Minnesota Gun Law Reform Signed by Governor Dayton Despite Veto Threat

So much for Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton’s veto threats. He signed a public safety bill Friday that “include(s) granting reciprocity for concealed carry permits from other states, legalizing gun suppressors – sometimes called ‘silencers,’ and allowing concealed carry permit holders to bring handguns in to the state Capitol.” Under the new law,  SF 878, Minnesotans will be able to legally purchase and own suppressors if they do so under the restrictions of federal law. The law limits the ability of authorities to confiscate firearms during designated emergencies. The possession of a permit to carry now constitutes the notification required to carry in court houses and certain state buildings. People with a permit will not have to notify authorities prior to carrying in those areas . . .

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Cleveland Cop Michael Brelo Acquitted of Manslaughter

Michael Brelo, a Police Officer in the Forest City, was acquitted of charges of manslaughter stemming from a 2012 incident that resulted in the deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell. According to the decision written by Judge John P. O’Donnell, the encounter that night began when an officer pulled over by a Cleveland patrolman who saw Russell turn left without signaling after observing Russell do a possible drug deal at a nearby homeless shelter . . .

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Mexico’s War Against the Autodefensas Continues

Mexico’s autodefensas are citizen militias, illegally armed to defend against drug gangs’ rape, torture, extortion and murder of inhabitants. And government apathy and collusion with the crimes. (Who occasionally engage in bloody turf wars masquerading as law enforcement with the cartels.) While the American government arms dubious allies in the Middle East, they turn a blind eye to the persecution of Mexico’s war on autodefensas. Here’s a report from the crackdown south of the border . . .

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Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Concealed Carrier Holds Carjacker for Police (NSFW)

By Brandon via concealednation.org

An Atlanta man held another man at gunpoint after he tried to rob him by getting into his passenger seat as soon as his doors unlocked after he parked. The armed citizen, Hashim Fannin, says that the incident happened as soon as he pulled into the parking lot of a Family Dollar store. The suspect, 61-year-old Edgar Horn, opened the passenger side door and sat down. “He told me, ‘You know what this,’” Fannin said.  Not waiting to see what happens next, that’s when Fannin says he pulled his gun out . . .

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Close Encounter of the Stray Bullet Kind


When I moved to Montana, a woman named Tasha Johnson was the first person to befriend me. When I moved away we stayed in touch. On Thursday, May 14, Tasha called me from Kalispell. She’d just had a terrifying experience. “While my son napped in his room, [my daughter] and I are playing outside. We heard a very loud snapping sound,” Tasha told me. “I couldn’t find where it came from. I shrugged it off. Then I went to get my son from his nap . . .

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Does the Second Amendment Protect the Rest?

 British Prime Minister David Cameron. (courtesy telegraph.co.uk)

It is oft said in gun rights circles that the Second Amendment protects the first, as well as the other enumerated (and un-enumerated) rights in the Bill of Rights. Strictly from a Constitutional Law perspective, I’ve always thought this to be a little facile. The Fourteenth Amendment has actually played a huge role in protecting and advancing all of our civil liberties; and without a strong right to free speech, the Second Amendment wouldn’t be in anywhere near as good shape as it is. The amount of times that the right to keep and bear arms has actually counted in terms of making a true difference in American politics is . . .
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Astroturf Uber Alles! Moms Take On the Texas Senate

This is what anti-gun Astroturf looks like. And what it sounds like. Imagine what the Senators are thinking as Moms Demand Disarmament for America members proclaim their opposition to open carry, using “reasoning” that stretched the imagination to the breaking point. The “activists” read from the same script, over and over. What was that about The Big Lie?


Just Arrived: CMMG MK4 PDW – .300 BLK


If you’d told Nick a few short years ago that .300 BLK would have the market traction it does today, he’d have made a funny giggle, and started muttering, “The world belongs to the early adopters,” or some such nonsense. His earliest predictions seem to have come true and .300 BLK is here to stay. And the kings of the .300 BLK world seem to be the pistols built around Eugene Stoner’s beloved AR system. As it goes, a great many manufacturers have jumped in with both feet, bringing .300 BLK AR pistols to the market. CMMG’s offering is the MK4 PDW . . .

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Check Out the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s New $20M Talladega Park Shooting Facility


By Chris Buckner via wideopenspaces.com

The newest sportsman’s paradise in Alabama officially opened on May 6 and it looks like a dream come true for the area’s shooters. The CMP Talladega Park is only open on what they’re calling a soft opening now to test out the park and make sure everything is in top shape for the grand opening scheduled for June 5. Visitors were greeted by CMP park employees, as well as Range Master Donnie Heuman, in the massive 13,000-square-foot clubhouse for a safety briefing before filing out to one of the many ranges . . .

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Override of Firearms Bill Veto Considered in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin. Photo credit: latimes.com.

The Oklahoman reports that the Oklahoma legislature is considering an override attempt of a vetoed bill that would have limited the ability of certain businesses to bar persons from legally carrying firearms while on their premises. Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, a Republican, vetoed Senate Bill 41 last week. The bill would have restricted the ability of businesses from banning guns at publicly-owned parks, fairgrounds, and recreational areas . . .

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Zimmerman Shooting: Assassination Attempt?

Matthew Apperson is a suspect in the assassination attempt on George Zimmerman. The treatment by the old media of the assassination attempt on George Zimmerman has been astounding in the degree to which it’s been spun. It’s clear that Zimmerman was attacked without provocation by a mentally unstable man who was obsessed with him. He narrowly missed being killed after attempting to escape the situation, and there are numerous witnesses who corroborate his version of events. Apperson has been arrested on three serious charges.  They are . . .

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Meanwhile in Jalisco . . . War

“Thousands of troops, backed by armored personnel carriers and quasi-military federal police, are pouring into Jalisco to curb the New Generation Jalisco Cartel,” wsj.com reports, “which officials say has grown rich selling hundreds of millions of dollars of smuggled methamphetamines from Mexico and South American cocaine to consumers in Mexico, the U.S. and elsewhere. The government took the rare step of appointing a general to lead the mission.” While the American media has ignored the heavily-armed and bloody conflict, and there are no “good guys” in this uncivil civil war. In fact . . .

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