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Inspired by the streamlined versatility of the FOXTROT weapon light family, SIG SAUER’s new FOXTROT-EDC packs high output power into two handheld designs for any application.

Available in both a Compact or Full-Size configuration, each FOXTROT-EDC boasts 1,350 Lumens and 33,000 Candela for ample throw and power in low light conditions.

Both lights come with a powerful rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (Compact: 18350, Full-Size: 18650) and two interchangeable tailcaps.

The FOXTROT-EDC is optimized for personal and professional use, fitting comfortably in your jeans pocket or affixed to a vest.

FOXTROT-EDC Compact Specs:

ACTIVATION: Momentary / Latching
LUMENS: 1,350
CANDELA: 33000
ATTACHMENT TYPE: Metal Deep Carry Pocket Clip
BATTERY: 18350 Lithium-Ion
WEIGHT: 4.4 oz w/Battery
PRICE: $119.99

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  1. $120 for a pocket-sized flashlight? Why?
    I’ll stick with my Maglite compact lights, including their Mag-Tac tactical flashlights, which are one third the price of this one, probably twice the quality, and made in USA.

      • SureFire is most definitely not made in China. Neither is ModLite or Cloud Defensive.

        Streamlight uses made in China parts but they are assembled(mostly) in The States.

        This Sig looks promising(it also looks like an ModLite handheld) and it’s a ton of light for the price, even if it is made in China. It’s already leaps and bounds ahead of their weapon lights which leave much to be desired as far as output goes.

        No Maglite products get ANYWHERE close to 1,300 lumens. And before you say no one needs that many lumems or candela, how do you know? There is no such thing as too much light.

        • Streamlight uses, for making its products either in whole or part (which uses parts either imported/rebranded from China or Japan)…

          Favour Light
          Macron Associate
          Quantum Lighting Products
          Ampco Products
          Promotive Industrial

          “SureFire is most definitely not made in China. Neither is ModLite or Cloud Defensive.

          SureFire, ModLite, Cloud Defensive — all use imported/rebranded parts that originated in China or Japan

      • This Sig light is assembled by Maruzen in Japan.

        Sig Sauer doesn’t use any manufacturing in China any longer.

  2. Gasp! Just what the market needed … another overpriced flashlight.

    “Metal Deep Carry Pocket Clip”

    But I will give ’em credit for creative non-sense marketing language.

    • deep carry is a thing, not sure why you’d need it on a torch. none of mine have it; it would cause them to abrade my wallet. on pocket knives it helps conceal- there’s an entire cottage industry for them.
      “lookout, he’s got a compact flashlight!” said nobody.

      • If they’re asking premium money on a Chi-Com made light, *that’s* a problem for me…

        • exactly. there are a dozen or so u.s. made lamps and some aren’t even that pricey.
          for playing on the cheap chicom check out convoy t3 (14500, double a sized), s2+ (18650), s21e (21700) all under 30bucks unless you get the super groovy laser engraved patterns. you’ll have to buy the battery but you get over a dozen emitter and warm/ cool white color choices (as well as uv and actual colors). this guy will even “de- dome” the emitter for you. only the 21 has external charging, you may want to grab a cell with usb charging elseplace as his required a charger dock.

          he ships from pennsylvania.
          me, i like a stubby 18350 form (cr123 sized) like the smaller sig above.

        • This is not even close to “premium money” for a light. Look at Cloud Defensive or ModLite and those aren’t even premium prices. Custom flashlights routinely go for more than $400(not that I’d pay that), so $120(retail) is not much for 1,300 lumens to be honest.

          Dealer on a Cloud handheld is still well above that, although Cloud stuff is US made, so there is that.

  3. ‘deep carry’ is a thing, kind of. its more an activity involving a collection or practice of personal desires and ‘situation dependent or adaptive techniques’ using existing items on the market than an actual market thing. so “Metal Deep Carry Pocket Clip” is creative non-sense marketing language.

    • makes sense when weapon concealment is a consideration, workplace etc. it makes retrieval more difficult for any item. it’s certainly how these addons are marketed, not sure how phraseology so perfectly apt and descriptive is non- sensicle.
      “friction based maximum insertion retention device” would be creative.

  4. Looks like a decent, if somewhat pricey light.

    That sad excuse for a Harries position in the first pic, on the other hand…

  5. Why does everything like this have to be a Foxtrot Bravo Sierra thing?
    Carrying milspec?, doesn’t turn you into Rambo 2.0
    If you really want a tactical light get a kerosene lantern.

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