How to Horrify the Mainstream Media in One Easy Step

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  1. Good One…Shared with with a person whose mailing list is far larger than mine, pass it along.

  2. Had a conversation with a colleague this past week. He lives in a suburb of Chicago. He asked me what I thought was going to happen with the economy. I replied:

    “Zombie hoards”

    Him: What do you mean?
    Me: It’s really all about money. Money is becoming worthless. When global currencies collapse, even ours, food will become very scarce. That means there will be frightened, hungry, desperate zombies marauding through the streets, looking for brains.
    Him: People are saying to buy gold and silver.
    Me: I am buying brass and lead.
    Him: What? Why?
    Me: Because food and ammo are going to be the currency for a while.
    Him: I’ve been thinking about getting a gun.
    Me: Why haven’t you?
    Him: It would make me nervous to have a gun in the house.
    Me: Would it make you nervous to have zombies in your house?
    Him: I have fired guns a couple of times.
    Me: OK, so you have been baptized. Now, join the church.
    Him: You really think there are going to be zombies?
    Me: I might be wrong, but it seems likely. You should prepare. Besides, it is fun.
    Him. I need to think about this.
    Me: When you are ready to talk guns, ammo, and training, let me know.

        • Protip?… If you DON’T know how many you have, you really need to figure it out… Take inventory, make a list and lock it in the safe… How would you know if something went “missing” if you don’t know you have it… I have tens of thousands of rounds of various types of ammo but I keep an accurate count of stuff on hand, shoot a hundred rounds immediately purchase a hundred replacements…

        • “Take inventory, make a list and lock it in the safe…”

          That’s fine, until the safe gets cleaned out on you. 🙁

          Make 3 lists, one in the safe, another with someone trusted, and another the same.

          Or better, make it an envelope with photographs of each ‘step-child’, it just might help with insurance companies if a loss occurs, seeing a picture with the serial number on it.

          Oh, and a leave an extra gun or 2 with each of those folks, ‘just in case’ the Leftist Scum ™ jack-booted IRS-enhanced thugs batter your front door down at zero-dark thirty and shoot your doggie… 🙁

        • until the safe gets cleaned out on you.

          If they are in my Valuables safe there is no one left alive in the house, and they already have everything else so no one left to GAF…

        • “Or better, make it an envelope with photographs of each ‘step-child’, it just might help with insurance companies if a loss occurs, seeing a picture with the serial number on it.”

          Capital idea, ol’ chap. You should photograph and document all valuables. In fact, it’s a good idea to similarly inventory most items in your home that could be stolen, or damaged or destroyed in a storm or fire. Furniture, appliances, electronics.

          ALSO: Check your homeowner’s policy. It likely has a limit on the amount paid out for “firearms.” Speak to your agent about a “rider” to provide additional coverage over and above the policy limits. Same goes for your wife’s jewelry if she owns more than about $1,000 worth.

          Your agent can give you an inventory list that you can fill out.

      • A target for the newly weaponized IRS?

        And I thought the IRS could always use F-Troop for the armed response because aren’t they both Treasury? But there is a risk of incinerating evidence in the process.

        • IRS and BATFE used to be Treasury, but after 9/11, BATFE moved over to Justice with the FBI. Practically all departments have their own armed agents to enforce the rules they come up with.

      • According to the media, he’s been previously deported between 3 and 5 times depending on who you listen to. I’d say he probably self deported this time.

      • From an article at Red State.

        “The shooter, Francisco Oropesa, shot his neighbors almost execution-style. Two of the women who were killed — Diana Velazquez Alvarado and Julisa Molina Rivera — were murdered as they lay over three children, trying to protect them. The women also hid a two-month-old baby under some clothes so the shooter wouldn’t find him. The four children all survived.”

        This is what the women did while one of the men?…is on camera talking about having jumped out a window. God Bless those women. They remind me of a time not that long ago where women said during pregnancy “I don’t care what happens to me just save my baby!”.

        • I saw three news articles titled “TX Man shoots neighbors.” SMH.
          He is a Mexican National who happened to live in Texas and shot his neighbors who were Honduran migrants. Hard to fathom the mental gymnastics so-called journalists take to protect a class of people at the expense of the very same people. All migrants. Not sure who was legally here or not, but to then just label him as a ‘Texas man’ or even ‘Texas gunman’ pissed me the fuck off.

        • “Not sure who was legally here or not …”

          The shooter was here illegally. His victims were here illegally.

          But the UK Guardian has the sads about mean words.

          “Texas governor decried for ‘disgusting’ rhetoric in wake of mass shooting — Republican Greg Abbott condemned for calling Honduran victims of Friday night shooting in rural Cleveland ‘illegal immigrants’ ”

  3. If LifeSavers friend would be nervous about having a single firearm in the house, he would be terrified in my house. An old fashioned lock down gun rack in the entry by the kitchen door wit a couple rifles and a shotgun. A wall display of antique arms in the living room and a walk in vault/gunsafe in the cellar. As well as several firearms stashed in strategic locations around the house. Not too mention the sidearm on my belt most of the time.
    I would encourage anyone who wants to or feels they might need to have a defensive weapon to try as many firearms as they can and get the best training they can find in their area. Yes, it isn’t cheap, but is worth every penny.
    And get the best quality weapon you can afford as well. If a Hi-Point is the best you can afford, do what you must, but start putting a few dollars aside every week or month for a better weapon. Hey, something that works is better than nothing. And don’t get caught up in a brand rut or stuck on a single type of weapon.
    My collection spans 400 years of firearm development. My daily use/ready weapons run the gamete of designs as well. Revolvers or semiauto handguns. Lever, bolt and semiauto rifles. Pump and semiauto shotguns. Each have their uses and purposes.

    • “Make it so it pays more dead.”

      He caused real family suffering they will literately never get over. That’s the life sentence they will pay for the rest of their lives, for his 5 crimes.

      In prison for life without parole is a fate worse than execution. He gets to think about it for as long as he lives.

      At this point, that’s how I see it…

      • I wonder if the people who sold him the AR 15 are thinking about the five dead people…

        • @Miner49er

          “I wonder if the people who sold him the AR 15 are thinking about the five dead people…”

          I wonder if the people who sell cars to people who drive drunk are thinking about the dead people killed as a result of that drink driver driving drunk.

          I wonder if the people who sell life saving medications priced too high for the average person to afford are thinking about the dead people killed as a result of that medication not being affordable.

          I wonder if the people who sell cutlery are thinking about the people killed with their knives.

          I wonder if the criminals who use weapons are thinking about the people killed by them with their weapon.

          Ya gonna throw a ‘think of the children’ in there with the rest of your BS?

  4. I do ‘kinda’ get this. The MSM rides the edge of sanity as it is. I could see this for myself as it played out live infront of the world on TV during the height of Covid. So many of them looked liked they were having a nervous breakdown on camera.

    But looking at this comic pic, there is this thought that keeps racing through my mind as to why such a conversation would take place to begin with. The only reason I can think of for doing this would be to purposely drive someone to the brink of madness knowing that it would. The MSM talking heads typically live in their own little world convinced they are plugged into ‘the royal government’ and know better than the filthy unwashed peasants in the rest of the country. It’s somewhere in the neighborhood of cruelty being inflicted upon morons that look down on the rest of us. Is it dealing with reality or exacting revenge? From the idiots on The View to the swelled head groups of Tom Brokaw that simply cannot handle the reality of the freedom that America truly represents for everyone (all humans). Peter Jennings is to be pitied. Not idealized. They actually thought All In The Family was really what conservatism is.

    Treat them as you will. I understand the anger they gin up through their lies. This is a way of life for them. The best thing anyone can do is tune them out and keep your eyes on the prize.

  5. Why are the Far Right Nut Cases gunning down people for knocking on their door or pulling into their driveway by mistake. Last week we had 5 incidents where Far Right Lunatics opened fire on innocent people and killed them.

    In reality the Far Right are brainwashed by nut case news media outlets especially Foxy News which is a propaganda machine for Far Right Lunatic fantasies, hatreds and fears.

    Republican Politicians use fear as a method of energizing their ignorant base but
    the National Criminal Victimization Survey showed the number of people reporting sexual assault, robbery and other physical attacks is overall much lower now than in the 1990s and has not increased in recent years.

    Homicides and thefts, however, rose during the pandemic, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data — though not to the levels of the 1990s.

    A Washington Post analysis, meanwhile, found that states with stand-your-ground laws had a 55 percent higher homicide-by-firearm rate in the past two years than the states that didn’t have these laws, which remove the duty to retreat from an attacker before responding with potentially deadly force.

    The perception that life is getting more dangerous has spread on the right as GOP leaders and pundits repeatedly argued, without evidence, that immigrants and protesters are jeopardizing American peace. Conservative news channels have devoted more airtime to violence than their center- and left-leaning competitors: Over the past three years, for instance, Fox News anchors and guests spotlighted crime 79 percent more often than those on MSNBC and twice as much as voices on CNN, according to a Washington Post analysis of closed captioning provided by the GDELT AI Television Explorer and the Internet Archive.

    Fear, paranoia and misunderstandings of the laws governing self-defense and use of force is a recipe for tragedy because many states do not even have laws which mandate and educate people as to when a person can and cannot shoot someone.

    There is a reason most civilized countries do not allow concealed carry or have stand your ground laws or castle doctrines simply because overall the number of lives lost are far greater when you have those laws then when you prohibit people from opening fire on people just because they happen to be the wrong skin color or accidentally knock on the wrong door or pull into the wrong driveway.

    We have a nation that is disintegrating socially and a political system so corrupt that a minority party i.e. the Republicans can gain control of power over the majority of the people who never voted for them at the polls.

    • Six people are dead and dozens more injured after a massive pileup Monday in Illinois caused by a sudden dust storm, officials said.

      So, do we ban cars and trucks, high speed highways OR go straight after that damned dust storm?…

      • To lil’d, owning a car marks you as a bourgeois capitalist exploiter of the oppressed proletariat and are ripe for receiving “people’s justice”.

        His “Caravan of Death” will be very busy during the civil war eliminating class enemies.

  6. “Why are the Far Right Nut Cases gunning down people …”

    Francisco Oropeza is not Far Right, Republican, or even American. He is a criminal repeat-offender illegal alien. He may be a nut case, but that’s irrelevant.

    “Homicides and thefts, however, rose during the pandemic, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data …”

    I wonder why? Far Right extremists killing hundreds of black inner-city youths in Chicago, Philly, New York, St. Louis, Richmond? No, wait — something about a certain ethnic group …

    ” …GOP leaders and pundits repeatedly argued, without evidence, that immigrants and protesters are jeopardizing American peace.”

    Republican riot squads looting, burning and destroying property in “mostly peaceful but fiery protests” Ferguson, Washington DC, Kenosha? No, hold on, that wasn’t it …

    “We have a nation that is disintegrating socially and a political system so corrupt that …”

    the Gropenfuehrer and his son regularly partake of shady business deals with foreign nationals; Donks deny women and minorities their rights in order to pander to mentally-ill and violent sub-factions; Satan-worshipping adherents of Moloch declare open season on the unborn, demanding that their right to murder the innocent be enshrined in the Constitution …

  7. Constant mass media and entertainment industry propaganda is slowly convincing people that the 2nd Amendment is the real problem in this country. People who believe this nonsense aren’t as intelligent as they like to think they are. All of our freedoms are dependent on the 2nd Amendment for their very existence. The first thing every Tyranical government does before it takes away freedom is to disarm the populace. Those who are willing to give up their freedoms for safety, will end up with neither and they deserve neither for being so damn stupid.

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