GPS-Enabled Firearms: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

New York Assemblyman Felix Ortiz has a plan, of sorts, to fix the problem of stolen firearms. Both sides holster up over new gun bill The new year means New York lawmakers will be wrangling with new gun control measures at a statehouse that has already embraced some of the nation’s strictest regulations on firearms. […]

Why There Are Still No Real ‘Smart’ Guns Yet

Hint: It isn’t because the evil gun industry is refusing to try, gun controllers’ claims to the contrary. Recently, the Jacksonville, Florida Sheriff’s Office had an embarrassing situation. JSO tweets out a nightly advisory to make sure your guns are out of cars and properly secured. That positioned them perfectly for recent ridicule when someone […]

Chris Murphy’s ‘Smart Gun’ Bill Misses the Mark

By Larry Keane Anti-gun politicians in the 116th Congress have no shortage of ideas when it comes to different ways of threatening the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners in America. The misnomer phrase “common sense gun safety” includes misguided and ineffective policies such as requiring background checks to purchase ammunition or requiring so-called “smart gun” […]

Latest Survey Confirms Gun Owners OK With Smart Guns, But Don’t Want to Buy One

By Elizabeth McGuigan A newly released survey shows gun owners aren’t opposed to the idea of authorized user technology in firearms. But only 5 percent would be very likely to purchase one themselves due to their concerns about reliability and cost. About 70 percent said they were very or somewhat concerned about the reliability of the so-called […]

After Stifling ‘Smart Gun’ Development for More Than a Decade, NJ Considers Requiring Retailers Sell Only One Of Them

New Jersey has done more to stifle the development and potential sales of “smart guns” in this country than any other state. And no one in New Jersey has done more to keep things that way than state Senator Loretta Weinberg. She’s one of the legislative geniuses behind the Garden State’s law that requires all […]