FBI and VA Work Together to Confiscate Guns


According to a report by Western Journalism, the FBI and the VA are in “cahoots” with regards to taking guns away from veterans. This report comes on the heels of a letter sent to Attorney General Eric Holder last week.  The letter was submitted by the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa. Grassley asked several questions about the VA’s questionable policy in the letter . . .
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Senators Fiddle on Military Base Carry While ISIS Threatens U.S. Airmen at Home

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) Photo credit: TheHill.com.

Senator and Presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) and Senator and former Presidential candidate John McCain (R-Ariz.) got into a little bit of a tiff recently over the issue of military personnel being able to carry personal firearms for self-defense purposes while on base. As Politico reports, Sen. Cruz suggested that he was “pressing” Sen. McCain – the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee – on the issue, while in response, the former chief engineer of the Straight-Talk Express showed the kind of trademark wit that won him the votes of twenty-two of America’s fifty-seven states . . .

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Ban Gun Ranges! (JK)

Boom! (courtesy salina.com)

” Pacific Gas & Electric Co. investigators were at the scene Saturday of a natural gas pipeline blast at a sheriff’s gun range, as four of the 11 people injured in the explosion were released from the hospital,” salina.com reports. “The victims included two Fresno County sheriff’s deputies, a public works employee and eight jail inmates. . . Friday’s explosion on a PG&E pipe occurred at the Fresno County sheriff’s gun range while the county employee was using a front-loader to build a dirt berm to confine gunfire to the range, sheriff’s officials said. A group of county jail inmates was doing cleanup work about 50 feet away.” It’s always something.


Gear Review: KDG MREX MLOK Rail for the SCAR Rifle


There’s always been something about the SCAR rifle series that bothered me. The gun is great — accurate as all hell, runs like a Swiss clock, and easy to use. But the aesthetics of the gun leave something to be desired. Something about the gun always seemed…off. Then I installed the MREX MLOK handguard from Kinetic Development Group, and it was as if the clouds parted and angels had begun to sing. The SCAR had been ‘fixed’ . . .

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Catholic Bishop: No More Pistol Classes at Ann Arbor Church

Earl Boyea, the Bishop of Lansing. Photo credit: dioceseoflansing.org.

The Rev. Edward Fride of Christ the King Catholic Church in Ann Arbor, Michigan will no longer be holding concealed pistol license classes at his parish, per a directive handed down from Bishop Earl Boyea, reports the Detroit Free Press. “The Ann Arbor Catholic priest under criticism for urging parishioners to arm themselves has posted on Facebook that his parish will no longer hold any classes to learn about earning a license to carry a concealed pistol. The Rev. Edward Fride said he’ll abide by the directive of Lansing Bishop Earl Boyea, who oversees the parish, and who said Monday such classes are not appropriate for church property.” . . .

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Eric Holder: This is Not the Civil Rights Advocate You’re Looking For


Outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has made a name for himself as a civil rights crusader when it comes to protecting citizens from the people sworn to protect and serve the citizenry. Yeah, not so much. In fact, the New York Times (of all people) reveal that Holder’s Derpartment of Justice [sic] has argued for cops caught speaking loudly and wielding a big stick in front of the Supreme Court (no less). Check this out . . .

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Stephanie Hayden Ford: Will Hayden Forced Me to Deny Child Abuse


USA-(Ammoland.com)- In this first exclusive interview since her television appearance on Dr. Phil, we are speaking with Stephanie Hayden Ford, one of the stars of the former hit television show “Sons of Guns” on the Discovery Channel. I asked her about the recent family drama that has surrounded their business, the current events at Red Jacket Firearms (RJF), and her plans for 2015 . . .

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Head of Gun Control Org Kicks Single Mom to the Curb

Bryan Miller in 2008. Photo credit: USA Today.

The Philadelphia Inquirer will never be mistaken for a pro-gun publication, but even their editorial board found the travails of Shaneen Allen — a single mother of two who ran afoul of New Jersey’s Kafkaesque firearms laws — appalling. “Allen’s case illustrates the danger of relying on prosecutors for restraint, a consequence of any mandatory minimum sentence. Tough gun laws can save lives, but rigid penalties for sometimes minor crimes risk needlessly ruining lives, along with the rationale for those laws.” . . .

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Vermont Backs Away from Universal Background Checks


Vermont, a “constitutional carry” state, currently has few restrictions on guns, but that could change soon. An important gun control bill is close to passing the Vermont legislature. The state’s house gave initial approval for the passage of one bill that has already passed the senate. The House voted 79-60 in favor of the bill (SB 31) and a final vote is expected today. As TTAG mentioned before, this bill would allow the prosecution of some convicted criminals for firearm possession and require the “dangerously mentally ill” to be added to the federal background check system, therefore denying them firearms . . .

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Army Takes Delivery of First M109A7 Self-Propelled Howitzer

U.S. Army press release:

ELGIN, Okla. (April 9, 2014) — Military personnel and defense contractors celebrated delivery of the first low-rate initial production M109A7 Self-Propelled Howitzer to the Army during a ceremony here, April 9. “The M109A7 stands at the vanguard of a series of ground combat modernization upgrades, which will significantly enhance the Army’s combat fleet for decades to come,” said Heidi Shyu, the assistant secretary of the Army for acquisition, logistics and technology . . .

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