BREAKING: ATF Begins Denying NFA Paperwork for Washington State Residents


One year ago, Washington state’s government passed legislation finally legalizing the ownership of short barreled rifles. That law was duly signed by the governor, and went into effect 90 days later. Since then, the ATF has been happily approving Form 1s (applications to make and register an NFA firearm) for short barreled rifles. That is, until yesterday. It seems that the ATF has now decided to stop approving all Form 1s for SBRs in the state of Washington because, as they claim, the law allows people to purchase — but not MAKE — an SBR. And they’re citing a legal statute to back that up… that doesn’t exist.

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Is the Supreme Court Going to Chip Away at Heller?

The Supreme Court has been doing a very peculiar dance around an appeal from the Ninth Circuit. The appeal in question is a preliminary injunction in the case Jackson v.  San Francisco on two regulations. The primary question at hand is whether San Francisco’s ban against keeping guns in the home is any more constitutional than the District of Columbia’s earlier attempt to do that. Also in question is a regulation that bans the sale of expanding ammunition . . .

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Baltimore Police Allowed Rioting

Baltimore burning (courtesy

Alan Korwin writes:

“We are deploying every resource possible to gain control of the situation and ensure peace moving forward,” Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said, on page one of USA Today. Two images in the Arizona edition showed heavily uniformed riot police tussling with a few individuals in the street. The national edition had a different calm image. While USA Today would, if asked, insist that they accurately quoted the mayor (I asked, they did), the mayor’s statement is false, an outright lie, which anyone watching witnessed on live TV, as hundreds of heavily uniformed riot-equipped police officers stood in lines . . .

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Texas Campus Carry Carve-Out?

Texas House Speaker Joe Strauss (courtesy

TTAG reader DH horites:

When SB11 came to the floor last night at 9:30 pm, with over a hundred pre-filed amendments, I thought it was DOA. I stopped watching the clown circus at 10pm and went to bed as the Dems and a few particular Repubs ran the clock out. So to be honest I haven’t scrubbed the amendments carefully. But what we know is this: the Texas legislature passed a watered-down campus carry bill with a host of amendments on second reading with ten minutes to spare . . .

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Salon’s Firmin Debrabander on Gun Control: More Opinions, Less Facts

Firmin Debrander (courtesy

Gun control advocates have attacked John Lott’s More Guns, Less Crime since the work first appeared. None has taken it down. No surprise there. To do so would require an advanced degree in statistics. So Lott’s detractors have been left flailing about, countering his chart-laden conclusions with less well-researched though equally turgid (sorry John) studies. Surprisingly, Firmin Debrabander takes another whack at MGLC. In a article entitled The right’s big gun lie: Debunking the phony case that more guns will stop crime, Debrabander ends up promoting gun ownership [paragraph breaks added] . . .

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OMG! A Gun Store! Near a School! OMG!

Future home of a gun store? (courtesy

“An Arlington strip mall off Lee Highway in the Cherrydale community has everything from restaurants to salons to a frame shop,” reports. “McLean-based Nova Firearms has announced it’s opening a new store in that empty space this summer. Building owner Kostas Kapasouris says, ‘They want to have exclusive, expensive sporting goods and I guess that probably includes expensive guns.’ Kapasouris confirms a lease has been signed but he insists the community is overwhelmingly opposed to a gun shop being here . . .

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“Progress” Doesn’t Mean What Gun Control Advocates Think It Means

“Twenty-year-old Christopher Martinez was fatally shot around 9:30 a.m. a year ago, on May 23, 2014,” reports, in an article entitled Gun Safety Progress Seen a Year After Santa Barbara Rampage. “He was one of six people killed by a gunman during a rampage near the University of California, Santa Barbara that also injured at least a dozen others.” Predictably enough, the lead leads readers to believe that all the victims of the Santa Barbara attack were shot to death or injured by gunfire. Nope . . .

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Washington Post Champions Gun Rights – In Its Own Special Way

FNS-9C (courtesy Rhonda Little for The Truth About Guns)

“District Judge Frederick J. Scullin Jr. last week gutted the system police use to determine who should be allowed a permit to bear a concealed weapon in the District,” the Washington Post’s editorial board recounts. “At issue is the provision that gives police discretion in granting gun permits by requiring applicants to state a good reason why they need to carry a weapon in public.” The “good cause” provision of D.C.’s “may issue” concealed carry laws are only “at issue” amongst those who seek to deny Americans their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Like the Washington Post. But sometimes your enemy is your friend . . .

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Moms Demand Action False Narrative of the Day: Leslie Ervin’s Texas Senate Testimony

Yes, Moms Demand Action member Leslie Ervin’s son is a paranoid schizophrenic. Yes, he legally bought firearms when he turned 18. Yes, she tried to stop him, but was told by the Austin police that they had no cause to do so. And yes, he later killed his father, believing he was a CIA-planted impostor. But contrary to the convenient A+B+C=D impression that she presented for a Texas Senate committee, guns had nothing whatsoever to do with the crime. Her son killed his father with a pipe wrench and a knife. It must be liberating to live without any perceptible sense of shame.   [h/t JD]