Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 5.25.16: DC AG FU and You Need to Get A Grip

D.C. Attorney General Ignores Court Order, Refuses Gun Permits – “Now the office of Karl Racine, the Washington, D.C. attorney general, has ordered D.C. government employees to ignore a court order from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The order by the D.C. District Court Judge Richard Leon was to stop denying individuals applying for a concealed-carry permit from requiring a ‘good reason,’ and to immediately update the forms to no longer require that.” When it comes to gun control, the real of law often doesn’t apply, Constitutionally speaking. Speaking of bad weather ahead . . .

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Another Mexican Journalist Gunned Down: This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace

ournalist Manuel Torres González (courtesy

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Journalist Manuel Torres González, 45, was shot in the head from behind on May 14 after leaving state offices in the city of Poza Rica in northern Veracruz, as reported by Milenio, citing the Attorney General of Veracruz. Torres was a collaborator with the city council of Poza Rica and a reporter and editor-in-chief of news site Noticias MT.  It was in this city where governor Javier Duarte, on two occasions, told journalists to “behave well,” because “there are a lot of rotten apples” and “we are going to shake the tree so hard that many will fall,” a threatening allegation that reporters were complicit with organized crime, yet to date the administration has not pursued legal action against a single journalist for “behaving poorly.” Animal Político pointed out that the statement from the Attorney General of Veracruz, in which it said the Prosecutor of the Northern Region of Poza Rica was investigating the case, did not . . .


The United States of Guns: Non-Incendiary Image of the Day


I found this image above an article in Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop media machine, thetrace.orgThese 9 States Have the Most Abnormally High Gun Death Rates in America. I have a sneaking suspicion that the study upon which it’s based is the same contextless hokum that the antis create on a regular basis. But there’s too much stats and math and TTAG’s stat and math man Foghorn is teaching TTAG’s resident war hero Jon Wayne Taylor how to fly an airplane. (Two key employees in a small plane…how great is that?) So I’ll leave that and focus on something I’ve noticed about gun control advocates’ anti-gun “art” . . .

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Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Silly Gun Owners, No One Wants Your Guns

Clete Wetli_detail4web

“Now, we’ve got the ultimate political waffler, Donald J. Trump, joined by Alabama’s Senator and perennial pessimist, Jeff Sessions, blatantly lying about Hillary Clinton by claiming that she is obsessed with repealing the Second Amendment.  They claim that her support of expanding background checks is just liberal code for mass gun confiscation. That makes about as much sense as claiming that checking ID for alcohol sales means that you’re in favor of Prohibition.” – Clete Wetli in No one is coming for your guns [at]



Funny or Die on Safe Storage: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

I gotta admit it: I laughed twice at this video. Maybe even with it. Obviously, it’s over-the-top anti-gun agitprop. But it beats the hell out of all that bloody shirt waving of which gun control advocates are so fond. I mean, in terms of watchability. I found the bit where  the daughter brought her Daddy his AK — with appropriate muzzle discipline — entirely endearing. Anyway, I wonder if pro-gun rights folk could make a funny video about safe storage that doesn’t lampoon gun owners. Not so easy, eh Mr. Bond?


TSA to Prosecute Forgetful Georgia Gun Owners: 1 Year in Jail $100k Fine

TSA (courtesy

“Until Georgia law was changed two years ago, ‘we didn’t really have any issues here,’ Britt Johnson, who is head of the Atlanta FBI office, said of the ‘Guns Everywhere Law’ that expanded the list of places guns were allowed. The law said gun owners with a permit could take guns discovered in their carry-on luggage back to their cars or give them to someone for safe keeping, and they would not face criminal charges.” According to, Peach State gun owners can kiss that “common sense gun law” goodbye . . .

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Hillary Clinton Slams AK Open Carry (a.k.a., “Chipotle Ninjas”)

In the video above, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton tells a bunch of financially forthcoming anti-firearms freedom folks that the Supreme Court is “wrong on the Second Amendment.” Mrs. Clinton is saying — force record — that the McDonald decision should be overturned. That landmark ruling “incorporated” Second Amendment protection for the right to keep arms for lawful purposes. And that means that . . .

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Housekeeping: Why I “Have It In” For Donald Trump

Ralph let me have it with both barrels for Trump: Actually, I Don’t Want Guns in the Classroom. Except Teachers. Maybe. I deleted his comment according to our posting policy on flaming, but the gist of it is simple enough: Ralph reckons I hate Donald Trump more than I hate Hillary Clinton. Wrong. I’m under no illusions about which is the worse candidate when it comes to defending American’s gun rights: Hillary Clinton. When the time comes, I will hold my nose, cover my eyes and block my ears and vote for Trump. That does not mean . . .

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Cabot Guns Unveils Meteorite Pistols

We were on hand at the NRA convention Saturday afternoon for Cabot Guns‘ unveiling of their Big Bang Pistol Set, a matched pair of 1911s made from the 4.5 billion year old Gibeon meteorite. All parts of the guns — other than the barrels — are made of the meteorite material. If you’re interested, the value of the guns has been estimated at $4.5 million. We understand there’s been no shortage of interest from prospective purchasers. Here’s Cabot’s press release . . .

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Obama: Guns for Vietnam and Syria But Not For You

Vietnamese soliders (courtesy

“President Obama lifted a decades-long American arms embargo on Vietnam Monday and touted a new friendship with the United States’ former enemy,” reports. “‘Just a generation ago, we were adversaries and now we are friends,’ Obama said during a news conference in Hanoi . . . Obama described the arms embargo as ‘a lingering vestige of the Cold War’ that is no longer necessary as the U.S. and Vietnam continue the process of normalizing relations.” This on the heels of increased arm sales to Syrian “rebels,” some of whom you might call Islamic extremists. I have a few thoughts about this, and I bet you do too . . .

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