Things That Don’t Suck: BlackPoint Tactical VTAC IWB Holster

BlackPoint Tactical VTAC IWB Holster

Jeremy S. for TTAG

A collaboration between BlackPoint Tactical and Viking Tactics’ Kyle Lamb, the VTAC IWB holster is an adaptable and adjustable holster for concealed carry. Primarily designed for appendix carry, the VTAC IWB can also be changed for strong side IWB use, too. And, as you may have guessed, it does not suck.

BlackPoint Tactical VTAC IWB Holster

Photo courtesy BlackPoint Tactical

A key feature of the VTAC IWB’s design is, for lack of a better word, a “lump” of Kydex on the body side of the holster down near the muzzle.

This “lump” pushes the muzzle away from your body, which in turn — and this is the important part — pushes the grip and rear of the slide closer to your body while simultaneously rotating the butt end of the grip in toward your body even further. As anyone who carries concealed will confirm, in most carry positions it’s the heel of the grip that prints (“prints” meaning pokes at your clothes and provides a visual indication of the gun you’re trying to conceal underneath).

BlackPoint Tactical VTAC IWB Holster

Photo courtesy BlackPoint Tactical

BlackPoint and Viking Tactics have made this “lump” removable, should it not work for your clothing choice or carry location or personal preference.

BlackPoint Tactical VTAC IWB Holster

I carried the VTAC IWB appendix style — SIG P365 inside — daily for about a month. It’s one of the very best AIWB holsters I’ve used. Fantastic concealment, great adjustable retention, adjustable ride height, rock solid grip on the belt clips, and no larger than absolutely necessary.

NOTE: in the photo above the “lump” is not installed. I’m really not a fan of appendix carry so, while the VTAC IWB holster was a great example of an AIWB holster, after the month of testing I removed the “lump” and began carrying strong side.

BlackPoint Tactical VTAC IWB Holster

Jeremy S. for TTAG

It may not surprise you that I summarily lost “lump.” She’s probably sitting alone in a boggy marsh, totally motionless except for her heart. My excuse is that I removed it at the old house and have since moved into the new house and most of my office is still in boxes and, while “lump” is somewhere, I have no darn clue where. Twenty minutes of digging through boxes full of loose crap and here we are, writing the article without “lump.”

BlackPoint Tactical VTAC IWB Holster

Jeremy S. for TTAG

BlackPoint’s VTAC IWB is molded to clear tall sights (which I don’t have) as well as pistol optics like the Shield RMS.

BlackPoint Tactical VTAC IWB Holster

Jeremy S. for TTAG

Again, I like the minimal footprint. Preferences on this can vary, but mine (for IWB) is to add the least additional footprint over the size of the gun as possible. The VTAC IWB delivers here, while still providing fantastic retention — adjustable for gripping pressure on the front of the trigger guard — and protecting much of the slide from body oils and sweat and such.

BlackPoint Tactical VTAC IWB Holster

Jeremy S. for TTAG

Belt clips are under firm tension even as seen above, so once the hook on the bottom side snaps over the bottom edge of your belt, they won’t be coming off accidentally. While they aren’t the easiest clips to actually get over your belt and pants waistline and get into place, once they’re there they’re staying there, and that’s crucial.

If you’re looking for a good AIWB holster, not only does the BlackPoint Tactical VTAC IWB not suck, it’s way high up on the list. It’s also rock solid for strong side carry, though for sure it competes stronger in the appendix position market, especially with the help of “lump.”




  1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    lumps are for gravy.
    this thing is minimal, which i like.
    i don’t want the grip texture chafing my tenderloin, however. if not too spendy i’d hang some horsehide on one side.
    i’d rather have a tail coming off below the barrel for the clips- pulls things in… sort of like a snout lump pushes things out, only different.

  2. avatar Lost Down South says:

    Looks nice, but I make my own kydex holsters. 100% customized to my needs.

    And it’s fun.

    1. avatar Joel says:

      I also prefer to roll my own. Makes for a much cheaper “box of holsters” 😉

      I have purchased a few over the years, but with a couple of noticeable exceptions, the ones I use are ones I made.

  3. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    Good write up. I’d have to hold one in my hands before I buy. BTW, price.

    1. avatar Wilson Gulick says:

      $109.99 per the website.

  4. avatar Mark N. says:

    If it is “primarily designed for appendix carry” then it sucks, because appendix carry sucks. If it doesn’t have a slide shield, then it sucks. If it costs over $60 then it sucks. There are a plethora of thin kydex holsters out there, many with clips that do not stick out like a sore thumb, which sucks.

    I bought a perfectly serviceable and comfortable kydex holster for about $35 on sale from a reputable company (High Noon). Now that is something that doesn’t suck!

    1. avatar SoCalJack says:

      When I have to dress nice for a special occasion I wear a suit vest that hides a CYA holster. It’s made of Boltaron and can be worn anywhere from appendix to 5:00 position due to adjustable cant. It produces the most safisfying click sound i’ve ever heard when holstering. Cost around $35.
      So why does appendix carry suck?
      In my journey for the right holster (CYA, Priority 1, A&R Designs, Freedom, Alien Gear, Uncle Mikes, made of neoprene and nylon too) I finally stopped at LLOD holsters and they ain’t cheap. But I always have a spare mag on me, I can draw from sitting position (like in a car), I can draw with my weak hand, I can draw fast if on my back, I can draw faster than any other carry location and it doesn’t print like 3:00 position does. I admit it’s not the most comfortable.

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        I cannot sit down, even with a compact 3″ pistol, when carrying appendix without gouging my groin. And I spend almost all of my day sitting. When adding in the risk of serious or fatal injury due to a reholstering malfunction, appendix is not something I in the least desire.

    2. avatar biily blob says:

      Try drawing from your conceal carry holster with your support hand. I bet if you are carry in any other place other then the appendix, then you are going to be slow af drawing. Real people who actually train practice drawing with their support hand because you may get injured in your dominant hand and now its useless. Appendix carrying I can draw with my support and dominant hand with ease.

  5. avatar Tom Paine says:

    Way overpriced.
    Incredibly limited to gun types as well.

    I was interested, and then meh.


  6. avatar Ark says:

    Sigh, another manufacturer pretending nothing exists but Glock, S&W, and Sig.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      and very few models of each, at that.

  7. avatar Montana Actual says:

    It’s nice to see people taking the “lump” approach as JM did years ago, but for a base price of $100? Hell nah. Those belt clips are funky as hell too. I like them, but they need to be flatter and nor rounded off curving in. Just weird. Looks like a solid design though, and hopefully other cheaper making kydex companies can mimic it. I’ve moved away from AIWB most the time, unless I have to, and when I do have to, for some guns I need a claw and most a “lump” is nice. My usual everyday for a while has been a P365XL but sometimes I’ll swap to the p320. My p320, s&w, glocks, and the p365xl all have a longer grip to them, so a “lump” is nice. If I am going compact double stack AIWB, which I honestly have no reason to anymore with the p365xl, then a lump and a claw. Anyways, find something that works for your body and your attire. One company saying something, and one person saying something, doesn’t mean it will conceal well for you. It’s honestly trial and error, but simple is better. Even at the overpriced tag on this holster in the article, or add?, I don’t think it sucks at all.

  8. avatar D says:

    Sits too deep and the loops are too thick. Shame on Lamb got putt this name on it

  9. avatar Jake says:

    If only BlackPoint wasn’t 90-100 days behind. I ordered an OWB for my G19 on 7/2/20. It’s now 10/2/20, no holster. Customer service asked me to “Hang in there.”

    Maybe I shouldn’t have such a unique & obscure pistol. /s

  10. avatar possum says:


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