BREAKING: NRA Supporting Guns Save Life’s Lawsuit Against Deerfield Assault Weapons Ban

Guns Save Life’s motto is simple: “We defend your right to defend yourself.”  So when we saw Deerfield, Illinois amend a local ordinance to ban America’s favorite rifle and many similar guns, we didn’t sit around and complain. We took action. We’re pleased to announce a lawsuit challenging the Village of Deerfield’s gun confiscation ordinance. […]

NRA Lobbyist Marion Hammer Gets the [Proverbial] Knives Out for Miguel Fernandez

In the editorial below, Florida-based NRA Lobbyist and past NRA Prez Marion Hammer goes at a Sunshine State billionaire, hammer and tongs. And why not? Republican donor Miguel Fernandez declared “I will not give one cent to anyone who does not support major change regarding military-type weapons being sold.” This despite owning a large collection of […]

Wyoming Restores Right to Bear Arms in Places of Worship

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed HB 141 into law last week. The bill reforms state restrictions on First (freedom of religion) and Second (right to keep and bear arms) Amendment freedoms in the state. It repeals existing state law that bans concealed weapons in any place people are assembled for public worship. From Monday, March […]

NY Democrat Congressman: Take Up Arms to Fight Trump!

It’s always seemed strange that many of the same people who claim that President Trump is a dangerous proto-authoritarian, a fascist, even a closeted Nazi are among the strongest supporters for stricter gun control laws. You might think if you’re worried about being rounded up and put in concentration camps, you’d welcome the opportunity to keep […]

North Bergen, NJ Police Chief Robert Dowd and Hudson County Superior Court Judge Mitzy Galis-Menendez: Gun Zeroes of the Day [VIDEO]

The New Jersey Second Amendment Society writes: New Jersey According to a recent investigation by NBC4NY, North Bergen Housing Authority Security Director Geoffrey Santini (above), a political crony of North Bergen mayor and state Senator Nicholas Sacco (D-32), rarely shows up for his full-time job. Santini also has a CCW permit, courtesy of North Bergen […]