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Aaaaand we have another entry in the smart gun sweepstakes. This one comes from a new player in the space, Machine, Inc., who says their SafeOp system is the “world’s first digital aftermarket safety trigger” and installs in a standard GLOCK 19 Gen4 and Gen5 pistol (they promise versions for other GLOCK pistols down the road).

Machine, Inc. issued a press release today announcing the SafeOp system, just a week after longtime anti-gun Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney introduced a new bill she calls the Handgun Trigger Safety Act. Among other things, the bill would shell out “grants to develop and improve “personalized” handgun technology to increase efficacy and decrease costs.”

So that’s a nice coincidence.


It’s not clear from the video or the company’s web site whether the SafeOp system is activated via Bluetooth or RFID, but the system features “lightning fast lock and unlock”… controlled via a smartphone or smart watch ap.

The SafeOp also appears to recognize when the designated user has left the immediate area, disabling the pistol and reenabling it when the user returns.

Here’s the company’s press release . . .

Machine Inc. unveiled SafeOp, a revolutionary trigger safety system allowing a firearm to be locked or unlocked securely from a SmartPhone or SmartWatch. Sold as an aftermarket trigger kit, this breakthrough allows existing firearms to be cost effectively and easily retrofitted with new smart gun technology.

Machine Inc. didn’t just stop with a trigger safety locking system. Features like proximity locking/unlocking and movement detection with alert notifications allow an owner to fully customize their firearm experience, all controlled via an intuitive mobile app.

This innovation comes at a time where new legislative proposals focused on gun safety are being unveiled.

House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) on February 10th unveiled a legislative package of five bills focused on gun afety. One of the proposals, the Handgun Trigger Safety Act, would incentivize the development of “smart-gun technology.” The bill would also mandate that within ten years of enactment anyone selling a handgun must retrofit it with personalization technology before that sale can be completed.

Sources: Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney

Machine Inc. is currently taking pre-orders for the Glock 19 pistol and expects to deliver the first batch in May 2021.

For more information and an informative video describing all SafeOp’s features, visit Machine Inc.

The SafeOp is listed with a retail price of $398, but Machine, Inc. is taking preorders now for half that amount with an estimated delivery date of May, 2021.

We’ve reached out to Machine, Inc. to find out more and will report back once we hear from them.

UPDATE: We spoke with Machine, Inc.’s David Lawrie who confirmed that the SafeOp app and unit do, in fact, use Bluetooth to communicate and recognize when the authorized user is close by.

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      • Because that will be against the law! And no one breaks the law! Or that is how government thinks. No one will be able to have anything except their app enabled gun.

        So I need to have my phone in my pocket to use this? Good thing my phone battery never dies. How often is the gun checking for the app, or it does a check at the point where you pull the trigger?

    • Last thing I want is a gizmo on my firearms, that won’t work if I don’t have on a ring or whatever or for my wife to to be unable to use one of my guns or vice versa when someone invades our home, or a snake is in the garden or a bear,or for my children not to be able to go hunting with my/their guns or wife,children,brothers, sisters,friends to shoot my guns,or me shoot theirs.
      The real solution is to not Let Democrats/criminals/mentally insane own guns and leave Americans alone.And..cost: guns cost way too much now as it is.

  1. So … about doubles the cost of the gun (ex the preorders, if they are ever shipped; pardon my skepticism).

    Yeah, that’s going to sell well.

    • “…Introduce your pistol to 21st century technology…”

      That would be like introducing your daughter to the douche bag drug dealer…I’m sure everything will be fine.

    • Yeah, I need a hundred right away! Please ship immediately to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, D.C., C.O.D., look for a doddering and incoherent old fart, he’ll pay you whatever you want.

  2. Stupid… Excused me Mr. Home Invader, I have to find my phone so I can unlock my gun..Okay, got it, oh no, I forgot the charge my gun thingy….Who the F comes up with this nonsense.

    • Phone 📱 screen in future when CCP wants to shut down all guns:

      “iOS 27.3.2 no longer supports and operates legacy 128-bit apps. SafeOp version is a legacy 128-bit app that needs to be updated by the developer. Please contact the developer.”

      Siri, call SafeOp, “We’re sorry, you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service…”

  3. What could possibly go wrong? The first perp er.. college bound youth steals your phone and hops his bike…gone. The other two start going for more of you and your stuff. Now all you have is a pistol shaped brick.

  4. I like the idea of it, but it should be something that is completely optional. Run it if you want, like a light or a red dot. Whatever.
    Could be neat on a range toy, you can leave it lay while checking targets ideally without fear of being shot in the back by a bystander, etc… (my carry piece is always on me in addition to range weapons).
    So yea, could be a neat accessory.

    But that’s it, wouldn’t trust it for actual defense use, nor any locking system.

    I say if any of these smart devices are pushed, let the military and LEO change over to them first, if that’s a big no, well, then no.

    • Bob, I agree completely. There is your confirmed and undeniable vote, how many were sold to willing customers. My guess would be very close to zero. Manufacturers would cry foul (and be correct!) since they would never have sunk the bucks into development except for the guarantee that many hundreds of millions of units would be forced on the public, charge whatever you like!

  5. Not like an EMP isn’t a likely first strike option by the Chinese, North Koreans or other rogue regime. Sounds like a great idea 🤮

  6. Not like an EMP isn’t a likely first strike option by the Chinese, North Koreans or other rogue regime. Sounds like a great idea

  7. So it looks like it won’t work in anything but a Glock because it is dependent on the void in the grip. I’m also guessing it can be defeated with a few minutes effort.

      • ALL suggested limitations/mandates should be forced on Law Enforcement for a 10-15 year trial/proof of concept before the FIRST citizen is even allowed to participate. Including bans, mag restrictions, open carry, concealed carry, ammo constraints (such as no HP ammo, no plus-P, etc) one gun a month, background checks for ammo, on and on.

    • That was my first thought. If it isn’t controlled by government agencies now, I’d bet it will be soon. There would probably be legislation requiring it. That is a much more realistic concern than worries about the Chinese cutting the power or EMP.

    • If not yet, they will be. There’s no stopping them anymore. Don’t forget all new cars for a few years now have advanced computers that can be conveniently shut off from satellite links if they ever want to really want to quickly restrict peasant mobility. Not that ALPRs and GPS on the phone of the driver aren’t doing a pretty good job already.

      I’m wondering what the purpose of this article really is? Who gives a shit about stupid restrictive tactically useless technology? They tried all this shit in the past and it never flew.
      Doesn’t anybody get that most people won’t even have Glocks due to all of the following that they are now pushing through–without any resistance– as we sleep:

      -They’ll ramp up the ‘Administrative’ alphabet agency fiat restrictions on obtaining guns and ammo, parts, accessories, etc. Suck ass sycophant CCP anti-gun (for the peons, not their own security) big businesses will go along and no longer sell or advertise these items

      -They’ll tax the manufacturers and also the owners of all firearms, ammo, and even Non-firearm accessories to a point where they’ll simply become unaffordable and out of reach for most people.

      -They’ll ban all semi-auto’s and Hi-cap mags outright.

      –Then, for whatever firearms remain that might work for basic hunting (which is revenue for a lot of liberal states so maybe hunting won’t be restricted that much, but they will surely raise the license fees) and fundamental protection, You will be required to pass a psychological evaluation for ownership approval.

      -Then they’ll pass laws to cover all the ‘exits’ that make everybody a felon for non-compliance. Therefore you automatically permanantly cannot have guns. (Also an illegal, Unconstitutional law that was never challenged properly in courts) What a perfect crime committed right under our stupid noses. What better way to disarm a populace than simply making their weapons Illegal, even though the Constitution specifically makes it a crime for law makers to even plan to do that kind of deprivation of rights? USCC18-241-242. How stupid and lazy were we to let old lefty LBJ & Cohorts pull that one off in 1968? Those were the days when everybody was depressed with Viet Nam body bags every day on TV and most college kids were high on pot or some shit? Maybe that was it?

      But those anti-gun maneuvers by your new CCP sponsored Socialist Totalitarian government should effectively wipe out the once proud and well-armed American Patriot Citizen.

      The Marxists once bragged that sooner or later they’d take out the Constitutional Republic of America, without even firing a shot? They have Now succeeded. Now they’ll disarm and enslave the people the same way, and nullify the consent of the people to govern.

      We already forfeited our sacred 4/A rights when we failed to strongly object to our ‘leadership’ establishing Universal Domestic Surveillance in furtherance of the National Security State getting out of control after 911 with the new patriot act, and We should have come together en-masse to lobby and order our Reps (or else start looking for a real job) to cancel all gun-control agendas and all this tyrannical bullshit when control of the government was not in the hands of rabid Totalitarians. Starting with a repeal of the 1968 GCA which was a major step toward what we’re getting now.

      We can’t now, so it looks certain at this point we’ll start to lose the 2nd/A, for all practical purposes. And then they’ll have no fears about forcefully shutting our mouths once and for all. Three strikes and we are OUT!

      However, I’m confident that once the damage this new administration will do becomes ‘painfully’ obvious to even the average dumbocrat useful idiot, there will be some pro-active seriousness among most reasonable Americans coming down to the next election midterm and relative election cycles. Especially now with the Trump MAGA Team getting ready to politically re-group and start some forward action? So we all have to build even more momentum moving forward.

      So we can all pitch in as is our fundamental civic duty as Free American Citizens (even you Molon Labayers) by getting started and forming Constitutional PAC groups in your neighborhoods and start raising money and motivating people to help enlighten and awaken the sheeple.

      There’s a couple of cheap and easy, but very important grass roots venues, to get started with.
      First, Start contacting and meeting with your County Sherrif to determine where they stand on all these violations of our Constitution and the 18-241-242 statutes? This is unbelievably important. A lot of Sheriffs don’t understand the true Law Enforcement and Constitutional power they have. You can check into this at the ‘Constitutional Sherrifs’ and Sherrif Richard Mack’s organization.

      Also, check out a Website: & the National Constitution Foundation if you want to learn about how to De-Program people away from the Marxist educational trending we’ve had over the past years because we have to re-awaken our muted understing of just how egregious this usurption of our Free Repubic will become if we don’t start reversing their momentum in learning and application to political stance.

  8. What kinda proximity we talking? Inches, feet, yards? Will shooting offhand disable it? How about letting the person standing next to me shoot the gun? I mean, my Bluetooth earbuds reach across my entire house – so if the watch trigger is in the same distance, is anyone able to party with my iGlock?

    • Need to pay attention to the “keyless” systems in automobiles for the answer to that. You can hold the key in your hand beside the inside of a window and the car will start and function just fine, whether it is a front, back, right or left window. Then move that key fob 3 inches so that it is *outside* that window, and it will not function at all. As envisioned, I suspect that if your normal shooting arm is disabled, you will not be able to fire the gun with your other hand.

  9. This represents yet another attempt to introduce an unnecessary point of failure for a safety-critical device. Considering that there are already simple, effective, and inexpensive ways to secure firearms from unauthorized use, this technology should be considered dangerous rather than useful. These sorts of technologies will likely cost more lives than they save if they achieve any meaningful level of commercial success in the marketplace.

  10. Any technology using Bluetooth, RFID, or plain 802.whatever can be manipulated, broken, or disrupted. That, and it needs power to operate.

    This thing is a problem waiting to happen.

  11. This looks like the best one so far but still has huge gaps. I will say that there is zero chance of this stopping someone from bypassing the mechanism if given a few minutes and some JB Weld. It’s more of a “kid proofing” than a criminal proofing.

    It’s definitely marketed towards women as well which is interesting. I think that’s not a bad deal if it gets some suburban house mom to buy a gun that wouldn’t otherwise. I’ll say that a G19 is common but I would have probably started with a 43 or 48 at this point just because single stack definitely seems to be trending in some regards.

  12. Uhhh…, No thank’s, I’ll just keep the stuff I now have that work’s just fine with the pull of the trigger.
    Always some dumb ass trying to fix stuff that ain’t broken,

  13. The Hornady RFID safe tech. is much better. It’s only a safe, but if the same idea could be incorporated into the gun, it would be better than this.

  14. They can mandate every gun be retrofitted with this and it won’t change the fact it can be put back. That horse left the barn long ago.

  15. “Question is: Does it have a thing that goes up?”

    That would be ineffective. A proper firearm requires “A thing that goes up in the back.”

  16. “These sorts of technologies will likely cost more lives than they save if they achieve any meaningful level of commercial success in the marketplace.”

    Irrelevant. If it saves one child……

  17. Looks like Silicon Valley Big-Tech Democrat Billionaires are working extra hard to get their “Smart Gun” fixtures established.

    The $China $Dime is aaaaallllllllll over this.

  18. So, it looks like the brains of the thing fits in a grip plug, and locks and unlocks the trigger by blocking the blade safety, but there is no indication of how the two are connected. It’s an interesting curiosity, but I think I’d rather let the cops or government letter clubs go first.

  19. At $400 I kinda want to buy one just to screw with it.

    It’s almost certainly Bluetooth and certainly not very hard to defeat.

  20. “Should be mandatory for all law enforcement agencies.”

    You don’t understand how things are supposed to work.

    Police and military are all highly trained, highly skilled, extremely safety conscious about guns. However, in their line of work, there can be literally zero chance their weapons will not work at critical moments.

    The public, has no need for a gun, is untrained, unskilled, incredibly irresponsible about gun safety. It is best the public not have guns because of the chance that even one child might be killed in an accident. In addition, if the public doesn’t have personal firearms, they they will be forced to surrender their property quietly, thereby saving their own lives.

    When every Tom, Dick and Tranny can have a gun, the nation is going to see the streets run with blood, and untold carnage. It is settled science that guns cause 93 million people to die each year.

    • 93 Million gun deaths per year my god what a dolt! 😂😂😂

      Let’s ban anything and everything that has a higher mortality rate than guns first. Cars, disease, Drs., surgeons, infections in hospitals, smoking, drugs, hammers, knives, dumb stunts like we see on tv shows, etc. ban all those first then let’s talk about banning guns to the “real criminals” that misuse guns and leave the general law biding American guns owners alone!
      Of course most of know this has nothing to do with making people safe, it’s all about banning all guns from the people so we can’t storm the whitehouse and state capitols to take back the country’s from the Communist! This is the real agenda behind Gun bans!

  21. Bah, ha, ha, ha…..Give it to the Federal L.E.’s, let the secret service who’s protecting the politicians try it for the next 4 years……!

    • Real good, needs development! Try this; this is available in prototype right now, correct? Present to Slow Joe and the Cackling Hoe, publicly offer them the ability to command their Secret Service teams to use only such questionable firearms. Obviously they would refuse, probably with an explanation similar to Chicago’s mayor explaining why she did not need to comply with her own rules concerning hairdressers, “It’s because I am important and you are not.”

  22. The “Smart”Phone is the slave collar of the 21st century. I resent having to buy any mobile phone, but I will NOT chain my firearms to one of these tools of Satan.

  23. “Like there wouldn’t be a back door for LE to “safe” your guns before they kick your door in.”

    If it uses wi-fi or Bluetooth, wouldn’t that allow easy hacking from wherever the signal can be captured?

  24. Thankfully the police will be able to completely disable the firearms of criminals when they come knocking, with bluetooth jammers.

  25. “Next will be the Smart Hammer. It shuts off if you try to hit your finger.”

    A “smart” hammer would wrest itself from your hand because it knows you are about to hit your finger.



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