YouTube Begins Deleting Videos Featuring Bump Fire Stocks

Our friends at the Military Arms Channel have discovered that Google-owned YouTube (remember: don’t be evil) are memory holing anything to do with bump fire stocks. In case it’s too hard to make out from the screen grab above, here’s the first part of YouTube’s explanation of why a video titled ‘SSAK-47 Bump Fire Stock […]

YouTube Burying Las Vegas Conspiracy Theory Search Results

YouTube is the America’s second most popular search engine, right after Google. Which owns YouTube. We now learn that the “don’t be evil” mothership has directed YouTube to manipulate the video channel’s search results to suppress videos asserting that the Las Vegas spree killing is a false flag operation. According to the authoritative Wall Street Journal […]

Here It Is: The Dumbest Post-Vegas Spree Killing Pro-Gun Control Editorial…Until the Next One . . .

Blogging in the aftermath of the Mandalay Bay spree killing is an endless game of whack-a-mole. Or, if you prefer, whack-whacko. Specifically . . . gun control advocates waving the bloody shirt for gun control laws that would have done absolutely nothing to to prevent Stephen Paddock from opening fire on thousands of concertgoers. Of […]

Keep Focused on What’s Important after the Mandalay Bay Massacre

Facts are still few and far between where the murder perpetrated in Las Vegas last night is concerned. Most of what we’re hearing is speculation about motives, along with spurious claims of responsibility by pissant Middle Easterners and political pablum by people for whom, pace Clausewitz, politics is the continuation of sports by other means. Pardon my […]

Twitter Reacts to Las Vegas Massacre

As has become the custom, the first place for initial reactions and the hottest of takes to breaking news is Twitter. And since almost everyone has the capability — right in their hot little hand — of broadcasting their deepest thoughts to the world, the aftermath of a horror like the Mandalay Bay massacre brings […]