ATF Director Steven Dettelbach
Courtesy Harvard Crimson
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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Director Steven Dettelbach pledged to Congress during his nomination hearing that he’d “use the tools Congress gives me,” and committed to “being a fair regulator” of the firearm industry in his role.

That was welcomed after President Joe Biden’s first nominee, gun control lobbyist David Chipman, was withdrawn after a disastrous nomination hearing of his own. However, recent comments by Director Dettelbach delivered at Harvard University, where he was a keynote guest, are worrisome. The top-ranking man transitioned from being a law and regulations enforcer to gun control advocate.

Director Dettelbach told an audience at Harvard’s “Gun Violence in America,” discussion that he agreed with gun control advocates on pursuing a ban on modern sporting rifles (MSRs) and universal background checks. That’s a break from previous Congressional testimony where he testified that he would apply the law, not advocate for new ones.


Congress writes laws. That’s not a fact that Director Dettelbach disputes. He agreed to that in his U.S. Senate confirmation hearings. In fact, in previous testimony, he declined to define the politically-charged term of “assault rifle” that gun control advocates throw about. He even acknowledged that as a prior Ohio political candidate, he campaigned for such bans but explained that defining firearms is reserved for Congress.

“I did talk about restrictions on assault weapons,” Director Dettelbach told Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.). “I did not define the term, and I haven’t gone through the process of defining that term,” he said. “That would only be for the Congress if it chose to take that up to do.”

Director Dettelbach didn’t hesitate having that discussion in Cambridge, Mass. He took the unprecedented step of calling for the adoption of that very law – something no ATF director has done before.

“The president has also said, and I agree, that we should consider and reinstate a ban on certain types of assault weapons,” Director Dettelbach said.

He hedged and added it’s Congress that should define what that term means, but the director knows Congress has not banned the commonly-owned firearms. The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban expired in 2004 and since, Congress hasn’t attempted to send a bill banning the most popular-selling centerfire rifle to the president. That’s true for when either party held majorities in the House and Senate, respectively, including when Democrats controlled the House, Senate and The White House.

Director Dettelbach’s references to “assault weapon” are, of course, the AR-15-style semiautomatic rifles, or MSRs. President Joe Biden has repeatedly called for the firearms to be banned and Vice President Kamala Harris added her support for reinstating a ban.

Joe Biden, America’s most anti-gun president.

The calls for banning more than 24.4 million MSRs in circulation are happening against the backdrop of elevated levels of lawful firearm purchases. They’re also at a time when more Americans oppose such a ban and millions of Americans, including millions of first-time gun buyers, purchasing AR-15-style rifles as their preferred firearm for self-defense, recreational target shooting and hunting. The MSR uses the same one-trigger-pull-one-round-fired technology common in firearms for over a century.

The director also called for implementing a universal background check system he knows is prohibited by law and wouldn’t be workable without a nation-wide firearm registry. He and the administration have been clear, their plainly unlawful proposed rule defining “engaged in the business” would make hundreds of thousands of gun owners criminals if they don’t become “licensed dealers.” This is intended to be a giant step toward “universal background checks.”

The Director Also Smeared Veterans

Director Dettelbach’s change of policy positioning to advocate for unconstitutional bans on entire classes of firearms over using the tools Congress gives him wasn’t the only troubling remark. He misrepresented the tragedy in Lewiston, Maine, to attack a Senate amendment that would forbid Department of Veterans Affairs bureaucrats from unilaterally robbing veterans of their Second Amendment rights if they need assistance managing their finances. Sadly, he did this by conflating that with those deemed “mentally defective” by a court. The two are not the same.

“Let me talk a little bit about what happened before that (Lewiston tragedy), and what happened after that happened, to put a sort of context on this,” Director Dettelbach attempted to explain. “So, before that, just a few hours before that actually, the United States Senate voted to pass a measure, which the goal of the measure was to lower barriers for veterans who had been found to be incompetent to maintain their rights to keep and possess firearms.”

Steven Dettelbach
ATF Director Steven Dettelbach (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Moderator Caroline Light, who authored a book titled “Stand Your Ground: A History Of America’s Love Affair With Lethal Self-Defense,” nodded along in approval with the director’s suggested connection between the tragic murders in Maine and the Senate vote.

The “Senate measure” was U.S. Sen. John Kennedy’s (R-La.) amendment protecting military veterans’ Second Amendment rights from Department of Veteran Affairs overreach, which Breitbart has reported. Companion legislation, sponsored by Rep. Mike Bost (R-Ill.), had already passed the U.S. House of Representatives in a vote that garnered near unanimous Republican support.

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy
Louisiana Senator John Kennedy (Shutterstock)

The policy did not have the “goal” of “lowering barriers for veterans who had been found to be incompetent” from keeping their Second Amendment rights. The legislation, the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act, prohibits the Veterans Affairs Department from quietly adding names of veterans who require financial supervision – this is known as a “fiduciary” – to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) database as prohibited individuals.

It’s not only an ongoing underhanded move to satisfy gun control supporters but is a blatant breach of trust with the very individuals who swore oaths – up to and including their lives – to defend the U.S. Constitution that protects the rights of all Americans. These millions of veterans have not received any judicial proceedings or been adjudicated a “mental defective” and therefore deemed unfit to obtain or possess firearms. Their only “crime” in the Biden administration’s eyes is they receive financial assistance with benefits.

NSSF’s Mark Oliva, a retired Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant with 25 years of service, criticized the current policy, saying, “It is unconscionable that the very agency that is charged with caring for the needs of these patriots continues to work against their interests and strip them of their Constitutional rights, simply because they need assistance managing their financial affairs.”

U.S. Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), an MPA Harvard graduate and former U.S. Navy SEAL who was wounded in combat while on his third deployment serving in Afghanistan, caught wind of the director’s remarks.

“The ATF Director is brazenly misrepresenting Senator Kennedy’s amendment… to trample on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens and veterans,” Rep. Crenshaw posted on “Our veterans bravely served our country, defended our Constitution, and earned their VA benefits. Their fundamental rights should not be at the mercy of unelected, anti-gun government bureaucrats with an agenda.”

Allowing this continued abuse of the FBI NICS system by government bureaucrats at the Department of Veterans Affairs is an affront to the service of veterans who fought to protect those rights for all Americans. Director Dettelbach’s remark attempt to tie all veterans to the murderer in Lewiston, Maine. The comparison to continue to rob veterans of their rights is beyond the pale.

Proud Partnership

Director Dettelbach – who has joined NSSF at public events to highlight the firearm industry’s efforts to keep communities safe – left out nearly any mention of the hard work the firearm industry does to keep Americans safe, including many long-standing partnerships with ATF. It would have been the right thing to do – especially given the audience – to highlight these partnerships. Sadly, it wasn’t mentioned.

For almost 25 years, the ATF and NSSF have partnered to prevent illegal firearm straw purchases with a public awareness campaign called Don’t Lie for the Other Guy™. NSSF also matches ATF reward offers when firearms are stolen from retailers to bring those criminals to justice and recover those firearms before they can be criminally misused. That’s been ongoing for years and was recently made a pillar of the latest cooperative effort called Operation Secure Store. That partnership between ATF and NSSF is focused on raising awareness within the firearm retailer community to voluntarily improve and enhance security at firearm retailers to prevent and deter thefts and robberies.

These efforts are part of the firearm industry’s Real Solutions. Safer Communities. campaign. The ATF’s own data demonstrates these partnerships have worked to improve safety in cities across the country and have reduced crime and lowered intentional firearm violence.

The ATF director’s choices to ignore the firearm industry’s role in keeping Americans safe and his unprecedented call for gun control and his smear of veterans, of which there are thousands employed within our industry, threatens to undermine a relationship that has promoted public safety, protected communities from criminals and preserved the lawful transfer of, and commerce in firearms.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • Commies gonna commie. Replace the label with whatever is appropriate as needed but I barely care about the distinctions at this point.

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        A l­o­o­k a­t i­t—————————–>>>

    • Nah, he has the same First Amendment right as anyone else. What would be a violation of that oath would be implementing any ban or universal background system without Congress’ express approval by enacting a new law. He clearly understood the limits of his authority, and is best understood as lobbying for a change in the law.

      • Except clearly is sidestepping the courts orders where FRT’s are concerned. Violation under “color of law” where there is no valid law concerning the legality aside from them being legal under the current definitions in Fed law.

        Ruling enjoined the other day to nip that in the bud, and they had the where with all to demand a list of people (owners) who are protected by the ruling. De facto registration attempt dodge so they know who possess them. Target list, transparent.

        • That is a different issue. He has publicly admitted that he does not have the authority to enact UBCs or AW bans.

        • The point is directly to breaking his oath of office as you put forth as the standard, by attempting to create law from whole cloth in another end run around Congress. I am pointing out he is doing exactly that with FRT’s. BAT-FEces hasn’t even gone so far as to issue a (fake law) rule, and they do not even fall under the bump stock rule either, as they are not even mentioned within. e.g. Effectively a ban under color of law, without a law to back it up.

          Frankly, aside from Shall Not, I have no skin in the game. However, letting them flaunt the law, their Oath of Office, and the Courts orders with impunity, even when it doesn’t impact you directly, is tremendous folly.

    • He had his fingers crossed behind his back. To Dems, this makes the oath worthless and unenforceable.

    • Seems like a perfect denizen of the swamp, The kind of man who loves the slime. A man without a spine, no chest, no chin, no chest, and no brain but a huge mouth. I even bet he has a change maker on his belt.

    • That would be inconvenient. They don’t care about the Constitution. They want to be rid of it as they are drunk with power and control and intend to have it over us.

  1. Does anyone remember that war we’re fighting in Eastern Europe that was all the rage a year or so ago (including many TTAG articles)? I was told we were fighting for democracy. Is it weird that our client state is the one that ended up defeating democracy, which actually means that we defeated democracy? The leader, who’s salary we’re paying, and who has previously outlawed a religion and dissenting media outlets, just ended elections. Is this what “we” signed up for?

    The battle that determines the fate of the state and people is now underway; it is not the right time for elections

    • Elections are a threat to democracy.

      Anything short of letting a few globalist, billionaire oligarchs run roughshod over our lives is a threat to democracy. I think point out threats to democracy may even be a threat to democracy since todays threats to democracy will be tomorrows necessities to ensure democracy from whatever is threatening democracy then.


      • “Elections are a threat to democracy.”

        I think I can help here. I looked up “democracy” in the Democratic Dictionary, and the definition is:

        “Democracy(n): The rule of the Democratic Party.”

        Once you use their definition, the meaning of their statements becomes obvious.

        • We are and we’re created as a republic, not a democracy. A democracy is the group in power having power over those who don’t.

        • You and I know that. They clearly don’t.

          Want to make a Democrat’s head explode? Point out that there’s no Constitutional requirement to let people vote for President. It would be entirely Constitutional to, for example, have a State decide that its electoral votes would be determined by their House of Representatives. Or even by the Governor simply appointing the electors.

          That whole “popular vote” idea that they’re always pushing, about how so-and-so won the electoral college but lost the popular vote, is completely aconstitutional.

        • ” A democracy is the group in power having power over those who don’t.”

          A democracy is literal mob rule, and the Leftist-Fascists are supposed to be all about protecting the weak from the strong…

      • “Elections are a threat to democracy.”

        Elections {Leftists-Fascists can’t throw} are a threat to democracy.

        You meant to say… 🙁

    • Current thing is Israel and potentially Iran now. Ukraine is somewhere back with booster shots being beneficial with agenda relevance. But yeah unsettling how that money laundering operation is going.

    • Hey hey! How dare you! You can’t say that! Despite Ukraine being one of the most corrupt countries in the world, we MUST support them in their fight against the Evil Putinmonster. Even though Zelensky is talking about delaying elections indefinitely, we still must send billions of borrowed dollars to that corrupt nation to make sure the Ukrainian elite can skim off the top and stuff their secret bank accounts. Of course, this same elite kicks back tens of millions to our own corrupt elite in Congress. Meanwhile, the refuse of the world is flowing across our non-existent borders, depressing wages and raising housing costs. Scattered among them are terrorists that will certainly kill or maim tens of thousands of American citizens sometime in the near future.

      Don’t you know how things work?? Shame on you!

      • You often drip sarcasm with your comments but damn guy you trying to drown someone in that ocean?

        • I’m old enough to remember Iran – Contra, when the administration redirected money paid by Iran to the rebels in El Salvador. What’s happening in Ukraine is child’s play compared to that. IMHO, money kicked back to Congress by Ukraine is either pocketed by congress critters, or funneled into SuperPACS for election purposes.

          If we had a real press, they would investigate why there is no oversight to the money sent to Ukraine. But we don’t have a real press. We have lapdogs.

  2. NSSF’s belated non-apology for its oh-so-nuanced refusal to criticize this transparently POTG-hating P0S.

    • “Director Dettelbach – who has joined NSSF at public events to highlight the firearm industry’s efforts to keep communities safe – left out nearly any mention of the hard work the firearm industry does to keep Americans safe, including many long-standing partnerships with ATF”

      Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas!

  3. He cannot define what an “assault weapon” is, but he wants to ban them?
    Can he define what a “woman” is?

    • He is correct. An “assault weapon” is whatever the law defines it to be, and currently, there is no federal law which defines what is an assault weapon. Assault weapons bans in effect in a number of states are all different as to the particular features that cause a semi-automatic rifle to be an “assault weapons,” but do not effect the legality of M-1 Carbines, Garands, or the Ruger Mini-14. Consequently, the Director is correct that he cannot define an “assault weapon” unless and until Congress tells him what the definition is.

      • “Assault weapons bans in effect in a number of states are all different… but do not effect the legality of M-1 Carbines.”

        Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true. The M-1 Carbine is banned here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey. New Jersey doesn’t care if it has a brown wood stock and a 10-round magazine; the state bans all M-1 carbines, including the originals and replicas. I’ve been trying to find out the reason, and the most likely explanation I’ve found is that the M-1 was popular among black people, and therefore the state banned it (proving once again that all gun control laws are based in racism).
        The M-1 Garand and Springfield M1A are legal here, but the M-1 is banned!

        • That is really bizarre. Maybe because the “paratrooper” style stock allowed them to be concealable under a trench coat? They are legal in California, but I keep finding other guns to spend my money on and have yet to acquire one, partially because of their history of jamming due to bad mags.

      • I have defended myself quite nicely with a mag flashlight in the past. I surmise in this day and age, that would be considered an “assault weapon”, as well, and could be be banned as well with as crazy as this country is getting in banning everything.

  4. In reality civilized nations do not permit citizens to own weapons of war and mass destruction.

    In the U.S. at the very least all assault rifles should be registered and the NFA tax should be required and updated to account for inflation since the NFA Act was passed in 1934. This would increase the $200 tax stamp to $4,594.00 in today’s money. To Be fair owners of assault rifles presently owned would not be required to pay the tax, only new purchases.

    Any sales of privately owned assault rifles would require the seller to go through a licenced class 3 dealer to transfer the weapon to the buyer.

    Mental tests would be required once a year if you wished to keep an assault rifle.

    • Dacian,
      Nobody in America has ever been murdered using an assault rifle fired by a civilian.
      Nobody. Zero people. No one.
      Assault rifles are already classified as machine guns, so even if someone possesses a machine gun license, they cannot buy an assault rifle manufactured after 1986.
      Assault rifles are fully automatic or select fire.
      The M16 and M4 are assault rifles.
      The AR-15 and its clones are not assault rifles, are not “weapons of war,” as no nation on earth has ever used the AR-15 as their military rifle.
      You’re confusing assault rifles, which are fully automatic (machine guns), with “assault weapons,” which are fire one shot per trigger pull but are labeled “assault weapons” by racists just because they’re black and therefore “scary looking.”
      Either you’re extremely ignorant, or you’re purposely repeating the misinformation started by Josh Sugarman, who is the one who made up the fictitious term “assault weapons” so that he could ban black guns just for being black.

      • to New Jersey

        Nice try on deflection but the difference between emptying an M16 and AR15 is about 1 to 1 1/2 seconds so your reply is Non Sequitur in the extreme.

        I might add that more than on Vietnam Veteran told me they seldom used their M16’s on full auto when out on counting patrols so they would save ammo.

        Many WWII Nations used semi-auto rifles during that war.

        Again the point you attempted to make is no point at all.

        And my original post still is accurate few civilized nations permit M16’s or AR 15’s in civilian hands and those few that do require extreme vetting and safe storage laws.

      • Stuck – a couple of points – 1) you are wasting your time trying to ‘edumacate’ dacian; 2) josh didn’t invent the bogus term – Art Agnos did a few years earlier in an abortive attempt to get them evil critters banned in kaly. josh saw an opportunity and seized on it specifically to confuse people.

      • Either you’re extremely ignorant, or you’re purposely repeating the misinformation started by Josh Sugarman,

        I’ll take all of the above for $500 Alex….

      • Nice try on deflection but the difference between emptying an M16 and AR15 is about 1 to 1 1/2 seconds so your reply is Non Sequitur in the extreme.

        I might add that more than on Vietnam Veteran told me they seldom used their M16’s on full auto when out on counting patrols so they would save ammo.

        Many WWII Nations used semi-auto rifles during that war.

        Again the point you attempted to make is no point at all.

        And my original post still is accurate few civilized nations permit M16’s or AR 15’s in civilian hands and those few that do require extreme vetting and safe storage laws. bb

        • Guess it’s time to face the facts Dboy… YOUR definition of “civilized” is just wrong… Apparently in YOUR world “civilized” means it’s okay to kill by stabbing, burning, bludgeoning and/or using poison/gas to kill instead of a high speed bullet… Face it, no matter what YOU choose to call them EVERY country in the world has a portion of the population with a propensity to murder other human beings (or commit suicide) and no matter how many restrictions YOU put on them (short of the proverbial padded cell and straight jacket) they WILL find a way to complete their task… Please, name ONE country in the world that has NEVER suffered a murder or a suicide… Waiting… waiting…waiting… So, there you have it, “civilization” (by YOUR criteria) does not exist… Class dismissed…

        • seldom used their M16’s on full auto when out on counting patrols so they would save ammo.

          More bullshit, they didn’t use full auto because the POS would overheat and jam (FTF, FTE, fail to load) that’s why the garbage was equipped with a bolt assist (requested/demanded by the Army) to shove a round in the chamber when it got hot… Why I opted for an M14 after my experiences during training in CA and the Philippines before my deployment to Vietnam…. That crap was never intended for jungle fighting…

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, YOU have just proven yourself to be the dumbest person on this blog.

          I regert to inform you that the M-16 rifle, does NOT currently fire “automatic,” but is limited to a three sround burst for each “pulling” the trigger. The AR-15 in now way can fire a three round burst or a full automatic discharge. It is PHYSICSLLY IMPOSSIBLE for ANYONE to fire a AR-15 as fast as an M-16 or an M-4 rifle. It is clear that you have never fired either an AR-15 or an M-16 rifle.
          Deflection? I think someone threw a rock and it deflected off your head.

          Oh, by the way, what is the firing sequence of a cartridge? Still can’t come up with the answer? It is so simple even you should be able to figure it out, if you are the “gun expert” you claim.

        • Walter, M16s in the Vietnam era (per Dboys reference) did have a full auto selector… They were shit, and the full auto thing was not at all effective but it was a real thing…

        • MADD, Yes, I know, but those M-16’s have long since been taken out of the military’s arsenals as the military considered them to be a waste of ammunition. From information I have, those guns were destroyed so that they would not be mistakenly reissued.

        • Okay Walter: While all that might be true and as much as I hate to defend Dboy AND in light of the fact that his post is fundamentally bullshit, It WAS referencing something It was allegedly TOLD by Vietnam veterans allegedly referring to their experiences in Vietnam with the M16… As is the case with all Its fantasy-land bullshit that story was made up entirely in Its mind and has absolutely no basis in fact, but the thing is, YOU are wrong in calling out what YOU did… I know you have a difficult time admitting you are wrong so here is the sentence that you are referring to, reread it and if you still feel you are correct at least I tried…

          Dboy stated: “I might add that more than on Vietnam Veteran told me they seldom used their M16’s on full auto when out on counting patrols so they would save ammo.”

          Some obvious grammar/spelling issues and NO idea what a “counting” patrol is, but he was talking about supposed actual Vietnam veterans alleged experiences with the M16 DURING the Vietnam conflict… That’s how I read it, your mileage may vary… OBTW, not ALL Vietnam era M16s were destroyed, I personally know where two of them (still full auto capable) are in the hands of private collectors…

        • MADD, while there maybe some Vietnam era M-16’s in the hands of a private collector (they would have to have purchased and obtained a proper license from the ATF), the fact is that the vast majority of them were DESTROYED by the military as to prevent their being issued to troops. The position of the miltiary was that full auto in the hands of the ordinary soldier/Marine was a waste of ammo. I have to agree with the military. In spite of DUNERHEAD’s claim that they were rarely used in full auto mode, he is full of donkey dust. I was on many a patrol where my fellow Marines sprayed and prayed.

          The only thing DUNDERHEAD knows is that he is existing. He still can’t seem to come up with the anwer to a very simple question. “What is the firing sequence of a cartridge.”?

    • Once again. Proclaiming your low iq and lack of education. For an anti gun dude you sure sell a lot of guns.

    • “In reality civilized nations do not permit citizens to own weapons of war and mass destruction.”

      In ACTUAL REALITY, the USA is the oldest continuously operating government on the face of the earth. And it is the ONLY country on earth that specifically guarantees that “the people” can keep and bear “arms”.

      Every other country on the globe has had revolutions, monarchical overthrows, invasions, or some other situation such that their current form of government is actually newer than the USA. Maybe if those states had protected the free people’s right to the free bearing of arms, maybe those countries wouldn’t have been abolished/annihilated/annexed/destroyed or revolutionized into whatever they are today.

      *note: I’m not counting tiny microstates like San Marino or Vatican City.

      • But even they can’t escape violence… May 4, 1998, the commander of the Guard, Alois Estermann, was murdered in unclear circumstances in Vatican City. According to the official Vatican version, Estermann and his wife, Gladys Meza Romero, were killed by the young Swiss Guard Cédric Tornay, who later committed suicide.

    • In reality, civilized nations don’t allow the mentally ill to harass the productive population, but here you are.

    • Still yet to explain how Sweden has the highest gun murder rate in Europe?

      And grenades and anti-armor weapons are used by the criminal gangs too.

    • “Any sales of privately owned assault rifles would require the seller to go through a licenced class 3 dealer to transfer the weapon to the buyer.”

      Uh, yeah, they do. Any other non-points you wanna make, ldiot?

    • “To Be fair owners of assault rifles presently owned would not be required to pay the tax, only new purchases.”

      If that entails re-opening the machine gun registry to any and all who want one, I’m willing to listen to your proposal… 🙂

    • Mental tests should be required once a year for people who produce anti-constitutional drivel in public forums!

    • I don’t think this would work out the way you think it would work out I believe the Supreme Court would find the entire NFA unconstitutional and a burden on the people, and it would be overturned if the tax increased that much.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. JBOL! “Civilized nations”? Which ones are they? What do you call a “weapon of war”, or “weapons of mass destruction”?

      I think you have just exposed yourself as not being the “firearms expert” you claim to be.
      We are still waiting of your answer to the question, “What is the firing sequence of a cartsridge”? But no one here is holding their breath.

  5. RE: “Director Dettelbach told an audience at Harvard’s “Gun Violence in America,”

    Obviously Gun Control got doodlebug through harvard’s crowds of hamas sympathizers.

    On the other hand…at least he spoke up…

  6. “The top-ranking man transitioned from being a law and regulations enforcer to gun control advocate.”

    Please refresh my memory, Larry. Did NSSF ever officially oppose his nomination, even after recognizing that he had a clear and consistent history of supporting gun control–a history that NSSF noted:

    “NSSF is committed to a thorough examination of Dettelbach’s record and qualifications and will listen carefully to his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. NSSF has significant concerns regarding Dettelbach’s previous public statements supporting bans on Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs), or AR-15 semiautomatic rifles, universal background checks, which are unworkable without a national firearm registry that is already forbidden by federal law, and extreme-risk protection orders, or so-called “red flag” laws, without protections for Due Process considerations. Dettelbach was also previously endorsed by the gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety, for his support for policies restricting Second Amendment rights.”

    I think it’s more likely that you guys cut a deal, over cigars and cognac. His only transition involved the move to his new digs, in the Director’s office.

  7. The idea of limited government that is subject Constitutional restrictions is now a dead letter.

    We’re being ruled over by a very small number of elites who pay lip service to the Constitution but who have no intention of actually being constrained by it. They distrust ordinary people and think we plebes have to be controlled and restrained by our self appointed betters “for our own good.”

    Unfortunately, aside from rants on internet comment pages there’s no mass movement to push back against this tyranny. I’m afraid we’re stuck with a government of the government, by the government, and for the government.

    • Gar – the only real ‘surprise’ is that it took him this long to show his true colors in public and on record. Most of us had him pegged from the outset.

      • He’s been showing his true colors for years, campaigning for Osama and running as a gun grabber for Ohio AG.

    • And Illinoisistan has that very law in effect now. Plus all “threaded” barrels.
      Law did not stipulate threads on inside or outside. So now all shotguns with choke threads are classified as banned.
      You can’t make this shi(p) up.

      Look for JB “The Fat Asturd” Prickster on a presidential ballot near you !!

      • Is he charismatic? Historically, that’s what it takes to get very far in presidential elections. That’s really why Hillary lost. That’s why DeSantis stagnated. Biden’s a slightly different case because they changed everything in 2020 to rig the election in favor of the puppet. Although he was a slick BSer back in his day. Watch some old videos of him. I’d say Newsom is the future of the party.

    • “Breaking news:Nashville Shooter manifesto…”

      That’s literally a day late news…

    • correction. make sure the ATF is gone. should have been done during trumps first two years. but authority figures apparently enjoy having SA lapdogs at their beck and call…

  8. It’s interesting how the libertarians liberals and the left are so much against a second American revolution war. Their pacifist tendencies make them comfortable slaves.

    And never forget they are proud of not voting.

  9. Deitteldiddle has the kernel of a point in his statements. A person judged to be incompetent should have his rights restricted.

    In Lewiston, however, the US Army determined that one of it’s members was incompetent, and did, in fact, restrict that person’s access to firearms. The Army also informed civil authority of those findings, and asked civil authority to follow up, and remove that member’s firearms.

    As we all know, civil authority failed to take any effective action.

    Blow it out your arse, Deitteldiddle. And, yes, I am a veteran. Apparently, I am your worst nightmare. I’m a veteran, and I know my rights, my responsibilities, and my limitations. Come and take them, arsehole.

    • “Deitteldiddle has the kernel of a point in his statements. A person judged to be incompetent should have his rights restricted.”

      It’s too easy to have someone declared incompetent for practically any reason at all.

      Just one example – You get caught speeding. Someone who can’t safely operate a 2,000 pound missile of explosive gasoline and steel at high speeds shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun.

      Those are the kind of games they will play with our rights. They will use the concept of ‘nudge’ to slowly ratchet up the bullshit over as many years as it takes, but they won’t mind, they are playing the long game…

  10. I bet he would love to ban this engineer’s ‘experiment’ :

  11. During our next Civil War,the Batf and all of these Liberals will be the first one’s buried

  12. “Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Director Steven Dettelbach pledged to Congress during his nomination hearing that he’d “use the tools Congress gives me,””

    And yet this cocksucker will never be held accountable for lying to congress.
    I’m shocked!

  13. It gets better, Obribem demanded assurances that US provided weapons would not end up in Israeli citizens hands…Yeah, the very group of people who were murdered, raped and kidnapped should NOT be able to protect themselves in the mind of Braindead…

  14. it’s the duty of anyone in government that takes an oath to the Constitution, to disobey any “laws” that don’t pursue the goal of enforcing the right to own and carry the firearm of your choice, or to be part of a local militia unit.

    furthermore, it is the duty of same, if in a position of law enforcement, to arrest any other government actor who violates their oath.

    in other words, aft agents should be arresting rouge aft agents.

    can’t wait for the day the aft is banned and a law pursuing the 2nd amendment makes it illegal to resurrect it or form another agency with the same rouge “law-making”, anti-liberty agenda or capability.

  15. Dettelbach is a democrat, so lying comes naturally. Dettelbach ran for office as a gun grabber, why would he change as the director of the ONLY governmental agency dedicated to the abrogation of an enumerated Constitutional right?

  16. its inconceivable
    that the framers
    thought that abortion and gay marriage
    were in the bill of rights
    and ar15s werent

    • Gay marriage is not a “right” as such. Rather the decision is that as long as the government is issuing marriage licenses, due process requires that all applicants must receive the same treatment. The case was decided under the 14th Amendment.

  17. I see Jethro Bodeen grew up and made it to D.C. This guy just screams ‘worthless AF, but useful idiot’. He’s just another fat and ugly gun-grabbing liberal hypocrite who himself is, all together now…protected by guns.

  18. So what he has said i8s that he will ACT WITHIN THE LAW as decided by CONGRESS. How can that be critcised ? the fact is that the AT or any other FEDERRAL AGENCY come to that cannot act outside of the law anyway. Why do the American Gun Nuts, and that’s what most extremist American Gun Owners ARE to the outside world NUT CASES are seem to think that anybody who disagrees with them is acting either UNLAWFULLY or is a LEFTIST, COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT bent on destroying the UNITED STATES.
    One thing is certain . In the long term if American Gun Owners do not start co-operating with the implementation of SENSIBLE Gun Ciontrol Measurse they will eventually be more strictly enforced than is nessessary.
    AND.AND If you nthink that an EXTREMIOIST PRESIDENT like DONALD TRUM is going to allow people to wander about with UNLIMITED FIREARMS to create trouble when they quickly become disillusioned with them THINK AGAIN.
    Every REVOLUTIONARY single leader in the history of the World who has achieved power by promising MORE Freedoms has done exactly the opposite.
    The very first victims of a revolution are those that created that Revolution in the first Place and who are the people who do the ENFORCING.

    The POLICE and the ARMED FORCES that’s who. Even HITLER and STALIN had to f get the POLICE and mthe ARMED FORCES to do their Dirty Work

    • “So what he has said i8s that he will ACT WITHIN THE LAW as decided by CONGRESS. How can that be critcised ?”

      No, you don’t get it. Promulgating new regulations by administrative fiat is NOT the same as passing laws by a congress. Dettelbach even said that much of what he wishes to act upon is unlawful, such as his call for implementing a universal background check, because Congress has passed no law allowing for such. The same goes for banning MSRs, which is patently unconstitutional.

      It’s a patriot thing; you wouldn’t understand.

      • Not only does he NOT understand the word “patriot” he most likely can’t spell it OR use it coherently in a sentence… I’ve never seen such a jumbled fucked up mess of verbiage… What a moron…

    • The very first victims of a revolution are those that created that Revolution in the first Place

      REALLY? Maybe you should check your history books, start around circa April 19 1775… It was called The American REVOLUTION and the VICTIMS were King George and his subjects… Well, wait you actually might be correct since old George did TECHNICALLY create the revolution with his bullshit laws and regulations… Hmmmmm, sounds familiar…

    • Prince Albert: YOU are to the British people what Zackey Rahimi is to law abiding gun owners… And that is actually kind of an insult to Rahimi scumbag that HE is…

  19. The Federal Government unleashed it’s terror groups BLM and Antifa on citizenry, then unleashed a bio weapon,then mandated all citizens be inoculated with a bio weapon,continues to take away any the birthrights we have left by open boarders,continues to treat citizens as property thru taxation…

    Think I hold what I got

  20. All these folks who apply and get hired by the BATFE or whatever they are called these days seem to hate guns and democracy. Why else would they want to work there?

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