Reno Police Rule CCW Shooting of Would-Be Rapist ‘Justified’

Reno police ruled that a late-night April shooting was justified after learning that the so-called “victim” (the dead guy) tried to sexually assault two women before being shot. Initially, cops had arrested the shooter, claiming that she had been drinking. Further investigation determined her actions justified. Josue Oconitrillo, 29, displayed poor victim selection instincts when […]

Prosecutors Against Gun Violence Submits Amicus Brief Supporting New York-Style Gun Control

Prosecutors Against Gun Violence proudly announced the filing of their amicus brief this week in the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v City of New York case at the U.S. Supreme Court. In the brief, the prosecutors use arguments recycled from the Jim Crow era that were used to keep poor, ‘undesirables’ disarmed through a patchwork […]

MSNBC’s Venezuela Reporter Illustrates Reason for 2nd Amendment Rights

After years of deterioration under Bolivarian socialist rule, it appears that the Venezuelan people have finally had enough. Protests and clashes have broken out in Caracas. In situations like this, sometimes eternal truths reveal themselves in some of the strangest places. During its coverage of the situation, MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders stated the following: “You […]

BREAKING: Reports of 2 People Dead, 4 Wounded, Shooter in Custody at University of North Carolina

From CNN: At least three people were shot Tuesday and one person was in custody after an incident on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, according to a city official. Law enforcement officers were sweeping the affected buildings, the university tweeted. “Follow officer commands,” the school said. NinerAlert: Shots reported near […]

Breaking: Oliver North Resigns as NRA President

Yesterday we broke the news that NRA board members asked for Wayne LaPierre’s resignation, and he refused. Later, we shared the letter he wrote in response, in which he effectively claimed that the NRA’s President as of a year ago, Lt. Colonel Oliver North, effectively extorted him in an attempt to force LaPierre’s resignation. Breaking […]

Parkland Update: Israel’s Done and the Shooter’s Mental Health Treatment Was…Unusual

The rolling, never-ending clown show/tragedy/farce that is the entire Parkland shooting and its aftermath took a couple of more turns this week. The good news is that the citizens of Broward County Will be safer due to the Florida Supreme Court’s decision regarding feckless, dangerously incompetent ex-sheriff and politicized hack, Scott Israel. At least for […]