Child at NRA convention (image by Evelyn Hockstein, courtesy Reuters)
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The NRA convention is not only a great opportunity for Gun Nation to ogle, fondle, and shop acres of firearms and related gear, it’s also a happy hunting ground for photographers looking to get lots of great pics of people of all ages who are doing those things. As you might imagine, many of those photos are later used by the corporate media and others to illustrate their stories about violent crime, mass shootings, the allegedly deplorable easy access Americans have to firearms, yadda, yadda, yadda.

One of the photos taken in Indianapolis by Reuters’ Evelyn Hockstein has resulted in enough blowback that the news agency felt the need to defend their photographer. The only problem is they did it using some outright lies.

The photo above is one of a few that were taken of six-year-old Hudson Eckart and used by a number of outlets. One of them was the UK’s Daily Mail in their breathless story about — OMG! — children holding (non-working) guns, titled Very young guns! Kids as young as six handle real firearms at the NRA convention as America is on course for the deadliest year on record with 469 teens and children dead from gun violence so far this year.

Oh, the humanity!

Yes, well, as Fox News reported, little Hudson’s grandfather, who took him to the NRA show, isn’t happy about the pic that was taken of the lad. He called . . .

…the photo of his 6-year-old grandchild aiming the firearm toward the camera “a set-up.”

“What I noticed was [the photographer] was moving around so that whichever direction [his grandson] was, she tried to get in front of him,” Eckart told Fox News Digital in a phone interview.

The photo of Eckart’s grandson has since been used by outlets for articles highlighting how often children die by gunfire in the U.S. …

The photographer, Evelyn Hockstein, allegedly told the boy to “look at her” as he handled one of the firearms, Eckart said, citing what his grandson told him. The photo captured a shot of the young boy looking at the camera straight-on while appearing to point the gun at the lens. 

Grandpa Eckart was obviously right there while Hockstein was taking the pics. You can see him in one of the photos included in the Daily Mail’s story. And she would have had to talk to him to get the information in the photo credits.

The Eckarts concede that Hockstein ID’d herself.

The photographer did identify herself as being a Reuters employee, but Eckart said he was under the “impression that she … was there on behalf of the NRA” due to her “chit-chatting” with him. Eckart provided the photojournalist with his name as well as his grandson’s name and age, assuming the photos would be used for an NRA collage or something similar. 

He assumed…poorly.

The young boy’s father, Nathan Eckart, added that the photographer “set the photo up so that it looked like [his son] took the gun and was aiming it at her face.” Nathan Eckart did not attend the NRA event, but he and his wife said they are working to get the photos removed from Reuters’ website and from the news articles that included them. 

Good luck with that. Reuters made the photo of little Hudson the first one in its slide show of scenes from the annual NRA convention. And, of course, as night follows day, there was this . . .

The heat over the photo was enough that the news agency felt the need to defend Hockstein and her photojournalistic practices when contacted by Fox News.

A Reuters spokesperson told Fox News Digital on Thursday that the company rejects “any suggestion of wrongdoing by the Reuters photojournalist covering the NRA convention in Indianapolis.” The spokesperson also said of the Eckart family that “it is untrue that she asked a child to look at her” to get the shot of the young boy pointing a gun at the camera.

“We stand by our photographs, which are in the public interest and meet our standards under the Thomson Reuters Trust Principles,” the spokesperson said. 

“Our photographer was at all times wearing a press badge and clearly introduced herself to adults as a photojournalist working for Reuters before taking any pictures of children,” the spokesperson added. “She took these pictures in a section of the convention designated for media, where signs informed attendees that they might be photographed by the press, and also obtained consent of all photographed from parents or guardians, not children.” 

Reuters said the company removed the names of the children from its photos as a “courtesy.” 

Some of that is unquestionably true. We’re sure Hockstein was wearing a media badge as were all media members who were credentialed to be there (TTAG included). We have no way of knowing if she announced herself before taking the photos, but suspect not. She probably did that after taking the pics, but who knows? In any event, it should have been perfectly clear to Grandpa Eckart that this was a media photographer taking photos of little Hudson.

As for the last part of the Reuters statement, that’s the part that’s clearly a lie. There was no section of the show floor that was “designated for the media.” And there were no signs posted anywhere telling convention-goers they might be photographed by the press.

NRA Director of Media Relations Amy Hunter pushed back against that assertion and told Fox News Digital that “there are no signs that say attendees might get pictured by the press or members of the media and the NRA has never had a ‘designated media section’ on the exhibit floor.

She’s right, of course. No NRA convention we’ve ever attended has had a “designated media section” and it isn’t clear why Reuters felt the need to concoct that obviously phony story.

All of that said, if you’re attending a newsworthy, semi-public event like the NRA show, with literally tens of thousands of people, virtually all of whom are carrying cameras, you can’t be terribly surprised when someone takes your picture. Or one of your kid. Kinda like this one . . .

NRA convention show man rifle
Dan Z. for TTAG

Or, well, this one . . .

NRA girl convention show machine gun
Dan Z. for TTAG

Full disclosure: I worked for Reuters for two years in the early 2000’s in a non-editorial capacity. Just so you know.



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  1. “Reuters Uses Lies to Defend Their Photographer Over Disputed NRA Show Child Photo”

    Water is wet.

    (mic drop…)

    • They should interview the photographer. They can ask, “Weren’t you terrified to be around all those guns and gun nuts..Did you have to seek counseling for PTSD, etc.

      The media is 99% lies and agenda, best to ignore them and seek truth and facts from other sources.

  2. “I worked for Reuters for two years in the early 2000’s in a non-editorial capacity.”

    Mr. Z — what’s your opinion of your former employer these days?

    • I had virtually no contact with the news side (I was introduced to their managing editor in NYC once…that was it). Well over 90% of their business back then was selling market data (and likely still is) so I dealt mostly with banks and brokerage houses.

      All of that said, Reuters news is no better or worse than any other corporate media company. Indistinguishable in their viewpoint from AP or any of the other outlets.

      • Gun Control drama queens act like the kid took the gun to school for show and tell. Frankly grandpa should have saved everyone some trouble said no and hell no for pics.

        The firearm was corded and tagged, verified to be safe. That’s unlike the firearm alec baldwin used to point at and accidentially kill a mother filming him for a movie.

        If you enlarge the pic and look down the barrel you can see the hole for the firing pin.

        • The rules for display guns specified the firing pin be removed before the weapons could be put on display at the convention…

      • Thanks Mr. Z. I have a degree in journalism and spent several years in the broadcast news field, back in the early ’80s.

        Since then, the profession has changed in ways that I could never have imagined.

  3. This is the kind of tactic that gives all journalism a bad new. But it is unfortunately prevalent.

  4. I grew up in an America before civilization (prior to the internet) arrived. In those days, we had two city newspapers, who both produced morning and evening editions. In those days, as it was in the early years of the republic, newspapers were understood to have an agenda, a bias, that influenced everything in those “news” outlets. Depending on which newspaper you preferred, the other was guilty of “yellow journalism”, nothing more than “scandal sheets” (actually, the same was true of TV stations). Then, somewhere along the line, the public was convinced that “journalism” was impartial, objective. All to many continue to believe that.

    When “the press”, “the media” is present, always make yourself scarce, invisible. Trust no one.

    • Sam, there was a concerted effort in the ’60s and ’70s to change the image of journalism from the old “yellow journalism” tactics into a respected profession, complete with a code of ethics — especially on the broadcast side. It worked for a while — news anchors were often some of the most trusted people among the general public.

      Our code of ethics stressed impartiality and objectivity. Unfortunately, the dawn of the “action news/eyewitness news” formats and the instancy of electronic news gathering led to the reprehensible technique of the “ambush interview” among “news-entertainment” shows that packaged the news like so much situation comedy or stock drama. That trend was picked up by the mainstream media and, in the chase to capture ratings and dollars, led to network news orgs being headed by entertainment management. Hence the state of “journalisming” in the US today.

      Local newspapers were slower to follow suit; consolidation and the rise of the large newscorp killed most local newspapers and we were left with dreck such as “USA Today.”

      Then there’s the Internet, the new “Wild West” of journalism. Anything goes, and often does.

      The lack of an educated, informed public just amplifies the problem.

      • “The lack of an educated, informed public just amplifies the problem.”

        More like, “The public that doesn’t want to be educated, informed, amplifies the problem”.

        Glad I never bought into the “journalists are impartial, objective” propaganda.

      • “…the dawn of the “action news/eyewitness news” formats…”

        Miami Florida, early 1980s, when the Cuban Mariel boatlift invasion and flood of south American cocaine happened. Crime skyrocketed, and “If it bleeds, it leads” became the mantra. I *think* it started on the independent UHF channels first, and when they started grabbing serious market share, the VHF network channels started doing it as well.

        The anchors wore loud, flashy clothes, and the studio producers went to aggressive, fast camera work.

        Miami was the wild, wild, west back then. It also lead to why Miami is now solidly conservative. As the Cubans escaped in large numbers and set up shop, they started voting against Castro-esq politics… 🙂

        • Geoff, actually began in the ’70s while I was in j-school. And it started seriously kicking on the commercial VHF “Big Three” network-affiliated stations — most of the UHF fringe channels couldn’t afford their own news department, which was traditionally a money-loser to the network or station until they figured out a way to package and sell the news as an entertainment product.

          One of my professors was former CBS foreign correspondent Frank Kearns, a contemporary of Paley, Murrow and Cronkite. He was totally disgusted by what he called the “happy talk blow-dry pretty boys” with straight white teeth but no relevant experience in the field, being hired to “read the news” and look good on the air. The “bubbleheaded bleach blonde” immortalized by Henley was his sidekick, and the sportscaster wearing the loud plaid jacket and the “weather clown” completed the set dressing. (Think “Ron Burgundy” and you’re there.)

          The addition of “live” capability was rarely valuable except when a crew would happen upon, or be assigned to, an actual breaking news story. Most of the time (as it still stands today) you’d have a breathless reporter describing the gang shootout at the house in the background, but since it was 11 PM, you could only see the yellow police tape surrounding.

          Memories — like the corners of my mind …

      • “Our code of ethics stressed impartiality and objectivity.”

        Yes, I remember the golden age of radio/TV journalism, when the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ kept the broadcast journalists reasonably honest and prevented the spread of propaganda on the American airwaves:

        “The fairness doctrine of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, was a policy that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that fairly reflected differing viewpoints.“

        But the Republicans couldn’t have that, coverage that “fairly reflected different viewpoints”… no fucking way!

        It was Ronald Reagan’s FCC that abolished the fairness doctrine and led to the spread of blatantly dishonest propaganda outlets:

        The FCC vote was opposed by members of Congress who said the FCC had tried to “flout the will of Congress” and the decision was “wrongheaded, misguided and illogical”.[37] The decision drew political fire, and cooperation with Congress was one issue.[40] In June 1987, Congress attempted to preempt the FCC decision and codify the fairness doctrine,[41] but the legislation was vetoed by President Ronald Reagan. Another attempt to revive the doctrine in 1991 was stopped when President George H. W. Bush threatened another veto.“

        Good job, conservative Republicans, Joseph Goebbels would be so proud of your efforts to spread your authoritarian propaganda.

        • MINOR Miner49er, You have the gall to talk about ethics? The so called “Fairness Doctrine” was in fact far less than fair. If your Leftist members of “Congress” wanted to make the “Fairness Doctrine” that law, they had to but pass a bill and get the President to sing it They in fact did not even try.
          As to your using Wiki as a “source”, BULL! Wiki is a self editing web cite which lacks any semblance of credibility and is often used by your kind to spread your propaganda.

        • Yup. No propaganda spread by the media about Vietnam, exploding cars, automatic weapons of war, the benefits of living in the Soviet Union, etc back when the Fairness Doctrine was in effect. (sarc tag off)

        • Reporters opposed fairness doctrine under First Amendment

          Reporters argued that they, not the FCC, should make decisions about balancing the fairness of stories. They believed that the fairness doctrine had a chilling effect by deterring them from tackling controversial issues rather than worrying about whether they could meet the FCC’s fairness standards.

          By the 1980s, the fairness doctrine was losing clout. The deregulatory nature of the Reagan administration and the technological advances that were rendering scarcity arguments moot combined to pressure the FCC to abandon the doctrine. In 1987 the FCC formally abolished it.

          Liar49er favors government control of the press — how very fascist of him!

  5. Just more childless liberals telling other people, what they can and can’t introduce to their own children.

  6. Media always is intent on diversion and division. Us vs them, rich vs poor, black vs white, Dems vs MAGA terrorists… how about real problems like AR15 vs Cancer ( less than 400 deaths a year from all rifles vs 600,000 a year from cancer…. When they solve cancer and Fentanyl (100,000 deaths a year) maybe we can find a way to make people less aggressive. Lets solve real problems first.

    • Not to mention too loudly all the deaths from the WooFlew, delilberately concocted and unleashed upon us, add to those the deaths due to the stupid government RESPONSE to the WooFlew itself, and, please pretty please do NOT leave out the deaths directly attributable to the “final solution” injections mandated upon us like never before. And they fuss over around 4000 deaths “due to firearms” per year (no I refuse to include those who decided to end their own miserable existence by using a gun, because if those folk cannot find a gun theyWILL and DO turn to other means. Anyone determined to “off themselves” is not short of means.

      then any person seriously concerned over deaths cannot overlook those directly the result of the drug fentanyl, pouring over our southern lack-of-border because those in power have decreed they no longer are required to “repel foreign invasions”.

      Just a few words to balance the “cincern” over “all those” firearms deaths.

      • Well, the data from the few places that didn’t do anything crazy is that Kung Flu was a big nothing burger. They don’t show any excess deaths. The experience in places that ent on with life and then didn’t manipulate data is that no more people died in 2020, 2021, and 2022 that died in any prior year.

        Makes you wonder where all of our excess deaths came from. Of course some of us were pointing out the issue with the drops in deaths from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia, renal failure, flu, etc. 2 years ago.

        • “the data from the few places that didn’t do anything crazy is that Kung Flu was a big nothing burger“

          That’s quite the claim, I think we all would appreciate reading more about your assertion, have you a link to this data you speak of?

  7. Yeah I know it’s a show but how dumb do you have to be to ask anyone to hold a gun then move so you are always in front of the muzzle? Is your finger on the trigger? No? Put it on the trigger. There you go!

  8. I wish they’d just start blocking hostile press from things like this. They are dishonest and will do whatever they can to make the gun community look bad. The Sig interview about the 320 “issue” is even more proof where none should be necessary.

    Certain media outlets are not doing reporting, they’re doing activist journalism. They need to be shown the door and let them sneak in under false pretences, stop giving them unlimited access.

    • I’m sure that the NRA has a process in place to vet and credential the media attending the event.

      I’d make certain next year that Reuters doesn’t make the cut. In fact, I’d purge the list of approved media of any outlets that have pulled such a stunt or are likely to in the future.

      • quote—————-I’d make certain next year that Reuters doesn’t make the cut. In fact, I’d purge the list of approved media of any outlets that have pulled such a stunt or are likely to in the future.———quote

        Yes the Far Right Nut cases are foaming at the mouth because that one picture really “says it all” in regards to the sickness of the Far Right and their exploitation of their own children. They teach their children that they are going to be attacked and killed at any moment by “the other people” not of their own race or political genre. The children grow up with fear, hatred, bigotry, paranoia and depression. Another generation that feels everywhere they go that they must be armed to the teeth because of the threat of “the other”. Its modern day conservative, ignorant Sparta v/s the liberal well educated Athenians. The only good news is the Athenian culture survived and is still admired, while Sparta became just another war like culture that brainwashed and exploited children and then soon became extinct. The sooner the Hillbilly culture becomes extinct the sooner we can civilize America and since the majority of young people today want to have nothing to do with guns it is obvious the majority of the younger generation is well on its way to civilizing the country.

        In my area the local gun show is having trouble even selling enough tables to fill out the room and when one attends the show it is all generic doddering old men walking with canes, or in wheel chairs and carrying oxygen containers so they can breath.

        The picture clearly denotes the exploitation and brainwashing of a child with a gun in his hand and is certainly one of the most pathetic pictures I have ever seen. I am sure the majority of Americans think so too.

        • “Yes the Far Right Nut cases are foaming at the mouth because that one picture really “says it all” in regards to the sickness of the Far Right and their exploitation of their own children.”

          What the photo “says all” is that many “journalists” will stage photos to fit their pre-conceived narrative. The child exploiters in this case are the Reuters photographer and her organization.

          “I am sure the majority of Americans think so too.”

          I doubt that and I’d ask you for a citation which you do not have, but it doesn’t really matter. Our 2A rights are not subject to what anyone “thinks” or “feels.”

        • dacian the DUNDERHEAD, More horse pucky? That picture is a put up job by a Leftist Anti-Gun Radical. Was that really you? It wasn’t the :far right” that exploited a child, it was one of your fellow Leftist propagandists. Now you are comparing yourself to the Athenians? Next you will be claiming like Booker, to be “Spartacus”? You may be “educated”, but you haven’t the common sense of an amoeba. If you weren’t so pathetic, you would be laughable.

    • “Certain media outlets are not doing reporting, they’re doing activist journalism.”

      We can stop that, but it takes getting our teachers into the broadcast journalism schools. Right now, that’s all hard-left teachers. They are teaching them to be activists, above all else… 🙁

      • “Advocacy journalism” (an oxymoron if there ever was one) will be the death of traditional journalism, if it hasn’t killed it off already.

        But I’m encouraged by (dare I say “old school?”) reporters such as Sharyl Atkisson, still laying it out there despite being hounded by government and her own network before she went indy.

      • Elementary school teachers are teaching kids to be activists. By the time they get to journalism school it is far too late.

        Heck I am talking to new grad nurses all the time who tell me activism and leftist narratives are being pushed hard in Nursing school. Us older people in the field try to disabuse younger people of the propaganda they have been fed but it can be an uphill battle.

        I have a rival therapist that spews commie propaganda regularly. Anytime he does it where I can hear I jump in and countermand his BS. Then a dozen people who are afraid to speak up pat me on the back for it. I tell them “I need you to start speaking up or he will win.”

  9. They should remove the pictures of the non consenting children, just a a courtesy.

    • Supposedly they did at least remove the names and even blurred the child’s face in subsequent stories that used the photo — but other media outlets picked them up from Reuters and spread them far and wide.

      Those photos are a great help in promoting their narrative. That’s why they were staged the way they were.

    • As a former professional photographer we always had to get “releases” from any recognisable face image prior to public display. If they were all going into the Bride’s album, no problem. Weddings, in general, are closed events. But anyone in a public space has a right to privacy.

      I’dsay NRA boffed it big time, allowing this sort of cretin into the place with cameras. Signed and dated model releases were required before any recognisable face image could be published.
      NRA should seriously revise their protocols. They are using club money to stage a media opportunity to further the antigun agenda.

  10. Who’s left that still thinks journos don’t manipulate perception?

    It’s like when Borat or one of those Daily Show people get an interview and you wonder how the mark doesn’t get it’s a set up. Shit, they even identify themselves for you.

    • “Who’s left that still thinks journos don’t manipulate perception?”

      Why it’s *critical* to take back the journalism departments in the universities teaching that crap… 🙁

  11. Given Reuters attitude toward 2A and NRA, why would they ever be allowed on the show floor especially with a camera? There is nothing positive that ever will happen when you allow anti-gun media access, they are the enemy of your freedom and your rights.

  12. so a Reuters photographer that preys on children to use them, creepy like a pedophile. And Reuters supports and excuses it with lies.

    I wonder if that photographer has their own personal secret collection of pics of kids.

  13. Isnt the photographer supposed to have permission from the person before they can capitalize on that photograph?
    Maybe the public place thing gets it to slide but still I dont know.
    Poor kid,caught up in one hell of a hullabaloo. I hope he is not made to feel guilty of something.
    Just a word of advice. Study your States gunm laws religiously, there is a lot of loopholes that could get s person in trouble. For the last month Ive been breaking a law and didnt even know it, thank goodnees I did not get caught and arrested.
    Be careful out there, it’s a trap

    • “ Be careful out there, it’s a trap.”

      And what better expert to warn of these dangers!?
      The Magnificent Marsupial is one you can trust.
      Thank you kind sir.

    • possum,

      “Isnt the photographer supposed to have permission from the person before they can capitalize on that photograph?”

      Generally, yes. The reporter is supposed to obtain the express permission of the parent or guardian of the minor. The grandfather says that she didn’t, and I believe him.

      I remember “chatting up” potential interview subjects before my cameraman ever brought his equipment out. You could weasel a lot out of a person when they trust you before the red light comes on.

      • Weasel being the operative word. It’s a good word, a bon mot.

    • possum, If you are in a “public place”, your photograph can be used as you have no expectation to privacy. This “photographer” (ter should be anti-gun activist) took advantage of the situation and set this kid up and us along with him.

  14. My Dad introduced me to firearms and shooting when I was 5 years old. I also did shooting in the Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts.

    These people that don’t understand the above, I truly pity.

  15. I’m always reading in the TTAG comments about how their children have been trained from toddlers onward about gun safety and how they would never, ever point a gun at someone.

    Well guess what? It’s very easy for a 6 year old to forget that training and get caught up in the moment.

    Never forget that.

    • I don’t think that the kid pointed a gun at the reporter; rather the reporter stepped in front of the gun to get the photo that she wanted to promote the narrative. Look at the other photos she took.

      • When do you ever point a gun up at face level in a busy convention? Never, if your safe and follow the rules.

        Kid didn’t because he’s a kid. You can’t tell me how wonderfully trained kids are and then excuse this.

        • kwityerwynin.
          Dintchya read the gbs on that show floor ALL have their pins removed? They are no longer firearms, they are chunks of metal and plastic. The guns on this show floor are no more dangerous than the blue and orange plastic “dummy guns or the realistic looking lazer training guns used in tactical training exercises.

          I’d bet a pretty big pile of money Grandpa had talked to the kid before this, let him know. I’ll also bet his kid is very safe and accurate on the range. Or in the backyard.

        • Kids are kids, Ya think, that it might be that the kid was pointing the gun toward the ceiling when this dumb reporter INTENTIONALLY stepped in front of the kid with that gun and snapped the picture? I have a hunch that is actually what happened.
          Bu then you anti-gun Lefties have a habit of writing your own headlines.

        • Tionico
          A friend of mine was over , his kid and my kids was playing cops n robbers with toy gunms. His kid pointed the play gunm at me and that dad beat that kids ass screaming ” Dont you ever let me catch you pointing a gun at someone .” He was really on that kid about it.
          I thought Wow man it’s just a toy.

      • that’s what i think too. the kid was handling the gun and the pedophile-creepy like photographer got in front of him while he was handling it. the people at the show that saw this happen are basically saying the photographer kept trying to get close to the kid in front of him.

    • Kids are Kids, No kidding, but a Franciscan Brother once told his students, “Repetition is the mother of all knowledge.” So you start ’em out young and keep the lesson going well into their teens. Ya think that might work?
      Seems there are a lot of lessons when you were young you seem to have either forgotten or blotted out?

  16. gun violence
    is the leading cause of death
    of children in america
    only because violence in any and all of its forms
    is now the cultural norm
    in a dozen or so big cities in america
    that havent elected a republican mayor
    in decades and decades and decades
    gun violence
    and especially towards children
    isnt a thing
    in the 85 percent of the land mass of america
    that voted for trump in 2020
    its only a thing
    in the hell holes of america
    where people were dumb enough
    to vote for joe biden

  17. First thing is the squeal about kids being killed. The overwhelming majority are mid to late teens involved in drug or street gangs in the inner city low rent neighborhoods and public housing developments. Most being killed by their fellow thugs and gang members.
    Next is the way the photo’s were set up. Basically, the photographer set up the shots to use for promoting their narrative. Don’t know why anyone would allow some photog to take pictures of the kids at any trade show, but the people allegedly did give permission.
    Last is the sad fact that what was at one time a somewhat trustworthy group of professionals has devolved back into the biased yellow journalism of the late 1700’s through the early 1900’s

  18. Shock, etc?

    “Children as young as six” used to get whacked on the head by the British Navy recruiter and they’d wake up at sea in service with the British Navy.

  19. I have been an instructor with Project Appleseed for some fifteen years now, haev worked with probably hundreds of :children” in the range, all using REAL rifles and LIVE ammunition. I have worked with kids as young as six. ALL of them followed the safety rules, behaved themselves, paid attention to the instruction in technique and skill, and rdically improved their shooting skills in the two day event. NEVER had a problem with any of them

    On the other hand I HAVE had issues with much older “children” many of them legal adults. Continuing to fire after CEASE FIRE, firing early, careless muzzle control, etc. Most chput themselves in check when reminded of the three things that would get them off the line for the day: muzzle sweep, horseplay, and firing when the line is “cold”. The younger ones most often behaved themselves well.

    I’ll also just mention how “kids” as young as four and five in rural areas early to mid last century were skilled and safe with firearms. My Dad would tell how his little sister, at seven years old, could and often did outshoot the “big boys” (one room schoolhouse had all ages up through high school) So that little gal would shoot better than the late teen senior year boys. The kids would bring their guns to school on their horses, kill tin cans after they ate their lunches. When Dad was 14 the district bought a used bus, and Dad was the driver. So the gins now came along on the bus.

  20. A media outlet is lying, and presenting slanted news????

    Quelle surprise!!

    In other news, water is wet, shit stinks, and dacian and MajorLiar are lying morons.

    Reuters, UPI, AP, the NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSDNC haven’t been journalists since . . . forever. Woodward and Bernstein made started the trend (they both HATED Nixon, and wanted to bring him down), and that led to Dan Rather, the Duke lacrosse team story, etc., etc..

    Subsequent reporting has shown that MUCH of what WoodStein reported was . . . wrong. Nixon was a scumbag – no shit, Sherlock. Rather was a flat-out LIAR, and won’t back down from his lying lies. The Rolling Stone has NEVER retracted, or apologized for, their lies.

    The good news is that, because of those lying liars, modern lying liars, like dacian and MajorLiar, don’t feel any need to even TRY to look like they are reporting/arguing in good faith. They are all in on ‘the narrative’, and don’t bother to even try to disguise it. Makes them easier to spot.

    To be fair, before MajorLiar tries to jump in with another lie, Fox News does it, too.

    Would that we at least had a journalistic ethic of “report the facts”. Whatever you think about Project Veritas’ tactics – they post their entire videos. The “bias” is that they seem to be able to get stupid Leftists to say stupid things on camera, and they publicize it. (They could probably get equally embarrassing videos of right-wingers . . . why haven’t any Leftist media outlets accomplished that???)

    I will say, I am a little disappointed that the kid hadn’t been taught Cooper’s Rule #2 – even if the “journalist” jumped in front of him, he should have moved his point of aim, immediately.

    If anyone has ANY doubt about the agenda of the MSM, this should conclusively address that.

    • That was unnecessarily harsh, and inaccurate. That’s the parents’ decision. Do you trust your grandparents with your children?

      There is no fault on the parents or grandfather; it is ALL on the Reuters photog.

    • Eddie P, Seems you know very little about the relationship between grandkids and grandpa.
      But then being a Leftist anti-gun radical…

  21. They’ll remove the photos when they write the check after the lawsuit.

  22. Dont know about yall but my wife would kill me if i let a stranger take pics of our daughters. Media credentials or not.

  23. Do not allow anyone with a press pass near you or your family. Period. These people are at best, repressed voyeurs and should be treated like the deviants they are.

  24. Sad journalism to be sure, but Gun Safety begins at home and irregardless of the grandfather’s lack of foresight in giving permission for the picture or the child’s name, he should at least admonished the boy for two key safety violations. 1) Keep your finger off the trigger unless you intend to fire and 2) Never point a firearm (loaded, unloader or even fake) at anything you do not wish to destroy. There are some good learning lessons from all of this. Teach them young and teach them well. If so, this picture might not have ever happened to begin with.

  25. These same news outlets that decry a child holding an non-functional, tethered firearm would gleefully celebrate removing their genitals and pumping them full of hormones before they are capable of realizing the life altering long term ramifications of that decision.

    • There’s no such thing as someone’s child. Our nation’s children are all our children! My administration is committed to protecting the rights of trans kids. We’re creating safe spaces for trans kids that need to get away from their non-affirming parents.

      • I feel like they really believe this. Historically the pendulum swings back the other way eventually, but I’m not so sure anymore. The system appears to be irreparably broken this time.

  26. Been to 2 conventions in the 90’s. Great family event and everybody there regardless of all else shared common bonds.

  27. When anyone shows up with obvious news photo equipment at our gun shows, we ask what should be the obvious question:

    “Exactly what will be the gain for the show if we allow you to take photographs inside of the event?”

    There is rarely a positive answer, and the photog is then sent packing. There is often no real way of keeping said cretin from speaking to attendees outside of the event, but inside- no way.

    For some reason, average people seem to want to be “famous”- social media postings, clips on news stories, etc. They might start asking the same question posed above before trying to look smart, or like some sort of operator. These attempts at personal glory rarely help the cause, at least for the side of truth.

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