Politics Trumping Science in Support of Gun Control. Again.

By Thomas E. Gift, MD An editorial by Dr. Frederick Rivera and co-authors regarding firearm ownership appears in the August 28 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association—“Firearm-Related Mortality: A Global Public Health Problem” . The authors of this editorial review a report in the same journal, “Global Mortality from Firearms, 1990-2016”, seeking […]

Joe Manchin Shoots Another Bill in New Campaign Ad

You remember Joe Manchin. He’s the West Virginia Senator who became famous for demonstrating his pro-gun cred back in 2010 by running a campaign spot in which he shot a hole in a cap-and-trade bill that threatened his state’s coal industry. Ol’ Tailgunner Joe made sure to superimpose an NRA insignia on that video to […]

Kavanaugh to Feinstein: I Don’t Get to Pick and Choose Supreme Court Precedents I Follow [VIDEO]

It won’t surprise you that the doyenne of civilian disarmament, Diane Feinstein, is none too happy about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s dissent in Heller 2 in which he wrote that the District of Columbia’s “assault weapons” ban and registration requirement are unconstitutional. As you’d expect, the senior Senator from California asked Judge Kavanaugh about his […]

Gun Rights Supporters Need to Keep Preaching to the Choir

By Steve Cañón You’re probably familiar with the phrase “preaching to the choir.” Sometimes it’s an affirmation, sometimes a caution, sometimes a criticism, depending on context and both the speaker and those on the receiving end. We may be familiar with the colloquialism, but do we understand a subtle implication…what if the choir isn’t singing […]