Moms Demand Action Kroger Push Part of Gun Control’s Long Game

Kroger Bank Robber

On, a discussion about the Moms Demand Action push for a gun ban following an armed robbery of a bank inside of a Kroger store, brought this commonly expressed question from rktman, “Uh, how would this have stopped the robbery again? Please ‘splain that to us.” I will explain it. MDA is playing a very long game. In order to be effective, they have to reduce the number of guns in society by significant amounts. They have to avoid considering any potential benefits gained from gun ownership.  Here is how I believe they think it will work . . .

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Is the University of Idaho Encouraging the “SWATting” of Legal Gun Carriers?

                                                                  Matt Dorschel, (left)

Last week, the University of Idaho – where concealed carry is legal – held a forum to discuss guns on campus. The main presenter was Matt Dorschel, university executive director for public safety and security. While the forum attracted only a few students and faculty, the policy presented was radical . . .

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In a Close Shave, Barber Acquitted in Workplace Shooting

A jury recently found Albert Dudley not guilty of aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment, and possessing an instrument of crime. In 2012, Dudley become involved in an altercation with a fellow barber at the shop where he worked. Dudley had a concealed carry permit and during the altercation, his firearm was fired, striking his opponent.  Versions of the event vary considerably, though . . .

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12 NFA Wait Times Down to 30 Days In Some Cases

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 1.36.00 PM

The folks at have for years now tracked how long it takes for NFA paperwork to be approved. They remain the best source of information about the NFA Firearms Branch of the ATF (since the ATF doesn’t really do the whole metrics thing). Ever since a spike in applications in the last couple years forced the department to finally hire some more staff we’ve been waiting with bated breath for the wait times to come down from their 14 month peak (as in, 14 months for a paper form 4…from the moment you sent it in to an approved stamp). According to a new chart from, that prodigious wait time has dwindled to 30 days . . .

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Why is NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ So Anti-Gun?


TTAG reader Aaron writes:

After binge-watching season 1 of The Blacklist and getting into this autumn’s season 2, I’ve noticed a very anti-gun bias on the part of the producers. In season 1, a concealed carrier tried to take out one of the episode’s villains and is not only shot himself, but while falling, fires an errant bullet that hits an innocent little child. In another episode of season 1, a bad guy mocks an attempt at armed self-defense by spouting a standard civilian disarmament talking point; “We all know you’re more likely to have your gun taken and used against you than use it successfully” . . .

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This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: They Are Slaughtered Like Sheep, Their Bodies Desecrated

Omar Garcia, survivor of the slaughter of students from Ayotzinapa Mexico, gives his version of what happened the night of September 26 in Iguala, Mexico. That’s when 43 student protesters were last seen being pushed into police vans after a protest in Guerrero state on 26 September. “Forensic teams have recovered the remains of at least 28 victims so far from a series of clandestine graves and diesel-soaked pyres on the outskirts of the city,” reports. “The bodies are so butchered and burned that Mexican authorities say it could take two months for DNA testing to determine if they’re the missing students, many of whom are from impoverished rural villages where being a teacher is one of the only decent jobs.” Here’s the translation via

00:00 About 20 or 30 meters away, I found our fellow student Edgar Andres Vargas, who had already been shot in the head. I found him and our friend was walking bent over, very seriously wounded, bleeding profusely.

00:25 We carried him as well as we could, and we kept running, running, running, and we could feel the shots hitting the cars that were on the sides . . .

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Random Thoughts About Terrorists and Gun Rights

The atrocities committed by Osama Bin Laden’s followers on September 11, 2001 should have been enough to convince Americans that they face a serious, ongoing threat from death-dealing “Islamic extremists.” The kind of threat that requires a radical increase in the number of armed Americans to defend against terrorism. And a large, aggressive military presence in the region where the Islamic terrorists live, to deter and/or punish plots against America. The President and his supporters don’t see it that way. Obama’s love of civilian disarmament – while arming entirely unreliable Middle Eastern actors – is well-known. His decision to withdraw our troops from Iraq – enabling the rise of the ISIS caliphate – is the logical flip side of this disarmament delusion. Like an airplane accident, it’s only a matter of time before these two mistakes combine with some other failure to allow another horrific attack . . .

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NRA Targeting Anti-Gun Pols, WA Background Check Referendum

The National Rifle Association is spending $11.4 million of its members’ money in its campaign to oust anti-gun politicians and defeat the universal background check referendum in Washington State. The above seven-minute gun rights apocalypse ad has garnered some 10k views, but the gun rights group’s 30-second spots are where the action is. Check out the anti-Hickenlooper ad after the jump, part of the NRA’s $1.3m political payback effort in the Rocky Mountain State. The NRA’s also hitting the airwaves in Arkansas, Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Iowa and Louisiana. And supporting Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott and Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker. [Click here for a breakdown of their ad budget.] Will NRA-inspired gun rights voters exact their revenge on pols’ post-Newtown civilian disarmament legislation? Watch this space . . .

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First Time Duck Hunter: Five Steps to Successful Duck Hunting

After Benelli sent me a Super Black Eagle II to test out in anticipation of my first duck hunt, I’ve been trying to consume everything I can about the process of seeing a duck flying through the air and transforming it into confit. Thankfully, my hunting buddy Will does a bunch of duck hunting so I’m leaning on him pretty hard to show me the ropes. But I realize that the average TTAG reader may not be as lucky to have a “guy” in the know . . .

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Gear Review: Bushnell SMRS 1-8.5x 24mm


Spend enough time reading about optics on the internet and you might get the feeling that the perfect optic scales from a true 1X up to \inftyX, weighs less than a feather, and can give you a clear, crisp picture in the dark. It should also cost less than $100, be able to withstand a free fall from space, and have a reticle that reads the wind. Okay, that last part might be a bit much, but I don’t think I’m far off the mark. In the world of running and gunning — 2-gunning, 3-gunning, or otherwise — there are always sacrifices to be made. Sometimes, quality means added weight. Other times, shedding ounces means shedding features. The SMRS from Bushnell certainly provides amazing optical clarity and the ability to jump from a nearly perfect 1X to 8.5X. But it does all that by sacrificing light weight on the altar of compromise . . .

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Teaching (and Learning From) Fran


By Chris B.

A friend of mine named Fran recently passed away. In addition to being a friend, she was one of my first students. Her daughter and son-in-law had recently deployed. She was a petite lady who found herself living alone in the country. She knew I was a pistol instructor and asked me to show her how to use her Smith and Wesson SW380 pistol to defend herself. She broached the subject by talking about the apprehension she had of being by herself in a rural area. I think she also wanted to give me the opportunity to teach . . .

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