Text of President Obama’s Remarks on Umpqua Community College Shooting

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To say that conservative Roseberg Oregon wasn’t receptive to President Obama’s post-Umpqua Community College mass shooting visit would be like saying that The Campaign to Stop Gun Violence isn’t very happy about open carry (which was in evidence in Roseburg this afternoon). And so both the White House and mainstream media downplayed his visit. The ever-faithful washingtonpost.com told readers . . .

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Virginia Gun Group Launches Intimidation Campaign in Maclean, VA. Allegedly.

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Campaign to Stop Gun Violence Press Release:

VCDL rallies armed pro-gun activists to attend meeting of McLean Citizens Association

McLean, VA—The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), a radical pro-gun group based out of Midlothian, Virginia, rallied numerous pro-gun activists to travel to McLean last night to attend a meeting of The McLean Citizens Association (MCA) during which the location of a gun store next to a local elementary school was discussed. The nature of the VCDL response, which included armed individuals and a customized RV depicting a threatening image of Virginia Tech shooter Seung Hui-Cho, made it clear the that effort was intended to intimidate McLean residents and elected officials who want the store to relocate . . .

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Three Ways to Destroy Gun Control Once and For All

The post-Umpqua Community College anti-gun agitprop surge indicates that the civilian disarmament industrial complex is getting increasingly desperate. While Bloomberg bucks will continue to feed the anti-firearms freedom flames, I reckon the pro-gun side has taken the field. Note: I was wrong about Obama’s campaign promise not to pursue gun control. I’ve since learned that the fight for gun rights is eternal. So anyway, here are three ways to seal the deal, putting gun rights out of reach of those who would degrade and destroy them . . .

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What President Obama Might Do To Create Gun Control by Executive Fiat

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Speculation is rife about President Obama’s post-Umpqua plans to further his gun control agenda – without Congressional support (obvs.). Obama Weighs White House Moves on Gun Control nbcnews.com reports. The article echoes the proposal making the rounds: changing the rules on gun sales so that anyone selling more than a certain number of firearms becomes a federal firearms dealer. They would then have to subject all sales to a federal background check (and fill out a mess of paperwork). As our man Leghorn pointed out . . .

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UT Liberal Arts Profs Apoplectic Over Concealed Carry


It’s not an easy time to be a liberal arts professor in Texas. What with the incessant demands and ever-changing tides of political correctness, the effort involved in throwing off the yoke of Western cultural imperialism, the imperative of tearing down the patriarchy one skull full of mush at a time, and having to issue trigger warnings before discussing anything more contentious than the semester’s syllabus in class, it’s all an academic can handle. Which may explain why UT faculty members are in full freak-out over the Lone Star State law that will allow law-abiding 21-year-old students to carry concealed weapons in class next year. As we reported earlier today . . .

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BREAKING: UT History Prof Advocates Defiance, And an Alum Responds With a Proposal


Some members of the University of Texas – Austin faculty aren’t happy about the change in state law that will allow concealed carry in the classroom next year. They just received the following call to action this afternoon from UT history prof Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra:

Dear Colleagues,

I am member of the History Department. For the last 2 weeks many colleagues in the humanities have begun to organize against the implementation of campus carry. As of 1 August, 2016, all state universities in Texas will allow staff, students (over 21), faculty and visitors to carry concealed guns in buildings (it is now legal to carry concealed guns into public, open spaces on campuses). We have initiated two campaigns that we hope you will consider joining (please see email by GunFree-UT), but particularly the statement by faculty refusing teaching in classrooms where guns are allowed (we have already 350 faculty who have signed) . . .

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ShootingTracker.com Owner Admits Site is Pure Propaganda


A few days ago I posted a story about the ShootingTracker.com website, which uses incidents involving minor injuries from airsoft pellet guns to pad their “mass shooting” statistics. One of our eagle-eyed readers noticed that the person in charge of that website — Reddit user Gnome_Chompsky — was recently appointed as the moderator of an area of the website that deals specifically with propaganda. In his acceptance speech he points to his prized website as an example of the fine propaganda work that he’s been engaged in . . .

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The Answer to Mass Shootings – Universal Background Checks. Allegedly.

Word is the President’s call to politicize the Umpqua Community College shooting was heard loud and clear by many of the usual suspects in Congress. And that they’re readying a (doomed) piece of legislation to #DoSomething featuring, according to the Washington Post, “closing background check loopholes for Internet and gun show sales, expanding the background check database and cracking down on the illegal gun market.” Reader Danny Griffin had some thoughts on the topic in the comments yesterday which seem apropos . . .

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Obama Administration: Hillary’s Gun Control Proposals Won’t Work

A few days ago, Nick chronicled the various gun control proposals that Hillary Clinton released as part of her presidential campaign, explaining very thoroughly why whoever ghost-wrote these proposals needed to extract their heads from their nether regions, metaphorically-speaking. (You should go read it, if you haven’t yet.) As it turns out, even the Obama Administration had to conceded that Hillary’s proposals won’t fly . . .

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