Rob Pincus

Rob Pincus Answers Pointed Questions About His Support for Expanded Background Checks

You may be aware that firearms trainer Rob Pincus and Former Brady Campaign president Dan Gross published a piece at Ammoland recently arguing for...
dick heller DC v heller scotus decision

The American Gun Owner is the Only Thing Stopping More Gun Control Laws

By Larry Keane Democrats have just one obstacle when it comes to achieving their vaunted gun control utopia. It’s you – the completely irrational, rights-demanding, unreasonable...
Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel Has Three Big Ideas for Doing Something About ‘Gun Violence’

First, Emanuel says anyone with a “domestic-violence record” should be “banned from buying a gun.” This is an excellent idea. Also, it is already...
Anthony Colandro NRA board member

NRA Board Member Publicized Working To Promote Everytown’s ‘Gun Safety’ Program

The NRA has a lot of problems on its hands these days. There are the investigations of its leadership, including Wayne LaPierre, the bankruptcy...

Dramatic Video Shows LAPD SWAT Officer Shot During Standoff

The Los Angeles Police Department has released some dramatic bodycam footage of a standoff that took place on March 16th. In it, an LAPD...
ar15 trigger AR-15 safe fire

It Failed Before: We Have 10 Years of Data on How an Assault Weapons...

Why so many mass shootings with AR-15s? Well first off, I care about all mass killings, not just the subset of shootings. I care about...
Joe Biden

Latest Polling Shows Voters are Smarter Than Biden Or Anti-Gun Democrats

From the CCRKBA . . . A brand new Rasmussen survey indicates that 64 percent of likely U.S. voters say “it’s not possible to completely...

LET THEM EAT WOKE: The ‘Conservative’ New York Post Wants to Ban Semi-Autos

America's mainstream media, daily newspapers in particular, have done a very effective job alienating their mainstream American readers. Doubt that? Look at their sagging...
New Jersey Attorney General Gubir Grewal Ghost Gun Control Phil Murphy

BREAKING: Supreme Court Denies New Jersey Cert in Defense Distributed v. Grewal

By LKB The Supreme Court has denied the cert petition of the New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal in Defense Distributed v. Grewal. In that...
Eric Talley Boulder shooting

Murdered Cop’s Father: Don’t Use My Son’s Memory to Push Gun Control

Homer Talley, the father of Boulder Police officer Eric Talley, who was the first law enforcement officer to arrive on the scene, told TMZ...

Rob Pincus Tells the Truth About ‘Ghost Guns’ and Ignorant Politicians [VIDEO]

Yet another prominent national politician -- this time Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer -- has displayed once again, for all to see, just how...
gun control assault weapons ban protest sign

While Mass Shootings Are Rare, They Prompt More Action by State and Federal Legislators

Gun control fails quickly in Congress after each mass shooting, but states often act – including to loosen gun laws By Christopher Poliquin, University of...