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Back in the day, we used to paint our front sights white or red if we wanted to see them better. Times have changed, and now fiber optics are a much better option. They really do stand out, and work even in fairly low light. Fiber Optic inserts work great for all ages, but especially as I get older I appreciate the help in finding that front sight. XS Sights just dropped a new set of fiber optic sights for Glocks, and it just so happens that I shoot a lot of Glocks and Glock pattern pistols.

The XS Glock Fiber Optic Sights are CNC machined from steel, and have a serrated rear and a green fiber optic front insert. They come with an optional red insert if you’re not a fan of green. Personally, I think green stands out better against most backgrounds compared to red, but XS Sights gives you the option of either.

Now, these are fiber optic only, they’re not a night sight, although XS Sights has plenty of options for those if that’s what you need. The Fiber Optic Sights are designed for competition or training use, or just for folks who like to go to the range and plink. I will say though, although they aren’t geared towards home defense or concealed carry, I have found fiber optic inserts still do pretty well as long as you do have some ambient light like from a handheld or weapon light, street lights, or some form of inside lighting. If you have a a dedicated defense gun, grab some XS Tritiums, but if your range gun doubles as your house gun, these will still work better than the factory irons on your Glock. After all, if you don’t have any light  you won’t be able to ID your target and shouldn’t be shooting anyway.

The XS Glock Fiber Optic Sights have an MSRP of $69.95 which is about half of what a lot of night sights run, and you’re getting a steel sight as opposed to Glock’s factory plastic sights, so that’s a nice upgrade right there.

Key features:

Angled design for greater light transmission and durability
Anti-glare serrations on rear sight
Fiber Optic Colors (Green and Red)
Fiber Optic Quality (Engineered for Durability and Light Transmission)
Steel Construction to withstand hard use
Made in the USA
Easily installed with sight pusher tools or a hammer and punch

The XS Fiber Optic Sights are currently available for the following models:

Glock 17, 19 ,22, 23, 24, 26, 28, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 39, 45, & 47
Glock 42, 43, 43X, & 48

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  1. That’s pretty neat.
    But if Glock wanted mag wheels on their perfection theyd have had them installed at the factory.

  2. Looking at the unsupported portion of the front sight, I wonder just how durable they are.

  3. The Glock made front sight is secured by a danty little screw intended for a Glock danty sized front sight. The fiber optic size looks like overload for the Glock screw. This kind of sight needs ears to protect it like those on a M1A, etc. The front steel night sight purchased for my Sar9 used the Glock screw whereas the Sar9 sight post is steel, larger and secured with a beefy screw that dwarfs the Glock screw. So to have night sights on my Sar I went from a bullet proof front sight to a potenially missing in action front sight. Other than for mounting the fiber optic it will work as described, I have one on a shotgun that uses the AR style protected sight base.

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