Quote of the Day: Tacoma Gun Drop Boxes Edition

Box O' Guns (courtesy usconcealedcarry.com)

“The city is investigating how to successfully operate the program. It is trying to find locations away from police intervention, to encourage people wary of law enforcement to turn the guns in. At the same time, it wants to place them in areas that won’t cause a disturbance.” – Tacoma gun drop boxes could be first in the nation [via mynorthwest.com] [h/t DvH]


Confirmed! President Obama Is The Greatest Gun Salesman in American History

 The National Instant Check System (NICS)  performs a check when people buy firearms from federally licensed dealers in the United States. It is also used to perform background checks on people applying for firearm carry permits in those states where such permits are required or offered by law. As there are now over 15 million carry permits in the United States, and firearm sales numbers are in the 10 to 20 million range per year, you can see that the number of NICS checks is not a perfect fit for the number of firearms sold . . .

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The Case for Ray Tensing

TTAG reader Richard Cuellar writes:

If you’ve been following the news lately, you probably saw the body cam video of University of Cincinatti officer Ray Tensing shooting Sam Dubose during a traffic stop about a month ago. And you probably also saw the torrent of commentary about the video claiming it shows a cold blooded execution and attempted cover up. A grand jury returned an indictment for murder in the first degree, and the Hamilton county prosecutor declared quite publicly that his office would pursue the charges with extreme prejudice. The defense, meanwhile, claims officer Tensing’s account of the incident is accurate, and intends to prove it in court . . .

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Arkansas Atty-General: Open Carry OK in The Natural State

AK AG Leslie Rutledge (courtesy swtimes.com)

On August 22, a man named Richard Chambless was arrested in Bald Knob, Arkansas, a hamlet north east of Little Rock, thrown in the klink, and on the 26th, was sentenced to one year of probation and ordered to pay a fine of $2,160.00. Why? For the crime of openly carrying a handgun into a local McDonald’s restaurant, where he stopped to get a drink.  According to Arkansas Code § 5-73-120 . . .

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‘Gun Violence’ Never Happens in Sweden. Except When It Does . . .


Rinkeby shooting and stabbing crime scene (courtey thelocal.se)

Rare Gun Violence Erupts In Stockholm: 1 Dead, 3 Injured In Shooting And Stabbing In Sweden the headline at ibtimes.com proclaims, forgetting last March’s pub shooting in Gothenburg, the Malmö shootings, a more recent drive-by shooting in the same city and other firearms-related crimes. “After a rare case of deadly gun violence erupted in one of Europe’s safest capitals Sunday afternoon, three suspects entered a police station and were arrested on suspicion of their involvement. One person died, and three others were injured in Rinkeby, a neighborhood in the Swedish city of Stockholm, according to Swedish authorities, and just three hours later, three suspects turned themselves in, Swedish Television News reported.” As the Bard would say, methinks they doth protest too much. Like this . . .

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Baltimore Hiring More Ex-Cons to Combat “Gun Violence”

Baltimore Safe Streets drug and gun bust

“Baltimore officials are expected to authorize the expansion of the anti-violence Safe Streets program to a fifth city location — likely the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood, the site of Freddie Gray’s arrest,” baltimoresun.com reports. “The Board of Estimates, which is controlled by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, plans to accept a $180,000 one-year grant from the Abell Foundation to employ ex-felons to stem crime in the West Baltimore neighborhood. The grant, along with federal dollars, will fund the program until June 2016, city officials said.” Not to mention $770k in Baltimore taxpayer funds. This despite Baltimore “Violence Interrupters” Caught Dealing Drugs, Possessing Illegal Guns (image above), If I were a cynical man . . .

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