Robert Crimo, Jr.
Nam Y. Huh/AP
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The father of the Highland Park parade massacre suspect reported to begin his jail sentence on Wednesday wearing a T-shirt saying “I’m a political pawn,” prompting a Lake County judge to threaten him with contempt of court if he broke court rules again.

Robert Crimo Jr. walked into the Lake County Courthouse wearing the shirt against Judge George Strickland’s decorum rules. The back of the shirt read “Laws, facts, reality.”

By the time Crimo Jr. appeared in the courtroom, the shirt was inside out. But the judge still lambasted him.

“The rules are not negotiable,” Strickland told Crimo Jr. “Did you read the rules?”

“No,” Crimo Jr. replied, holding a lectern, face unshaven and a shoe untied.

“That’s very interesting,” the judge said.

Strickland threatened to hold Crimo Jr. in contempt of court if he broke the rules again. …

After the hearing, Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart said Crimo Jr.’s decision to make a statement with the T-shirt raises questions “whether he understands what he has done.”

“I believe that his shirt today shows that he is not taking this seriously, that he is not remorseful for his acts which caused so much pain and damage,” Rinehart told reporters. “I think we’ve learned a lot about how Mr. Crimo looks at this case.”

Crimo Jr.’s attorney, George Gomez, declined to comment.

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    • He knew his kid had mental health problems that likely precluded him from gun ownership and vouched for him to legally purchase a gun. He pled guilty to the reckless conduct charge.

      I despise the process of gun ownership in Illinois, but to knowingly assist a mentally ill person obtain a gun is pretty bad imo.

      • The state claiming something needs to be viewed with a whole bunch of skepticism unless they can provide a overwhelming amount of documentation backing up their claim.

      • Especially when that mentally ill person has threatened to “kill everyone”, meaning his family, and that after a suicidal episode.

        That shouldn’t be a permanent bar to gun ownership, but should be a solid reason for a block on purchases for a year.

        • He’s no different than the 100s of thousands of other parents around the country. That turn a blind eye to their violent children and allow them to prey on society. Hell, it’s become to a greater degree, more acceptable than making children be respectful and law abiding. In entire cities it has become a way of life.

  1. Eff the Chitcongo political system.
    And S U R P R I S E… the DOJ is the weaponized part of the political system.

    Ask any victim in Illinoisistan.
    Justice is a fleeting whimsy here.

    • PS- I don’t know enough facts in this story to comment on Crimo.
      But I know intimately about the victim side of Illinoisistan politics

      • I live in southern Illinois and have never voted for the stupidity that goes on at the other end of the state. In fact most of Illinois is red except for Chicago and a few other blue dots.

        • Same in Washington State.
          A 25 mile ‘border’ drawn inland from and following the high tide mark around Puget Sound will encompass 95% of the Moonbats in the state.

          Three counties drive the politics. The rest of the state is pretty much conservative.

    • But it’s okay for the judge to piss everyone else off. True story, court at 9am, we are all sitting there watching the clock, 9:30,9:45,10:00 in walks the judge, “Sorry, it was such a nice day and I was playing golf.”
      Equal? Robes versus citizens.

      • possum, judges answer to someone, just like everyone. A local county judge is a friend of mine. Went to high school together, hunted together, my mother carpooled with his parents, etc. Apparently he interfered in a criminal investigation. I don’t know the details, except that he was suspended for 30 days without pay and cannot hear criminal cases for an additional 90 days. Everyone pays, or should.

        • Ok. But if YOU interfered in a criminal investigation it’d likely be called “obstruction” and you’d catch charges. See the difference? He took a tiny pay cut from an overpaid job. You’d have a criminal record.

          Judges are the biggest group of hypocrites in this country. Act like miniature kings. Enough is enough.

      • Any theory when any of these lawless judges/DA are going to pay? As the Jan 6 Kangaroo courts, Lecricia James in NY, this Strickland/Rinehart in Illinoistan?

        “Read the Court “Rules””? what a laugh.

        • With the system being rigged in favor of judges, especially those with Liberal/Progressive ideology. It is the not only Right, but the Responsibility of ‘We the People’ to remove any judge/politician by all means necessary. Who fail to meet the standards of their Oath of office, Rule of law and the Constitution. Authorization for that removal can be found in the Declaration Of Independence.

        • The rules are published and available on line. I am not sure what rules of decorum Ill and Noisy have, but I can tell you they are not universal. I live in a small mostly rural county and people show up for criminal cases with their tats, piercings, and crappy clothes all the time. The judges don’t have a problem with that. Plus the first amendment still applies in court, so the judge should have just let it slide.

        • remember a judge who.. finding her parking space taken…chose to leave her car at the entrance to the garage blocking access and egress for everyone else…they’re an arrogant bunch….

    • Time for that to change. They’re just people wearing black nylon sheets who think they’re special. They are not.

        • Oh you are right they are. My mom’s neighbor was a judge in Arkansas and I used to cut his grass. As an an adult, not a kid. My lawyer and I were waiting for my case to be called (I was hit by a 17yo with no DL and no insurance and I was suing her worthless ass parents) and I had stopped to get some McD’s french fries and we were discretely eating them in the back of the court. Big friggin’ mistake. Ronnie saw us and fined us both 250 bucks. Ronnie also was MY LAWYER during my divorce a year prior to this. In Arkansas it was not uncommon for a sitting Judge to be in practice as an attorney at the same time. At least I did win my lawsuit and honestly there was never any doubt Ronnie would rule in my favor no matter what. After all, I had just cut his grass.

  2. No it says right in the Court Room Etiquette that you cant wear t shirts.
    Shirts with collars, shirt tails tucked in, shorts not allowed, clean clothes, no sandals, socks must be worn.
    However I feel “Fck you, fck your court, fck your laws, and fck fck fck I’m going to be wearing orange anyway, so what the fck does it matter?”
    Kiss my ass your Honor.
    ( for those who may think I have a hrd on for the establishment, your correct. )

      • Because it’s weak. Make the state prove the charges! If the public sees their neighbors going to jail and know they’re good people, they’ll wake up…. The Soviet Union is the perfect example!

        • “Because it’s weak. Make the state prove the charges!“

          The evidence proves the charges, but you don’t care because all that’s important to you is the unrestricted distribution of firearms, even to the mentally incompetent.

          “But behind the scenes, the Crimo family was in turmoil. Police reports show that officers were regularly called to their home over domestic disputes between Crimo and his wife, and in 2019, police briefly confiscated a collection of knives after then 18-year-old Bobby threatened to “kill everyone.”

        • minor49iq…Let’s not allow the sneaky media to overshadow the mentally ill cross dressing murdering perp with the sins of the father. I mean the father will be out of prison before the son…Yes or No?

  3. I think a Craftsman t-shirt would have been more appropriate… I keep my tools locked up too. Take the gun factor out of the equasion – would you buy your kid a Mustang GT for graduation and then stop at the liquor store with him and three of his buddies before handing the keys over?

    • Nope, leave the gun factor in the equation, and then decide if this is a hill that you would choose to die on. I myself definitely would not.

    • I had a 28 gauge at 7 years old, a .22 earlier, a .223 M14 at 10, none of the guns in my grandparents house were locked up, never a single incident. I learned to drive at 7 years old too, bought my first car at 13 and drove to junior high. Teach children the rewards of responsibility and they’ll become responsible, teach them the rewards of being a piece of shit and they’ll become shit!

  4. Not being remorseful over your crime is not a crime and you should not add time to someone’s sentence just because of their thoughts about the crime.

    If an actual murderer can stand up in court and shout “I’d do it again,” without extra punishment, how does wearing a stupid shirt cross that line?

    this judge is a scumbag.

  5. “Caulkins’ petition focuses on the Rochford and O’Brien’s decisions not to recuse themselves from hearing the case, despite receiving significant campaign contributions from Gov. J.B. Pritzker, one of the defendants in the case. Pritzker gave Rochford and O’Brien $1 million each, with the cash split between his personal trust and his campaign fund due to the half-million limit on campaign contributions from a single contributor.”

    • Didn’t Illinois have 2 governors *in a row* serve time in prison?

      • Yep. Including one from my hometown of Kankakee named George Ryan. His “major”accomplishment was abolishing the death penalty. So no righteous punishment.

  6. possum, judges answer to someone, just like everyone. A local county judge is a friend of mine. Went to high school together, hunted together, my mother carpooled with his parents, etc. Apparently he interfered in a criminal investigation. I don’t know the details, except that he was suspended for 30 days without pay and cannot hear criminal cases for an additional 90 days. Everyone pays, or should.

  7. I was telling my wife last night that i dont feel comfortable having to stand to the judge when enters and all that bowing and tap dancing for him. What the hell He puts his pants on just like me. Or robe I guess

    • All do put their pants on the same or as they adorn a robe; but, the difference is the quality of the person getting dressed or costumed……………..all are not necessarily good moral responsible citizens.

    • The manufactured pomp and ceremony are so you’ll believe in the authority.
      It’s all fabricated circus bullshit. The only thing that’s real is the guy with the gun in the corner and the violent force he’s willing to impose.

  8. EFF both Criminal Er Crimo’s. He helped his totally deranged spawn get gunz. He knew he was mentally ill. Jr. threatened the family with a knife & was involuntary committed to the loony bin. He’s got freaking flower tattoo’s on his face! The mass shooting in Highland Park ILLANNOY happened with daddy’s help. Never mind the daily death in actual Chiraq. They’re the wrong color😕

  9. Shallowfornia is a Lawyer’s Paradise. Local Scumbag “Jimmy The Weasel” lies in court, then we become penniless and lose our house.
    Jay Leno’s great lawyer joke “How do they punish a lawyer that they catch cheating?” came true.
    Yep, they made him JUDGE Jimmy The Weasel!

  10. The dude paid his son’s gun license application fee. Of which was approved by the local police including the additional background check, all of which the son was passed along without issue. As a legal adult he also purchased his own firearms afterwards with his own funds.
    The father was a fool but it’s still nothing but stupid to give him jail time. Their unconstitutional system failed and they needed a fall guy to blame. Not even close to a fair trial as even the judge is against him.

    • The Father obviously needs to now sue the Illinoisistan BS Licensing bureau. If they process/approve the silly (UnConstitutional) “license” then they should pay.

    • THIS for sure.Where is the punishment for the ISP that is supposed to stop this stuff? these laws do not work. abolish them.

      • some judges are notorious for not allowing things for prosecutors and or defense attorneys which may have serious outcomes for the trial all because it’s a nice day in the judge is pre decided he wants to get out by a certain time or has plans for the end of the week. people seem to forget judges are just lawyers that people know are shady and unethical but somehow they think that goes away because it get a black robe.

  11. thinking about it, if the under 21 sales bans are ruled unconstitutional he should immediately appeal.

  12. Used to be if your offspring went and did something stupid, the parents were held accountable.
    Of course, that was usually Dad being on the hook for replacing a broken window or making the kid apologize for and pay for the stolen candy bar etc.
    But, I have long been a proponent of the parents being held accountable for the actions of their minor children. And, yes that would have included my kids when they were minors, or my kids being accountable for the misdeeds of their kids. My youngest will be 32 next month so he is no longer be under my care and control.
    If parents knew they would be facing the same charges and be held responsible for their minor children, perhaps we would see fewer of these minor criminals. Or at least parents trying to keep their kids from getting involved with the gangs and drugs etc.

  13. I totally support this guy going to jail. Because he knowingly supplied a firearm to a mentally ill person. Who had threatened to kill other people.

    It’s very telling to see everybody above. Who are willing to ignore and refuse to hold an adult accountable.

    What about the pretty white woman? Blond-haired and blue eyed???
    Who supplied the guns to the Columbine killers. Who to this day is walking around free. While the guy who supplied the ammunition for them actually went to prison.

    Do you support the campaign? “Don’t lie for the other guy” or not. Apparently not. It seems many on TTAG in the “gun community” fully support this law breaking third party purchaser.

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