Michael Moore on Guns…Now More Than Ever

The anti-gun left, the civilian disarmament industry and their oh-so-willing friends in the media love to push the narrative that America is in the midst of an unprecedented gun violence epidemic. They tell us that the only way to DO SOMETHING about this disgraceful national affliction is for Americans to give up some or all […]

Legacy Media Waking Up to Effect of Impeachment on Gun Control Progress

First it was Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer who opined that impeachment really isn’t a valid reason for President Trump not moving forward with the push for gun control. Apparently congressional Democrats didn’t think there would be any legislative consequences to their attempt to remove him from office. Now, it’s the Dems’ media stenographers who […]

Talki.ng, The New Gun-Friendly Alternative to Reddit

Given Big Tech’s particular political bent and preferences, deplatforming has become the weapon of choice for these companies and social media sites to use against firearms manufacturers and 2A-supportng organizations and users. If a platform’s account holders express opinions the Silicon Valley sultans find objectionable for political or aesthetic reasons, they have no problem suspending […]

Gun Tweet of the Day: Clueless Politico Reporting Edition

Is it really too much to ask that reporters covering gun legislation have even a basic understanding of what it would do or how current law works? How can basic mistakes still get published at major publications on a regular basis?? This is embarrassing. https://t.co/bqVnpk7xO0 pic.twitter.com/Akim5K8AJr — Stephen Gutowski (@StephenGutowski) August 27, 2019 Unlike so […]