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The Gundies is effectively The Oscars but for the gun industry, and it has been growing in scope and production value every year. It’s a legit awards show and you can watch it tonight!

There are all sorts of categories for content creators — all the YouTube and social media gun “celebrities” you know and watch — categories for various types of gun and gear manufacturers, and much more. Voting was open to the public and took place throughout the month of December to decide who was the best in dozens of interesting categories.

The show streams tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern Time! Watch The Gundie Awards at or on CarbonTV.

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  1. Appeals Court Rules Mexico Can Continue Trying To Sue American Firearm Manufacturers Out-Of-Business.

  2. It’s an award show for the “pick me” crowd in the gun entertainment business…not the gun industry.

    • It’s easy to say that and that’s just the nature of the arena.

      It usually takes a lot of effort to raise a Youtube channel up to be on such an effective level. Recognition is due. These people fill an important niche.

  3. Gundie Awards? No thanks. I honestly haven’t seen a firearm that deserved an award in decades. Really, think about it. Does any handgun with a Hillary hole deserve one. How about the latest plastic 9mm? An AR? Please don’t bore me.

  4. Watch a bunch of narcissists pat each other on the backs? Ain’t nobody got time to watch that.

    How about some actual journalism and simply give us the results in a text format? -Like actual reporting of facts.

    Because “journalism.”

    • Do other industry blogs give award show results, or do they make you watch the entire show to figure it out? It’s fine to promote it beforehand, but that’s it?

  5. Streaming takes a credit card I think?
    Feel the Pain Mortal, I just can’t do the credit card thing.

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