Moms Demand Guns. Period.

Beth Alcazar (courtesy

The woman in the picture above is Beth Alcazar, U.S. Concealed Carry Association writer, instructor and author of their Pacifiers & Peacemakers column. You can’t see her gun, but trust me, she’s carrying. To mark Mother’s Day weekend “in complete opposition to the anti-gun groups that degrade and demean women,” the well-armed mother of three will give a talk entitled, “Concealed Carry for Moms: Breaking the Mold”  at the upcoming USCCA Concealed-Carry Expo, May 8-10 in West Bend, WI. Breaking Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s Nonsense, I’d call it. As far as winning the culture war, this is how we do it. Press release . . .

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GLOCK Demanding Customer Info From Gun Dealers?

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 11.31.38 AM

The Trop Gun Shop is a Pennsylvania-based Internet gun seller. They recently sent an email blast to their customers advising them that GLOCK had “terminated” Trop’s participation in their Blue Label Program. That’s the discount deal (around $75 to $100 off msrp) Gaston’s mob offers sworn law enforcement officers; EMT’s, fire fighters, volunteer fire fighters and paramedics; military personnel; corrections officers (including Parole and Probation Officers), state licensed security companies; court judges, District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys; and LE Academy Cadets. Trop reports that GLOCK demanded a look at their customers’ 4473’s. Here’s their announcement . . .

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Will Texans Open Carry?

“The [Texas permitted open carry] bill’s author, Rep. Larry Phillips, R-Sherman, dismissed any concerns about a loophole.” reports. “He said the amendment [prohibiting police from using open carry as probable cause] just provided ‘clarity’ to police officials that if ‘people are being law-abiding citizens, there’s no need to interfere with their daily activity.’ Predicting that a small number of Texans would actually open carry, he said didn’t think it would be an issue.” Wait. Texas, soon to be the most populous state in the union with open carry, won’t have many open carriers? That’s what he said . . .

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Armatix Retailer Wants More People to Buy Guns


As we noted earlier today, after a couple of abortive attempts, Armatix finally has someone selling its iP1 “smart gun” to the public. A article reported that DB Guns & Smithing is selling the “personalized” weapon, a prospect many people have opposed due to the potential for triggering New Jersey’s law requiring all handguns sold there to be similarly equipped. TTAG talked to Doug this afternoon about his decision to sell the Armatix .22 handguns and he explained his rationale . . .

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Larry King: Russian Anti-Gunner?

Larry King still has a television show? On Russian TV? Geddowdaheah! And yet somehow that makes perfect sense. Larry’s always been in perfect lockstep with the Russian propensity to crush liberty underneath its leaders’ jackboots. In fact,one wonders how long it will be before NBC sells MSNBC to RT and whether that would make any difference to their small, left-leaning anti-gun audience. Just sayin’ . . . [h/t DrVino]


Is Texas Creating “Stealth” Constitutional Carry?


“The specter of ‘constitutional carry’ continues to hang over the Legislature’s effort to allow the licensed open carry of handguns,” pronounces. Interesting use of the word “specter.” But more than that, what? The Chipotle Ninja problem effectively scuppered Constitutional carry in the Lone Star State even before the legislative session started. In fact, it was touch-and-go on licensed open carry at the start. But now licensed open carry is a virtual done deal – with an amendment prohibiting Texas law enforcement (specifically the Austin PD) from considering open carry probable cause to Terry stop citizens. The anti-gun press reckons the amendment constitutes Constitutional carry. Check it . . .

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Armatix iP1 ‘Smart Gun’ Has a Dealer


“(T)hat’s why Doug has to be so hush-hush. If his last name were made public, people would try to put him out of business and, perhaps, threaten to kill him. That’s what happened to the last two gun dealers who tried to sell this gun.” Doug is the proprietor of DB Guns & Smithing. And according to a article, he’s been selling the Armatix iP1 “smart gun” since January, apparently on the down low. You may remember that dealers in both California and Maryland had planned to sell the iP1 .22, but backed off when they received, um, negative feedback from gun owners. So you can probably understand Doug’s reluctance to ID himself . . .

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DC Police: Congressmen With Rifle Didn’t Break Any Laws

Washington, DC police have announced that a Congressman who posted a photo of himself with what appears to be a colorfully-painted AR-15 outside his office didn’t actually break any laws, reports HuffPo. Apparently, the DC city attorney general leaped into action when Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) posted a photograph on Twitter posing with the scary rifle along with fellow Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and “referred the matter to the Metropolitan Police Department for further investigation.” The District, naturally, bans certain rifles based on purely on aesthetics and the rifle in the photo sure looks like one that might have been covered under DC law . . .

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Student Armed with Crossbow, Knife Murders Teacher in Barcelona


The BBC is reporting that an student armed with a knife and a makeshift crossbow has murdered a teacher in Barcelona, Spain. “The suspect, reportedly a 13-year-old boy, has been arrested but may not face charges because of his age. The teacher killed was protecting a colleague during the incident at the Instituto Joan Fuster, reports say. Four other people were wounded. Police have not confirmed the weapon used and there is no indication of his motive.” . . .

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Are Negligent Discharges Inevitable?


An “accidental discharge” is more accurately known as a negligent discharge (ND). One second you’re admiring a brilliantly designed and executed piece of wood (or plastic) and steel and the next, your ears are ringing, you’re blinking furiously, you’re surrounded by smoke and the unmistakable odor of gunpowder. Your first conscious thought: “Oh s**t!” If you’re fortunate, the only holes present are in furniture, walls and appliances rather than yourself or someone else. If it was a rifle round, there will tend to be rather more holes than if it were a handgun round. If you’re really fortunate, no one else was aware of your ND, somewhat minimizing the damage to your self-image . . .

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Peter King Hearts Gun Control. Again. Still.

On Friday, Congressman Peter King of New York spoke at The Nation Leadership Summit in New Hampshire. During his speech, he came out in favor of more gun control while being sure to simultaneously bash some of his fellow Republicans. In the video above, the distinguised Rep. King responds to questions about his stance on two gun control bills he’s introduced…and admits to having zero expectation that they’ll go anywhere in this congress . . .

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Oregon Register-Guard: Background Checks Work! Expand Them!


Facts. Tricky little buggers. Truth be told, they’re easily manipulated. For example, over at Oregon’s, Democratic State Senator Floyd Prozanski asserts that  “According to Oregon State Police data, an average of 180 gun purchases were denied each month over the past three years. In the same period, more than 21,400 lawful transfers occurred monthly. That’s right: Each month 21,400 lawful gun transfers took place with background checks. It works!” Wait. That’s an awful small number of people denied a gun purchase, statistically speaking. Pish-posh says our Floyd . . .

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