The body of a man lies in a pool of blood alongside his motorcycle, in the Delmas area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. (AP Photo/Odelyn Joseph)
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Haiti hasn’t always been a completely disorganized craphole. For now though, the Caribbean island nation shows us a real-time example of just how the veneer of civilization is thinner than most people think. With a bona fide cannibal gang leader now in charge, thugs with guns are the law. Given the very unstable nature of daily life, how long will it take for a massive flotilla of boats full of illiterate Haitians to head for America?

No doubt the criminal class in Haiti, not wanting to get cross with the new Head Cannibal in Charge, will be first to leave. The noble concept of women and children first? Not among the criminal class.

Unlike the Haitians who live a largely a hand-to-mouth existence (median income about $1,600) in their third-world hell hole, America has a Constitution that recognizes our God-given right to keep and bear arms. Having an armed populace tends to act as a check and balance against tyrannical leaders who dine on their enemies and thugs with guns running the streets.

Moreover, for those Americans who own firearms and know how to use them, we don’t have to worry so much about becoming unarmed victims of illegal alien bad guys bringing their criminal gang habits with them. Instead of cowering on their knees and begging for mercy from criminal thugs, the gun owner can shoot them. Most people, including criminals, prefer not to be shot and try to avoid it.

Those who don’t own guns in America? Now might be time to reconsider their love of gun control and embrace personal defense, and responsibility, instead. After all, a stern word goes a lot further when it’s backed up by deadly force.

For those who only trust the science: it’s scientifically proven that criminals commit fewer crimes after they’ve been shot.

Our message to the non-gunowners of America: you don’t have to live and die as a defenseless victim. Empower yourself. Get informed. Become a gun owner.


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  1. We are headed that route. biden, miner49er and dacian are symptoms of a deep set rot in the US.

    We really only have one cure for this. Cut until the rot is gone.

    • jwm,

      Note my comment below where I suggest that our best odds are for good and decent people to go on offense–that sounds oddly similar to your cure. Could it be that we have independently converged on the same strategy as the only way to overcome the evil at our collective doorstep?

        • “I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit.”

          My local ‘Nukes-r-Us’ closed years back, is yours still open?

          Or your local guy ‘Jo-Jo’ who sells ’em out of the back of his Nissan Altima?

      • Politically (and culturally) speaking, in order to win nationally, you have to first win locally. Focus nearby, and begin working out from there. Focus on the battles you can win. Then you’ll gain momentum. A solid local and state government can help to insulate you from the federal craziness. Also, the key to controlling the federal government is to control state governments.

        As far as cutting out the rot goes, we have to change the culture. A different culture will breed different people.

        • I don’t know of one state that doesn’t depend on Federal $ to keep them afloat.
          Freedom was lost when 40 acres and a mule wouldn’t support a family.

        • [b]possum[/b]

          The Federal government doesn’t have any money and never has. The same can be said of the States. Government is simply a clearing house and point of distribution for taxpayers money.

        • The governments spending exceeds tax revenues.
          It’s fake money, or borrowed from a foreign country, however,
          No Highway,bridge, train track or EBT card can be built without Federal assistance. The States just don’t have that kind of money.

        • ahhhh.. so thats why ALL the blue states are asking for even more federal funds for invading our country by illegal entry by Bidens insecure and open border…and never mind the federal funds that went to NGO’s in those states to support this, and never mind the federal funds given to the UN who gave it to NGO’S to fund this that went to those states from the NGO’s this basically ‘laundering’ the money to keep it hidden from government book keepers… ya know, billions of $$$$….’cause the blue states don’t depend on federal funds.

          you’re a moron Miner49er.

        • @possum
          Yes the fed loves to extort the states in order to bend them to their will. You control the federal government by controlling the legislative and executive branches. You control those by winning elections. States control elections within their jurisdictions. Even if you’re in the reddest of red states, you have to secure elections. When you control the state, you also control appointments and redistricting. You don’t have to go after people for silly federal laws. You can also somewhat protect the people of your state by effectively using the Attorney General. Then there’s the Electoral College. The strategy is to control a state, and lock it down. Then, one by one, you lock down another one. Then you can focus on flipping purple states. Then you control the federal government and most of the country. Winning at the local and state level is the key.

        • MajorMistake,

          COOL STORY, BRO!!! Now, adjust those numbers for DoD spending, such as for military basis (MOST of which are in “Red states”) (the numbers you cite include TOTAL federal spending in those states, which includes DoD bases, military salaries, etc.). I’ve called you out on this lie, before, MajorLiar, and here you come again.

          Not just a liar, but a stupid liar, aren’t ya, MajorIdiot???

  2. This is probably a good time to remind everyone on this site that firearms are not magic talismans which guarantee your survival when violent attackers come calling.

    To be certain, the more and better firearms a righteous defender has, the more options he/she has. And more options is always a VERY good thing.

    We would also be wise to remember the two most important (in my humble opinion) facts that the ancient author Sun Tzu wrote in his book The Art of War: know your enemy and never fight your enemy on his/her terms.

    Knowing your enemy is paramount: evil gangs who have ZERO respect for human life are ruthless and are willing do anything that suits them. Translation: evil gangs do not impose restraints on themselves that good and decent people impose on themselves. For example an evil gang would not hesitate to send a bullet through a baby into an enemy. Of course good and decent people would most certainly NOT do that and let the enemy go if necessary. That gives evil gangs a potentially huge advantage.

    Also paramount: never fight your enemy on their terms where they have the practically insurmountable advantages of surprise, time of attack, methods, and locations–all of their choosing. Translation: good and decent people need to go on offense and attack evil gangs on terms that are highly favorable to good and decent people.

    Learning the mindset of evil gangs is the easy part, although it does take a tiny bit of time and effort. By far and away the most difficult aspect of this fight between good and evil is going on offense and attacking evil gangs on our terms and not waiting for them to attack us on their terms.

    • For example an evil gang would not hesitate to send a bullet through a baby into an enemy.

      — FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi has entered the chat. —

    • “This is probably a good time to remind everyone on this site that firearms are not magic talismans which guarantee your survival when violent attackers come calling.”

      I’m pretty sure everyone on the site realizes “that firearms are not magic talismans which guarantee…. survival when violent attackers come calling.”

      everyone except dacian and Miner49er who don’t understand they offer the best chance of “survival when violent attackers come calling” when DGU is needed. Not a guarantee, but the best chance. but on the other hand dacian and Miner49er don’t seem to understand much at all about reality, like, for example, them buying into the left wing lies.

    • “For example an evil gang would not hesitate to send a bullet through a baby into an enemy“

      “More than 12,000 children have been killed since the conflict began October 7 with an attack by Hamas in Israel
      FEBRUARY 20, 2024 5:02 AM

      More than 12,000 children have been killed during the recent conflict between Israel-Gaza conflict, many during a sustained bombing campaign by Israel. (Photo by Ahmad Hasaballah/Getty Images)
      More than 12,000 children have been killed during the recent conflict between Israel-Gaza conflict, many during a sustained bombing campaign by Israel. (Photo by Ahmad Hasaballah/Getty Images)
      Humankind finds no higher aspiration as deeply entrenched within our species as the need to protect children. That’s why the United States must be a leading advocate for peace in Israel-Palestine, not a belligerent entrenched in the conflict.

      Palestinian children are killed by the thousands in Israel’s bombing campaign
      The Israel Defense Force’s (IDF’s) latest bombing campaign in Gaza began with Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari’s comments following the October 7 Hamas attack. “Between accuracy and the scale of damage, right now we are busy with what generates maximum damage,” he said. Since then, the IDF has dropped over 29,000 bombs on Gaza, including hundreds of 2,000-pound munitions that can maim and kill people within a quarter of a mile. The result? About 12,000 Palestinian children have been killed, another 32,800 injured, and at least 25,000 have lost one or both parents.”

      • Tragic. But avoidable. Don’t murder Israelis in an act of mindless terror and you won’t get bombed. Simple, really.

        Hamas, like the fascist left here in America is an evil cancer that needs to be cut out. Unfortunately the surgery removes good flesh with bad.

        • Think about it jwm, aren’t those Israelis doing exactly that, “not hesitating to send a Bomb through a baby into an enemy“?

          “the IDF has dropped over 29,000 bombs on Gaza, including hundreds of 2,000-pound munitions that can maim and kill people within a quarter of a mile“

        • @jwm
          Of course it’s tragic, but those are highly inflated numbers meant to manipulate us. Notice how there’s no source for it. Follow Miner’s link. It links to another article from two months ago that claims 10,000 children were killed with zero source for that information. Do you know who the source is? It’s Hamas. This has happened since the very beginning of this conflict. Hamas has counted on the propaganda assist they’re getting from people like Miner who don’t care about the truth, but only care about the narrative. Hamas’s numbers are statistically impossible. They’re making it up as they go.

          Hamas is the one who intentionally targeted children in their home for murder. Hamas is the one who pillaged and raped. Then they ran back into their hole and cried victim. The IDF has gone out of their way to limit civilian casualties, even to their own detriment. The IDF warned Palestinians to leave an area, and Hamas told them to go back. Hamas even fired on their own citizens for leaving. Hamas wants high casualties of their own people so there will be pressure on Israel to stop.

          The casualty figures reported by the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry have raised red flags for statistical experts. Abraham Wyner, a statistician and professor at the University of Pennsylvania, has scrutinized these numbers and asserts that the official Palestinian casualty reports are “statistically impossible,” signaling potential manipulation of data.

        • miner. It would not have happened, if it has happened, if hamas had not gone on a murder and rape terror spree.

          Word on the street is that you don’t get context. I see the truth of that.

      • MajorMistake,

        So, you DO realize, don’t you, MajorLiar, that those are the “official” numbers from the Gaza Health Ministry (i.e., Hamas), right??? And you DO realize that those numbers are bullsh*t, of the purest ray serene, correct??

        So you choose: Are you: (i) A lying Leftist/fascist propagandist, or (ii) simply indescribably stupid (ah, but embrace option (iii) “both of the above”. Eff off and expire in an excavation, you lying sh*tweasel.

      • We will probably never know the exact number, but it is certainly more than zero.

        So how many innocent children have been killed by the Israelis as they throw bombs at their enemies?

        Help me to understand, how many dead Palestinian children would be acceptable in pursuit of Hamas?

        • How many dead Israeli babies? Don’t be a simp, miner. hamas went crazy and now the Palestinian families are suffering.

          Collateral damage happens in war. It is an awful fact of life. Don’t start a war.

          I know how you consider this to be those ‘evil jooz’ fault. But it is not. The blame is squarely on the shoulders of the hamas leaders.

        • MajorLiar,

          “So how many innocent children have been killed by the Israelis as they throw bombs at their enemies?

          Help me to understand, how many dead Palestinian children would be acceptable in pursuit of Hamas?”

          How many Israeli women and children were murdered, raped, kidnapped on October 7, you pathetic tw*t? Israeli babies can suffer because of the “righteous rage” of the Palestinians (and ethnicity and nationality that DOES NOT AND NEVER HAS existed), but Palestinian babies are somehow sacrosanct???

          As the old saying goes, “Don’t start none; won’t be none.” Everyone other than complete, total, lying, Leftist/fascist d-bags is aware of that rule, and aware of FAFO . . . except Leftist/fascist liars and Hamas, apparently. Well, Hamas FA, and now they are FO. T.S., Eliot – play stupid games, win stupid prizes. There WAS a cease fire in effect in Gaza on October 6. All Hamas had to do was NOT be stupid @$$holes, but they couldn’t manage that. NOW they want to whine (and LIE) about it?

          Only a lying idiot like you could believe such stupidity, apparently as an additional symptom to the mental illness that causes you to be a lying Leftist/fascist in the first place.

          By the way, were you even aware that the modern rules of war (including applicable treaties) ALL specify that a belligerent power is expressly obligated NOT to co-locate military targets and facilities with civilians? And that, IF they do, the party who does that then BECOMES responsible for any damage to injury to the civilians or infrastructure??? Hama doesn’t care about Palestinian civilians; why should Israel have a greater obligation than Hamas.

          You are not only a liar, you are aslo pathetically stupid, MajorIdiot.

  3. While the situation in Haiti has degenerated, is that really because society in Haiti has such a thin veneer? Or is it because an evil gang organized themselves and dedicated themselves to a ruthless attack on their own nation? I believe the second characterization is more accurate.

    That is not to say that society has a thick veneer–I agree that society indeed has a thin veneer. I just don’t think that society’s thin veneer underpins the recent downward spiral in Haiti.

    Either way, it reminds us of yet another reason to be armed and ready to defend ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our friends, our communities, our states, and our nation.

    • Reference the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as another example.

      Not to say that NOLA is better than Port au Prince.

  4. Well, my recent comment is in moderation limbo for no good reason. So I will resubmit the most important sentiment:

    Whether or not Haitian society’s thin veneer or just evil gangs underpin their recent descent into misery, it reminds us of yet another reason to be armed and ready to defend ourselves, our families, our neighbors, our friends, our communities, our states, and our nation.

  5. Warning: typing “too many” comments “too fast” sends even simple comments to moderation limbo.

    • email, lol.
      You won’t even get a response if your there in person.
      Your emails are bot answered.
      I send letters and get a form letter response if any response whatsoever.
      “Thank you for your concern, blah, blah, blah. “

    • FoTW.
      Man don’t take it so personal.
      Everyone is entitled to their opinions.
      “No your place” ?
      Ugh, don’t know about that, a little over the top I think.

  6. So it really was a S_hole country. Trump was right.

    If the people in these countries are so great, then why haven’t they made their own countries great? Remember the propaganda push about how wonderful Haiti was?

    • Because all their engineers, doctors, lawyers and scientists are coming here apparently.
      We need to do our part and make them stay back in their own country where they can work to better the lives of their own people.

    • “why haven’t they made their own countries great?”

      Because of both actual and economic slavery by people of European ancestry:

      “How colonial-era debt helped shape Haiti’s poverty and political unrest
      George Floyd’s death reverberated on a global scale.
      ByHyeyoon (Alyssa) Choi
      July 24, 2021, 12:34 PM ET

      When Haiti won its independence nearly 200 years ago, it came at a hefty price — an estimated $21 billion today.

      The country spent the next century paying off the debt to its former slave owners, France.
      The French recognized Haiti’s independence in 1825 but in return demanded a hefty indemnity of 100 million francs, approximately $21 billion (USD) today. It took Haitians more than a century to pay off the debt to its former slave owners and lenders including the City Bank of New York, experts who spoke with ABC News said.

      “By forcing Haiti to pay for its freedom, France essentially ensured that the Haitian people would continue to suffer the economic effects of slavery for generations to come,” said Marlene Daut, a professor at University of Virginia specializing in pre-20th century French colonial literary and historical studies.

      Money that could have gone toward erecting a country was channeled to France, Daut said. And France had already profited immensely from slaves producing sugar and coffee, said Alyssa Sepinwall, a history professor at California State University San Marcos.“

      “Haiti has been a Hell Hole ever since the world’s only successful slave revolt back in 1791 through 1801“

      But it wasn’t it “hellhole” before the slave revolt? Don’t you think from the slaves’ perspective, it was probably worse than a hell hole… But of course, that’s just for the black folk, not for people of European ancestry, right?

      • Nice try Miner. From your own linked article:
        Even though the country has finished paying off its debt and interest by 1947, its economy has not advanced significantly because it is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters and corruption.

        They’ve been out of that debt for nearly 80 years, but they can’t make their own country great because the white man is holding them down? Europeans are making them corrupt? Do you want to know why they fail? Because bleeding heart liberals like you won’t let them fail and suffer the consequences of their own actions. Therefore, they never learn how to deal with it.

        • You still don’t get it.

          White folk been accumulating wealth and property since they got here in 1492, stealing the resources and the people, all for their profit to build the great palaces of Europe.

          France had the Haitians under absolute slavery for the first 200 years of their occupation, and then under economic slavery for the next 100.

          Just like in America, white folk had a 300 year Headstart on building their wealth, on the backs of enslaved people.

          How could the Haitians build a stable, honest government, America has been fucking with Haiti since before Andrew Jackson, the absolute historical ignorance of some on this forum is staggering. Homeschooled, I guess…

          “As a result of increased instability in Haiti in the years before 1915, the United States heightened its activity to deter foreign influence. Between 1911 and 1915, seven presidents were assassinated or overthrown in Haiti, increasing U.S. policymakers’ fear of foreign intervention. In 1914, the Wilson administration sent U.S. Marines into Haiti. They removed $500,000 from the Haitian National Bank in December of 1914 for safe-keeping in New York, thus giving the United States control of the bank. In 1915, Haitian President Jean Vilbrun Guillaume Sam was assassinated and the situation in Haiti quickly became unstable. In response, President Wilson sent the U.S. Marines to Haiti to prevent anarchy. In actuality, the act protected U.S. assets in the area and prevented a possible German invasion.

          The invasion ended with the Haitian-American Treaty of 1915. The articles of this agreement created the Haitian Gendarmerie, essentially a military force made up of U.S. citizens and Haitians and controlled by the U.S. Marines. The United States gained complete control over Haitian finances, and the right to intervene in Haiti whenever the U.S. Government deemed necessary. The U.S. Government also forced the election of a new pro-American President, Philippe Sudré Dartiguenave, by the Haitian legislature in August 1915. The selection of a President that did not represent the choice of the Haitian populace increased unrest in Haiti.
          Following the successful manipulation of the 1915 elections, the Wilson administration attempted to strong-arm the Haitian legislature into adopting a new constitution in 1917. This constitution allowed foreign land ownership, which had been outlawed since the Haitian Revolution as a way to prevent foreign control of the country”

          This is where I once again bring up the name Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC(ret).

        • No level of US intervention from over a century ago causes the corruption and amoral activity currently happening in Haiti, or anywhere else in the world, for that matter. Again, you aren’t allowing them to be responsible for themselves and their own mistakes. This same principle is being used in the US, to the detriment of black people. I get it.

        • miner. You keep bringing up stuff from 100-200 years ago. When I pointed out that the dems were responsible for much of the slavery and racial inequality in the country you said that was 150 years ago. It shouldn’t matter today because george wallace amended his ways.

          You up to your old double standards again?

  7. I would beg to differ with or at least clarify the claim that Haiti hasn’t always been a Hell hole. Haiti has been a Hell Hole ever since the world’s only successful slave revolt back in 1791 through 1801. The revolution was concurrent with and followed by a systematic campaign to exterminate anyone of European ancestry. It didn’t matter if you were a member of the majority of Europeans who had never owned slaves. White women could theoretically escape death only if they could marry a black man. While people of mixed race were spared initially spared, subsequent violence gradually exterminated them.

    Thanks to FJB, the US will soon become Haiti.

    • The late Pat Robertson stated that Haiti made a deal with the devil. He was loudly called a bigot & racist. And he was right. You wonder why Haiti wasn’t absorbed by the Dominion Republic? You know the place that’s become a vacation mecca? Billions has been poured into Haiti to no avail(hey Clinton Foundation). I know Florida doesn’t want ’em. They’ll likely come to Chiraq the home of a measles epidemic🙄☹️

      • Note “bigot” and “racist”, but not liar. Also note other leftists calling folks nasty names, but not liar.

      • Haiti and Palestine have a great deal in common. Both are 3rd world 5hith0les run by terrorists who use the people for human shields and bargaining chips in pursuit of power and $$$.

        • Both should be blanketed in napalm and started over with new inhabitants that aren’t vermin.

  8. If a society wants to engage in cannibalism in the 21st century. Let them. And when they try to come here. Shoot them dead on sight.

    At least one of the native American Indian tribes, did practice cannibalism. A very long time ago.

    • The Tonkawas were cannibals. However, cannibalism looks very kind and humane compared to the other things Native Americans did.

      • The romanticizing of native american Indian history, by the white liberals needs to stop.

        The “Saw” films would never be made. If they tried to use Indians and had them recreate, what was done to anyone, the opposing Indian tribes had captured.

        • Cutting your guts open and filling them full of hot coals was just the start of a good barbecue.
          Brass Bulls Bellow.
          Wheels Break Bones.
          Devils Pears cant be eaten.
          That’s a nice Rack.
          damned savages

        • “Wheels Break Bones.”

          So do car bumpers…

          *Ouch* 🙁

        • “Brass Bulls Bellow.
          Wheels Break Bones.
          Devils Pears cant be eaten.
          That’s a nice Rack.
          damned savages“

          Good one!

          Those are all heinous torture methods practiced by people of European ancestry, not native Americans.

          The Native American tribes were amateurs, compared to the mechanical sophistication of the ‘Devil’s Pear’.

        • “The romanticizing of native american Indian history, by the white liberals needs to stop.”

          King Henry 8 of England, when he had a problem, no scalping or hot coals, he just put them in a pot and boiled them to death, check out Ritchard Roose.

          The romanticizing of those of European ancestry, by the white conservatives needs to stop.

        • devil’s pear was sprung open, key closed. a gag, but not a torture device.
          scaphism (persian) looks like a hassle.

  9. Haiti hasn’t had civilization since all the White people were killed over 200 years ago.

    No Black country can be called a “civilization”. The only nice places to live in the world are filled with Whites or East Asians.

    • There really needs to Be an honest conversation. If that’s even possible. As to why two societies on the same island. Haiti and the Dominican Republic. One is not doing too badly. And the other is a crap hole.

      • Right now DR is trying to expel their Haiti border jumpers and GUESS WHICH faux president is giving them hell for doing so,

    • Elitist clowns like Conan O’Brien will travel to one of those black countrys, stay at a walled off resort owned and operated by whites, then virtue signal about how wonderful and civil the people are.

  10. Once again the W.H. house policy is to leave Americans behind and if our “neighbors” wish to immigrate here (cannibals included) it seams they are encouraged come right in.

    • …and come right in they will do, being welcomed by smiling helpful people loading them on busses on route to your city or one near you.

        • Miner, if the border was closed, then we would turn away people who don’t have the proper documentation. This is a game disingenuous people (liars) like you play. If people flew into the US from another country with zero documentation, what would happen? Would we say, “no problem, let’s fly you, at our expense, anywhere in the country you might know someone who will take you in. Here’s a court date a few years from now that we know you’re unlikely to show up to.” Does that happen in any country in the world? Yet, we’re letting those same people in who walk up to our border. Why? Because the border is open. If a gate is closed, then you can’t get through without permission. If it’s open, then you can come through. You’re playing a game.

        • MajorLiar,

          You know, you actually COULD try to make your propaganda and lies at least SOMEWHAT credible, if you wanted to appear less a complete, lying scumbag than you do. In WHAT UNIVERSE is our southern border NOT an “open border”?? Do we practice “catch and release”? Why, YES, yes we do. Did Senile Joe use his “pen and phone” to end “Remain in Mexico”?? Why, YES, yes he did. Do we deport illegal aliens ACTUALLY ARRESTED FOR COMMITTING FELONIES (many times MULTIPLE felonies) in the US? Why, NO, no we don’t. Do we give, in many states, free money, free education, and free healthcare? Why, YES, yes we do.

          Y U B a lying P. O. S., MajorLiar??? Ah, because that is the natural state for a lying, Leftist/fascist propagandist, isn’t it? Go suck start a shotgun, you lying sh*tweasel.

        • Under both international and United States law, advance documentation is not necessary for those who are seeking asylum:

          “As a signatory to the 1967 Protocol, and through U.S. immigration law, the United States has legal obligations to provide protection to those who qualify as refugees. The Refugee Act established two paths to obtain refugee status—either from abroad as a resettled refugee or in the United States as an asylum seeker.“

 is a protection grantable,their home country, and cannot

          It is unfortunate that you do not understand the complex set of laws and treaties the United States operates within as a member of the world’s civilized nations.

        • There isn’t anything complex about it. They are training the illegals to say they’re seeking asylum. Everyone with half a brain understands that they’re taking advantage of our asylum system. They aren’t seeking asylum. They’re mostly seeking economic opportunity.

          The asylum policy was never intended for this use. You don’t travel halfway around the world only to brave the Darien Gap because you’re being persecuted in your country. There’s a reason the Puppet Administration got rid of the “remain in Mexico” policy. You’re either too dense to understand that, or you’re a very disingenuous person pretending to be dumb.

        • You might be surprised to learn that the opinion of random people on the Internet does not count when it comes to determining the validity of an asylum seeker’s claim.

          That’s why we have immigration court judges, to conduct a speedy hearing under US law and international treaties in order to determine the validity of the claims.

          But we don’t have enough judges to hear these claims, the recent immigration bill that Donald Trump blocked included funding for 100 additional immigration judges to help deal with the backlog.

          Sadly, the insurrection party is blocking the bipartisan effort to address the border situation.

        • MajorLiar,

          Why are you so transparently STUPID, you Leftist/fascist hack??? From YOUR OWN CITATION: “. . . the United States has legal obligations to provide protection to THOSE WHO QUALIFY AS REFUGEES.” Qualify HOW, exactly??
          There is a process SPECIFIED in the US immigration laws, MajorLiar . . . which is NOT being followed, and hasn’t been since Senile Joe’s first day in office. No, I COMPLETELY understand the “complex laws” applicable to immigration.
          Perhaps it is just that I refuse to be a lying propagandist, Leftist/fascist idiot (which you seem to find a very comfortable role). EVERY country has a process for making factual determinations as to the validity of someone’s CLAIM of refugee status. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Which country DELIBERATELY chose to IGNORE its statutory process for making those determinations? The US, under the “enlightened” leadership of the senile, serial-child-molester and rapist-in-Chief. Take your pathetic, partisan propaganda, and put it up your “bonus hole”, MajorIdiot. We are NOT required, either by international law, treaty, or US statute, to ADMIT someone claiming “refugee” status until we have made a determination as to the validity of such claim . . . just like EVERY OTHER COUNTRY does, you lying jack@$$.

        • But we don’t have enough judges to hear these claims

          Yeah, that’s the problem. How did we make it for hundreds of years with so few judges? Oh, yeah. We didn’t have an open border. If these people are truly fleeing persecution in their country, then they can stop in the nearest country, and file an asylum claim from there. That was the remain in Mexico policy. The Puppet Administration ditched that because they wanted to flood our country with illegals. You’re either too dense to comprehend what’s happening, or you’re being disingenuous. I suspect it’s a combination of the two.

          “Sadly, the insurrection party is blocking the bipartisan effort to address the border situation.”

          You mean the situation that was under control before the Puppet assumed office? Now you’re flaunting your deceitfulness. No one’s that dumb.

  11. “Haiti hasn’t always been a completely disorganized craphole.”

    True, about 100 years ago the US briefly ran the place before letting the locals have another go….and the rest is history.

    France needs to handle this.

    • “France needs to handle this.”

      If there were French interests there, they probably would.

      Something tells me there isn’t. 🙁

      It’s sad, my urologist is a *stunningly* beautiful young Black woman from Haiti, who managed to escape that nightmare…

    • “It’s good to hate the French” – Al Bundy

      The French couldn’t even fix Quebec if they wanted to much less the transplanted 3rd world disasters in their own country – fixing Hati? Might as well ask the French to colonize Mars…

  12. As usual, the obvious facts in observing such chaos is ignored in favor of political correctness. My advice is, first, avoid the very facts that everyone is so eager to ignore. If the source of the chaos is not around you, there will be no chaos.

      • “Some people simply can not govern themselves.”

        It’s the same people as on the other half of the island, and they are prosperous, and not a shithole.

        Care to explain that? 🙁

        • The other half of the island does not have “the same people”. The Dominican Republic is only 8% black. That is why they are doing much better than Haiti.

  13. A handful of wealthy elites and criminal gang bosses have been running Haiti for decades.
    And pay attention because that is the system the Dementiacrats and the rest of the Socialists want here. Disarmed peasants and serfs with the politically connected and the criminal thugs keeping them in check/under control.

  14. Haiti, the U.S. democrat progressive concentrated version of Chicago in the Caribbean.

  15. coming to a blue city/blue state near you
    little by little at first
    and then all of a sudden

  16. “Having an armed populace tends to act as checks and balances against tyrannical leaders.”
    Really, could have fooled me.
    And shucks I thought this article was going to be about Cannibalism.
    You know.—-
    Lay down all your silver spoons
    Pick it up piece by piece
    Where, oh where, are my bodies for dinner
    I want my food

      • MajorLiar,

        COOL STORY, BRO!!! Now talk about the part where the average Haitian citizen DOESN’T HAVE, AND CAN’T AFFORD firearms and ammunition, you lying sh*tweasel. Most Haitians can barely afford (and many can’t afford) FOOD, you lying moron. Yes, the GANGS in Haiti (who engage in such societally-beneficial activities as drug-trafficking, human-trafficking, kidnap, rape, murder (and, yes, cannibalism)) have guns. It is not an inaccurate observation to note that, when a DISTINCTLY CRIMINAL class has a virtual monopoly on arms, that is not likely to be a polite society.

        Are you really as stupid as you usually sound, or do just, in your Leftist/fascist arrogance, assume everyone else is, and you can therefore get away with your pathetic lies???

      • The majority of the people there are less civilized than dogs in a city pound. I’ve dealt with them before. Haitian refugees were housed at Gitmo in the early 90s. They are savages and didn’t even understand why I freaked out on them when I caught more of them than I could count raping children. They were like monkeys because when they got mad at you they would crap in their hand and throw it at you and half of it was worms. They are the most repulsive people on the planet and I would have killed all of them who were old enough to have hit puberty or older if I had had the power to do so.

  17. The problem is that Haiti is close to Florida and Cuba. If we don’t go in to destroy the canabal gangs, impose order, and set up a government you can bet Cuba will and if Cuba does they will try to destabilize the Dominican Republic. We do not need a successfully expansionist Cuba in our back yard.

    • I bet that right now, not 40 miles from where I am, at Tampa SOCOM, the DEVGRU ‘teams’ are making plans even as we speak…

      • Not in March. This is Obiden WOKE briefings month. Maybe in Apr. or May or …. But have several “Celibrations of _______” get in. Make degenerate love not war doncha know.

  18. Bottom line, stay in condition Yellow. Haitians are the least of our worries. There are hundreds of Latin American, Middle Eastern, and now Chinese military age men now in America. New construction in South and Central America will allow an increase in flow. We have no Federal response to this as long as a traitor is in residence. The shit is going to hit the fan here and we will have to do some evil things for our country!

      • MajorLiar,

        Oh, I doubt it, MajorLiar – after all, Freeport doesn’t seem to be a Leftist/fascist, so the assumption he has engaged in “evil things”. You, and your communist/Leftist/fascist friends (specifically including those lovely folk at Antifa/Burn/Loot/Murder)? I’m sure you all engage in “evil things” on the daily. Barricade and burn any police precincts lately, MajorFascist????

  19. Of all the laws that must be repealed because they disproportionately target minorities it occurs to me nobody is pushing to repeal animal cruelty laws.

    Surely those laws disproportionately target minorities. Dog fighting is just a cultural phenomenon, right?

    BLM, let’s end the racist prohibitions against animal cruelty!

    I’d like to see that PR campaign. Rather, the response to it.

      • Good people and dog fighting dont go together. What kind of a person could do that to our canine friends

    • “Dog fighting is just a cultural phenomenon, right?”

      Gamecock fighting is just a cultural phenomenon, right?

      In our neck of the woods, it’s exclusively the province of people of European ancestry.

      • MajorLiar,

        In “your neck of the woods” eh, MajorLiar???? And how would you know this, unless you, yourself, attend those events?? Oh, because “everyone knows”????

        Not that I think that particular piece of fiction deserves regard or respect, but a Leftist/fascist like you MUST have reverential feelings toward the miniseries “Roots” – remember who engaged in cockfighting in that??? Two “major” cockfighting operations were recently (in the last year or two) busted in LA County – BOTH run by Mexicans.

        Does the name “Michael Vick” ring any bells, you lying piece of dog excrement????

        You are both pathetic and stupid, MajorIdiot . . . try to do better.

      • Spanish? They’re European.
        Maybe some of those white Hispanics that keep showing up when convenient.

    • That’s because there are no Illegal aliens.
      Its 2024, c’mon man. God save the Queen and all that.
      An Icecream cone for every little girl.
      Pedophilia stops when your a president.
      And anyone over the age 80 can do whatever they want, because, well, they just don’t know WTF is going on.

  20. Um, yes…Haiti HAS always been…

    It’s just going through a slightly worse phase right now. It’s never been anything close to “Okay.”

    • It was trump that stood in front of a historic black church and held a bible upside down and when asked in an interview about his favorite bible verse couldn’t give an answer.

      • The Marxist Soci -alist Biden could even quote the constitution so I would not expect him to be able to actually know a bible verse. Religion is just a prop he uses in his deception for his attempt to bring about his tyranny of a Marxist Soc -ialist commun – ism.

        (note: Soci -alist and commun – ism spelled this way to avoid this insane automatic moderation that goes one here)

        • “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created, by the, you know, you know the thing,

          Joe Biden 2020 during campaign speech”

          and in the event he does sort of get the constitution its his
          ‘self serving edited’ version because he can’t stand, and abhors, the context and full thing and context.

          For example, in 2023 while talking with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Biden invoked a quote that he said came from the Constitution – this quote he gave was – “‘We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women are created equal, endowed by their creator.” and that was it. The full thing is this:

          “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

          Biden’s ‘self serving edited’ version leaves out the thing about “unalienable Rights” because he can’t stand the thought of, and abhors that, and hates that, American citizens have “unalienable Rights”. In fact he has even go so far since to state that rights can’t be unalienable by stating they are not absolute and all rights in the constitution are subject to government control and permission to exercise.

        • correction for : “The Marxist Soci -alist Biden could even quote the constitution”

          should have been …

          “The Marxist Soci -alist Biden couldn’t even quote the constitution ….”

      • Which is funny because in 2016 everybody said Trump had no chance because he wasn’t liked by churchies and evangelicals yet today NPR spent a good two hours this morning talking about how Trump is a religious extremist and evangelicals see him as some savior to the cause.

        Are we supposed to dismiss Trump because he’s not religious or are we supposed to fear him because he’s a fundamentalist extremist? The media can’t seem to decide.

        • Shire-man – the answers to your questions is “yes” – remember, Orwell warned us a long time ago how dangerous people who can hold two totally opposite ideas in their heads with both considered “truth” can be…

        • Imagine something dangerous or something you don’t like. “Okay, that’s Trump.” -the media

          Something I’ve noticed lately is that they (news media/pols) have finally come out of the closet as anti-Christian.

        • “in 2016 everybody said Trump had no chance because he wasn’t liked by churchies and evangelicals yet today NPR spent a good two hours this morning talking about how Trump is a religious extremist and evangelicals see him as some savior to the cause“

          In 2016, most rational folks thought the more religious churches would see Trump for what he was, a three-time adulterer who consorted with prostitutes, and reject him as a candidate because as they said in the 90s “character counts”.

          Of course, once it became clear to the religionistas that Donald Trump hated the same people they did, well, now hold on just a minute y’all.

          Hey, have you heard the one where the 2 Corinthians walked into a bar?

        • MajorLiar,

          COOL STORY, BRO!!! Now tell us about Billy Zipperpants and Jack Kennedy and LBJ, you lying sack of dog excrement.

          If you didn’t constantly lie, you would have nothing to say, would you, MajorLiar???

        • It’s simple. We knew he lived his life as an immoral playboy. We were tired of the do-nothing, pretend Christians. We didn’t want a Christian role model. We wanted a fighter. And look what we got. He was the first sitting president to speak at the March for Life. It was finally a priority instead of lip service. Then we did the impossible. We overturned Roe v. Wade. Now do you understand why we voted for him? Probably not. I’ve noticed that you don’t try to understand anything that conflicts with your worldview.

        • “We were tired of the do-nothing, pretend Christians“

          And that’s why
          you elected ‘two Corinthians’ Donald Trump?

          OK, got it.

      • @Missy12

        It is false that “trump that stood in front of a historic black church and held a bible upside down”

        The actual assertion was that “U.S. President Donald Trump was photographed holding the Bible upside down outside St John’s Episcopal church on June 1, 2020.”

        (never mind in their claim they ignored that violent left wing protestors set the church on fire the day before)

        In reality the bible was not upside down.

        Did Trump Hold the Bible Upside Down? – False –

        and also this… “and when asked in an interview about his favorite bible verse couldn’t give an answer.” is also false, He just didn’t quote a verse, but he did give an answer. For example, Trump was asked to name ‘one or two of your most favorite Bible verses’ during an interview on Bloomberg’s television show “With All Due Respect”. Trumps answer was this:

        “I wouldn’t want to get into it because to me that’s very personal. You know, when I talk about the Bible, it’s very personal, so I don’t want to get into verses,’ Trump said, adding, ‘The Bible means a lot to me, but I don’t want to get into specifics.” — and that is a proper answer for a believer to keep their religion beliefs from being used against them in such a forum of ‘politics’ no wanting to get into specifics being used to distract. Its not that he couldn’t, he could and has shown that in recounting by others about him personally, its that such an interview was not the proper place to get into such personal specifics. So he did give an answer and its a false claim to say he did not, he just quote a specific verse.

        • correction: “he just quote a specific verse.”

          should have been “he just didn’t quote a specific verse.”

          correction for : “no wanting to get into specifics being used to distract.”

          should have been …

          “not wanting to get into specifics being used to distract.

        • Yeah, bullshit. He didn’t cite a verse because he doesn’t know any. He don’t even own a Bible, at the church he had to borrow a Bible from someone for the photo op.

          “Is that your Bible?” a reporter asked. “It’s a Bible,” Mr. Trump replied.
          The president said nothing else about the significance of the site or the circumstances of his appearance before walking back toward the White House.”

          “It’s A Bible”

          “Right, I need a Bible for the photo op, one Bible, check… “

        • MajorMistake,

          Here’s an interesting concept, that even a Leftist/fascist idiot such as yourself should be able to grasp . . . Trump is not RUNNING for Pope, head of the Lutheran Church, saint, or “our moral example”. I put up with Barry Soetoro’s lies, LBJ’s lies, Billy Zipperpants’ lies, George W. Bush’s lies. We elect a PRESIDENT, you moron. Anyone who looks for, or expects, ANY politician to be our moral leader is a hopeless idiot (and you immediately jumped in here to self-identify, didn’t you, MajorMoron??). Our laws and Constitution make it clear that no religious test can be imposed as a requirement for office. No office holder is required to swear their oath on the Bible – we have had office holders sworn in on Torahs, the Q’uran, Das Kapital (and the Communist Manifesto), Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. No oath to, or attestation of faith in, ANY particular deity or religion is required. (I know, SHOCKING, isn’t it!!!) No, I don’t find DJT to be particularly religious, or righteous, or a moral example. Those I can deal with on my own. I need a chief executive to be at least MINIMALLY competent – DJT barely met that standard; Senile Joe didn’t meet that standard back when he entered the Senate, let alone in his current state of galloping senility.

          Keep defending that brainless, senile, amoral, lying, incompetent, stupid turd, Xiao Bai-din, if that’s what floats your boat, but spare us your lies and your TOTAL, two-faced hypocrisy, would ya????

        • @Miner49er (or should we call you Missy12 now, its getting hard to keep track of all the different names you use here)

          “Yeah, bullshit. He didn’t cite a verse because he doesn’t know any. He don’t even own a Bible, at the church he had to borrow a Bible from someone for the photo op.”

          Oh shut up Miner49er

          We had this discussion before, you and I.

          Lets just say your link is at best ‘a lot of disingenuous’ in its presentation, and of course you read it with full on confirmation bias.

          So big deal, he borrowed a bible for that moment he may not have had one with him. A self-proclaimed atheist like you may not know it but lots of Christians do this when they need a bible and don’t have one, they borrow one. Did he use it for a photo-op? Yep, he was campaigning. On the other hand when Biden was campaigning his photo-op prop was fondling and sniffing children.

          Its not uncommon for campaigning politicians to use a prop for a photo op. This is some how nefarious-intent to you?

          But look at your link closely, it even includes a lie (a couple actually, but this one stands out so obvious), this > “Trump struck different poses, displaying the book for cameras, ostensibly upside-down at times.”

          The bible was not upside-down. That has been proven to be a lie and I posted a link to it up above.

          Then there is this > “Is that your Bible?” a reporter asked. “It’s a Bible,” Trump replied. > Trump told the truth, he did not claim it was his bible and you have a problem with Trump telling the truth? Oh man…. if Trump telling the truth gets you upset, how upset are you going to be one day when you finally wake up and realize That about 90% of what Biden has said is a lie or intended to deceive?

          Then there is this:

          “Three months later in September 2015, he cited a Book of Proverbs passage about never ‘bending to envy’ that scholars have said does not exist. Asked again in April 2016, Trump pointed to the Old Testament teaching of ‘an eye for an eye,’ which he said resonated with his view that the United States had been taken advantage of by rivals.

          Giving an address at Liberty University in January 2016, Trump drew laughter with an errant reference to ‘Two Corinthians,’ a commonly quoted book properly known as ‘Second Corinthians’ to adherents.”

          I’m not sure what left wing “scholars” the NY Times used, but there are indeed passages in Proverbs about envy and ‘bending to envy’ just not using the words ‘bending to envy’ which is actually a translation from ancient Aramaic. For example > “Do not envy the oppressor, and choose none of his ways; For the perverse person is an abomination to the Lord . . . (Proverbs 3:31 – 32).” > or in other words do not ‘bend to envy’ or more simply put with the verse “Do not envy”. There are others.

          Trump did indeed cite a verse, your own article link tells you he did. And big deal that Trump offered a personal opinion of the “Old Testament teaching of ‘an eye for an eye’ ” a personal opinion is not a citing of a bible verse yet your article link paints it as though he didn’t know a bible verse. Do you not understand what ‘personal opinion’ is? The NY Times certainly didn’t.

          And ‘Two Corinthians,’ vs ‘Second Corinthians’ – it true that ‘Second Corinthians’ is semantically correct, but it is also referred to casually by many Christians and preachers and even Catholic priests as ‘Two Corinthians’. I have even personally referred to it casually as ‘Two Corinthians’ and its common for very young Christian children to call it ‘Two Corinthians’.

          In fact there is nothing in your article link that is inconstant with the Christian faith at all, and everything Trump did in that article in relation to your comment quoted above is pretty common among the Christian faith.

          “He don’t even own a Bible”

          This is more of your false, 100% false. Your own linked article tells you he does indeed own a bible.

          Of course I would not expect a Marxist soci – alist atheist like you to know this. All you did was ‘confirmation bias’, and didn’t even bother with context or doing some actual research.

        • and to add…

          ‘bending to envy’ is not an incorrect personal interpretation either. In fact its taught that way in many church services as ‘do not surrender to’ or do not ‘follow’ or do not ‘bend to’ envy, and even notated-paraphrased that way in some earlier (and a few modern) printings of the bible one of which is the version of the bible given Trump by his mother, and she may also very well have taught him this way.

          Of course I would not expect a Marxist soci – alist atheist like you to know this. All you did was ‘confirmation bias’, and didn’t even bother with context or doing some actual research.

        • “So big deal, he borrowed a bible for that moment he may not have had one with him“

          Right, he didn’t plan his shameless pandering to the Evangelicals quite as carefully as he should, he doesn’t own a Bible himself or he would’ve had it with him for a photo op in front of a church.

          “Lets just say your link is at best ‘a lot of disingenuous’ in its presentation“

          Again, bullshit, the video is available, the text presented in the article is accurate, Trump said “it’s a Bible”, subtext ‘that oughta be good enough right?’

          “In fact its taught that way in many church services… “

          Yep, the ‘meaning’ of words and concepts is routinely twisted in the indoctrination services of organized religion, right before they pass the plate.

          “Asked again in April 2016, Trump pointed to the Old Testament teaching of ‘an eye for an eye,’ which he said resonated with his view”.

          Thank you for posting this, you often excoriate me for bringing up the racism and violent immorality of the Old Testament as irrelevant, but clearly Donald Trump is living by the Old Testament and every cognizant American citizen should be aware of the darkness in his soul.

          They’re teaching from the same Bible, with the same message, the ‘subjugation of those unbelievers, and even the believers, is just fine in the eyes of the Lord, as long as you turn a profit with the talents you’ve been given’, (or taken at sword point).

          Donald Trump is no Christian, he’s taking advantage of the beliefs of many good people trying to find a thoughtful and compassionate path in this world.

          The message is clear, for those who aren’t looking for justification to hate ‘the others’:

          “the most often cited passage dealing with welcoming the stranger is from Matthew 25: 31-40.

          ‘The stranger is Jesus in disguise’

          This section speaks of the Final Judgment, when the righteous will be granted paradise and unrepentant sinners will be consigned to eternal fire. Christ says to those at his right hand that they are “blessed” because

          “I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”
          The righteous then ask,

          “When did we see you, a stranger, and welcome you?”
          Christ replies,

          “‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’”
          As Matthew 25 makes clear, the Christians should see everyone as “Christ” in the flesh.”

 the New Testament, which,Matthew 25: 31-40.&text=“I was hungry and you,stranger and you welcomed me.”

        • “or should we call you Missy12 now“

          Nope, Miner49er has never posted on this forum as anyone but me, I’m sorry it troubles you that others are calling out the inconsistencies, contradictions and blatant misrepresentations in the conservative religio-extremist worldview.

  21. Dudley Brown, President of the National Foundation for Gun Rights, interviews the foundation’s Chief Legal Counsel, Barry Arrington, who gives the details about our recent lawsuit against the state of Colorado’s Ghost Gun Ban and how the state practically DESTROYED their own argument.

  22. Americans who are not only armed and know how to use them but WILL use them.
    There’s lots of folks with firearms and among that group, those who know how to use them but even less of a percentage are those when that moment comes, have the mindset to go that next step.

    These are the same people who do what needs to be done when that moment comes regardless of the need or emergency.

  23. well one way or another the Us or UN will go in there in Time, Better to to island wide sweep of the place, grab every gun and establish a gov’t base. BUT, The US Gov’t doesn’t want to plant gov’ts there, as they’ve done that before. But also they can’t deny the fact they will come to america, and whatever is happening down there will get worse and has to be dealt with. so The question is will russia send wagner down there to support the gangs? will there be any action by the dems/reps to deal with it, or ignore it? Something has to be done. if there was no problems with Russia, china, and other places that require the US’s attention, it could be done, but at the moment? probably not. The US could blockade the place. cut their power and comms?..

    • No Our .giv will give Hatia humanitarian aid while the poor citizens of America’ suffer the cost.
      No potatoes left, they all got shipped out to a fcked up country that can’t take care of itself.
      A Bright and Shinning Lie.