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This is What Happens to A Disarmed Populace: They Get Beaten to Death

If you were going to encourage a demographic segment to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, homeless people would probably be last group on your list. I’m not arguing the point. But I am pointing out that disarmed members of society face a higher level of criminal predation than armed Americans – whether the victims are tax-paying commuters or mentally ill homeless people. Proving that armed self-defense is a vital part of personal and social safety. OK, so, this is a bad one [via] . . .

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“Anonymous gun tip lines helping police confiscate more illegal weapons.” Or Not.


I sometimes wonder if the people writing mainstream media headlines bother to read the story beneath their header. Oh sure, they get the general gist of it. But I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve encountered an anti-gun headline above a story that didn’t accurately reflect the content. The headline above - Anonymous gun tip lines helping police confiscate more illegal weapons – is the best ever example of just how biased and plain old wrong a header can be. I’ll cut to the chase . . .

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OMG! A Gun Store! A Mile from 5 Schools! In Cook County! OMG!

Gun store supporters jam Niles' town meeting (courtesy

The more I do this work the more I realize that the antis ain’t got game. Not if you’re judging their arguments based on facts, logic and/or reason. Check out this quote from Niles, Illinois Trustee Rosemary Palicki via (Rose was the only village official to vote no on Tuesday for a special use permit to allow firearms sales, firearms safety training and an indoor firing range at 6143 Howard St. – no more than a mile from five schools!) “The perception of danger on the part of these parents and community leaders remains very strong, and therefore, the very real issues of public health and welfare remain unresolved.” Not danger. The perception of danger. Oy. On the pro-gun side . . .

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MA Police Chiefs Pissed at Lack of Power Over Rifle, Shotgun Licenses

Wellesley Police Chief Cunningham shows reporters rifles (courtesy

“Top police officials and activists from Boston and area communities blasted the state Senate Tuesday for watering down gun control legislation by stripping a provision aimed at keeping rifles and shotguns out of the hands of dangerous people,” reports. Yes, well, that’s not exactly how I’d put it. Skipping ahead, let’s see what firearms-related “public safety” provision the police seek. “The unusual public criticism by police chiefs comes after the Senate last week voted to remove a House provision giving chiefs discretion to deny firearms identification cards, required to buy shotguns and rifles, to people they deem unsuitable. They now have that discretion over licenses to carry handguns.” So, what we’ve got here . . .

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Psychology Today: You’re Safer Without a Gun

The civilian disarmament movement wants Americans to believe they’re safer without a gun. It’s a preposterous idea. Americans without any great skill or strength can use a firearm to prevent, stop or eliminate a potentially lethal threat. An estimated 55k law-abiding gun owners do so each and every year – at the very, very least. And yet gun control advocates must perpetuate this logical fallacy if they are to have any hope of curtailing and then eliminating Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. So they bang on about suicides, domestic abuse and accidents mostly, and seize on incidents where an owner was overpowered and killed with his or her own gun. Psychology Today adds its voice to the antis’ chorus with this astounding bit of non-logic . . .

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Philadelphia Pays $1.4m for Releasing LTC App Info

Pennsylvania LTC application (courtesy

It’s annoying: taxpayers paying for pol’s failed efforts to infringe on constituents’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Chicago Mayor Rahm’s mob recently shelled out a million bucks for trying to stop gun stores from selling guns in The Windy City. Today, The City of Brotherly Love announced that it’s opened its wallet for aggrieved gun guys and gals. “The Nutter administration [sic] has settled a class-action lawsuit with 3,265 people who appealed the revocation or denial of a Pennsylvania License to Carry Firearms and had their personal information posted on an interactive city website,” reports. “The 2,188 people whose information was part of the live database on the L&I website will receive . . .

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The Campaign to Unload: Anti-Gunners Fighting Corporate Ground War

(courtesy The Truth About Guns)

“It is no secret that U.S. corporations ban guns in their boardrooms and corporate headquarters,” “reveals.” “Why? Because they know that guns are dangerous and kill and they want to protect their top officers. Yet the same corporations who protect their CEO from gunfire (and protect all their employees and customers from secondhand smoke) don’t have the ethical integrity to stand up to the gun lobby. A good example is Hallmark cards.” Hallmark cards? Seriously? Seriously . . .

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