Another year at the Oscars came and went over the weekend with predictable lectures about gun control from Hollywood's elites.
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Private armed security along with thousands more gun-toting LA cops will serve to protect the glitterati patting themselves on the back tonight at the 95th Oscars award show. Of course, these celebs who love to promote gun control for you and me have to feel safe from lunatics and criminals.

The elites will have their hired guns while they shamelessly try to take our guns. Why, in fact, no doubt the security personnel will use many of the very same scary black guns that are outright banned for sale to the little people in California and in a handful of other states.

The NY Post wrote about security earlier in the week:

A ring of steel has been thrown around the venue for the 95th Oscars which take place on Sunday, after pro-Palestine demonstrators targeted other red carpet events.

The area around the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles has been blocked off with chainlink fencing as part of early preparations which will eventually involve thousands of law enforcement and security personnel.

Police and organizers will want to avoid a repeat of the Grammy Awards – when arrivals at LA’s Arena were brought to a halt by pro-Palestinian supporters blocking traffic – by using a security fence as in previous years.

As the event neared, police upped their security detail. Ostensibly they did so to prevent “disruptions” by pro-Palestinian protesters. From the LA Times:

The Los Angeles Police Department said Friday it would increase security outside the Academy Awards on Sunday in expectation of protests, blockades and other attempts to disrupt the ceremony.

Police said they would be ready for any protest that could unfold outside the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, where the 96th Academy Awards will take place. “The LAPD is preparing for all potential protests, including protests regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict,” the department said in a statement.

The Academy Awards will have roughly 2,000 security officers on hand, and LAPD officers will also step up their presence to “prevent disruptions by demonstrators, ensuring a focus on the celebration of cinematic achievements,” the department said in a statement.

Thousands of private security personnel plus thousands more gun-toting cops. All for one show featuring hundreds of self-absorbed celebrities and their plus-ones.

While everyday Americans, especially those in big cities worry about carjackers, armed robbers, and other assorted lunatics preying upon the innocent. Sometimes those victims, like Laken Riley, become well-known. Most of the time though, nobody outside of family and close friends hears about them… and those gun control advocates in the audience at the Oscars don’t care about them either.

Just remember that when you hear those predictable lectures about gun control from Hollywood’s elites.

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  1. Need to declare it a “gun free zone”……for everyone! Then invite all of Mayorkas’ “newcomers” to the party!

  2. Meh…hollyweird pays a LOT for this protection. Hilarious the protests are coming from Palestinians😀

  3. Who would want to watch a bunch narcissists kissing each other’s asses. Stupidest thing I ever heard of.

    • No doubt. And who would march around and be pro palistinian other just to get attention? Move to Paleestine and make a difference!!

      • There is no Palestine. There is Israel, Gaza, the West Bank, and Jordan. 80% of the former province of Palestine became Jordan, all Jews were expelled, and only Palestinians remained in it. That Palestinian state was created in 1948.

        • The Palestinians are the cockroaches of the Middle East. The only groups who will have anything to do with them are the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah. Who have historically used them as human shields and cannon fodder in the Intifada against Israel and the West. Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordon want nothing to do with them. Which is why their borders are closed to them and they won’t accept refuges just like Israel. They chose Hamas to be in control of their society by supporting the terrorist organization. In an AP December 2023 poll 90% of the population supported Hamas. They elected them to control their government in free elections in 2006 and since. They made their choices and now are reaping their destruction, because of those choices. No sympathy

        • Jordan kicked out their Palestinians into Lebanon when they tried to do a coup against the monarchy back in the 70s (I think from memory).

          Basically, the Arabs/Palestinians had an offer of 48% of the land with only 30% of the area’s population. They thought they could do better with eliminating the other people. They lost. And lost again, and again, and again, ….

          Enough to get an entry into a book of heroic failures.

          Other countries pay lip-service to their cause, but don’t actually offer any support or assistance. They are convenient victims.

        • And their leaders have been laughing all the way to the bank. It has been quite the scam. They aren’t interested in governing, and bettering the lives of their people.

        • First there is no such thing as “Palestine”. Palestine was a region of the Ottoman Empire that was ceded to the British as a protectorate at the end of WWI. Your “Palestinians’ are actually ARABS. And it is NOT part of Jordan. Nice try.

      • They are smarter than that. They know anything overtly political, or is too woke, will fail at the box-office. Hollywood can only take so much in losses before the shareholders start demanding heads on pikes.

        • They are long past that. Disney, for example, lost money on every movie except “Guardians of the Galaxy 3” last year, mostly due to wokesh!t. They care far more about their ideology than profit, as do major shareholders like Blackrock.

          Many business owners (especially those spending previous generations’ earnings) have focused on causes over profits. The main difference from previous “philanthropists” is that degenerates dedicating their business to propagandizing degeneracy are the direct beneficiaries of their own “charity”.

  4. I fell into a burning ring of fire
    I went down down down
    And the flames grew higher
    In the ring of fire
    In the ring of fire

        • “Johnny? Or was it June,…”

          All June’s song, by the looks of it :

          “Written by Cash’s eventual second wife, June Carter Cash, and Merle Kilgore, it was originally recorded as “(Love’s) Ring of Fire” by June’s sister, Anita Carter, on her 1963 album Folk Songs Old and New.”

          My favorite line from the recent Cash biopic ‘Walk the Line’ movie when drunk Johnny crashed a car into a ditch while Momma Maybelle was visiting :

          June : “Momma, I don’t wanna get down in that mess!”

          Momma Maybelle : “Honey, you already are down in that mess”…

  5. Ever think about what makes the hollywood types so special?
    Are they any better, smarter than “We the People”?
    They are simply people who have a talent and there is no reason their opinions are superior to POTG.

  6. I do not Stream, hulu, net flix or cable. I look for news and weather on the pc. I buy dvd’s at used shops.

    Hollywood does not reflect my values and I make an effort not to make them richer.

    • I quit going to the movies, which I enjoyed for decades, until the 80’s when I started hearing the brain dead of Hollywood begin spouting garbage about politics. That as it. No money from me for the scum bags.

  7. If not for this article I would not have known about the clown show. I already knew about the security hypocrisy…the snobs deserve protestors who are equally as pathetic.

    • “You Won’t Believe The Mistake That Caused Short Barreled Rifles To Be Regulated by NFA.”

      I hope lawsuits are being crafted to attack the SBR/SBS firearms, but I’m not exactly confident we will prevail.

      Why, you might ask?

      What Scalia said in ‘Heller’, that the 2A wasn’t unlimited, that “exceptionally-dangerous” firearms like machineguns could be banned, regulated, whatever.

      I still hope they try it, however… 🙂

  8. “‘A RING OF STEEL’: Hired Guns, LAPD Protect Celebs Advocating Gun Control For the Little People at Tonight’s Academy Awards”

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t get the complaint. What is the point of becoming socially “special”, if you can’t be treated, or act special? Kinda like a corollary to, “What’s the point in having power, if you can’t abuse it?”

    Envy doesn’t look good on people. You want something? Go get it, else, find something other to do, quietly.

  9. They’ll be sure to make all the useless eaters feel bad about driving cars, heating their homes and not giving money to whatever cause du jour while they’re at it.

    They fly private jets, sail super yachts, own multiple 30,000 square foot homes, take away a $200,000 swag bag from their circle jerk festival but you have too much largess in your lives.

    I hope AI takes the entertainment industry over and all that’s left for these people is Onlyfans and suicide.

    • “They fly private jets,…”

      Worth sometimes tens of *millions* of dollars each to exotic foreign destinations where they plan on telling us we can’t own a car or truck that burns the same fuel they burned 10s of thousands of dollars worth to fly to those destinations.

      The disconnect with reality is simply stunning.

      Oh, and there’s news about electric vehicles. It seems they are stacking up on dealer’s lots in alarming quantities (alarming to the companies that made them, that is). The word is getting out on their severe range limitations, and the lengthy waits to recharge them.

      And they are planning to force us to buy them. Keep your existing liquid fuel vehicles in good repair folks, they will soon be worth a LOT of money… 🙂

      • In China, they dump brand new EVs by the hundred. They are official sales and registrations, but dumped to get government subsidies and the government can claim green credentials with so many EVs being “registered”.

    • “Is Alec Baldwin going to attend?”

      Did you see the reaction on the face of the armorer to the horrific autopsy photographs in her trial?

      Anyone care to bet he doesn’t look at those pictures in his trial???

  10. their favorite Palistinian pals all carry full auto AK 47’s hand grenades and have 30 mile range rockets. aloha Snackbar

  11. I find MeTV to be my primary viewing channel. Also old TV movies on the internet. The c0mmun!st labor unions in Hollywood are destroying the business, and they don’t even know it.

    Independent productions crowd funded. And Fan productions also crowd funded, are going to be the future. Along with lots of very low cost imports from Asia. Like RRR, Godzillia and Squid Game.

    • If any of the PC types watched MeTv they’d poop themselves. All the “insensitivities” of 60’s TV shows are uncut and in full display. Those of us that grew up on that stuff know right from wrong and realize those were different times.

    • YouTube and BitTorrent.

      I have enough stuff to watch for over a decade without bothering with FTA or cable.

  12. I was waiting for the Hamasians to bust in and maybe when they touched the Hollywoodites they would react like matter and antimatter and both would instantly disappear from the universe forever. Perhaps instead of energy being released Pease and Prosperity would result. Not having either of these groups around would be a good start on that goal anyhow.

    Anyways…Hope springs Eternal.

    • ” It’s time to get up – daylight savings doesn’t work for an excuse to stay in bed all day. And why are there kleenex all over the floor ? “

  13. The Police are well aware that a maniac with an assault rifle will try and attack the Academy Awards or any other large gathering of people. Until the U.S. passes some sane gun laws people are not safe to go to any large gatherings. What was once upon a time a place to take the family such as a movie or a 4th of July parade or a concert or a football game is now a thing of the past as America’s out of control gun problem has made living in Capitalvania a nightmare for the average citizen. Many people now avoid large crowds altogether. It is not a way one should have to live his life.

    Until the Gangster Criminal Republicans are defeated at the polls these Prostitutes of the NRA and Gun Industry will continue to keep the U.S. as shooting gallery that guns down innocent people on a daily basis.

    • “….. The Police are well aware that a maniac with an assault rifle will try and attack the Academy Awards …..”

      If only, I can’t think of a gathering of degenerates, sexual predators, pedophiles, and Anti-USA Marist trash more deserving.

      Someone should’ve posted to FB/CL the value of the Oscars’ gift bags then let nature take it’s course as the Democrat’s pets followed the “elites” to after-parties and their homes.

        • I wouldn’t shed a tear if the ground opened up and swallowed the whole bunch of your pals, the pederasts, fame-seeking catamite protege’s, pedophiles, rapists, Anti-Semites, Marxists, current & former trick-turning starlets, and the rest of that destructive industry’s sexually deviant executives. One is left to wonder what you find redeeming among Singers, Weinsteins, Spaceys, Polanskis, Schneidermans, and the rest of the drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill, politically, economically, and socially illiterate and plain ignorant degenerates that dominate Pervywood.

    • And I thought it would be you antifa types trying to coerce the stars into “redistributing their wealth” to the poor and needy of society. Unless you are ducking up to “your betters” in exchange for a few crumbs off their table.

    • Many people avoid large gatherings as Democrat controlled city councils pass no cash bail laws, soft on crime DAs refuse to prosecute criminals, police departments are defunded in the name of DEI.
      Many of these rich elite, Democrat types have their own personal security, live in gated communities with security, have complex high end security systems, while your average American has to deal, sometimes at great personal harm, from failed Democrat policies.
      Until these lawless Democrats are voted out of office, their failed polices are ended, innocent people will continue to suffer under failed Democrat policies.
      That is the reality.
      Pittsburgh Police Are No Longer Responding To ‘Non Emergency’ Calls

    • Would it make you feel any better if some maniac attacked the academy awards armed with a politically correct shotgun loaded with “harmless buckshot?”

    • DUNDERHEAD. I have a RED HOT NEWS FLASH for you. It never happened. As to the “Gangster Republicans”? JBOL. Seems you need to take a good lookin your own back yard, with all the DEMONcRATs being arrested for bribe receiving and other crimes, not to mention your buds ANTIFA and BLM.

  14. I couldn’t give a half a shit less about their awards. Most of them aren’t worth leather on the bottom of their shoes. I dont’ watch that crap, nor do I care for the evenings host who is not funny in the least to me. We should make them have their events in a “sanctuary” area with all the illegals they so love.

  15. As a retired LAPD officer, we have always had to keep the “riff-raff” away from the “celebrities”. Pressure comes down from the Mayor and Police Commission. The hired security will mostly be unarmed rent-a-cops with some high end armed security thrown into the mix. Having done executive protection , it is expensive!. I imagine those personnel are making about $100.00 an hour. Sweet work if you can get it.

    Few of the celebrity types lived in Hollywood but their voices are worth more than a million poorer residents of the South End.

  16. Actors and actresses make their money by portraying other people. They can do so because in their own lives they don’t have a true developed self. They are wishy washy and can be whoever they need to be in any situation. They bend with the wind. They tend to be liberal but only because that is what currently gets them kudos, love, notoriety and money. But they all could just as easily go conservative if things were to change.

    • they’re all “actors”, after all…hard to tell if there is a real person there…good chance they’ll all be replaced soon…


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