Quote of the Day: Lucy McBath Testifies for Gun Control – And Self-Control

Lucy McBath (courtesy nymag.com)

“McBath’s evolution as a national voice for violence and gun prevention has allowed her to expose the many loopholes in gun laws that allow people to shoot to kill and ask questions later, often without any accountability for their actions. In the past three years, she has testified before the United States Senate on the opposition of the expansion of the stand your ground laws and regularly speaks on the destruction that it causes, specifically in communities of color. As a mother, McBath admits, ‘All you can do is do your best to keep your children safe, tell them if they’re in an altercation not to stir up any animosity because nowadays people don’t use any sense of reasonable conflict-resolution — you can be gunned down instantly. It’s not about fear, but more so about preparation.'” Lucy McBath Turned Her Son’s Death Into a Powerful National Crusade for Change in Gun Laws [via nymag.com]


Only 15% of Mobile, AL Cops Have A Rifle [VIDEO]

I’ve railed against police militarization in the past, and will do so again in the future. My main beef: the proliferation of SWAT teams throughout the land and inappropriate deployment. At no point did I suggest that the average cop shouldn’t have immediate access to a patrol rifle. They should. And, for the most part, they do. But not in Mobile, Alabama. It seems the feds shipment of ex-military rifles to local law enforcement – under the much-criticized but still active 1033 program – delivered unto Mobile . . .

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Armed Drug Traffickers May Have Returned Fire in Paris Terrorist Attacks


The common refrain from gun loving people here in the United States following the terrorist attacks in Paris is that more good guys with guns on the scene would have saved lives. After all, if we can save just one life with concealed carry it will be worth it, right? There are some news reports circulating from foreign media sites which indicate that a couple people in that Paris restaurant were indeed armed and did in fact return fire, killing the terrorists and saving lives. There’s just one problem: they were reportedly drug traffickers.

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New South Wales Australia: Possession of Blueprints for 3D Printed Gun = 14 Year Jail Sentence…Cody Wilson Responds

Our man Leghorn introduced me to the adage “you can’t stop the signal.” The government of New South Wales, Australia doesn’t get it, doesn’t want to get it, or gets it and doesn’t give a damn. zdnet.com reports that “The NSW government amended the Firearms Act 1996 and the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 last week, issuing several additions under the Firearms and Weapons Prohibition Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 which includes the creation of the new offence relating to 3D printed guns.” If an Aussie caught with same in the state is looking at some serious jail time . . .

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Rep. Jan Schakowsky: Paris Attack ‘Chilling Reminder’ That U.S. Needs Stricter Gun Laws

Five years ago by U.S- born Al Qaeda leader Adam Gadahn (a.k.a. “Jihadi Joe”) recorded a video calling for American Muslims to buy weapons from gun shows and carry out one-man terrorist attacks. Four years later, the U.S. military vaporized Gadahm in a drone strike in Pakistan. This year, post-Paris, gun control advocates are using his video as proof that the best way to fight terrorism is to disarm American civilians. OK, that’s not how they’re selling it. But there’s no question that anti-gun rights crusaders aren’t letting a good crisis go to waste, including . . .

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The Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence: Gun Owners Are “Degenerates”


Ladd Everitt is the man behind the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, the most extreme of the groups seeking to degrade and destroy Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. You may remember the CSGV as the organization recommending that gun control advocates “SWAT” open carriers (call 911 and report them as potential homicidal maniacs). As you might expect from a man who’s slightly unhinged on the subject of guns, someone who appeals directly to people who share his neuroses, Ladd goes through phases. After Newtown, he was all about . . .

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Reader Challenge: ID the Inspiration for Star Wars Guns

Star Wars gun (courtesy wired.com)

TTAG reader JP writes:

I saw this article on WIRED, breaking down the props of the new Star Wars movie. I was struck by how the various blasters pulled parts from recognizable guns. Of course, Han Solo’s blaster is famously based on the Mauser broomstick, but I was genuinely intrigued to see AR-style stocks, several Chiappa Rhino-esque blasters, at least one M&P grip, one that looks like maybe a Browning Hi-power, a backwards ACOG with a RMR in front of it, and many more. See how many inspirations the Armed Intelligentsia can pull from these slides! [Another image from the article and other sources after the jump]

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New From American Tactical Imports: FX-H Hybrid 1911 Pistol

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 12.17.56 PM

Your standard, garden variety mil spec 1911 tips the scales at somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 ounces. A shorter, easier-carrying commander-sized .45 will bend your belt under about 30 ounces. Hence the motivation behind the just-announced FX-H Hybrid 1911 from American Tactical Imports. It’s a polymer pistol with “two metal inserts at the stress points.” That results in a five-inch .45 weighing about 26 ounces and an MSRP of $659.95 (probably between $550 and $600 street). We’ve requested one, but in the mean time, read their press release . . .

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Guns for Beginners: Three Ways to Make Open Carry Safer

Level 2 retention holster with GLOCK19 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

In the latest edition of Guns magazine, Massad Ayoob offer some cautionary tales of open carry gone wrong. They’re not very many and they’re not very convincing. The gun guru only provides one clear example of a gun snatch from an average open carrier. The bad guy shot and killed him with his own gun. That said, the owner chased the gun thief. While Mas studiously avoids taking a position on open carry, I’m all for it. Open carry is a deterrent that normalizes guns, which protects our gun rights. Here are three ways to limit the danger associated with open carry . . .

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Security Video Shows Terrorist Attack on Paris Cafe

This is the first of what will probably be a number of security camera clips from the six terrorist shooting venues in Paris last week. This was the scene at La Casa Nostra restaurant, as reported by The Daily Mail, where five were killed outside the cafe. The video clearly shows a terrorist walking up to a diner on the ground outside and putting the gun to her head, but his AK miraculously jammed, sparing her life. Again, the solution to this type of mayhem, at least as far as the European Union is concerned, is to make “assault rifles” even more illegal-er. That should make Parisians sleep better at night, n’est-ce pas?


This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: Mexican Facebook Page Posters Are Hunted Down and Killed [Pics NSFW]

(courtesy wikipedia.org)

Without the Second Amendment protecting Americans’ right to keep and bear arms, the First Amendment is worthless. That’s not a theory. You need only look south of the border, where cartels collude with the government to prey upon disarmed citizens, to see what happens to freedom of expression when disarmed citizens are left defenseless. In Mexico, anyone who dares report on the cartels’ extra-judicial killings, torture and rape is hunted down, tortured and killed. In the following post, edited for brevity, borderlandbeat.com describes the life of the administrator of the Valor for Tamaulipas Facebook page. His story is instructive . . . [Note: some images were simply too gruesome to republish.] . . .

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