Sony Pictures Caves to North Koreans as Cinemas Remain Gun-Free Zones

As you no doubt know, Sony Pictures Entertainment pulled the release of The Interview after North Korean hackers threatened to murder movie-goers. “The world will be full of fear [if you release the picture]. Remember the 11th of September 2001. We recommend you to keep yourself distant from the places at that time. (If your house is nearby, you’d better leave.) Whatever comes in the coming days is called by the greed of Sony Pictures Entertainment.” I’ve got one word for the Sony execs . . .

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Sydney Siege Gunman’s Firearm Was Illegal, Despite PM Abbott’s Assertions


Shortly after the siege in Sydney ended, the Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott was using the widely televised event as an excuse to claim that the gun control laws in Australia didn’t go far enough and needed to be changed. “There are questions to be asked when someone with such a history of infatuation with extremism, violent crime and mental instability should be in possession of a gun licence” he said, and added that he would not rest until Australians are safer. Unfortunately for Mr. Abbott’s narrative, it now appears that the New South Wales police have confirmed that the firearm used by the terrorist in question was purchased illegally, and the jihadi did not in fact posses a valid firearms license . . .

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Americans Can Solve This Equation: Armed + Prepared = Smart

Jonathan Gruber

Robert recently stirred up considerable controversy over the request that readers comment on the differences in the Democrat and Republic approaches to Second Amendment liberties. There is no question that some with generally “progressive” tendencies also have an appreciation for the Second Amendment and gun ownership. There is also no question that liberals as a whole never rest in their desire to disarm the honest and law-abiding of any and every political persuasion. Conservatives may indeed welcome progressive gun owners without stereotyping them, but for most progressives, the opposite tends not to be true . . .

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Question of the Day: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

In the video above, gun guru James Yeager makes a distinction between people in the “gun community” vs. people in the “gun culture.” People who don’t agree with Yeager’s take-no-prisoners approach to gun rights are “politically correct butt-kissing boot lickers who want to appease their liberal masters.” People who are down with Yeager’s stance and style are “an unapologetic group of people that are simply doing what our creator gave us the right to do.” While I consider myself a gun rights absolutist, there are plenty of folks who don’t share my opinion on some things (e.g. they don’t see a problem with background checks). I still think we’re on the same team, generally speaking. Am I wrong?


John Farnham: Youmaynot Philosophy Rears its Ugly Head In Australia

The following article originally appeared at and is republished with the author’s permission.

By John S. Farnham

“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our political opponents have guns. Why should we let them have ideas?” That’s a quote from Joe Stalin, so eloquently articulating the “Youmaynot Philosophy.” Which rears its ugly head in Australia this time . . .

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Lessons From the Sydney Terrorist Siege


By Johannes P.

Man Haron Monis, an Iranian-born resident of Australia who was allegedly responsible for the terrorist attack on a cafe in Sidney this week, apparently was able to obtain a firearm license, permanent residency in Australia, as well as social welfare benefits despite being a terrorist thug who was, at one point, on Australia’s security watch list. “[S]ecurity officials had told the Prime Minister that a national database showed Monis had been ‘a recorded firearms licence holder within the jurisdiction’ of New South Wales. Federal police are now ‘investigating the origins’ of the entry in the national database, the statement said. At the news conference, Abbott said he also wanted to know why Monis seemed to have fallen off Australian security agencies’ watch lists in 2009.” . . .

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36 Heckler & Koch G36’s Seized In Iguala, Mexico

Heckler & Koch G36 wgere it shouldn't have been (courtesy

Back in January 2011, TTAG reported that box-fresh H&K G36’s had found their way into prohibited areas of Mexico. We wondered if when the guns would “seep” to the cartels. reports that we’re not the only ones making that connection, now, in light of the 43 murdered students in Iguala. [Full report after the jump.] This will do nothing to help the German gunmaker, rumored to be up for sale thanks to financial difficulties. In fact, we’ve heard that the Freedom Group is interested. Meanwhile, in Mexico . . .

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UK Politician: “All Gun Owners Should Kill Themselves”

Gun control is a fact of life in the former land of hope and glory. They lost their right to own a gun ages ago, traded it for almost ubiquitous surveillance and the warm comfort of the security state. The UK has become a continuous race to the bottom in terms of gun control legislation. It’s like looking into the future of America, if Michael Bloomberg and Vivek Murthy get their way. Recently there was a news report about a game keeper in the UK committing suicide, and while most people commented on the tragedy of the situation, there was one UK politician who celebrated the unfortunate event, and even went so far as to proclaim that in his opinion all gun owners should follow suit and kill themselves. No, really.

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Housekeeping: Should We Show Gun Gore?

Bullet holes in Peshawar school (courtesy

Peshawar School Attack: First Pictures Show Inside After Mass Murder the Huffington Post proclaims. The gallery of images show a shot-up school. No bodies. Not one of the more than 100 children slaughtered by Taliban terrorists. I understand the argument against showing the bloody result of civilian disarmament – especially when we’re talking about the slaughter at Sandy Hook Elementary school. But I also believe that our gun rights depend on an informed citizenry. How can you discuss gun control . . .

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Australian Comedian’s Take on Sydney Siege: It Would Have Been Worse in America

Even before the Sydney siege reached its bloody conclusion, we predicted that Australian antis would find a way to use the attack as an anti-gun talking point. This despite the fact that anyone in their right mind wouldn’t want to be unarmed in a cafe when a shotgun-wielding jihadi strolled in on a suicide mission. And by “right mind” I mean anyone who understands that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. As happened here, eventually. As it always does – unless the bad guy tops himself (with a gun, usually). Anyone who “gets” the simple fact that the sooner someone, anyone, eliminates a lethal threat. the safer everyone will be. And (almost done) the more armed someones there are about, the less likely an attack and the faster its resolution. Australian antis don’t see it that way . . .

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Editorial on Austin PD Chief Acevedo’s Anti-Gun Remarks, Commissioned (and Rejected) by Austin American-Statesman


Last week the Austin American-Statesman asked RF to write an op/ed in the wake of Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo’s recent comments regarding “gun enthusiasts.” Then they rejected it – without explanation. Here’s the piece as written.

Back in May of last year, a Twitter user reached out to Austin Police Chief Art Acevdeo. The Twitterer expressed his opposition to “universal background checks,” based on the belief that the Second Amendment prohibits government interference with private firearms sales. Acevedo Tweeted back “Oh, no the horror, gun profiteers can’t sell guns to criminals and nuts.” Gun profiteers? Nuts? Clearly Chief Acevedo has a dim view of the firearms industry, the idea of Americans legally selling legal products to each other and gun owners in general. His most recent remarks, following a shooting spree in downtown Austin, once again revealed the Chief’s disgust for gun rights . . .

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BREAKING: Anti-Gunner Vivek Murthy Confirmed as Surgeon General

Vivek Murthy

One of the benefits of being a lame duck is that you can vote the way you really want without concern for how it will be viewed by your (soon-to-be-former) constituents. Thus today’s confirmation of dedicated anti-gunner Dr. Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General. The pro-Murthy vote was 51-43, meaning he wouldn’t have been approved without the Democrats having invoked the “nuclear option” allowing the president’s nominations to slip by with a simple majority rather than the former standard of 60 votes . . .

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