mine is probably the same model. Came with a nice stock, good trigger, red dot, soft carrying case, and a sling. All for just over 200 bucks. Hell of a deal. Doesn’t get much more fun than a 25 rd mag and a silencer with that rifle.

  2. They deleted the length of pull and adjustable combs from the Hunter stock and cut the price by half? That tells me the Hunter stock is overpriced.

  3. Own a little Mag-Pul kit. Owned a few 10-22s. It’s true that the earlier 10-22s had a much better stick, but if you think I’m going to replace the stock on my 10-22
    International with plastic, someone has lost their mind.

  4. I currently run the Magpul Hunter 22 stock in bull barrel configuration and I love it. I liked it so much I got one for my Rem870. I’m 6’2″ with a stretched wingspan and wear XL gloves. The difference I see with this stock is no butt pad extensions. That’s fine with me for the price. I like the fit and texture. The Mlok attachment positions are perfect. On a .22 the shorter length of pull is MORE appealing to me.. This stock is much lighter and is definitely an ergonomic upgrade from Ruger wood or plastic. If you run your .22 alot, you’ll love this. I find a “cool” .22 is a perfect gateway gat for the uninitiated.

  5. zero need, only 10/ 22 stuff here is boy’s takedown charger. if ruger rimfire follows me home it will be takedown also.
    the ithaca and mossberg will do.

  6. So Dad says, “Why the hell dont you leave your car alone?”
    Then one night I come wheeling around a corner in a slide, hit the curb and busted my fancy magnesium rim all to hell, got out the spare with the steel rim and drove on.
    Most of my gunms are for collection, works of art in wood and steel for me.
    Plastic doesn’t much for the artistic.
    Each to their own.
    At least this stock is better then that last bull pup contraption in yesterday’s commercial.

    • steel rims, we got pot holes with little fangfang girls waving up at you. just leave the snows on the back unless it’s a saturn.
      “why do all your cars sound like that?” sorry mrs. griffin. it’s cuz the tips pop out ahead of the rear tires.
      i’d like to put some laminate on a plastic shoed savage.


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