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People say you don’t aim a shotgun, you point it. Well, people say a lot of things. That may sort of be true for flying targets, but people who use shotguns for turkey definitely aim at their prey. And if you’re shooting birds on the wing or you’re using irons for turkey, a good front sight helps a lot. Our neighbors to the north at XS Sights have just announced new photoluminescent front sights. Check ’em out . . .

XS Sights is pleased to introduce its new, photoluminescent Standard Dot Vent Rib Shotgun Beads for waterfowl and turkey hunting. Bright, durable, and an easy DIY install, the universal fit design utilizes a brass post and friction taper lock that will securely hold the bead on the barrel for countless hunts or thousands of rounds of clays.

Available with a Green or Orange photoluminescent Ember Glow Dot, the new XS shotgun bead is brighter than similar-sized fiber optic sights in daylight conditions and glows in low light for enhanced visibility. They are ideal for use at dawn and dusk and when hunting in areas with thick overhead vegetation or in blinds on foggy mornings. These XS replacement beads have no magnets, which are easily lost, and require no custom work by a gunsmith. Installation is simple and the illumination helps hunters and clay shooters get on target quickly and accurately.

“Waterfowl and turkey hunters have been asking us for a shotgun bead that is smaller in diameter than our Big Dot but with the same highly effective Glow Dot technology,” said Addison Monroe, Digital Marketing Manager, XS Sights. “The short, low-profile design is durable and won’t break if hit or become discolored by cleaning agents.”

The kits come with three threaded brass posts, and the easy, two-step installation process makes this DIY install a breeze. Simply screw the one that fits your shotgun model into the barrel, slide the bead onto the post, and tap the top of the bead with a mallet.  The new sights have a bead diameter of 0.165” and overall height of 0.165.” Thread options include: 5-40, 3-56, 6-48, M3 x .5, and M2.5 x .45.

Initial fits for Benelli, Beretta, Browning, CZ, Mossberg, Remington and Stoeger vent rib shotguns.

Retail Price: $54.99

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  1. I laugh at people who make that claim, you needn’t aim a shotgun. They have this movie ideal that the shotgun blasts an impenetrable wall of lead in front of it. Not even close. At short range, that giant wall is about the size of a basketball. So, if you have a lick of sense about you, you’ll aim that shotgun lest you give the intruder time to fire a well aimed shot at you.

  2. Well, me thinks they are referring to point and shoot at close range, like 25 feet or less. I know my 18.5” barrel pistol grip Mossberg hits what I point it at; pie plate sized, without using sights. And of course not shooting a slug, more like #4 buck.

    • Every gunm doesn’t have to be used for killing humans.
      This sight is for birds and hunting. Or so the article eluded to.
      I’ve noticed, and have complained previously, TTAG’s articles are so much more about killing people, self defense, combat operatives, splattering brains, and bullshit like that.
      Gunms can be used to hunt other things then humans and target shooting doesn’t have to be about honing your skills to put a bullet in someone’s head that’s 3 miles away.


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