Category: Gun Control Bloomberg’s Everytown Brings “Balance” to Gun-Control “Debate”

Michael Bloomberg (courtesy

The mass media has greeted Mayor Bloomberg’s $50m commitment to civilian disarmament with barely-restrained glee. Or, in the case of, glee. First, the set-up: “When guns result in bloodshed, Americans predictably look for ways to keep tragedy from striking again. Post-Newtown, the suggested remedies were simple and reasonable: arm teachers, administrators and other school officials. Restore legal residents’ right to carry a concealed firearm; abandoning New Jersey’s unconstitutional “justifiable need” standard in favor of so-called Constitutional carry.’ Extend that right beyond the school gates.” IN YOUR DREAMS! They actually said . . .

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NRA: Accused Domestic Abusers Can Surrender Guns to Friends or Family


“For nearly a decade, the National Rifle Association successfully blocked a bill in Washington state that would have required alleged domestic abusers to surrender their firearms after being served with a protective order,” reports. “Only those actually convicted of felony domestic violence, the nation’s largest gun lobby argued, should be made to forfeit their gun rights.” Given the legal principle of presumed innocence – a person is until proven guilty – that sounds about right. Judges can and do issue protective orders against suspected domestic abusers without allowing the accused any say in the matter whatsoever. As the HuffPo reports, the NRA’s position on the matter has shifted . . .

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Chicago’s Top Cop Blames Gun Laws for Weekend Violence. Again. Still.

Kentucky Senator and presidential hopeful Rand Paul isn’t buying Chicago Mayor Emanuel’s and Police Superintendent McCarthy’s attempt to blame gun control laws for Chicago’s mounting gun-related death and serious injury toll. Paul ascribed the Windy City’s firearms “epidemic” – nine dead and 45 injured over the weekend – on a “thuggishness that’s out of control that no longer knows right from wrong.” Writing for the Chicago Tribune . . .

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How Did Everytown for Gun Safety Get 362k Facebook Likes?

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 10.40.37 AM

TTAG keeps track of its Facebook likes relative to our competition and pro-gun control pages. Nick just added Everytown for Gun Safety to our [proverbial] hit list. Wow. How did Everytown get 362.1 likes in the four days since they wrested control of the page from the pro-gun “squatters” who launched it (five days previous to the takeover)? The reason is that it’s not the same page — Moms Demand Action gave up one of their more popular Facebook pages to the cause. The old “Demand Action” page is now branded six ways from Sunday as “Everytown for Gun Safety,” making it seem like the page has “grassroots appeal” and massive traction or something. It’s another brilliant PR strategy from the well paid Bloomberg employees at Moms Demand Action, but as with everything else these gals do it’s all smoke and mirrors. Nothing is how it really appears.

Three American Doctors Killed in Afghan Gun-Free Zone

Afghan gun-free zone (courtesy

“Three American doctors were killed Thursday morning when an Afghan police officer turned his gun on them at a private hospital in Kabul,” nytimes,com reports, “an attack that underscored the growing frustration with the Western presence here a decade after the war began.” Yes, well, notice the sign smack-dab in the middle of the pic above. Given that, I’m thinking it was also an attack that underscored the inadvisability of creating a “gun-free” zone – especially in a war zone. But not exclsuively. More than a few TTAG readers are doctors. Armed doctors (despite hospital policies). And for good reason (154 hospital-related shooting events in 12 years). So here’s how this one went down . . .

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Another Anti-Gun Group, Another Cartridge Ejected

(courtesy Coalition to Stop Gun Violence)

TTAG reader GP writes:

Apparently there’s no evidence that the Bloomberg complete-rifle-cartridge-being-fired image/ad was “cybersquatting” other than the word of the Bloomberg publicist. This one (above) is indisputably the responsibility of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV)… their euphemism for civilian disarmament. They take credit for it on their Facebook page… with resounding approval from the fans. Not only is the full cartridge coming out the muzzle . . .

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Anti-Anti-Gun Agitprop Contest Entry


By Joel T.

Submit your [Zhivago] doctored image to with the word DA! (all caps) in the subject field. The winner gets a brick (500 rounds) of Thunderbolt .22LR. See all of the entries at our Facebook page here.