Heidi Stevens: Let’s Celebrate Mother’s Day By Repealing the Second Amendment

And there we were, thinking that the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day was to give the Mom in your life something firearms related: a beginner’s class, ammo, a gun, something. Apparently not. “My children will bring me flowers for Mother’s Day, and I will be delighted, promises Heidi Stevens at chicagotribune.com. “Mother’s Day — despite its greeting-card roots — is my favorite holiday, because mother is my favorite role. It’s the thing I feel most like. I’m a writer and a daughter and a wife and a friend, but I go hours and days without thinking about the ways I inhabit those roles. Mother is with me always. Flowers, though, feel inadequate this year. They feel worse than inadequate. They feel distasteful.” And so . . .

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City Council Pol Brainstorm: Post Signs to Keep Guns Out of NYC


As the Daily News announces, Councilman Dan Garodnick to introduce bill requiring city to post signs about unlicensed gun possession. “’We want to make a statement here. Between 85% and 90% of guns used in crimes come from out of state,’ Garodnick (D-Manhattan) said. ‘It will be helpful … to send the message that New York City will take action against you for having an illegal firearm.’” Only in the mind of an East Side Manhattan pol would posting signs at the city limits actually deter criminals from importing their guns. “The ignorance of the law can be no defense here,” Councilman Garodnick intoned. He’s right. Even the usual level of ignorance common among New York City Council members is no excuse for this kind of grandstanding stupidity.


Minnesota Set to Ban Phone Cases That Look Like Guns

Cell phone gun (courtesy technobuffalo.com)

“Minnesota senators voted unanimously Wednesday to ban cellphone cases that resemble handguns,” blogs.mprnews.org reports. “The bill would prohibit the manufacture, sale or possession of phone cases in the state that look like a pistol or another firearm. Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, said the cases are dangerous because they could too easily be mistaken for a real weapon.” And then…? What? You did notice, of course, that the bill was passed unanimously. That would be 39 Democrats and 28 Republicans. Even though he voted for the bill, one Republican expressed misgivings . . .

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FACT: Guns Used More Often to Save Lives Than to Murder


Despite hanging out with the likes of Dan and RF and Tyler Kee, I still have some anti-gun friends. Every once in a while those hoplophobic folks decide to stir up a debate about gun control, and the arguments are the same every time. “Guns are designed only to kill! Why would we want to keep these evil things in society? Shouldn’t we do our best to reduce availability of these killing machines?” It’s an argument that may make sense if you start with the premise that guns are clearly evil and dangerous, but I look at things a little differently . . .

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California: Hearing on “The Safety for All Act of 2016” Ballot Initiative Scheduled for Tuesday, May 3


(The following is reprinted from nraila.org with permission.)

The Assembly and Senate Public Safety Committee is scheduled to hold an informational hearing tomorrow, Tuesday May 3, at 9:30am in hearing room 4203, on Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s gun control initiative, “The Safety for All Act of 2016.”  A vote will not be taken at this hearing however members are encourage to contact members of the committee with their opposition to the initiative and similar legislation that is currently moving through the Legislature.  Assembly Public Safety Committee contact information can be found here and the Senate Public Safety Committee contact information can be found here or you can click the take action button below . . .

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1600 Defensive Gun Uses Per Year? Incendiary Image of the Day

(courtesy The Trace)

We’ve been noticing a concerted effort by proponents of civilian disarmament to entirely discredit the idea of defensive gun use. And for good reason. Most Americans support Second Amendment protections against government infringements on the right to keep and bear arms primarily because they cherish their natural right to self-defense. Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitpropagandists have joined the campaign targeting the single greatest impediment to gun control with their article Gun-Rights Advocates Claim Owning a Gun Makes a Woman Safer. The Research Says They’re Wrong. Here’s their opening salvo . . .

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How New York Became a Nexus of Second Amendment Infringement

Timothy_Sullivan (courtesy wikipedia.org)

After the American Revolutionary War, New York legislators didn’t include gun rights in their state constitution. They considered firearms freedom too obvious to include. And any legal protection redundant, thanks to the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment. And so it was — until 1911. That’s when the Empire State legislature passed the infamous Sullivan Act to protect organized crime from armed citizens . . .

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Thom Hartman: Australia Proves Gun Confiscation Works

We’ve debunked the Australian model of gun control many, many times. Suffice it to say, America’s Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms is subject to neither arguments of social utility nor the democratic process. If proponents of civilian disarmament wish to remove Second Amendment protections against ANY government infringement on Americans’ gun rights, there’s a process for doing so. Not that it would disarm Americans, but until and unless gun control proponents seek this remedy, the letters STFU (in a pro-First Amendment sort of way) apply.


Countering the Anti-Gun Long Game [Contest Entry]


By Chris H.

I knew this feeling. The rush of blood, the tingle of adrenaline surge and the clenching of my jaw. I was headed for a fight, though not a physical altercation; an argument. This is a place I have been many times before as an extroverted (read: loudmouthed) 2A defender.   This time was different though, as my opponent wasn’t a gun-grabber or Bloomberg supporter, but a fellow firearm enthusiast. The topic at hand this time was the National Firearms Act and the “necessity” of automatic weapons . . .

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No Fun In Acapulco: Another Day, Another Mexican Journalist Murdered

Journalist Francisco Pacheco Beltrán (courtesy boderlandbeat.com)

Considering the violence and lawlessness south of the border, Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall between Mexico and the United States is looking more and more like a scaled-up version of Escape from New York. How long before we simply escort criminals to the other side of The Donald’s wall and let them fend for themselves? Meanwhile, Mexico is an excellent/horrific example of what happens to a disarmed populace. This story — republished from borderlandbeat.com — goes out to the U.S. journalists who love them some gun control. When gun rights advocates say the Second Amendment protects the First, they ain’t just whistling Dixie. It’s your neck that’s on the line boyo. You have been warned . . .

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Fudd Alert! Only Landowners Can Lend a Shotgun in the UK

A young shot is given a helping hand

Gun control advocates hold a “gun free” UK near and dear to their disarmament-loving hearts. American Fudds — hunters and sportsman who couldn’t give a toss about the gun rights of people who own or aspire to own handguns or ARs — are OK with the UK’s gun control regime. Yes, well, civilian disarmament is a slippery slope. The gun banners will have your shotguns and hunting rifles too, mate. Here’s proof from The Land of Hope and Glory via shootinguk.co.uk . . .

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