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One of the universal truths about guns and gear is that “universal” holsters…aren’t. Most of them don’t do a very good job of holding many (if any) guns well. That’s why most people buy rigs that are custom-fit for their particular blaster and end up with a drawer full of holsters.

N8 Tactical, a division of Crossbreed Holsters, has announced a new design that has a huge array of adjustment points designed to adapt it to a lot of guns. The company says it’s flexible enough that their new MultiFlex holster will fit hundreds of pistol models.

We can’t wait to check out that claim. In the mean time, here’s their press release . . .

N8 Tactical, an innovative holster company with a mission to provide quality products with superior comfort for all day, everyday carry, has developed the most adaptable holster ever to hit the market. Customizable to fit over 275 full-size and compact handguns and easily converted to IWB or OWB carry, the new N8 Tactical MultiFlex holster is ideally suited for a long day at the range or for your daily carry needs.

The MultiFlex is built around a two-piece holster design crafted from high-quality polypropylene for durability and light weight. It features a multi-point adjustment system that applies custom tension to the slide and individual tension adjustment to the bottom of the frame and the trigger guard. Combined with a suppressor height sight channel and an optic cut to accommodate red dot sights, the MultiFlex holster easily secures full-size and compact handguns for safe and secure carry.

What’s more, the MultiFlex can be worn three ways. The holster comes with removable belt loops, also made from sturdy polypropylene, for outside waistband carry. To convert to inside waistband carry, simply replace the belt loops with the included spring steel belt clips for covert concealed carry. Finally, the back of the MultiFlex can be fitted with any 1 ½-inch paddle for those who prefer a paddle holster design.

Regardless of the carry method, the MultiFlex holster is ergonomically designed with a 12-degree forward cant. This is the ideal position for most shooters, providing a perfect grasp and draw angle for easy access and quick engagement.

To learn more about the MultiFlex holster or to see the full line of N8 Tactical holster solutions, visit

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  1. The ultimate IWB and OWB holster for 275 firearms all for $35.

    Suspiciously priced for the claims made.

  2. Have any of you tried the Vanish Holster? Stew Peter’s hawks it frequently. Looks like a hard pass, to me.

    • a friend just gave me one to try out, when I am in my wheelchair. honestly its not to bad as long as you are wearing the correct clothes (sweatpants or shorts)

      • my vnsh must have been made later. because my retention strap isn’t like the one showed.
        I also can’t get to my trigger plus it came with a separate piece of Velcro to cover any part not used. but, I agree with him on reversing the strap part.

  3. Instead of a jack-of-all trades holster than can fit a lot of guns “okay,” shell out the bucks for a holster that fits your specific gun.

  4. On one hand, yeah, unless it is a Glock, Sig, or a 1911, it is becoming harder and harder to find a holster for anything outside of those.
    On the other, there are a few companies still making good quality leather holsters.
    I would like to see a review of this holster.

    • Kydex just makes for a better, less-bulky and well-fitted holster that has superior adjustable tension properties. I love a quality leather holster but even the best like a Milt Sparks can’t compete with kydex -especially when it comes to price.

      I have heard of some holster companies that are beginning to make a hybrid laminated kydex/leather material that can be molded around the gun mold like regular kydex sheet to conform like kydex yet will still have that leather layer on the outside for comfort.

      Something I have done lately is to completely wrap my kydex IWB holster with hockey tape along with the soft wedge under the tape and the comfort level shoots up a whole lot. The tape lasts for a really long time and also helps the package from moving around at all under your cover garments. It’s soft against your skin or underwear yet doesn’t slide around like plastic does. It feels like a leather holster but with all the good properties of kydex.

  5. It’s hard to take seriously any “universal fit” holster. Even if it does manage to completely cover the trigger so that it is impossible for anything to ever get to it even when wiggled around I have a hard time envisioning how it could be as thin as a confirming snap-fit kydex molded holster formed to the exact model gun you have. Unless your gun was the biggest possibile thing that could fit into the “universal” holster there is going to be some wasted space inside the holster which translates to s thicker and bulkier total package. .That is NOT the thing you want in a holster -especially an IWB holster where the bigger the total package the more discomfort and printing will become a problem.

    Just buy a proper holster that fits your gun perfectly. I have some weird guns that are fairly rare -rare enough that you cant even find magazines for them under $100 these days like my Polish P-64 and still I can find holsters made specifically for that gun by major holster makers Alien Gear and Vedder I know for sure make them and there are others too. If your gun is so rare that you simply can’t find anyone that has them in stock some companies will make custom molds of your gun and there are even DIY kydex options as well.

  6. Anything without some protective material between me and the plastic is out, right from the start. I remember the days of taking off a gun and holster at the end of the day and it was clearly tattooed on my side. Even the old leather IWB holsters would leave the guns grip and any rivets or snaps on the holster tattooed on me.

    That all went away with Alien Gear. The backing completely protects me. Being able to swap less expensive custom shells onto the same backing saves money and provides the custom fit necessary. I can wear them 16+ hours with no discomfort. I especially love the Shapeshift.

    I don’t know what another holster maker would have to do to get me to try them, but none have done it yet.

    • I use Alien Gear holsters for all my handguns. I haven’t tried the Shape Shift series. Simply because I haven’t found a reason to stop using the Cloak Mod system.

  7. This is a really good discussion of the plusses and minuses of all-in-one holsters. Thank you, gentlemen, for your participation.

  8. Will it fit my Taurus TH9 full size with taclight and red dot? Does it have optional retention strap to go over the hammer? And why, with all the adjustments, is the cant limited to 12%? Why couldn’t that be adjustable, too. Also, adjustable horizontal spacing of the belt loops would help when wearing pants with varied loop spacing. I like the security of the wider and greater number of loops my tactical pants have, but jeans are nice because I can usually slide my holster a little for more comfort when I’m seated. Adjustable loops on the holster might enable that function on tactical pants.

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