Gun Control Advocacy Masquerading as News, Utah Edition

In a recent article, Deseret News “reporter” Katie McKellar expresses her deep disappointment at the failure of three victim disarmament bills in the Utah legislature. And no, this isn’t (intended to be) an opinion piece. Utah lawmakers shoot down slew of gun bills All three bills — one to enact universal background checks, one to […]

When Bloomberg’s Media Arm Uses the Bloomberg School Director for a Quote on Gun Research

The author quoted below, writing at Bloomberg Opinion, doesn’t mention that Daniel Webster is the Bloomberg professor of American health at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Instead, Francis Wilkinson only IDs Webster in his piece as as director of the Center for Gun Policy and Research at Johns Hopkins University. Surely that’s just an […]

Hundreds of Gun Rights Supporters Spoil Bloomberg Campaign’s Arlington, VA Gun Control Rally

By Jeff Hulbert Once upon a time in Virginia, a little emperor named Michael Bloomberg threw a gun control party, but gun rights advocates crashed it…bigly. And what a party it was. Unfortunately, we neglected to RSVP. Spoiler Alert: this story has a happy ending with Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign bus veering off into a […]

Michael Bloomberg Will Push Gun Control With a Super Bowl Ad on Sunday [VIDEO]

While Americans will be taking bathroom breaks, reloading on nachos and wings and grabbing another adult beverage on Sunday, authoritarian billionaire and hoplophobic 2020 presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg will be promoting his gun-grabbing bona fides on the nation’s televisions. Daddy Bloombucks revealed his campaign’s Super Bowl commercial yesterday.   Most presidential candidates don’t run Super […]

Is the San Francisco Chronicle Trying To Dox Gun Owners Again?

The San Francisco Chronicle has hit California county sheriffs with public records requests demanding lists of concealed carry permit holders. Sheriff Barnes of Sutter County not only declined to release the complete information, but issued a notice to licensees that Chronicle is attempting to obtain their data. San Francisco Chronicle editor in chief Audrey Cooper […]

Following the Texas Church Shooting, Elvia Díaz – Like Most of the Media – Still Underestimates Gun Owners

Gun controllers are scrambling to explain away how a good guy — several, in fact –with a gun stopped a bad guy, to rationalize more restrictions on good guys. The Arizona Republic’s Elvia Díaz is fairly representative of what I’m seeing. Texas church shooting is about a lot more than Jack Wilson’s heroism The reality […]

Gun Grabbers Respond to the Assault on Nakatomi Plaza

The harrowing events of the siege on Los Angeles’s Nakatomi Plaza took place 31 years ago. That tragic incident and the heroic response by one off-duty police officer were recounted in a now beloved documentary that recounts what is widely considered to be a Christmas miracle.   We can all be thankful, however, that those […]