German Government Confiscates Legally Held Firearms from Bikers

An eagle-eyed bi-lingual reader spotted a story in reporting that the German government has confiscated legally held firearms from members of German biker gangs. Gangs? Google translate calls them “rockers.” Like this: “The members of the Bandidos MC Rocker groups, Gremium MC, Hells Angels MC and MC Outlaws will revoked the previously existing weapons permit due to the new legal situation, the Ministry continued to communicate. Altogether it involves about 600 persons who thus have to give weapons that they have previously possessed legally . . .

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Kim Kardashian: My Guards Should Have Guns, But Not You Average People


Kim Kardashian…I actually don’t know who she is. I hear she broke the internet once, but I’m one of the guys running the thing and I didn’t notice so much as a blip. It turns out he’s a famous person — for what, no one can really tell me — and she opened her yap the other day and let something amazingly idiotic slip out about gun control in the United States. Like so many of her fellow famous people, Kim thinks guns are evil and scary and no one should have them. Except for her armed guards, of course. Because she’s more important than you or I, and shouldn’t have to follow the same rules she’d like to see in place . . .

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Why It’s OK for Israelis to Own Guns But Not You. Allegedly.

Gun control advocates use tortured logic to defend their positions. Take the Bloomberg-distributed commentary Why Israel has lots of guns but few gun crimes by Rabbi Daniel Gordis [above]. It starts out like this: “Early in 2002, as the Second Intifada was raging, guns — normally ubiquitous in Israeli society — were even more in evidence. In restaurants, at synagogue and especially on the street, you could see pistols stuck into men’s belts or pants. One of my wife’s closest friends kept a gun in her purse.” And then he takes a sharp turn to the left . . .

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CA Senator Diane Feinstein: Why I Oppose National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Senator Diane Feinstein (courtesy

TTAG reader MK contacted U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein to ask her support for national concealed carry reciprocity. (I know, right?) The email he received from the California Democrat – who never met a gun control law she didn’t like – was less than enthusiastic . . .

Dear Mr. XXX:

Thank you for contacting me to share your views regarding the “Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015″ (S. 498).  I appreciate the time you took to write, and I welcome the opportunity to respond . . .

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Illinois Senate Dems Treat Non-Resident Active Duty Military As Second-Class Citizens


Charles Dickens wrote the classic novel “A Tale of Two Cities” in 1859. Today, the politicians in Wisconsin and Illinois are setting the storyline for the real-life story “A Tale of Two States” – at least where it comes to active-duty members of the U.S. military stationed in their respective states. On the one hand, there has been nearly unanimous support from both parties in Wisconsin for allowing non-resident active-duty military members the right to get a carry license in the Badger State . . .

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University of Texas System to Ban Guns in Research Labs?

UTMB (courtesy

Texas lawmakers recently enacted “campus carry” for state-run colleges and universities. Critics of SB 11 claim it has more holes than a golf course; schools and universities are free to force gun owners to store their guns at “high risk” facilities (e.g., dormitories), and ban guns entirely from “higher risk” parts of their domain (e.g., hospitals). William McRaven, Chancellor of the University of Texas Systems, recently sent a memo to the 16 Presidents within the system on the new firearms-related regime [click here for a pdf]. The former Navy Admiral and anti-campus carry crusader included this tidbit in his missive, which reveals and reflects his view of the new law . . .

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Aussie Gun Grabbers Now Moving Against Lever Action Guns


Reader Dennis D. writes

The latest Australian gun grab attempt has now escalated even further with attempts to outlaw lever action shotguns, pending the release of the new Adler A110. The new Adler lever action shotgun has drawn over 7000 orders already by firearms owners in Australia prior to its release. A promotional video of the shotty and subsequent overreaction by far left groups has prompted the Firearms Policy Working Group, a shady think tank being deliberately kept out of the spotlight with total disarmament intentions, to move to reclassify these firearms from Category A to Category C . . .

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BREAKING: Leland Yee (D-CA) Pleads Guilty to Gun Running Charges

Leland Yee (courtesy

We reported on California state senator Leland Yee’s antics many times over the years. The former senator was one of the first to propose sweeping restrictions on 3D printers, lest one of the unwashed masses of California use one to print a firearm in that gun-free paradise. In the ultimate ironic twist, it turns out that Leland Yee was himself involved in an plot to run firearms into the state of California — illegally providing the very guns he was publicly decrying. Specifically, machine guns. Actual machine guns. And rocket launchers. One could make the connection that Yee’s political stance on firearms existed solely to bolster the value of the illegal firearms he was trafficking, but we’ll leave that for another day. A year after that arrest, word comes that Yee has plead guilty to his alleged crimes . . .

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NJ Gov. and Presidential Hopeful Chris Christie Uses Executive Actions to Shore-Up Support with Pro-Gun Voters

NJ Governor Chris Christie

Garden State Governor Chris Christie issued the following press release concerning self-defense and gun rights. [Click here for copies of Executive Order 180. Click here for the new Attorney General regulation.]

Acting on his commitment to ensure a fair application of the state’s gun laws that respects individual rights to possess firearms and that also protects public safety, Governor Christie today took action to make commonsense changes to New Jersey’s gun regulations that ensure victims of domestic violence or violent crime, or those living under a direct or material threat, have their firearms applications processed quickly and without delay. The Governor announced that the Attorney General will file a regulatory change that will ensure expedited, priority firearm application processing for victims of domestic violence, violent crimes, or those who have a demonstrable threat against them, including those who are seeking to obtain or carry firearms for self-protection . . .

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New Yorker Funny Guy to Gun Rights Advocates: You’re Morons

Andy Borowitz (courtesy

New Yorker writer Andy Borowitz is tired. He’s too tired to fact-check studies that “prove” that gun ownership is a bad, bad thing for both individuals and society at large. Too tired to read TTAG’s analysis of the faulty methodology required to produce these foregone conclusion. And he’s tired of people who dare question this “settled science” on gun control. So he wrote this semi-moronic – sorry semi-ironic “news satire” instead . . .

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UK Police State Kicks Into High Gear After Tunisian Gun Attack

“Britain is a nation united in shock and in grief,” British Prime Minister David Cameron writes at “As the names and identities of the victims in Tunisia emerge – and the horror of what they faced becomes clear – those feelings grow. Everyone is asking the same thing: how can a day at the beach for families and friends have turned into a scene of such horror?” Because someone with a gun was able to shoot 30 defenseless British tourists (amongst others) without any immediate armed intervention? That’s not quite how David puts it . . .

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