Reason No. 27 Not to Buy a ‘Smart Gun’

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  1. Ain’t nothing smart about a smart gun and it seems it may be a dumb idea to buy one especially if you have to depend on it when things get bad.

    • Can my smart ass gun say, “Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?” or “Go ahead. Make my day.”

      • You go right on ahead, smart guy.

        The local prosecutor will love to play that clip to the jury in your murder trial.

        Enjoy life in prison, moron.

        • Uh, ok little Rod. Lighten up and have some fun buddy. We’re cutting jokes about a meme.

        • Judging by your unpleasant demeanor and complete lack of a sense of humor, I’m guessing you live in some shithole blue city with a Soros-bought DA. If so, then you’re screwed no matter what your gun said. In free[er] states, a clean shoot is unlikely to ever even go to trial.

        • S­t­a­r­t w­o­r­k­i­n­g f­r­o­m h­o­m­e! nhj G­r­e­a­t w­o­r­k f­o­r-E­v­er, ­S­t­a­y a­t H­o­m­e M­o­m­s O­R a­n­y­o­n­e n­e­e­d­s­ a­n e­x­t­r­a i­n­c­o­m­e. G­e­t s­t­a­r­t­e­d. Y­o­u o­n­l­y n­e­e­d­ a computer a­n­d a reliable c­o­m­p­u­t­e­r c­o­n­n­e­c­t­i­o­n­ s­o d­o­n’t g­e­t l­a­t­e t­r­y…….

    • Here is my reason list:
      1) If the battery is dead – is it going to unlock with my fingerprint? Probably not right?
      2) Price is going to be significantly higher.
      3) Later the government will legislate sim cards in them, and remotely disable them when you say something they don’t like, or not pay your taxes.

      • Subscription services with round count limits and geo tracking. I can easily see the CCP flipping a switch and disarming America (soldiers, cops, and general population).

        • Prndll,

          Haven’t raised this, as it just sounds too “conspiracy theory”, but . . . given the DOCUMENTED tendency of our government to misuse technology against us, this is definitely on my list of reasons why I would never rely on a “smart” gun for self-defense.

          That and the fact that they are over-priced pieces of donkey excrement, based on a really stupid premise.

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      • WordPress’s “Big Blue” -equivalent main-frame computer that analyzes and vets the postings for this site still lets shit like this slip by, but we should trust a smart gun that utilizes I-phone5 chip technology to go bang when needed?

        (partial sarc… can you pick out which half?)

        • whisperer,

          The complete fiction that WordPress, or TTAG, moderates based on “an algorithm” is a lie we should not countenance. I’ve seen multiple instances of posts “moderated” by the supposed algorithm that they use for a fig leaf . . . and in the same thread, another post that uses the same ‘trigger’ terms gets through, without moderation. That ain’t how an “algorithm” works. The one thing an algorithm SHOULD provide is consistency (whether it is intelligent consistency is another discussion).

          The “editors and moderators” at TTAG can blow all the smoke they want; their actual practice belies their bullshit excuses. They “moderate” shit they don’t like. And they are cordially invited to osculate my anal sphincter.

      • If I make any more money I will lose my food stamps, what idiot would trade work for foidstamps

  2. The left is going about this “smart” technology the wrong way. Instead of smart guns, they should be pushing smart bullets. Bullets that are connected to the internet and can instantly assess the social credit score of both the shooter and the shootee. Score not high enough? The bullet leaves the barrel and makes a u-turn right back at you. Shootee is a privileged minority or illegal alien released without bail and awaiting reparations? The bullet stops in mid-air, apologizes for serving the oppressors, and calls a George Soros prosecutor.

    Smart bullets…that is the future!

    • “Score not high enough? The bullet leaves the barrel and makes a u-turn right back at you.”

      Don’t give the Leftist Scum ™ any ideas, man! 🙁

    • There was a movie back in the ’80s about smart bullets. Starred Tom Selleck. Gene Simmons as the baddie.

      • I almost forgot about this movie, Haz. Kind of creepy now, when you realize how old this movie is. And pray to God that the Feds do not already (but probably do) have this kind of technology to use on the rest of us. Smart gun indeed.

    • Smart projectiles do exist. Not something you can carry on your hip, more SAM or RPG size. There were attempts at 50 BMG size, have not read where that went. But, shrinking technology is were things always go. Pattern recognition or sight programmed target, not laser targeted. Once set, target could move or hide and still be found.
      On the smart gun thing though, the tech they are using was sensitive to sudden shocks (ie. heavy recoil). mild magnetic fields (magnetic flap on some purses or briefcases was enough), and lint or dust (from carrying under shirt). Any of these could cause malfunction. Independent testing definitely needed.

      • I know a guy who is actually working on the smart bullet project for an unnamed government department. That’s the totality of what he has said which is probably too much.

  3. Can we step aside from the whole “smart gun” debate for a second, and talk practicalities?

    I’m sure everyone on this forum has their own criteria and budget for a new gun. And safety is surely on there, somewhere (depending on your definition of “safety”). But other criteria, like fit, finish, accuracy, manual of arms, reliability, ability to modify or accessorize, all count.

    Ever seen a “smart gun” that looked like it possessed those qualities to a sufficient extent to justify the price tag? I sure haven’t, and I highly doubt I ever will.

    Sometimes I wish my firearm could snark my shooting, at the range. Some days I’m pretty good, other days not as much. Having a talking gun would be cheaper in the long run than hiring trainers.

      • WHERE DO I BUY ONE???

        That would be funny. And probably freak a lot of fellow shooters out.

        Forgetting for a moment that the underlying concept of a “smart gun” isn’t very smart, IF they ever created one that actually functioned properly, what would that extra “safety” feature be worth to you? $1500 for an otherwise unimpressive 9mm defensive handgun is not a marketing victory when there are EXCELLENT $700-$800 defensive handguns out there, and handguns for under $500 that are certainly adequate, is a guaranteed failed product.

        This is just a dumb idea.

  4. Safe is not the term I would ever apply to this gun! By it’s own admission, the firearm can only be operated by one user from the time it is purchased. So what happens when the registered owner is incapacitated, not home, or unable to reach it when needed? NO ONE ELSE can use it to defend their lives or home! That alone negates ever buying one of these and I don’t give a damn how pretty it might look or how tricked out it can be! All my firearms are user friendly to all my family members and that’s the way it will be!

    • Or if the registered owner’s face got beaten by the assailant into a mess that’s unrecognized by the machine?

      Or if someone hacks the machine?

      Or if the machine’s recognition fails in less-than-optimal optical conditions?

      And so on.

    • If I have comprehended the article correctly the BioFire is capable of having more then one accessor.

      • But the “authorized user” has to program in another “authorized user” before they can use it. Doing that ‘on the fly’ in a defensive situation? Not such a practical answer. So I automatically program every invited visitor to my home into my ‘smart gun’? How many “authorized users” can it be programmed for? How reliable is the “authorization” and user recognition system? How well does it work if your hands are covered in blood, or (as others have pointed out) your face is beaten to a pulp? What happens if the battery dies?

        “Smart guns” are many things; “smart” is not on the list. Not sure “guns” even belongs. Crappy weapons, with built-in reasons for them to fail when they are most needed. Sounds like a typical Leftist/fascist ‘solution’ to a non-existent problem.

    • and so this is where you tell me you’ve never bought a stupid thing in your life….or the last year….or since last week.


      I want one for the novelty of the thing. Yea it’s stupid, Like putting electronics on a gun………dammit.

      • Kyle, I’ve bought plenty of stupid things. Flowers, chocolate and jewelry top the list. Yesterday I bought a Lindy’s chicken fillet sandwich (after visiting Talon Range), bourbon and a new battery. Nothing stupid there. Friday I ordered a new firearm from Wilson Combat. Last week I bought a S&W K-22. 6″. Always wanted one. Now that I think about it there’s not one stupid thing in any of my gun safes.

      • Kyle,

        EVERY human (well, we did have that one exception, but they crucified him) does stupid shit. Our goal in life should be to minimize the stupid, and maximize the rational. OTOH, if it’s my time and my money, and I choose to do something you think is stupid, that sounds like a ‘you problem’ to me.

    • “I never got past reason number one not to buy one. They’re stupid.”

      The target market isn’t for me, you, or any other good, normal person.

      It’s marketed to those who hate, despise, and are scared shitless at just *looking* at a gun.

      They won’t care about the obvious defects, because if it gets them killed in the process, they will be just fine with it.

      That’s how fucked-up their brains work. These are the same people who are just fine with sidewalks in San Fransisco literally slick with human shit. They will willingly risk their children getting a lethal hepatitis infection rather than insist the homeless shit in a public toilet.

      There is no rational conversation possible with people who are *proud* that they and their very children risk the possibility of contracting an easily preventable deadly deadly disease. Worse, they want the entire nation to be as ‘tolerant’ as they are.

      There is only one way of dealing with a mental illness like that. Impress on them their way of doing things is unacceptable, and they must wake the fuck up and get with the program… 🙁

      • Geoff,

        “There is only one way of dealing with a mental illness like that. Impress on them their way of doing things is unacceptable, and they must wake the fuck up and get with the program… ”

        And, if not, Darwin will educate them. Anyone who REALLY believes in the right to self-defense, who purchases a sub-par, potentially useless handgun for an absurdly inflated price is a virtue-signaling moron. Probably a Leftist/fascist.

      • Use a public toilet? In San Francisco? Public toilets there cost two million dollars apiece. A better answer would be to build new rehab centers AND “insane” asylums (mental health hospitals for those who are sensitive).

  5. When you need it most, post EMP/nuke/Carrington solar flare event, it’s just another brick in the internet of broken things.

    • That’s a fact Jack! All my gats will run after an emp. Even my LPVO will run after the battery fries. Etched glass is cool🙄

    • “When you need it most, post EMP/nuke/Carrington solar flare event,..”

      That will be worse on those insisting on stumbling around oblivious to reality.

      That’s right, the Leftist Scum ™. They will be incapable of surviving. They will just sit there and wait for the FEMA trucks that will never show up. Meanwhile, those who live in reality will organize at a local level and get down to the business of survival. Making necessary hard choices. Growing crops, allowing livestock to graze.

      We’ll just wait outside of the big cities and not allow them to infect the rural areas with their begging. It won’t take more than a year or so before the only ones left are the gangs, and even them will eventually get hungry. Great opportunity to make dog food for our dogs… 🙂

  6. Seems that a “smart gun” is really stupid not to mention cost prohibitive!

  7. Arm the smartgun Hal there are bad guys trying to kill us.

    I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that.

      • Stanly Kubrick was a master of the ” hidden obvious”…
        HAL is ” IBM ” offset by one letter and meant to be a prescient glimpse of the government’s complete reliance on technology beyond their control, even back in the 1980s.

        • “Stanly Kubrick was a master of the ” hidden obvious”…
          You want proof of that. Watch A Clockwork Orange.

        • It might be hard to determine if it was Kubrick or Arthur C. Clark who came up with the name for HAL, the conflicted and murderous AI since they collaborated on the screenplay and then the later book version.

  8. the #1 reason
    to not buy a smart gun
    will always be:
    “because thats what democrats want us to do”

    • I think it’s “Because they are stupid, poorly-functioning, mediocre quality alleged weapons, marketed for an absurd price” written 26 times.

  9. Hey guys CRS Firearms was found guilty on the full auto key card trial. Haven’t seen anything here about it though.

  10. I can’t get the facial recognition or the finger print to work on my Cell Phone. They think I would spend $1300 for this JUNK they are out of their minds!

    • Without ever thinking about the fact that the water would short out it’s internals, while only bothering the functioning of the other guns if they swam for a year or two.

      Tell me, why is it they call them “smart guns”, anyway? Nothing smart about them.

  11. So Sorry, Hard NO!

    The gubment thinks it’s a great idea….right there ought to tell us all something.
    Smart Guns (unproven technology) , Electric Cars (not enough resources :Power grid support, where are the 500,00+ charging stations to accommodate how many millions of drivers is going to come from???
    What about Truckers? Public Transpo??? Where are all the batteries going to come from? He’s closed down the Cobalt mines.
    Gas stove tops? Oh, I almost forgot Agent6’s to confiscate all our guns! 87,000 more IRS storm Troopers?
    My first question really would then be what are they going to do when we have Millions of old gas cars , all that gas, stove tops, millions of semi rigs, No mechanics to service everything ! Millions of people out of work! Oh this is a Great plan folks! It’s like it was created by a couple of (6) year old’s in a sand box during recess! And this guy (obummer) his puppet (obyden) and o’soros (Lord on high grand inquisitor) thinks this is remotely possible?
    Just one more second on my grand (creaking) soap box if I may..
    What INDUSTRIES would be left to TAX and Over Rule??? Rule Over????
    Well, there would be…? No that would be gone. How about…no that wouldn’t exist anymore,
    No more gas stations, oilfield workers ,Oil companies, shipping industry, repair shops, Gun manufactures, shooting ranges, Ammo industries, Holster /accessories/companies…I could go on forever. And who brainiac’s are you going to hire to reconstruct an entire Nations Power grid?.. In the summer we already have outages just by turning on a few million AC systems…you think it could possibly handle strain? IDTS !
    Smart Guns, MORE BATTERIES ! More toxic waste . It makes NO sense.
    Firing a gun manually is simple, basic, reliable, safe…the ONLY benefit to smart guns is that Moron’s, thieves, killers and crooks couldn’t shoot you with them. But neither can your wives.sisters,children (and so on, and so on..) can pick up the piece and save some ones life! (Like their own or yours’s). If we dig, I mean really dig into the financials of the smart gun industry whose names might we find on the doted lines? hmmmmmmmm (hint hint probably starts with an S). This is just another plan by the people that brought you 9/11, Waco, the scamdemic….. Smart Guns are a bad idea (and so is the rest of this)

    • “It’s like it was created by a couple of (6) year old’s in a sand box during recess!”

      Close, Valery Jared, Susan Rice, Obama, Blinken and a few other traitors.

  12. The electronic brains of your smart gun are designed to be vulnerable to Electro Magnetic Pulse from nuclear weapons.

    • Elmer,

      Doesn’t have to be a nuke; the sun ‘sneezes’ at us on the regular. We get lucky because the surface of the sun where these discharges generate has a 360 degree X 360 degree field of fire. And then there was the Carrington Event. It ain’t a question of “whether”, it’s a question of “when”. Or, conversely, we could be intelligent, and do basic hardening of critical systems, just in case. We KNOW, for an absolute fact, that a solar flare/CME happens all the time, and if one hit us, the only question would be “how big was it”. A Carrington Event hitting on, say, St. Louis would put this country back in the 1800s.

      Just because I don’t think it is likely to happen to me in my remaining lifetime doesn’t mean I don’t want to be at least aware of what it means if it does.

  13. I’ll stick with my dumb century plus old Colt 1911 design. Simple, reliable, idiot proof and doesn’t need batteries.
    I have spares for my pick up with the old fashioned mechanical distributor if needs be. As well as the parts needed to replace the few electrical parts on a couple of obsolete/antique tractors that will run on almost anything from diesel fuel or kerosene to gasoline.
    I have the horses and machinery to work the fields as well as a couple of my kids and a few others taught how to do the same.
    Far enough from any city or large town to be off the radar for looters. With a small rural community of folks who are as independent minded.
    I have a couple youngsters interested in learning the art of blacksmithing and other skills that could be needed if things fall apart for the so called civilized world.
    Some of us dumb country types will survive long after the cities have destroyed themselves and the fools living there realize how badly they’ve been screwed by the Leftists.
    Dumb guns, dumb farmers, dumb vehicles, dumb phones and televisions. And writing this on a 10 year old lap top with no camera.

  14. Dumb huh ‘Old man”?

    Don’t think so Brother, How about “Sharpest knife in the drawer”
    That’s more like it.

  15. Great success.
    I want a biofire robot bodyguard.
    Somthing like the Terminator preferably the girl.
    That away when the bodyguard robot fcks up and shutes the wrong human the robot can be taken to jail.
    Who needs a gunm? This company needs to make robots.

  16. I find all the fear and paranoia about smart guns to be really funny. none of us even knows if they’re worth a shit because none of them exist in the wild. I can imagine the the same kind of reaction to a carriage that didn’t have a horse pulling it and it had some loud unreliable contraction attached to the axle making awful noises and smells.

    right now my number one reason for not buying one is you can’t. my number two reason is the projected cost is far more than I am ever willing to pay. and finally number three technology will need to prove itself just like any new technology. if I had an opportunity to rent one at a gun range and play with it by all means I would do so.

    in the meantime I’m going to stick to my trusty steel wheel gun that’s much more reliable than any auto loading or plastic piece of Tupperware crap…..

    • @ v4lu3s

      “I find all the fear and paranoia about smart guns to be really funny. none of us even knows if they’re worth a shit because none of them exist in the wild. I can imagine the the same kind of reaction to a carriage that didn’t have a horse pulling it and it had some loud unreliable contraction attached to the axle making awful noises and smells.”

      But if that ‘horseless carriage’ was built with one square wheel and would not work with out it would you buy a ‘horseless carriage’?

      We don’t need to handle this gun to know if its suitable. The technology used is its square wheel. It was not intended for the rigors or environment of actual defensive use, like a square wheel is not intended for the rigors or environment of actual ‘horseless carriage’ (e.g. automobile) use..

      For example, the ‘infrared facial recognition’ only functions if the face is in line with the users face (gun either up in front of them or they are looking straight at the back of it in line with it. If you are off by a couple of degrees its not going to unlock the gun. This is a very critical point because in over 90% of home defense scenarios, they are sudden and swift detection’s of the bad guy and the gun rarely makes it up to being in line with the defenders face. Over 90% of defenders in home defense uses where the trigger is pulled never aim, never see their sights (or red dot), they raise the gun to some level and fire instinctively by the guns position relative to the target – in other words, in over 90% of home defense scenarios the gun will never be in the detection zone to recognize the defenders face to unlock the gun before the trigger needs to be pulled.

      • correction: “gun either up in front of them or they are looking straight at the back of it in line with it.”

        should have been …

        (gun either up in front of them in line with the face on the same level as if aiming or they are looking straight at the back of it in line with it, for example, looking down at the back of it.)

    • Serious question: How much of a premium would you be willing to pay for a “smart gun” (even assuming the technology ever becomes functional), over an equal-or-better-quality standard handgun?

      I thought the “Gyro-jet” guns were cool pieces of technology – never bought one, because they were crappy, unreliable, inaccurate pieces o’ shite, sold for absurd prices, with absurdly expensive ammunition. I can think “cool technology!” without ever thinking “I wish I could buy one”. I truly cannot imagine a scenario where I would pay a single dollar more for a “smart gun” over an equal-or-better dumb gun, even if the technology worked. Adding more potential points of failure to an already-complex system is, as ANY engineer can tell you, a recipe for disaster. Think I’ll just keep my 1911, even IF they develop a functional “smart gun” (which they won’t).

      A “smart gun” is a dumb-ass idea. I could possibly admire the ingenuity of a truly functional version of the technology, without ever contemplating actually buying one of the stupid-ass guns. The basic concept of a “smart gun” is a stupid idea if you actually consider real-world defensive scenarios. If you could develop and market a “smart gun” with functioning technology, I would not buy one over an equivalent “standard” gun, even if it was sold at a discount. The guiding principle of every competent engineer I know (and I know a few) is “KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid”. William of Occam had a philosophical version, which is equally applicable. The simplest design that accomplishes the goal is the “right” answer, always.

  17. There actually is a legit market for this sort of thing; prison guards spring to mind, and there are others. The fallacy is making this the ONLY sort of gun available. I drove a Honda hybrid car for 13 years, and accepted its operational peculiarities and relative lack of safety (more massive vehicles are safer in a crash, and my “Insight” was one of the lightest cars on the road) because I thought its advantages outweighed its disadvantages. But I would have bitterly resented the government insisting that that was the only kind of car I could get.

    • John C.,

      I kinda-sorta “get” the argument about prison guards – except the part where the giant convict with a huge case of rage and zero capacity to control it cuts your damn finger off with his shiv, and uses your finger to “enable” the gun. I think it’s a poor solution to a real problem.

      As for any other application? I am fine with ANYONE buying a “smart gun”, if that’s how they choose to deploy their money. Not my circus, not my monkey. When it becomes mandated, or even subsidized or “incentivized” by teh gummint, that’s where I have a problem. Feel free to spend your shekels as you wish, just recognize my right to do the same. If any company actually feels that they can make a market selling a mediocre weapon, that has inherent use problems in an actual defensive scenario, for multiples of the price of equivalent-or-better “dumb guns”, they are welcome to pursue their fantasy. Wake me up when one actually succeeds.

  18. The only “smart” feature” I’d like on a pistol is a button I can push (if I choose to) that will make the sound of racking a 12-gauge shotgun (AKA a “redneck burglar alarm”). If the sound doesn’t scare a burglar, it’ll sure confuse the hell out of him when he hears the sound of a shotgun coming from a pistol!

  19. I say let law enforcement and the military be the beta resters before releasing them yo the public. We’ll see how that works out! ¯\_㋡_/¯

  20. I’ll freely admit I’ve spent money on stupid purchases over the years (VHS Cameras anyone?).
    I’ll also admit to buying Models of Guns too soon. Right after buying a new and improved model comes out.

    I see this gun ending up in the closet with the Video Camera and Vintage Polaroid Land Camera.
    The only effective Safety on any gun is the Safety Between Your Ears.

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