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Just Arrived: Diamondback DB FS Nine


Diamondback Firearms recently announced its first entry into the full-size pistol market with the DB FS Nine. Kentucky Gun Co – currently selling the gun for $364.99 – was gracious enough to loan one to TTAG for testing, and it looks like I’m going to be pulling the trigger. This weekend I’ll be putting at least 500 rounds through it to feel it out and to start working on the full review. Watch this space. In the meantime, a couple more photos and Diamondback’s presser are after the jump…

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Sgt. Hayes: “Extreme” GA Safe Carry Protection Act Rocks

Sgt. Patrick Hayes writes:

I usually title my articles “A Law Enforcement Perspective” but this time is it my personal perspective as a citizen of Georgia. Today, Governor Nathan Deal signed HB60, The Georgia Safe Carry Protection Act, into law. Despite anti-gunners’ and their media water carriers’ hysterical claims that the new “guns everywhere” law is “extreme” (e.g., NBC’s What Georgia’s ‘Extreme’ New Gun Law Allows), its passage was a bipartisan effort of Georgia legislators. The bill also enjoyed the advice and support of Georgia’s gun owners and groups like Georgiacarry, Georgia Gun Owners, Gun Owners of America and the NRA. The law expands where Georgia citizens – and those whose states share reciprocity with us – can carry a handgun in Georgia. Specifically . . .

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Daily Digest: No Dope Edition


Add to the list of federal agencies buying ammunition: the U.S. Postal Service. The notice of intent to solicit proposals was actually posted back in February, and the USPS does have the Postal Inspection Service (who I’ve always heard are some of the least-fun federal employees to interact with), so it’s not that outlandish an idea that they’d need ammo, but I like the idea of mail carriers in their shorts and socks and pith helmets going about armed. Hey, wait… what if we armed all the postal carriers, and then in a year’s time, they’ve managed to not shoot a single dog? Kinda puts some cops’ behavior towards our four-legged family in perspective, wouldn’t it? . . .

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Moms Demand Action: Emotion FTW


A hat tip to for pointing out the absurd in this article from ABCnews. It quotes Shannon Watts as saying the following: “I think the NRA should be very afraid of Americans, who’ve had enough of the gun violence in this country and in particular moms,” Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action and a board member for Everytown for Gun Safety, said. “Moms are afraid our children will be taken away and in the end, I think that’s the emotion that will win the debate.” So Ms. Watts believes that . . .

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Arizona Governor Vetoes Gun Law Reforms

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed gun law reforms that would have held local governments accountable.   HB 2517 would have put teeth into the state’s preemption law, with penalties for government officials who prosecute people for violating illegitimate local ordinances. Florida passed a similar bill in 2011 after scofflaw governments routinely persecuted citizens who exercised their second amendment rights. Pennsylvania and Ohio are considering similar measures . . .

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