Florida Carry Wins Preemption Lawsuit Against Broward County Over Illegal Gun Control Ordinances

  If you thought the breathtaking level of incompetence and ignorance of basic legal and administrative norms in Broward County, Florida was limited to the Sheriff’s Department under their disgraced former top cop, think again. From Florida Carry . . . Florida Carry, Inc. has emerged victorious in their lawsuit against Broward County and County […]

VA Gov. Northam Declares Emergency, Bans Guns From Capitol Square for VCDL Lobby Day

On Friday, the now Democrat-controlled Virginia Legislature reversed a decades-old policy and banned citizens from carrying firearms in the capitol and legislative office buildings. Now, as we get closer to Monday’s VCDL Lobby Day event on the capitol grounds in Richmond — which is expected to draw thousands of gun rights supporters — the Associated […]

Daines’ SB 3139 Would Finally Fix the Firearms Owners Protection Act

Senator Steve Daines of Montana, along with co-sponsors Senators James Lankford, Mike Rounds, Mike Crapo, and Ted Cruz, have introduced Senate Bill 3139: Lawful Interstate Transportation of Firearms Act. The bill would “amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, to more comprehensively address the interstate transportation of firearms or ammunition.” This bill addresses […]

Gun-Friendly TUSC Cryptocurrency Launches New Blockchain

TUSC announced today that over the holidays they successfully launched their main net, opened their chain to public block producers, and resumed trading on the Altilly cryptocurrency exchange. Rob McNealy, TUSC’s Cofounder, said: “We are excited to finally bring this project home and get launched. Our volunteer team has worked very hard over the past […]