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By Lee Williams 

Joe Biden, the most anti-gun President in the history of the United States, is 80 years old, suffers from advanced dementia, and has trouble reading from a teleprompter, much less comprehending what he’s saying. He makes up stories in which he always appears in the starring role, even though everyone knows they’re lies. And he tends to wander off if left unsupervised, which is why the First Lady leads him around like a puppy. 

Therefore, if Biden is going to beat the GOP challenger, regardless of who’s nominated, he will need serious help. Yesterday, the legacy media proved once again they are more than willing to give Biden all the help he needs. They’re conspiring with the White House to gaslight the American public into believing their commander-in-chief has a full set of marbles rolling around in his vacuous head. 

At a joint press conference with the President of South Korea, A New York Post photographer with a long lens captured a photo of a cheat sheet in Biden’s hands. It wasn’t a typical Biden cheat sheet, which normally tell him what to say when he walks into a room, whom to mention, where to sit and which reporters to call on. This cheat sheet had the name and picture of Los Angeles Times reporter Courtney Subramanian. It also had the question she planned to ask, which raises even more questions about Biden’s fitness for office. He called on Subramanian first but didn’t even try to pronounce her last name. 

“Now we’re going to take some questions. The first question is from Courtney of the Los Angeles Times,” Biden said, according to a White House transcript of the press conference. 

“Thank you, Mr. President. Your top economic priority has been to build up U.S. domestic manufacturing in competition with China.  But your rules again- — against expanding chip manufacturing in China is hurting South Korean companies that rely heavily on Beijing.  Are you damaging a key ally in the competition with China to help your domestic politics ahead of the election?” Subramanian asked, according to the transcript. 

Biden is well known for providing short answers to most questions, usually just a yes or no. Judge for yourself whether you believe his response to Subramanian had been worked out in advance . . .

“My desire to increase U.S. manufacturing and jobs in America is not about China.  I’m not concerned about China. 

Remember, America invented the semiconductor. We invented it. We used to have 40 percent of the market. And we decided that what we’re going to do over the past — I don’t know how many decades — we decided that it was going to be cheaper to export jobs and import product. And along came the pandemic. And the pandemic taught us that — we used to have, as I said, 40 percent of the market just some years ago. Now it’s down to 10 percent. And again, we invented the super- —

We got — so I decided to go out and see what we could do to increase our hold on the market once again.  And so what I did was I went around the country.  As well as in addition to passing the CHIPS and Science Act, I, in fact, visited countries around the world.  And two significant South Korean companies decided they were going to invest billions of dollars in chip manufacturing in the United States. 

It wasn’t designed to hurt China.  It was designed to — so we didn’t have to worry about whether or not we had access to semiconductors.  For example, during the pandemic, what happened was all of a sudden everybody started to learn the phrase “supply chain.”  A year ago, no one knew what the hell anybody was talking about when you said “supply chain.”  But now they all know.  And we lost access to these — these semiconductors and which new automobiles in the United States need 30,000 of them just to build a new automobile.  And we didn’t have them. 

So, we started to invest here.  And what happened was, when we encouraged the investment through the CHIPS and Science Act — and now we have enormous investment in the United States — well over $200 tril- — billion in long-term investment in semiconductors.  And we’re rebuilding the economy of the United States with those semiconductors.  It’s not designed to hurt China. 

The only thing I did say, with regard to China: There are certain extremely sophisticated semiconductors that we have built that are useful for nuclear and/or other weapons systems.  Those we are not selling.  We’re not exporting them to China or anyone else. 

And so that’s the context in which this has all occurred.  In the meantime, we’re creating thousands of jobs and bringing back a sense of pride and dignity to so many towns in the country where, all of a sudden, over the last three decades, we found out that factory that hired — had 600 people shut down.  The soul of that community was lost. 

And so I made sure, when the semiconductors were coming back, that they were not just going to go to the coast, they’d be all over the country. 

And so we have a significant “field of dreams” in — outside of — in Ohio, outside of Columbus.  We’re in Texas.  We’re in Arizona.  Anyway — they’re all over the country. 

So, it’s not viewed to hurt anyone else.  We are providing access to those semiconductors.  We’re not — we’re a supply chain you can count on. 

But we are not — we are not going to sit back and be in a position where we don’t have access to those semiconductors.  We are not going to be a place where we’re the end of that line.  We — we’re the beginning of it.

And it’s generating significant economic growth in America and not hurting anybody. 

And, by the way, it’s creating jobs in — in South Korea.  It’s creating jobs in South Korea — and not just with SK, but — anyway — with Samsung and other — other industries. 

So, I think it’s a win-win,” Biden said. 


“The goal of the Los Angeles Times is to publish a newspaper of the highest quality. This requires The Times to be, above all else, a principled newspaper. Making it so is the responsibility of every staff member. In deed and in appearance, journalists at The Times must keep themselves – and the newspaper – above reproach,” the L.A. Times writes on its ethical guidelines page. By conspiring with Biden’s handlers, Subramanian violated this lofty tenet as well as a half-dozen other ethical guidelines. 

To be clear, the deal Subramanian cut with Biden’s comm staff wasn’t a one-way street. Biden got a chance to look knowledgeable for a change. Subramanian got a clip to add to her sizzle reel of her going toe-to-toe with the president and asking a hard question, even though Biden knew exactly what was coming. 

Subramanian joined the newspaper’s Washington Bureau in April 2022. She had previously worked for USA Today, Time magazine and the BBC. As of Thursday evening, the L.A. Times had not responded to our email or scores of other requests for comment, other than by issuing a quick statement denying she did anything wrong. 


What does all of this have to do with guns? 


The legacy media is so afraid of another Republican president they aren’t even bothering to hide their political biases and beliefs. As they demonstrated during President Trump’s term, the media is willing to break every rule, including knowingly publishing falsehoods, to keep a Democrat in the Oval Office. As before, the ends justify their unethical means, which shapes their news coverage. They will never hold Biden accountable, and if guns are involved, he can get away with anything. 

Need proof? 

Look at the ATF’s pistol-brace rule, which could turn an estimated 40-60 million Americans into felons overnight. If a Republican president weaponized a federal law enforcement agency – as Biden did the ATF – and the agency then wrote their own rule that criminalized lawful conduct putting Americans in legal jeopardy, the legacy media would come unhinged – apoplectic with rage. There would be fearsome stories and editorials in print and broadcast every five minutes, damning the president, his staff and all of his supporters. By comparison, we have yet to see any substantive stories about ATF’s unconstitutional pistol-brace rule in any legacy media story. 

Ninety-five percent of the legacy media are Democrats and extremely anti-gun. You won’t find that number published anywhere. It’s something I learned well during my 20 years as a newspaperman. They hate guns and they hate us. To them we’re nothing but rubes and hicks with “assault weapons.” 

We’ve always known we’d never get a fair shake from the legacy media, but given their deep-seated fear of another Republican president, things could actually go kinetic. Biden’s puppeteers know they’ll never be held accountable if they target law-abiding gun owners, no matter how excessive or obscene their tactics. The worst, friends, maybe be yet to come. 

Make ready. 


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.

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  1. Biden’s Press Conference Scandal Shows He Has No Fear Idea of Being Held Accountable

    What say you, Debbie?

    • The Democrats and their media lackeys don’t see Waco and Ruby Ridge as tragedies. They see them as a start in the cleansing of America.

  2. This whole uproar seems to be wag the dog to me. This is what they’re talking about? China is on the rise, groceries are sky high. Biden and his administration are in completely over their heads. There are way more important things to be talking about.

    • Years ago, Biden was in over his head. That’s when he was stupid but lucid.


      He has to be told where to sit, stand, eat, excrete. Sorry, I find this to be scary, along with the fact that the media has gone full Soviet pretending this walking, slobbering corpse has everything under control.

        • I get pissed off every time I go to the grocery store, I know you do. What’s frustrating is that this sentiment would be all over the news if a Republican were in office. With Biden it’s ignored or cast off as the “new normal.” Meat is bad for the universe. We just have to get used to cricket flour pizza and beetle sausage. Who cares if a steak costs as much as a car payment. Don’t say that in front of Bill Gates he will get very angry at you. Yes he’s eating a steak but please don’t bring it up. He gets so mad.

      • Mrs Haz and I watched the tribute to Carol Burnett this week. I really do miss the golden era of quality variety shows, and the likes of Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Bernadette Peters…The Carol Burnett Show, The Mandrell Sisters Show, Shields & Yarnell, The Muppet Show, and such. A bygone era replaced by pure crap today.

        That being said, a short segment was included showing President Joetato and Doctor Jill expressing their best wishes to Ms. Burnett for her 90th birthday. Joe looked like he could barely read the cue card and stand straight at the same time. Seriously. It would be moderately funny if it weren’t for the fact that this guy is occupying the highest office in the land.

        The Dems know full well he and Kamala are a terrible choice for their party for next year’s election, but they’re not even permitting a primary debate to allow other Dem candidates to throw their hats in the ring. The Left is cooking up something to surpass the COVID plandemic, Dominion fraud, and J6 fake riots to pull off another steal.

        • In the morning around 2:30 3:00 while I’m getting ready for work Antenna TV has the Burns and Allen show and Jack Benny. I love it! Silly comedy, fun and clean. And yes I love My Favorite Martian and Dennis the Menace too! And Hazel! I’m a dreamer…

        • “COVID plandemic, Dominion fraud, and J6 fake riots to pull off another steal“

          Nice brief list of Donald Trump‘s major failures.

          In other news:

          “WASHINGTON — Attorneys for the Proud Boys placed blame for the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol on Donald Trump in closing arguments in their seditious conspiracy trial Tuesday.

          An attorney for Enrique Tarrio, the head of the Proud Boys, said federal prosecutors were trying to make him a “scapegoat for Donald J. Trump and for those in power.” A lawyer for Joe Biggs said the defendants came to Washington because their “commander-in-chief” told them it would “be wild,” referring to Trump’s infamous tweet on Dec. 19, 2020, that called on supporters to come to Washington on Jan. 6.“

        • The Proud Boys caused the Gropenfuehrer to use cheat cards in his press conference?

          Oh, wait — those two stories have nothing to do with each other.


        • “nothing to do with each other“

          Don’t get your knickers in a wad, I was responding to another comment:

          “COVID plandemic, Dominion fraud, and J6 fake riots to pull off another steal“

          We’ve already won 10 convictions for seditious conspiracy related to the “J6 fake riots”, stay tuned for the proud boys verdicts.

        • “Don’t get your knickers in a wad, I was responding to another comment: “COVID plandemic, Dominion fraud, and J6 fake riots to pull off another steal“

          No, Liar4er, the full comment was “The Left is cooking up something to surpass the COVID plandemic, Dominion fraud, and J6 fake riots to pull off another steal.” Haz didn’t say anything about the Proud Boys in his post. You selectively edited it — a common dishonest tactic that’s your go-to move.

          You’re unable to have an honest debate; it’s apparently beyond your capability. Sad.

        • no name,

          “You’re unable to have an honest debate; it’s apparently beyond your capability. Sad.”

          I HOPE you aren’t just coming to this realization at this point. That lying liar who lies, and then lies about his lies, has been doing the same schtick for years. He isn’t a “commenter” he is a lying, Leftist/fascist propagandist.

          Because he was reasonably articulate, I started with the position of assuming that he was making good faith arguments . . . until I discovered that the lying liar had no intention of actually engaging in debate or discussion. He was here to spew his propaganda, and pretend to be erudite.

          The sad part is, I don’t even think he believes his own bulls***. He just parrots the Leftist/fascist talking points, cites a few “sources” (usually Leftist crap like VOX, Slate, the Rolling Stone, etc.), and deliberately misrepresents and/or misconstrues what the source ACTUALLY says, and NEVER presents either a balanced view or the context of the supposed “source”.

          He is a deliberate, intentional partisan propagandist liar. I no longer even bother to try to afford him the assumption of good faith; he has rendered that impossible. He is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Leftist/fascist talking points, and presents them semi-articulately, but dishonestly. “Arguing” with MajorLiar is like playing chess with a pigeon – he struts around, knocks over all the pieces, s*** all over the board, then struts around bragging about how he “won” the game. He is a disgusting @$$clown, and if he spontaneously combusted in front of my, I wouldn’t p*** on him to extinguish the flames.

        • No, you’re just tired of being a loser, hanging out with losers.

          Another loser made a comment about the “J6 fake riots”, I just posted info referencing testimony and evidence presented in a federal court confirming the attack on the United States Capitol during a joint session of Congress debating our national election under the rules of the United States Constitution.

        • “No, you’re just tired of being a loser, hanging out with losers.”

          I don’t hang out with you, Liar.

          “Another loser made a comment …”

          Such a high opinion you have of us! Since we’re all supposed to be losers — just WTF are you doing here?

        • “We’ve already won ten convictions”
          When the judges and jurors are 100% leftist, it was a conviction before it ever started, so “won” is far from accurate.
          Convictions were confirmed by a gaggle of goons that wouldn’t know justice if it hit the in the face.

        • Breaking news: J6 Committee interviews a ham sandwich, then indicts it for sedition.

        • MajorLiar,

          “You’re just tied of being a loser, and hanging out with losers.”

          And, yet, I always try to mock and belittle your lies, that you lie about.

          You’re a lying clown of a Leftist/fascist propagandist, we all know it, you have never argued in good faith, and your parents are probably ashamed to acknowledge your existence, you pimple on the @$$ of humanity.

  3. Beyond corruption, the only thing the Biden Crime Syndicate has ever excelled at is the destruction of America.

  4. Biden “Has No Fear of Being Held Accountable”

    The fix is in with the MSM, everyone knows that so what’s new in this story?

  5. “To be clear, the deal Subramanian cut with Biden’s comm staff wasn’t a one-way street. Biden got a chance to look knowledgeable for a change. Subramanian got a clip to add to her sizzle reel of her going toe-to-toe with the president and asking a hard question, even though Biden knew exactly what was coming.”

    “…even though Biden had notes on what was coming.”


    His pudding cup is a new discovery, each and every day.

    • No surprise there. Anytime the Anointed One’s lips are moving, he’s lying.

      and, no, I didn’t listen to it.

      • You should have invested the 30 seconds. In a nutshell, he’s claiming that the good American jobs won’t be coming back.

        Oh yes they are, and where it counts, the ultra-dense sub-5 nanometer processes (5N). The world-leading Taiwanese company TSMC announced along with the new Arizona chip plant they are currently building, they are building 2 more, in the same area, that will produce even denser chips. Even if China invades Taiwan, they won’t get a functional chip plant, for one very good reason – You can’t make those chips without a reliable source of extremely high purity ultraviolet light (EUV).

        And China never will get that ultra-short wavelength light generator, thanks to Dutch company ASML, who is the only company on the planet capable of manufacturing one. There are numerous extreme technologies needed, and the critical ones will never get to China.

        Oh yes, we are hurting China, and it is *very* deliberate, and China can’t do a damn thing about. And I for one am cheering China being kept at the children’s table while the adults (the west) get the good stuff.

        This video explains why China will never be able to manufacture the highest-end chips and is forever royally-fucked (this is just the light generator, about the size of a box truck) :

        • This is an excellent explainer as to why extreme ultraviolet light is so important :

        • If China does invade Taiwan, the TSMC fab plants will either be flattened ruins or empty shells. Any movable equipment will he taken. Anything remaining rendered unusable. Any data will either be taken or destroyed as the intellectual property is more important than the fab plants themselves.

    • I remember when that happened! Obummer had 8 years to try to get things going. That video proves how clueless he was/is. People quickly forgot that the big topics for the 2016 election were the economy and dealing with ISIS. Those issues were handled immediately, so the propaganda machines began saying it was actually Obama the made the economy what it is, and took care of ISIS. His 2009 trillion dollar “investment”, which he himself admitted was a failure, was responsible for the economy taking off in 2017. Yeah, okay.

      It’s amazing how many people buy into the constant lies. Even if you bought all of that, what about Russiagate? Fools still believe that one too! “But whutabout Orange Man using campaign funds?” Look up Hillary and the DNC actually being fined by the FEC for funding Russiagate you fools! Why weren’t you calling for Hillary to be arrested? Oh yeah, the propagandists didn’t really report on that story, did they? That’s the same FEC that looked into and cleared Trump for the Stormy deal. There’s a sucker born every minute.

      • One of the biggest problems we have Dude is the short attention span many many people have when it comes to what has happened last week, last month, and last year. Our media is controlled by leftists and they are evil beyond imagination.

        • They are too busy being slaves to their “smart” phones to bother with anything else. In general, the smarter the phones get, the dumber the users seem to get.

    • From one lying, useless POS Democrap president to another. They’re scraping below the barrel.
      The last five Democraps:
      Dementia Joe

      Is it actually possible that Clinton may have been the best of the lot?

      • Yes. He was popular among Donks and many Repubs. He could work with an opposing Congress, when it was to his advantage. Ad he got oral in the Oval.

      • Without a doubt he was the best. Carter was the better person. He was just too incompetent to deal with the issues of the time.

      • Ghost,

        As far as that list, and which one of them was “best”, in horse-racing circles, a poor horse winning a race is referred to as “the class of a poor field”. As a pure politician, Clinton probably is the class of that EXTREMELY poor field. Kind of akin to being “the World’s Tallest Midget”.

        And the Dims streak of losers goes back even further – don’t forget Woodrow Wilson and FDR.

  6. RE: “Therefore, if Biden is going to beat the GOP challenger, regardless of who’s nominated, he will need serious help.”

    That “help” may be just what biden received following the voting machine lawsuit against Fox. Should biden “win?” again who in the media and elsewhere is going to point a finger at voting machines? Unless congress does something now to defend across the board unfettered voting investigations there is less today to question a fraudulent election than there was in 2020.

  7. He shouldn’t have any fear because he won’t ever be held accountable by the laughable “press” who carries water for him in buckets. It’s good to be the establishment’s pet donkey.

    Also there is the obvious fact that he is near completely senile and doesn’t have a clue where he or what he is doing the vast majority of the time. Ignorance truly can be bliss. The old fool probably doesn’t even know if he is on foot or on horseback.

  8. Puppet: “we decided that it was going to be cheaper to export jobs and import product”

    No. You guys (both parties) decided to screw over middle class America while lining your pockets for decades while making us poorer, and our country more vulnerable. Then you spend $200 billion (!!!) of my money to work on bringing back an industry that you intentionally pushed out of this country! Then you guys (both parties) high five each other like you’re doing everyone a big favor. Thanks for nothing!

    Puppet: “And the pandemic taught us that — we used to have, as I said, 40 percent of the market…”

    No again. Ross Perot, among others, was saying your policies of exporting jobs (and running up debt) was a disaster 30 years ago! The “free trade” (code for unfair trade) libertarians are still pushing the “we now have a service economy” propaganda. That’s code for shut up and deal with it. I’m sure it’ll all be fine… Hey if it doesn’t work out, we can always throw some more $200 billion packages together to fix it because money grows on trees. Either way, the ruling class profits. Heads they win, tails we lose.

    Puppet: “all of a sudden, over the last three decades, we found out that factory that hired — had 600 people shut down.”

    All of a sudden. Over three decades. All of a sudden. They don’t think we’re that stupid. They’re laughing at us.

    Be very afraid any time a politician uses the word investment. Also, bipartisanship is almost always a very bad thing. When does Congress ever go out of their way to help the American people? Bipartisanship means both parties are working together to screw us over.

    “the deal Subramanian cut with Biden’s comm staff”

    This has been happening from the very beginning. Welcome to the party. The idiot Puppet playing the role of president has even said, “I’m supposed to call on…”

  9. Subramanian… Yet another lefty reporter with a surname from India. Some people out there in tv land still think that’s a coincidence. Most of them are probably the same ones who think Biden won the election and they probably believe Biden is the boss.

    • “another lefty reporter with a surname from India. Some people out there in tv land still think that’s a coincidence. Most of them are probably the same ones who think Biden won the election”

      Cool, another foreign conspiracy, this one is India! This is better than the Italian satellites and the Venezuelan software!

      “Her surname is Armenian“

      Well shit, there goes another perfectly good conspiracy theory onto the dust-heap of history, shucks.

      • MajorLiar,

        Yeah, Armenian . . . like Ana Kasparian. What is it with Armenian women being ignorant Leftist/fascist idiots????? I know more than a few Armenians, and most of them are quite normal, productive people. Where they dig up these dried-out, brainless, t***waffles is a mystery to me.

        There must be a school that churns out ignorant, lying, logic-deficient Leftist/fascists. Did y’all sit next to each other in “Advanced Indoctrination into Leftist Lying Propaganda 401”?? Did you get lucky? (they’re both stupid enough they might even allow a piece of excrement like you to touch them, ’cause you will chant the Leftist/fascist mantras). Just be careful, you have no idea what’s been there before you.

  10. The voters want their “free” intravenous needles. They want their “free” condoms. They want their “free” HIV AIDS treatment. They want to be “free” from arrest when they have sex in public. Or urinate and defecate in public. Or walk around naked if they wish to. And know they are free from being arrested. They want to be protected from having a drug overdose, by the government Injection Centers. They want to be free from the responsibility and the consequences, of any possible negative actions that they might personally take.

    And they are quite happy to continue to vote for anyone, who will make all of that come true for them. Democrat or Libertarian. They all know they could never get enough Republicans to support that. Which is why they don’t vote republican.

    • “And they are quite happy to continue to vote for anyone, who will make all of that come true for them.”
      And the dems will be more than happy to accommodate them. And when they die due to their drug addictions who cares there are plenty more where they came from. Just make sure while you are alive to vote for us! We truly care…

  11. Just a question – WHY WOULD Senile Joe feel any risk of being “accountable”?? He’s been a babbling idiot for his entire career, and now he’s a senile babbling idiot. His own daughter’s diary came out . . . did you notice how fast THAT story went away?? Showering with my daughter? No problem! The fact that he used to lie every time he opened his mouth (now other idiot Dimocrats lie though his mouth – he doesn’t even know what freakin’ day of the week it is), and that he’s a lying plagiarist, ONLY gets mentioned in a few, independent news outlets. That his own former “boss”, Black Chicago Jesus, said of him “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up”, ditto.

    “Accountability? What dat??” And, yet, idiot Dims keep voting for this pathetic, senile moron (who was a moron before he was senile). I don’t like Trump, and I didn’t vote for him in 2016 or 2020, but if it’s “Trump v. Biden, Round Three” in 2024, I will. Trump is a bad choice; Biden is so much worse it isn’t even a choice. I would love a better candidate than Trump; Biden is so much worse it is impossible to quantify.

    And then we have the prospect that IF that senile idiot does get re-elected (or the Dims manage to steal the election), he will be 82, and objectively, observably in severe senile decline, and his VP (“one heartbeat away”!!!) is perhaps the stupidest woman in DC, and got her prominent positions by sucking d***. And the Dims are so certain of his ineptitude that they refuse to have candidate debates for the nomination. How Biden will dodge having debates with Trump (or DeSantis?) will be interesting to watch. Senile Joe couldn’t debate my dog (and as much as I love her, she’s not very smart).

  12. I know trains need conductors but I never knew Semi’s did.
    Maybe they are like a Monback on a garbage truck?
    theBiden is proof of the Illuminati. No other explanation.
    “Think, think about what it is your thinking about.”
    “I had my ass wiped”
    Let’s Go Brandon ,4 more years err uh how many ever he wants.
    Let’s Go Brandon, 12 more years.
    I think we have us a President that’s going to be appointed for life .

    • possum,

      Given the obviously accelerating rate of his decline, “the rest of his life” may not take him through 2028, even if he DOES win (or steal) the election. But then we’d be stuck with the stupidest woman in politics as our (p)Resident. The Dimocrats mostly hate her; the Republicans can’t stand her – but at least she makes idiots like Katie Porter and Debbie Wassermantest-Schultz look semi-sentient.

  13. It’s not even fun to make fun of FJB anymore. Its no wonder why we’ve lost our place in this “woke new order”.

    • I feel sorry for the old man, walking around with a diaper full of shit, trying to remember where your at or what you did, told old to chase down ” that young thing” and with the weight of the free world resting on sagging shoulders.

    • Ed,

      Don’t despair – we still have LOTS of idiot pols to mock and make fun of. Starting with Kamal-toe the Ho, Katie Porter, Hank “Guam is going to tip over” Johnson, Eric Swallowswell, Adam the Pencil-Neck Liar, Mitch the Bitch, Marco “Dondi” Rubio, and a host of others.

      The old joke used to be “Politics is Hollywood for ugly people”. Now, it’s “Politics is Hollywood for ugly, STUPID people”. And the morals in each are equally malodorous. And it’s no accident that Ken Buck and Jeffrey Epstein hung out with Billy Zipperpants. If Black Chicago Jesus had been straight, he might have gone to Lolita Island, too. Ken Buck was more his speed.

  14. “Biden is well known for providing short answers to most questions, usually just a yes or no.”

    Mr Fauxpresident – “would you like more ice cream?”

  15. Once again, another Lie in Biden’s “Story.” The US did not invent Semiconductors. The first Semiconductor ever built was done in the 1874 by Braun.
    The US built the first Integrated Circuit in 1960. Jack Kirby of Texas Instruments built and demonstrated the first planar monolithic Integrated Circuit. Kirby borrowed heavily 0from the work of Jacobi (a German that first proposed the idea in 1949, who built the first Integrated Transistor amplifier) and Drummond (an English man who came up with the idea of multi component Integrated circuits).

    This is what you get when you install a Demented Pathological Liar in the Oval Office.


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