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In a world of polymer pistols and Kydex holsters, it’s nice to see classic steel and leather once in a while. Thankfully, Galco Holsters continues to serve the folks who appreciate classic leather gear, while still keeping their designs current and practical. The new Revenger Belt Holster is a good example of that.

The Revenger is part of Galco’s top of the line Masterbilt series of handcrafted holsters. The Revenger is built specifically for revolvers, and is a lined leather, outside-the-waistband belt holster made from premium steerhide. It’s hand molded and has a reinforced mouth and belt tunnel. It’s an open top holster with the precision molding being the retention for the gun. The holster is cut to allow a full firing grip as you draw, while still covering the trigger guard. It’s available in black or tan finishes and has a neutral cant. It will fit belts up to 1 1/2 inches wide.

The Revenger is currently available for 3-inch Smith & Wesson L frames, Ruger GP-100s and Colt Pythons. MSRP on the Revenger is $259 reflecting its premium materials and hand-crafted construction. It will work as a CCW holster under a jacket but is nice enough to wear openly if you live in a place where the barbecue gun is acceptable. I’ve been working with a Galco Speedmaster 2.0 holster for a 3-inch L frame 686 recently, and it’s an exceptional holster. I can only imagine the work that goes into the Masterbilt line since Galco does a great job even with their standard holsters.


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  1. I’ve used Galco for decades. I have an Ankle Glove I bought around 1991-93 for my J-frame 442. Both are still serving well today. That ankle glove held onto that Smith through many a foot pursuit. I’ve always said that Galco was custom made factory leather. Worth every penny without the wait for the custom stuff.

    • Galco is “The good shit” for folks that can’t afford one-off custom.

      I’m imagining how a Ruger Alaskan in .44 mag would look in something like that…

      • Geoff, I’m not sure if we are disagreeing. I like Galco leather.A lot. Look at there exotic leather rigs. It’s as nice, and expensive, as anything out there. I have a shark skin rig from Milt Sparks for a 1911 on order, belt and mag pouch. I’m looking for delivery in September. The Spark’s rig is a little less expensive and faster delivery time. The main thing is delivery. It’s to be a Christmas present for a friend. He’s also a Florida Cracker. (Shark skin) with an off shore boat. That’s the best kind. One that belongs to someone else. Here’s money for gas and bait. Let’s go catch some snapper, grouper and the odd cobia, or amber jack. He’s also a Navy vet and EOD. I think it’s appropriate.

  2. I love my Galco leather holster! I’m old & I hate kydex. Will I buy another? Maybe🙄

  3. That holster looks beautiful.

    I have one or two (or three or four or …) revolvers with gorgeous wood grips (a.k.a. the infamous “barbecue” revolver) that would look absolutely stunning in one of these Galco holsters.

    Looks like I have to start saving up some cash for one of them.

  4. I’ll leave this one for the BLM crowd. Things that carry names like this will never be part of my interest. They can keep it. Too many other (more normal) options. This is part of the Rap-Pee’d pistol nonsense.

  5. I’ve looked at the pic of the holster on the hip of the gentleman at the beginning of this article a couple of times. First, this is a tunnel, loop design. One of my favorite OWB designs. It looks like this guy threaded his belt through the loop, then through his jeans belt loop, (important), then through the tunnel of the holster. Pay attention to this. Another thing. I bet this guy wears his spare mag pouch next to his jeans belt loop on his left hip.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been looking for a good holster for my SW model 36. Chief Special. And my Charter Arms Off Duty snub nose 32HR magnum.

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