Quote of the Day: The Washington Post is Just Going Through the Motions Edition

Andy and Barbara Parker (courtesy washingtonpost.com)

“No one piece of legislation or policy change will solve the problem of gun violence. Many actions are needed. But voters need to make clear that there will be consequences for elected officials who cater to the interests of the National Rifle Association and thereby ensure that more parents will experience the kind of loss suffered by the Parkers.” – America has to do more to prevent gun violence [via washingtonpost.com]


Reminder: Send Us Your #WhateverItTakes Selfies!


In case you missed it, TTAG is counterpunching Everytown for Gun Safety’s #WhateverItTakes hashtag campaign – Trump style! We’ve created a Facebook page of TTAG readers who’re putting their own spin on Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop. To submit your #WhateverItTakes photo, click here to go to Everytown’s page (can’t be helped), print their poster, fill it in your way, snap a selfie (guns welcome!) and send it to thetruthaboutguns@gmail.com. Put the word FEELINGS in the subject bar. The best entry wins a box of their favorite ammo. Maybe two. Here’s another excellent entry, from the same family! . . .

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NPR On The Best Way to Spin News Stories To Promote Gun Control


When bad things happen with firearms, there’s usually an immediate emotional response. People demand that “something must be done” to “protect the children” from the “epidemic of gun violence.” Needless to say (A) what we’re doing now seems to be working pretty well, (B) it’s usually the “children” doing the shooting, and (C) there is no “epidemic.” Nevertheless, the usual gun control activist media outlets never pass up the chance to push the civilian disarmament agenda on the heels of a prominent gun-related news story, and NPR is giving it both barrels (so to speak). Yesterday they were talking up a “study” that claimed gun owners are racists and more likely to shoot black people than white people. Today they are mulling the best way to present mass shooting news in order to make people think more gun control is the solution . . .

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Armed Jews Fought Back Against the Nazis – To No Appreciable Effect

Armed Jewish resistance (courtesy wikipedia.org)

Mr. Farago,

I hope that receipt of this finds you well. I just read Mr. Strugatsky’s guest post “When Ideology Trumps Self-Preservation” regarding what he sees as a tremendous oversight in how the US Holocaust Memorial Museum fails to cover the fact that had European Jewry, and perhaps more specifically German Jewry, been armed that the Holocaust could not have happened or would not have been as successful. I know from the personal/familial history that you’ve relayed on TTAG that this is an intensely and immensely personal issue for you and I’m not looking to pick a fight. However . . .

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What’s the Jailing of KY Clerk Over Refusing to Issue Marriage License to Gay Couples Have to Do With Gun Rights?

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis (courtesy foxnews.com)

TTAG reader GS writes:

Please follow the Federal decision jailing the woman in a small-town for not issuing a marriage license to gay couples. If the Federal court can incarcerate a citizen at the small-town level for not adhering to the Constitution, what about all those bureaucrats who infringe on Americans’ gun rights, in direct contradiction to McDonald and Heller? The decision seems harsh, shrewd and oppressive; but I believe a precedent has been set which could easily upset the entire gun control applecart. But won’t.


Virginia Gun Store (“The Gun Dude”) Publishes Pro-Gun Control Article

(courtesy thegundude.com)

TTAG reader NW was looking forward to doing a gun transfer via a Falls Church, Virginia FLL called “The Gun Dude.” “It’s a local shop with a great atmosphere and some of the friendliest salespeople around,” he writes. And then NW happened upon a blog post on the store’s website called Guns Don’t Kill People; People Who Shouldn’t Own Guns Kill People. Written by an Army vet, lawyer and self-professed “proud American” named Matt Randle. Mr. Randle’s rant goes a little something like this . . .

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Why Isn’t Anyone Up In Arms About Illegal Gun Dealer’s Probation?

Judge Rudolph Randa (courtesy jsonline.com)

Travis Pike writes:

“Dontray Mills, 24, purchased a total of 27 firearms, mostly handguns, between December 2012 and April 2014 and pleaded guilty to one of the charges on April 22, 2014, after an ATF dealnvestigation,” jsonline.com reports. “As a result of the conviction, Mills will never again be able to buy firearms legally.” Result? Yes and no. “In giving probation with no jail time to a Milwaukee man charged with 55 counts of buying firearms with fake identification and dealing them without a license, a federal judge delivered a message: ‘People kill people,’ U.S. District Rudolph Randa [above] said, echoing a common gun rights slogan. ‘Guns don’t kill people.'” Hang on . . .

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An Open Challenge to Gun Control Proponent John Rosenthal: Defend Your Words

John Rosenthal (courtesy bostonglobe.com)

A couple of years ago, I squared off against Massachusetts real estate developer and civilian disarmament proponent  on local TV. Mr. Rosenthal was positioned in another part of the studio. When the exchange ended, I asked to meet him. He hightailed it out of there. Rosenthal’s abject unwillingness to engage in a proper conversation about guns typifies the antis. So when I saw his HuffPpo polemic Another Day, Another Mass Shooting and 86 Dead From Gun Violence in America, I decided to issue him a challenge: refute my fisk on the following paragraph . . .

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Forbes Twists the Numbers to Make Guns Evil


Normally Forbes does an okay job of presenting the facts, but when it comes to guns it seems they’ll let anyone with two brain cells to rub together publish an article. According to their latest gun control article, the fact that guns are killing more “young Americans” than cars, something must be done!. There’s just one problem: by focusing on “young Americans” they’ve skewed the numbers conveniently in their favor . . .

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Coalition To Stop Gun Violence Doubles Down on SWATting Open Carriers


The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Director Of Communications is meshuggener. I used to believe Ladd Everitt was crazy like a fox – creating incendiary rhetoric to stir-up rabid anti-gunners out of expediency, rather than personal belief. Not anymore. First, there was Everitt’s bizarre claim that enacting gun control would restore the “true meaning” of the Second Amendment. And now this . . .

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Study: Criminals Don’t Use the “Gun Show Loophole” to Get Their Guns


Gun control activists are quick to demand that the “gun show loophole” be closed in order to reduce the number of firearms related fatalities and guns in the hands of criminals. Their thought process is fairly logical, but very closed minded: criminals have to get their guns somewhere, and since private party sales aren’t subject to a background check then obviously that must be the point of entry for illegal guns! If only we could force everyone to get a background check to buy a gun the problem would be solved! There’s just one issue with that line of thinking: it bears no resemblance whatsoever to the reality “on the street.” Criminals aren’t buying their guns from gun shows or legal sources, at least according to a study released a couple days ago.

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Confessions of a “Gun Nut” Turned Gun Control Advocate

AR-15 (courtesy houstonpress.com)

Like so many of these anti-gun agitprop screeds, 3 Reasons I Went From Being a Gun Nut to Supporting Gun Control [via houstonpress.com] reveals its bias from the git-go. “I have a confession to make,” Chris Lane begins. “Once upon a time, I was a gun nut.” The term “gun nut” isn’t necessarily pejorative. Lots of firearms enthusiasts call themselves “gun nuts.” Used here it is. Of course, Mr. Lane immediately goes out of his way to tell the world that he was a “good” gun nut. Like this . . .

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