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If you thought Americans strongly disapproved of the way President Joe Biden’s economy is working out, you ought to see what people think of the way he has handled the gun issue.

According to a recent survey by The Economist and YouGov, a full 52% of Americans disapprove of how Biden is handling economic issues. Breaking it down, 91% of Republicans, 55% of Independents and even 11% percent of Democrats aren’t too fond of the strangling consequences of “Bidenomics.” And by age, a majority of Americans over 30 disapprove of Biden’s economic performance.

But believe it or not, even more Americans disapprove of the job Biden has done concerning firearms, which 81% of respondents said was an important issue. In total, 54% of Americans disapprove of how the president is handling the gun issue, compared to 28% who approved. That includes a whopping 88% of Republicans and 52% of Independents who gave the president low marks. Disapproval was also very high by race and age: whites, 61% disapproved; Blacks, 35%, Hispanics, 46%; age 18-29, 43%; 30-44, 57%; 45-64, 57%; and 65-plus, 60%.

A similar question about Biden’s performance on issues concerning crime showed similarly low approval. In all, 52% of respondents disapproved of the job the president has done on the issue, compared to 32% who voiced their approval. By party, Republicans had the highest disapproval rating at 90%. Some 17% of Democrat disapproved, as did the majority of Independents (52%)

By race, 58% of whites disapproved with Biden’s work on crime, compared to 46% of Hispanics and 31% of Blacks. By age, 18-29 showed a 41% disapproval, 30-44, 53%; 45-64, 54%; and 65-plus, 58%.

Crime and guns aside, the poll found the president’s overall approval rating to be dismally low with only a handful of months to go before the November election. According to the results, 54 percent of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Biden, compared to only 40 percent who have a favorable opinion of him. By party, 94% of Republicans, 61 and 18% of Democrats had an unfavorable opinion of the president.

His Republican opponent, Donald Trump, seems to be about equally loved and hated by respondents in the poll. For Trump, 41% had a favorable opinion of the former president, while 56% had an unfavorable opinion.

Broken down by political party, 86% of Republicans had a favorable opinion of Trump, while 91% of Democrats had an unfavorable opinion. Independents sided more with Democrats, with 33% of Independents having an unfavorable opinion of the former president.

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  1. Tuesday morning fluff piece – do we really give a shit about what some brit paper passes off as a “poll” with no clue as to why the responses were garnered…those who responded unfavorably might think joes not giving away ENOUGH free shit, or maybe he should round up ALL evil guns before the election. Gee, a little more context would be great to have, doncha’ think ?

  2. So … why are the polls so close?? This reminds me of 2022. People like Stephen Bannon and Jack Posobiec were tripping over themselves — “The Democrats are finished!! They’ll be destroyed for a generation!! Red tsunami inbound!!”

    And what happened??

    There is a sizable minority of this country insane enough to believe tr*ns is a real thing. A majority firmly believe that killing their own offspring is justified in almost all circumstances. The communists are buried deep in the executive branch, placed there by Obama during his two terms of horrific destruction. This election will be razor f*ing close, decided by less than 50,000 votes in the battleground states.

    If you’re a praying man, start f*ing praying that the Republican stupids don’t blow it.

    • johnny boy…I hate to pee on you and your parade of stupidity but you azzhole are carrying on the bigotry inherent with the Gun Control democRat Party…The very bigotry the democRat Party has been for decades trying desperately to hang around the neck of the Party of Lincoln…Therefore you and your usual suspect bigoted ilk on this forum are to the Second Amendment what drunk farting gasbags are to fine dining…Same goes for each and every silent gutless wonder on this forum who leaves you and your ilk’s bigotry unchecked.

      • …. The previous comment was posted by our favorite drunk farting gasbag pot whom is trying to call out all of us kettles again.
        We call this ” Same Shit, Different Day ”
        Give it a rest.

      • I doubt that Debby hates to pee on anything – and pretty sure it is done standing up

      • Oh … and Lincoln was the one who wanted to send the slaves to Liberia, viewing them as incompatible with American society.

        Just thought you might want to know that.

        • “Lincoln was the one who wanted to send the slaves to Liberia”

          Nope, the colonization plan pre-dated Lincoln’s presidency by 40 years:

          “Following the Haitian revolution and later the Nat Turner slave revolt in Virginia, Americans were concerned about the influence Free Black populations had on the institution of slavery. Politicians decided it would be safer to relocate Freed Blacks to a settlement that would offer them “self-sufficiency.” Many abolitionists agreed with the concept of repatriation as a method of giving Black families and individuals greater rights and spreading “sound morals and true religion throughout Africa.” Repatriation gained sponsorship by the American Colonization Society (ACS), founded in 1816 by white elites. Its ranks included then-President James Madison and future president James Monroe. The Society itself gained funding from many politicians and religious groups. In 1821 the ACS’s maiden voyage sailed to the African coast and bought land to form the first settlement of Liberia named “Monrovia” (named after James Monroe) as the colony’s capital.”


          Lincoln did think that freedom in Liberia might be preferable to slavery in the United States, but he had nothing to do with the colonization plan.

        • MajorLiar,

          Once again, you lie. At least this time, you are lying on behalf of a Republican (Lincoln), so I guess that’s progress of a sort. Lincoln most definitely DID believe in and support American ex-slaves to Africa (specifically, Liberia), and his letters and personal papers are quite clear on that.

          For HIS era, that was not a particularly racist belief (for someone all about “context”, you seem remarkably immune to it, when it comes to history, doncha, MajorMistake???). But he DID, according to historical record, believe that.

          Now explain to me why he believed that “. . . preferable to slavery in the United States . . .” AFTER he had successfully concluded a war to ABOLISH slavery??? Inquiring minds want to know, you drooling simpleton.

  3. Pair the inherent flaws, biases and nudging involved in polling with the inherent flaws, biases, information ignorance and emotional reactivity with those being polled and the whole charade is useless.

    • Depends on your definition of “disapproval” of Creepy Joe’s gun policy.

      Some will say it is too far and so much effort over nothing.

      Others will disapprove because it isn’t far enough and are awaiting the FEMA camps and execution pits (dacian, miner, jsled).

      • “awaiting the FEMA camps and execution pits”

        Yeah, whatever happened to those tunnels under the abandoned Walmarts, and the whole round up of American gun-owners during Jade Helm?

        Hey, do you think those stories are maybe just bullshit?

        • It’s Minor69er trolling for tail again! Although I suspect there are a few in this forum that play on your team, you’d probably have better luck over at The Advocate.

        • Johnny,

          You misapprehend, my friend. You are starting with the assumption that MajorMistake is “trolling for tail”, when he wouldn’t know what to do with it if he tripped over it. MajorIdiot gets all the “tail” he needs with his daily circle jerk with dacian the demented, Prince Albert, and jsled the drive-by moron.

  4. Nobody asked me what I think. If there is even a functioning USA we’re screwed irregardless.

  5. Come election day, most voters vote with their wallet in mind.
    The Obama years, we had to get lean. Affordable Care Act was anything but affordable. Our premeiums went up, our deductible went up and we got stuck with nearly $5,000 in medical bills.
    During the Trump years, we got more back in taxes, were able to pay off nearly all debt and even put money away for savings.
    Biden years, we are doing okay, but only because we were able to save during the Trump years. We are feeling Bidenomics at the checkout line and the pump. Our dollar is not going as far as it used to.
    I dont think if Trump wins the election, the damage is already done. The damage is too great. Nothing he can do to fix it.

    • “Come election day, most voters vote with their wallet in mind.”

      Those days are long gone. The single most important issue for Democrat voters is “protecting democracy.”

    • No they won’t. “Sexual minorities,” of which their is a growing number, constantly vote for their identity over practical issues and the Bill of Rights. One writes for this very website.

    • “Our premeiums went up”

      Not sure what a ‘premeium’ is but you really oughta see a doctor.

      • So I miss spelled a word. If you had any common sense, you would of known I meant “premium.”
        But you do not have any common sense.
        If anyone needs to see a doctor, it is you for making such a dumb comment.

      • MajorIdiot,

        WOW!! You Leftist/fascists are really getting desperate in your (failing) efforts to promote your drooling, senile, serial-child-molesting fake “President”, aren’t you??

        Now, do you have a SUBSTANTIVE comment in regard to the documented FACT that “Obamacare” resulted in higher insurance premiums?? Or are you just verbally ejaculating on this site, as usual??

  6. The majority of Americans have consistently disapproved of things like immigration and border policies, and government spending and overreach, yet things have gone in the opposite direction for my entire life. It’s almost like it doesn’t matter what Americans approve of. They’re going to get it regardless.

  7. The only thing that is as close to a guarantee as one can get. If there is a chance the gop-ers pull off a win by a large enough margin the ‘real’ riots will be turned back on en masse. The left just needs to flip the switch. What’s that keep your power dry metaphor?

    • Kyle Rittenhouse turned off those riots in a matter of seconds. Turns out this generation of fascists are afraid of dying for bidens cause.

        • Don’t discount luck. And he walked away without major injury. Once the shit starts nobody is promised anything.

          He was surrounded and outnumbered by a pack of murderous fascist thugs. And he came through.

  8. Uh huh. And yet Trump’s barely ahead. Wait till he’s a convicted felon and see his numbers drop 5-7 points. If Biden’s alive on November 5, he wins.

    • red wolf,

      I didn’t realize you were in a competition with MajorLiar to see who could post the most deranged and divorced-from-reality comment on this site. But, to give you props, you are giving MajorIdiot a run for the gold (although, to be fair, dacian the demented has you both smoked as to total insanity of your posts).

      Trump is barely (well, depending on the state – in most of the “swing states”, Trump is at least 2 – 5 percentage points ahead of Xiao Bai-din) ahead?? Mirabile dictu!! One of the least compelling, least tethered to actual philosophy of governance, politicians around (well, except for Hildebeest and Senile Joe) isn’t just lighting people up??? How shocking . . . NOT.

      I didn’t vote for Trump the first time OR the second time (I probably will, this time, since the alternative is Senile Joe, the serial child-molester), but he is objectively a better choice than the senile idiot (who was an idiot before he was senile).

      I’m fascinated by the way that you Leftist/fascists ignore candidates who are clearly at least as (or more) in iine with your party platform as the drooling idiot . . . and then trash people who vote for teh Donald. YES, Donald J. Trump is a loudmouth, egotistical liar. COOL STORY, BRO!!! Now do Senile Joe, the serial pedophile.

    • You fascist are all alike. You’d rather be a part of the problem than any part of the solution.

  9. I believe this survey was skewed. I’m guessing the surveyor got his numbers reversed.
    JRB just needs another 4 years, Trump got it pretty fcked up and it’s going to take more then just 4 years to get it the way theBidiem needs America to be.
    Trump was going to waste money on building a wall to secure the Southern boarder, JRB proved there was no need to build a wall and the boarder is just as secure as it’s ever been.
    The economy is just fine, people are spending more on stuff now then ever.
    The Second Amendment is as strong as it’s ever been, anyone can buy a machinegunm now, not just the outlaws.
    I don’t believe the surveys.
    In this time of turmoil Americans are blessed to have the strong leadership of Joseph Robinett Bidiem.
    Build Back Better
    JRB in 2024.

  10. I don’t believe that poll.
    Our President Biden is The Greatest President America Has or Ever Will Have.
    Who else can diddle a child on National TV and be admired for doing it?
    No one else falls as gracefully as He does, especially at his age.
    Forgetting what you did two minutes ago is good if you have access to classified documents.
    Crapping His pants is a defensive action, not an accident.
    He is a God to the SouthAmerican refugee seekers.
    Our economy is the best it’s ever been.
    Americans lives are the best they have ever been.
    Respect needs be given Our President.

  11. I think we should all be prepared to watch Biden “win” with the largest number of votes ever, come election night. Ignore the obvious: he’s a sad, senile, corrupt, elderly fabulist who will “campaign” from his basement, mostly by napping. In past decades, he failed utterly as a presidential candidate, and for good reason. But in 2024? Democrats are willing to destroy democracy to save it, and that includes “fortifying” the coming election so that a guy who obviously isn’t capable of campaigning and serving as president will somehow win in a landslide anyway. We will all be told that questioning this amounts to a thought crime, and that expressing our suspicions amounts to a real one. What a horrible, tragic moment this republic has come to…

    • More black people vote for Biden than the first black president, despite Biden’s constant, lifelong racist comments. Biden somehow gets a pass for everything, including the lack of a functioning brain. He’s America’s new (3 am) comeback kid. Nothing to see here, move along.

      • The sad thing is, much of the fortifying will actually be completely legal, in the form of ballot harvesting, absentee voting, months long election “days,” extended vote counting periods to “find” missing ballots, and the like. This is legalized cheating: vote buying, eliminating ballot safeguards, stretching elections until the “correct” side wins, and deliberately creating conditions that make illegal cheating easier (and the overall process less honest). It is utterly corrosive to the principles that make a robust, reliable, trustworthy election process. It’s fine to lose elections from time to time; it is not fine to never be certain that you actually, legitimately lost.

        Since the right must also adopt these cheats to stay competitive, there is little hope that we’ll return to elections that we have faith in. Now the goal is simply to legally cheat better than the “other side.”

        • “the right must also adopt these cheats to stay competitive“

          I’m sure you will be proud to learn the Republicans are already cheating:

          “Two Michigan Republicans were arraigned Tuesday on felony charges related to tampering with voting equipment in an effort to prove that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. Matt DePerno, a former Michigan Republican state attorney general candidate, was charged with conspiracy and undue possession of a voting machine, while former Michigan state representative Daire Rendon was charged with conspiracy to commit undue possession of a voting machine and false pretenses.“

          “On Thursday, another Michigan attorney, Stefanie Lambert, was charged with improper possession of a voting machine, conspiracy to improperly possess a voting machine, conspiracy to gain unauthorized access to a computer system and willfully damaging a voting machine.”

          “Another Republican convicted of voter fraud at Florida GOP stronghold
          A surprising number of Republicans from The Villages have been convicted of trying to cheat in the 2020 elections. The list grew longer this week.
          Dec. 7, 2023, 1:06 PM EST
          By Steve Benen“

          “GOP state lawmaker arrested in Alabama on felony voter fraud charges
          BY SARAH FORTINSKY 08/30/23 01:00 PM ET
          Alabama state Rep. David Cole (R) on Tuesday was arrested and charged with voter fraud on accusations he voted in “multiple or unauthorized locations,” according to jail records provided by Madison County Sheriff’s Office“

        • Assuming your cited articles are true, I’ll requote what I said above: “there is little hope that we’ll return to elections that we have faith in.”

          All of those incidents prove my point. People on both right and left no longer trust our election process. They do not believe the “winner” of any given election is actually the real winner. Sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re not. Sometimes they decide to cheat illegally because they assume the other side is already doing it. Always, they question the result, and almost always find at least some evidence to back up that they are right to question it. Don’t pretend the left is any different about this than the power-incentivized right.

          The problem isn’t just the cheating that is happening (which, again, is often legal cheating), but the way this cheating undermines our faith in open, honest elections and causes us to question the legitimacy of the people who wind up in charge. We now assume that all elections are rigged, and act according to this incentive.
          Our elections have become a power struggle, attracting people who enjoy power struggles and power. They are no longer an attempt to discern the will of the people.

          By the way, I notice that you didn’t cite the actual news source for any of those excerpts, which leads me to believe they are probably from a far-left propaganda organ. I could be wrong about that, but you’ve earned zero benefit of the doubt in these pages, so I won’t be giving you any.

          (I looked it up: Steve Benan is a producer for the Rachel Maddow show. You are not good at this, Miner)

        • MajorMoron,

          So, it chaps your @$$ that we (conservative/libertarians) are copying your playbook??? Cry harder, loser. That we have traditionally played by the rules does NOT mean that we are going to play by YOUR rules, in a rigged game.

          Y’all idiot, moron, Leftist/fascists need to contemplate the wisdom of “what goes around, come around”, and get ready to reap what ye have sown.

      • I used to not vote because I knew it did not matter. Now I vote just so I can bitch.
        The PowersThatBe can tell us who the next president is going to be 4 years from now.
        Voting is a morale test, the voting is up just means the people believe the lie, and as long as they believe the lie those in power remain in power. It’s when the numbers drop out of the voting is when the PTB will start getting worried.
        That’s why all the Get Out and Vote commercials.
        They(who r they?) Should tell the truth.
        Your Vote only matters to them to insure you believe the lie.
        BTW my girlfiend actually voted twice, for the same guy, for the mayor of this town, but he lost anyway.
        As a matter of fact 80% voted for the same guy she did.
        Just a coincidence that the people running the polling just happened to be all relatives and friends of the standing mayor who was somehow re- elected with what from my questioning of the towns people turned out to be 20%.
        Perhaps it was the open ballot box that made the difference?
        Your Vote Matters.

        • …. my country held this multi-billion dollar election and all I got was this stupid sticker.

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