Washington State Man Murdered His Wife and Pets, Then Tweeted to Blame the NRA, Trump, McConnell

From the Bellingham Herald: “The Bellingham man accused of fatally shooting his wife, who was a Bellingham elementary school principal, and their two pets Thursday morning may have admitted to killing his family in Twitter replies to the National Rifle Association, the President of the United States and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.” Guns don’t kill people, people […]

VIRGINIA: All Hope Is Not Lost

Watching from afar as the radical wing of Virginia’s Democrat party tries to put the screws to gun owners, I can’t help but compare Virginia with Illinois. And if what we’ve learned here in Illinois remains even partially valid for the Old Dominion, all hope is not lost for gun owners there. Yes, radicals in […]

Will the Virginia 2A Sanctuary Movement Resonate in the 2020 Elections?

“I guarantee you there are Republicans, independents, Democrats, people who aren’t politically active but want to protect their families and their property, and that is why they are here and you are seeing this across the commonwealth,” [GOP Congressman Scott] Taylor said, according to WTKR. [University of Mary Washington professor Stephen] Farnsworth, however, says the […]

Virginia Attorney General Opinion: Sheriffs and Law Enforcement Must Ignore Sanctuary Declarations

By Jeff Hulbert Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has issued an official advisory opinion declaring that any and all new gun laws passed by the General Assembly must be enforced—despite Herring once declining to defend a law in court that he believed was invalid. Herring’s opinion came in the form of a written response to […]

Virginia Democrats Want to Declare the State Capitol a ‘Gun-Free’ Zone Ahead of Lobby Day

By Jeff Hulbert Virginia Democrats, humiliated by a Second Amendment sanctuary movement sweeping the Old Dominion, are now looking to retaliate against gun owners who openly carry their sidearms into the state capitol complex. Virginia is one of the few states in America where citizens can enter the Capitol building to criticize anti-gun legislators while […]

VCDL: Please Don’t Bring Long Guns To Jan. 20 Lobby Day

With radical Virginia Democrats pledging all manner of gun control following November’s election, the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) has planned a lobby day for January 20, 2020 in Richmond. In their press release, they wisely urged folks to leave their long guns at home. The Virginia Citizens Defense League has a proven and distinguished […]

Virginia Governor Northam’s Eastern Shore Home Folks Mystified by His 2A Betrayal

By Jeff Hulbert Virginia Governor Ralph Northam may have great aspirations for his radical gun control plans for 2020, but “his people” aren’t having any of it. “Ralph Northam has stirred up a hornet’s nest,“ declared Jerry Pinkston, as he braced against the cold wind blowing across the plaza at the Accomack County Administration Building. […]

SAF: If Nancy Pelosi is Lying About Child Gun Deaths, What Else is She Fibbing About?

By Second Amendment Foundation Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been called out by the Washington Post Fact Checker for repeating a blatant falsehood about the number of children who die every day from so-called “gun violence,” and today the Second Amendment Foundation wonders what else she’s been lying about. “Fact Checker Glenn Kessler plays […]