Anti-Gun Left Targets Chris Cox’s Home, Wife’s Business

The anti-gun left has apparently fully embraced that old saying from the late sixties and early seventies: the personal is political. It’s not enough to protest the NRA’s headquarters, call its leaders Nazis and ask how many kids have they killed today in tediously un-original chants. Now they’re attacking their homes and families. National Rifle […]

BREAKING: Police Respond to Ocala, FL School Shooting

Police have responded to reports of a school shooting at Forest High School in Ocala, FL. According to initial reports, one student was shot in the leg and the shooter has been arrested. This comes on the anniversary of the Columbine shooting . .. The Columbine High School shooting took place April 20, 1999. Many […]

What Will Dick’s Do With Those Rifles and Magazines They Won’t Sell? They’re Destroying Them.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has announced plans to destroy the modern sporting rifles, magazines and accessories they pulled from their shelves in recent weeks. That’s the word from a corporate spokesperson asked about pallets of inventory removed from displays nationwide. The sporting goods dealer’s mouthpiece said the firearms would be destroyed at regional distribution centers and […]

BREAKING: NRA Supporting Guns Save Life’s Lawsuit Against Deerfield Assault Weapons Ban

Guns Save Life’s motto is simple: “We defend your right to defend yourself.”  So when we saw Deerfield, Illinois amend a local ordinance to ban America’s favorite rifle and many similar guns, we didn’t sit around and complain. We took action. We’re pleased to announce a lawsuit challenging the Village of Deerfield’s gun confiscation ordinance. […]

YouTube Shooter Was Angry About Site’s De-Monetization Moves

Gun content producers aren’t the only people who have been unhappy with Google-owned YouTube’s business practices. Plenty of other publishers have seen their income slashed by sudden changes in the site’s polices. But unlike law abiding gun owners, one San Diego woman decided to take up her beef with YouTube directly. Nasim Aghdam, a frequent […]

BREAKING: Active Shooter Situation Reported at YouTube HQ

Multiple reports of shots fired at YoutTube headquarters including tweets from employees inside the building. From the Los Angeles Times: Producers from YouTube tweeted that they believed there was an active shooter on the company’s campus. Some said they heard so many people running that they believed an earthquake had struck. Others described a gruesome […]