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Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Un-Named Chi Town Permit Holder


TTAG has belabored the fact that police officers are under no duty to protect you, and as an armed citizen, you need to take a long hard look at what circumstances will motivate you to clear leather. Part of that long hard look needs to involve careful study of the laws in your area surrounding the use of deadly force. An un-named Chicago resident seems to have forgotten pretty much everything a responsible gun owner is supposed to know by chasing a robber out of a cell phone store on Chicago’s south side over the weekend . . .

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Ruger Announces the New Striker-Fired LC9s

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 5.54.42 PM

From Ruger:

The all new, striker-fired Ruger® LC9s™ features a short, light, crisp trigger pull for faster shooting and improved accuracy. The LC9s™ provides slim, lightweight and compact personal protection with a blued, alloy steel slide, a high-performance, glass-filled nylon grip frame, aggressive checkering and an easily acquired 3-dot sight system. The LC9s™ uses all LC9® accessories and holsters and is just slightly larger (less than 1″ taller and 1″ longer) than the popular and incredibly compact LCP® . . .

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BREAKING: Judge Frederick Scullin Issues 90-Day Stay in DC Carry Decision

Judge Frederick Scullin

“A federal judge on Tuesday granted a 90-day stay in a ruling that upended the District’s ban on carrying handguns in public. The order issued by U.S. District Court Judge Frederick Scullin brings a temporary reprieve to D.C. officials, who were sent scurrying over the weekend to interpret the effects of the ruling that gutted the city’s restrictive gun laws.” That’s from As expected, DC’s attorney’s got out of bed extra early this morning to make sure no one else decides to casually stroll down the mall fully strapped. At least until they can figure out how to deal with, well, the Constitution. Watch this space.

[h/t Dirk Diggler, Esq.]


Is This the First Photo of Legal D.C. Open Carry in 70 Years?

It wasn’t until 1932 that a permit was required to carry a concealed weapon in the District of Columbia. It was legal to carry pistols openly until 1943. At the time, it was clear that the prohibition didn’t apply to long arms. In 1973, the District of Columbia was granted “home rule.” In 1976, the new District government passed the Firearms Control Regulations Act of 1975. The law went into effect in 1977. It has now been over 70 years since it was legal to openly carry a pistol in the District of Columbia. But that changed over the weekend . . .

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BREAKING: Mercy Hospital Killer Triggered by “Gun-Free” Zone Signs

Richard Plotts (courtesy

“Richard Plotts, who shot and killed his caseworker and shot his doctor at a Delaware County hospital campus Thursday, may have done so because he was offended by the hospital’s policy against guns,” reports. “There’s evidence that he took offense to the issue that there were signs posted at Mercy Fitzgerald Health System indicating that it was a gun-free zone,” [Delaware County District Attorney Jack] Whelan said. “That’s the only motive we have been able to determine at this point in time . . . he was upset about that policy.” Also revealed, Plotts had enough ammo to continue his killing spree . . .

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BREAKING: DC’s Ban on Right To Carry Overturned

Brown University

Gun rights advocate extraordinaire Alan Gura reports that the DC District Court just overturned the District of Columbia’s ban on the right to carry firearms. You can read the ruling here. As Gura quotes the ruling:

In light of Heller, McDonald, and their progeny, there is no longer any basis on which this Court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional under any level of scrutiny. Therefore, the Court finds that the District of Columbia’s complete ban on the carrying of handguns in public is unconstitutional. Accordingly . . .

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