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5.11 Tactical isn’t a company that rests on their laurels. Whatever those are. They continue to innovate, bringing out new products, updating existing products, and turning out solid gear that we all use. It would be overwhelming to cover everything they have that’s new, but I got a cross section of some of their new stuff to check out so let’s jump in and see what they’ve got for the second half of 2023. With the holidays right around the corner there are things in here for just about any budget too, if you’re looking for gift ideas.

Skyweight Sling Pack 10L

One of the first pieces of gear I checked out was the Skyweight Sling Pack 10L. I’ve become a fan of the sling pack lately and used one from a company better known for backpacking gear on vacation earlier this year. I liked it, but it was a little smaller than I really needed, and didn’t have the pockets I’ve come to appreciate with more tactical gear. Despite wanting the features though, I didn’t want a bag that screamed tactical, especially when traveling. The 5.11 Skyweight pack was a perfect fit.

The bags come in Volcanic Black, Sage Green, and Major Brown, colors that wouldn’t be out of place in the line of a hiking or outdoors company’s gear. It does say ‘5.11’ prominently in subdued characters so that will be a tell to an astute observer, but most folks likely won’t notice or know what it means even if they do.

Capacity is enough for EDC use or a good day hike. I used it during a land navigation course recently and was able to keep a trauma kit, a shemagh (more on that later), fire starting gear, some basic survival items, a spool of cordage, a water bottle, an MKM folding knife, my compass, maps, and notepad in it with room to spare. I even had room to add my rain jacket, but thankfully I didn’t need it that weekend.

Skyweight Sling Pack 10L Details:

  • Ambidextrous, removable single shoulder strap with quick release buckle, laser-cut MOLLE, sternum strap, and crossbody strap
  • Ambidextrous external stretch water bottle pocket with drawstring cord
  • External first grabs zippered stretch front pocket
  • Top and side access to main compartment
  • External gear loops
  • Top and side grab handles
  • Internal pocket org
  • Hydration compatible (most 2L bladders)
  • Padded back panel with airflow channel
  • Modular pass through back panel for addition of Skyweight Hip Belt for lumbar pack (Sold separately)
  • 330D Nylon Mini Ripstop


Measurements – 7″H x 17″W x 5″D
Weight – 1.56 lb
Capacity – 610 Cubic in / 10-liter total capacity
MSRP: $90.00

42″ Single Rifle Case 34L

I tend to work with things in waves. I do a lot of pistol shooting, will go through shotgun phases, and have done a lot of PCC’s. This summer I drifted back into full-sized rifles and realized that most of my gun cases were sized for the PCC’s and SBR’s, or collapsible stock carbines.

I wanted something simple that would fit a basic bolt action hunting rifle with scope or a 20-inch AR sporting a carry handle or optic. 5.11’s 42 inch Single Rifle Case was perfect.

It has the length to accommodate what I need and is padded to protect the optics. Past that, it’s pretty simple, which I appreciate. I don’t really need a lot of pockets, mag pouches, or backpack straps on a bag to go to and from the range. The 42-inch case has a section of MOLLE webbing if there is something you really want to add to it, but it’s pretty clean otherwise if you don’t want anything hanging off of your case.

42″ Single Rifle Case 34L Details

  • Fully padded rifle case
  • External web MOLLE for pouch attachment
  • Gear Set™ compatible
  • 4×4 loop and 6×1 name tape
  • Top carry handle, removable shoulder strap
  • Internal padded muzzle and butt stock sleeve
  • Internal rifle retention with dual removable straps
  • Abrasion resistant external webbing perimeter
  • YKK® lockable zipper
  • 5.11® signature Center Line™ design

42″ Single Rifle Case 34L Specs
600D Polyester
12.5″ H x 44″ L x 3″ D
2,075 cubic inch / 34-liter total capacity
Weight 1.3kgs
MSRP: $92.00

Flex TacMed Pouch

Medical gear and trauma kits are important if you’re a first responder, a hunter, an outdoorsman, or even just to have as part of your range gear. Whether it’s a gunshot wound, a bad cut or puncture from a field knife, or some other accident-related injury, stopping the bleed is critical to survival. Having a tourniquet and pressure dressings at hand can literally be the difference between life and death.

The Flex TacMed Pouch is a great solution for that. It has plenty of space for those items plus shears and smaller snivel kit items like bandaids, ibuprofen and whatnot. It doesn’t hurt to have some fixes for more minor injuries that may not be life threatening, but are enough to make your life miserable or put an end to your planned activities if you don’t deal with them.

With MOLLE mounting you can attach the TacMed Pouch to your pack, your tac vest or plate carrier, or even to the MOLLE webbing on your 42-inch rifle case (above). Whatever it takes to keep that medical gear close at hand.

Flex TacMed Pouch Details

  • TacMed supplies and dual AR mag carry
  • FLEX-HT™️ Mounting System
  • Front laser-cut platform for accessories or patches
  • Quick pull drop front opening for access
  • Bungee compression lashing system
  • Elastic bands and org slip pockets
  • Magazine compartment with compression strap
  • Elastic band and drain holes on bottom panel
  • 500D Nylon

8”H x 7.0”L x 2.0”D
Weight 0.27kgs
MSRP: $48.00

Flex Shotgun Ammo Pouch

Despite my addiction to AR’s and pistol caliber carbines, I’m still a huge fan of the 12 gauge pump shotgun. Carrying ammo for a shotgun is never as easy as carrying loaded mags for a semi auto firearm. I’ve tried a lot of solutions over the years with varying results but I’m kind of liking the 5.11 Flex Shotgun Ammo Pouch. It’s simple and it works.

It’s basically a square pouch that you just dump shotgun shells into it, or you can just put a whole box of shells in while still in the cardboard box. If you’re dumping shells in loose then shell size doesn’t really matter, whether you’re carrying mini-shells or 3.5 inch Magnums. Just reach in and grab them one at a time or by the handful, when it’s time to reload. There’s a zippered lid to keep your shells in place, or an elastic top if you need quick access to them.

It uses 5.11’s FLEX-HT mounting system to allow you to attach the pouch to a pack, vest or belt. It’s also got MOLLE webbing on the front in case you want to attach something to the pouch itself.

Flex Shotgun Ammo Pouch Details

  • Shotgun shell holder with Flex-HT™ Mounting System
  • Loop laser-cut MOLLE front panel
  • Overlapping elastic top keeps rounds secure
  • Zippered lid closure
  • Holds one standard box of shotgun rounds
  • Attaches to any web platform or belt
  • TPE shrink wrap pulls on all zippers
  • 500D nylon

5.0”H x 4.25”L x 2.75”D
Weight 0.12kg
MSRP: $32.00

Tracker Bi-fold 2.0 Wallet

I’m a member of the simple-is-better crowd when it comes to wallets, although I haven’t drifted to the money clip only trend yet. The Tracker Bi-Fold 2.0 Wallet is a nice compromise that’s compact but still lets you carry cash, credit cards, and ID without becoming a brick in your pocket.

If you’re worried about someone skimming your data while you’re out and about, it’s even got an RFID shield built in and it comes in Multicam or Black Multicam which is always fun. It’s very reasonably priced too and would make a great stocking stuffer.

Tracker Bi-fold 2.0 Details

500D Nylon MultiCam print
Internal RFID shielding
MSRP: $32.00

Back in my day (hey, I’m old) we used to pilfer the big OD green slings from our military first aid kits to use for everything from a bandana and do-rag to protect our faces from sand and dust, as ground cloths so we didn’t lose parts when cleaning your gun, as a sun shield for taking naps, to keep bugs off our faces, and even occasional for their intended purposes as bandages and slings.

The shemagh has largely replaced them with younger generations of troops or tactically-minded folks and it is a better solution. They’re generally bigger, built of better materials, and can do all that and more. They’re a good choice for any outdoorsman too, and work great as a scarf, head covering, or anything else you’d use a cravat for.

5.11 has a couple of versions in different materials, sizes and colors. The Blaze Is 100% polyester and a whopping 58×55 inches. The Legion is a little smaller (although still good sized) at 45×45 inches and is 100% cotton. A shemagh is kind of like the duct tape of the clothing accessory world. Its uses are really limited only by your imagination.

Blaze and Legion Wrap Details

  • Multi-use oversized wrap
  • Protects head and neck from the elements
  • Lightweight and comfortable for year
  • 100% polyester for the Blaze and 100% Cotton for the Legion
  • Imported
  • Both have an MSRP of $32.00

Flag Bearer Cap 

Ball caps are another item that has great utility and make good gifts. I wear a hat regularly any more which has nothing to do with my growing bald spot. The sun shade, protection from sunburn for the bald spot we aren’t talking about, and some light rain protection make it practical as well as something of a fashion statement.

Speaking of fashion, I like my hats simple and functional. The 5.11 Flag Bearer Cap is well built, form fitting, and has a velcro strap to adjust to most heads. It has a velcro panel color matched to the at which you can leave bare or slap on the patch of your choice so you can go as low profile as you like, or rep your favorite morale patch.

Flag Bearer Cap Details

  • 6 panel soft-crown fit
  • High curve brim
  • 5.11® logos at back adjustment, on center front patch, at top of crown, and on center seam binding
  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Embroidered eyelets at crown for ventilation
  • 8 rows of top stitching on bill
  • Wicking jersey fabrication for sweatband with foam insert for comfort
  • One size fits most
  • Imported
  • MSRP: $22.00

Garden Defender Patch

Speaking of morale patches, 5.11 always has some fun ones and their garden gnome series particularly amuse me. They’re a fun touch, and another good inexpensive stocking stuffer kind of item that’ll liven up your pack, gun case, or armor carrier. If you don’t take yourself too seriously then the Garden Gnome Defender might just find his way on to your gear too.

Garden Gnome Details:

  • Compatible with 5.11® apparel and bags
  • Hook-back adhesion
  • Easy on and off
  • Laser cut to size
  • Imported
  • MSRP: $10.00

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  1. 5.11 makes some good gear and clothing.

    …that said…

    I have not forgiven them for discontinuing their Academy Shorts. They were a durable, canvas cargo short that had a short inseam rather than the currently popular below the knees “shorts” that are reminiscent of 1920’s golf knickers. Well-designed and comfortable, they were / are my go-to shorts. Fortunately, when I found that they were discontinuing them back in 2010 I purchased the few remaining ones in my size that I could find…unfortunately, those are getting past the “comfortably worn” stage.

    • AND for financing PLA factories (STILL) in Chicomland. Inexcusable and unacceptable. PERHAPS could give it a pass 30yr ago but not in 2023.

    • And the Tac light boots. For $100 I’d have a great warm weather work boot I could get a solid 18 months out of. And the uppers never actually wear out, the soles tho…

  2. I have the wallet. Using it at this very moment in fact. I love it. Suits my needs perfectly.

    The rest of this…not do much.

    I’ve been thinking about getting one of their watches though. But recent experiences have me thinking twice.

  3. My first experience with 5.11 was when they sent me to Hurricane Katrina. That was their clothing. Since then I’ve bought some of their kit. No complaints. In fact I’m sure I’ll buy more as the need arises.

  4. I use their laptop bag. The hook and loop on the front of the padded laptop sleeve lets me mount a dual spare magazine holder and holster and a large flashlight. I bought it when I saw one a co-worker had and liked it.


    The standard “uniform” for military’s civilian wear consist of 5.11 Tactical pants, (referred to by some of my friends as “shoot me first pants),” a khaki cotton button-down shirt with epaulettes, Oakley shades, desert combat boots, and a shaved head. Add to that a nice MOLLE backpack, and you have target written all over you. No one doubts that you have some very cool gear in that pack and they will want it. But as cool as that looks, it will draw the attention of both LE and predators.

  6. Getting the lowdown on the 5.11 beats the high-end specs on the 911. Conveying a preference for the information on the 5.11 while using a play on numbers, adding a distinctive and catchy element to the statement.

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